You better have some skills in this world. You...

You better have some skills in this world. You better bring something to the dinner party, or you will be the dinner. You will either have value or be grist for the mill — nothing more. I know it seems so unfair. I didn’t make the rules. The truth is that the world doesn’t have much use or respect for “do nothing” people. Can you really blame them? Take some pride in yourself. Get to work. Read everything you can get your hands on. Acquire several skills and find at least one that you can master, and that earns you respect. Let your skills do the talking. Get determined. This world is bursting with opportunity. Maybe it’s time you reinvent yourself and try again. Get going. Don’t cheat the world or yourself of what you have to offer. You must cultivate value within yourself if you want to move forward. If you feel trapped, quit thinking about the trap and start thinking about your value. Life favors value. Value is your way out.

— Bryant McGill

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Yes, respect is earned not given. Sometimes, it is our actions which tell other people how to treat us. The way we talk, the way we move, the way we perceive things and the way we handle situations, all of those give pieces of reflections of who we are. Some people may disrespectful because they have seen something wrong on what we do.Yes, they don’t know the real us but we give them image to think on. So first, let’s check our manners before complaining. Are we worthy for the respect they have given or do we deserve the unpleasant treatment they have shown to us?

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If he's completely free to release music how and when he wants and he chose it to do it this way and today, man...he lost some of my well earned respect. I'm here since 2012 and I hardly ever feel like they f**** me over but this would just feel wrong. So I hope this isn't what it looks like :(

I can understand that. The timing is REALLY bad in my opinion, it’s being handled very sloppily, and it just doesn’t feel great. I wish him all the success in the world but I am very intrigued to see who’s running this popsicle stand, tbh.

#1 reason Miss Minaj has earned my respect

I love how with the Taylor swift drama Nicki saw that, although Tay Tay was blinded by the naivety of her white privilege, Swift was willing to listen and learn. So Nicki educated her, calmed the masses, and handled it all like a lady; culminating in Taylor Swift’s role in Nicki Minaj’s VMA performance.

But when Miley Cyrus tries to be the gatekeeper of when and how a black woman can speak out about issues that affect black women in the music industry – something Gatekeeper Miley proclaimed in that same interview did not exist – Nicki Minaj decided she was having none of that. Nicki strategically called out Miley on the matter and now she has to own up to what she said.

In summation, Nicki Minaj knows how to handle herself. She knows when to be gracious, but will not take one ounce of disrespect.


“Where’s your "Mexican” clothing?!“

I wake up every single morning the same way, Mexican and Belizean. Just because I do not wear your racist idea of Mexican clothing, doesn’t mean I’m not Mexican. Have some respect.

Also, don’t fucking speak to me in Spanish if I am not speaking Spanish to you. If I address you in English, keep it that way.

Respect me.


dutiful, unloved second sons

How to Recover From an Accidental Screw Up

1. Although it’s natural to feel stupid or bad, don’t stay in the pit of self hatred and despair. It doesn’t mean you’re evil, or that nobody should like you. It just means you are human, and this time you got it wrong.
2. Try and gain perspective by looking for exceptions – and remembering those times when you felt proud of yourself. The picture’s not all black – we have good as well as bad days – and other people screw up, and get it wrong, as well.
3. Accept responsibility for what you said or did – but that doesn’t mean you have to also feel ashamed. Often, saying we are sorry or admitting we were wrong will earn respect from others – so they’re happy to move on.
4. Related to this, communicate as fully as you can with those affected, and try to do your part to put things right where they’ve gone wrong. Being part of the solution will change how others see you. So don’t just withdraw, be as helpful as you can
5. Also, no matter how bad the consequences of your actions, the chances are that things will get better over time. Even if things fall apart, and are awful for a while, you can still start again – it doesn’t mean this is the end.
6. Hold your head high again and don’t keep thinking of what happened. You have goals to work towards, and a great future to create.

(5/7) “Everything that wasn’t destroyed in our house was stolen over the next two days. We left with nothing. I can’t even pay the rent of this apartment. I’ve been in Turkey for two years now. I’m dead here. I have no life, no respect, and my children aren’t going to school. I have a PhD but I’m not allowed to work without a residence permit. There is a university here that is teaching with a book I wrote, but still won’t give me a job. In order to survive, I’m forced to create designs and give them away to Turkish citizens, who take all the credit and pay me barely enough money to cover the costs of my materials. This year I created blueprints for a giant construction project of 270 big houses. I was paid maybe one percent of what a Turkish citizen would have earned. There is no respect for my work here. Only money is respected.”

(Istanbul, Turkey)

Do you ever start watching an anime with no intention of reading its manga/LN but then its ending left you like ‘screw this, who the fuck can wait for the next season’ and there you go. You ended up following the manga/LN series anyway. CONGRATS.


McDonald’s anime ad needs five seasons and a movie   

You aren’t wrong to think of McDonald’s as a sprawling American corporation peddling fatty burgers. But what if McDonalds — and its impossibly commoditized design — is also the perfect anime coming-of-age setting? Well, McDonald’s new “Crew ni Narō” recruitment campaign, meaning “join the crew,” places young Sumire in the role of novice employee who must earn the loyalty and respect of her superiors through hard work and dedication.


the start of a beautiful friendship

What people don’t realize is that when you ask members of marginalized groups to earn basic respect and humanity by being polite, it’s a THREAT. What they’re actually saying isn’t “we should all be nice to each other”, it’s “do as we say or we will hurt you, you know we have the power to get away with it.”


Part of the prestige and tradition of the beautiful game; it’s a tradition that other sports have copied. The sport of soccer worldwide has only one captain. Vice captains will take over the band when the captain is subbed out, injured, or card suspended. But there is only one captain on the field at a time.

A captain is the coach on the field. She represents the team as a whole to answer or dispute any officiating within the game. A captain has earned the respect of her teammates. A captain will lead by example and doesn’t use a band as an attempt to stroke her ego. A captain will lead her team and pick them up when they are down. A captain wears the armband on her left sleeve. a symbol of wearing your heart on your sleeve.