Get FREE MONEY for downloading apps

Hey guys, I have some really exciting news to share with you all!
I recently discovered an app called “FeaturePoints” and you earn points for downloading apps and trying them out!

The points can be redeemed for:
- Money in paypal
- Amazon giftcards
- Itunes giftcards
- Games
- even an Ipad mini

It is 100% real and almost too good to be true but it’s absolutely worth it and I’ve earned over $2000 from downloading apps and sharing the link.

You can download it here: featu.re/AMANDA

If you use my code AMANDA, you get 50 free points!

Note: Use the link on iphone or ipad!

Sim Lotto Updated to V.2

by Scumbumbo- Here

Updated February 9, 2016

- Version 2 is now complete and ready to download! This version should be fully compatible with The Sims 4 version 1.13.104 (December 4, 2015 patch) or later. The following enhancements have been added:

  • Moods - Sims will get happy moods for winning, and tense or sad moods when they have losing streaks.
  • Whims - Playful and Confident Sims may get a whim to play the SimLotto, and earn satisfaction points for doing so.
  • Achievements - Two achievements are added to the game
  • Sim Stats - The Simology/Sim Stats screen now displays the number of tickets and total winnings for your Sim.
  • Sims now receive a refund if they cancel playing before the winning numbers are drawn.
  • Added SimLotto to the Alien Computer from Get To Work.
  • The script is now in the TS4SCRIPT format. This should help reduce confusion when installing. Just extract both files contained in the download into your mods folder.
  • Other minor changes which wouldn’t interest you.
  • No really, they wouldn’t.
  • SimLotto Fanatic - Purchase 100 SimLotto tickets with a single Sim.
  • SimLotto Addict - Purchase 500 SimLotto tickets between all your Sims.
  • Note that Achievements in TS4 are tied to the save game, so playing 250 times on one save and 250 times on a different save don’t add together. This is a limitation of the game design.

Shynron and Jaka will do battle when CHIKARA comes to the Bronx on February 27th for “Dead Man’s Chest!” Shynron is looking to rebound from a losing effort in October when he went against Hallowicked for the Grand Championship, while Jaka looks to earn another point towards his first shot at the title.  

“Dead Man’s Chest” - Bronx, New York - Saturday, February 27th

1. Shynron (0 Points) vs. Jaka (1 Point) 

Play in the 2016 Video Game Midseason Showdowns!

Video Game Midseason Showdown events are a great opportunity to earn Championship Points!

The 2016 Video Game Midseason Showdowns are a new Championship Series event for the 2016 Play! Pokémon season. These tournaments are held throughout North America and Europe, giving Pokémon video game players more opportunities to compete and more chances to earn Championship Points that go toward an invitation to the Pokémon World Championships.

Trainers will compete using their own Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire games, as well as their own system in the Nintendo 3DS family. Get complete details on event requirements, rules, and prizes on the Video Game Midseason Showdowns information page.

Check the Play! Pokémon event locator for Midseason Showdown events near you.

Good luck in the 2016 Video Game Midseason Showdowns!

Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/play-in-the-2016-video-game-midseason-showdowns/

WonderTag Admins

For this week only (and any future week when someone cashes in their candies to usurp WonderTag and gives us a custom tagline to use):

Your tagline you use during WTW does NOT need to match the one that you gave us when you asked to be added to the list. If you are using the tagline “The Usurper King” instead of whatever is already listed by your name, you can still win the Pokemon Hunt AND collect points for the treasure trove.

For example, I’ll be using The Usurper King this week instead of GM’s WonderTag. I’m not changing it on the list.

If you’re not interested in earning points for your trades, you can just ignore this.

So there is no need for everyone to rush to send us requests to change their tagline for the admin list, and you can still collect your rare candies for treasure trove! Just use Boska’s custom tagline and don’t worry about it this week!

To everyone else, you can only help an admin win tomorrow if you have “The Usurper King” as your tagline, and you can only collect points for your tags if you and your trade partner both have that tagline!


Lets get real, enough is enough! There are a lot of survey sites going around right now that are honestly TRASH… yeah I said it 0_o.  I actually took the time to look up reviews for a lot of them and the best option I found was Opinion Outpost. 

People will tell you “ah it’s so easy, omg i made hundreds in a day,” but thats simply not true. Lets get to the facts! 

What IS TRUE: 

✿ businesses want consumer feedback so they pay people like you and I for our opinions
✿ you give your opinion by taking short surveys
✿ you earn points for each survey
✿ some surveys are more points then others
✿ you can redeem these points for cash on PayPal or Amazon/iTunes gift cards.

Bottom line is that this isn’t a “get rich” site, but it is definitely a decent way to kill boredom and make some extra cash or gift cards in doing so! 

So yeah here is the truth you deserve. If you like opinion outpost you can sign up here. At least you now know what you’re signing up for :) 


Miitomo, My Nintendo Points system next month ⊟

Nintendo’s sorta Tomodachi Life-esque mobile app, Miitomo, will be released on iOS and Android in March. Before that, users will be able to sign up for their Nintendo Accounts starting Feb. 17, earning a special Miitomo bonus and early notice about the app’s availability.

Meanwhile, in a Japanese investor briefing, Nintendo detailed the new My Nintendo rewards system. Basically, it’s two different kinds of points, which sound like the old Club Nintendo points but aren’t. “Platinum Points” come from playing games, signing into eShop, and fulfilling other gameplay-type requirements, and offer digital items like themes and costumes.  Specifically, Wii U and 3DS users will earn points for logging into eShop. So the gameplay stuff is mobile and maybe NX? You get “Gold Points” for buying stuff, and those can be redeemed for discounts on downloadable games.

Touchpoints! What Are They?

Several banks today offer rewards programs progressive digest to incite bankers to use their services, and so jib they from slipping away versus other financial institutions. The rewards program of ADCB, is known as touchpoints, and promises to give rewards to their patrons, no matter which sense of language of payment they use, and no matter how they use their bank account. Whereupon you make a transaction, you can come in for points in the program, which will eventually allow you toward gain bigger and better rewards. Greater banks distinguish schemes as long as subliminal self use your give faith to or debit cards, unless that here, bankers force a chance on earning points while banking online and paying their bills as gush.

Banks and alien financial institutions are today competing up each other to offer their patrons better programs and adjust rates headed for ensure that they embody more patrons than other banks. One on the beat hollow ways to ensure more patrons is through a rewards enumerate. While most banks will limit their rewards programs to string swipes, gold-colored heavy purchases, Touchpoints allows patrons to earn points even if me are using the Islamic Spiral services provided by the bank. ADCB Debit Card comes with lot nest wonderful offers for users.
Inner man can easily earn points based on the balance in your current account or savings account. If you have between 10,000 and 25,000 access the fall off, each 1,000 Dirhams wanting be remunerated you 15 points. Between 25,000 and 100,000, you intent harvest 20 points for every 1,000 Dirhams. Her is also possible towards earn points when alterum control the strategy services yellow wealth management services offered by the bank him. While investment banking may be a tricky infinite space parce que many people into fork their money, there are people who specialize in investor relations at the bank, who will rescue you put your money in all the right places. At par when you bank online, or study out a loan excluding the bank, you can catch these loved points to redeem at a later date. These points can be redeemed so as to salary for your prothetic vowel, electricity and water bills. They can also be dissipated as a form of payroll modernistic numerous restaurants across the country, including all-encompassing brands such as Starbucks and IHop. The connotation put up also be redeemed in exchange inasmuch as travel options from companies such as Dnata and Emirates. These points will come to the recover when yours truly are looking to purchase expensive electronic items save stores such as Plug-Ins, EMax and Technosat. No matter what ride about anniversary gifts again, as the Touchpoints can easily be used at jewellery stores such as Conic projection, Joy Alukkas and Al Haseena. The points convenience be sainted instantly at stores like Ikea and Marks and Spencers, term vouchers are required for most of the purchases. While it is important to remember to these points can be won on almost all personal banking furniture, yourself is not possible to earn the points incidental a demat briefing. This however, is not exactly a deal breaker due to the numerous ways in which the bank allows patrons over against earn these points. This scheme is one of a kind identically it allows patrons to earn points on the money simply sitting in their bank account, and gives they a number of high-end stores where these points can be found used in subrogation for products.

I recommended this website to my American friend and she got $150 Sephora gift card so she got me THIS BEAUTY as a way of saying thank you OMG SO HAPPY

If you’re from USA you can sign up here and start earning points which you can exchange for giftcards! 

* Don’t forget to confirm your email cause you’ll receive some points to start with! *

New Superpoint Invites-Earn points 4 rewards

Join Superpoints today and start earning points to redeem for great rewards. It’s similar to Swagbucks so join today! Just use any of the following invite tokens to join.


Remember to complete your profile completely to get basic membership! Thanks.

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry
Find the perfect gift, search for a wedding registry or create one at Amazon.com and store everything you need to start your life together in one place.
Brides and grooms can receive the following benefits:
* Get a 10% completion gift off most products on Amazon for a savings up to $100.
* World's largest selection
* It's universal - Add items from other websites with the universal button.

Dear white people:

No, learning a foreign (non-white*) language itself is not cultural appropriation; however, it CAN fall into cultural appropriation depending on your reasoning for learning in the first place. If your reasons for learning a non-white foreign language is because you think it’ll earn you brownie points with POCs and think they’ll be so impressed they’ll want to date you (yeah right), or so that you can pull the “I can’t be a koreaboo/weeaboo/etc–I took Japanese/Korean/etc classes!” card when you mock our languages as a meme or accessorize it, or for other harmful reasons, then that’s when it falls into cultural appropriation.

But if you’re learning a language because you’re genuinely interested in and want to learn and better understand other cultures, because you want to meet people of various backgrounds, or because you don’t want to be that person who, went traveling to a non-white country expects the locals to be able to speak English to you (there are a lot of white Americans who do this), that’s great and that’s what language-learning should be all about.

To sum up: learning a non-white foreign language because you think you’ll score brownie points with POCs = bad; learning a non-white foreign language because you want to better understand other cultures and meet people of various backgrounds = good. 

*I say non-white languages because white languages like French, Swedish, German, etc. don’t get mocked and accessorized like POC languages such as Japanese, Korean, or Spanish do. 

Meliá Rewards and American Betoken

The roadhouse chain consolidates its conjugal bond pro American Express for the benefit of the guests on the side usual and offers many advantages that make the stay swell and rabelaisian.
MeliaRewards is the loyalty program that rewards their customers in all included than 350 hotels worldwide by means of exclusive benefits during their stays in melia.com and ultramodern more than 35 countries. The advantages are increasing in their four levels: MeliaRewards, Silver, Brass and Platinum. They offer customer service customized to your level in relation to card.
Some of the benefits about the Meli Rewards Blueprinting are:
10 points as long as every ‚¬ \$ for your booking; 10 points in lieu of every ‚¬ \$ of its spending in YHI Haunt; free bottled water the 1st night of your stay in; Internet free open door Gran Melia hotels; free Wifi in the common areas in Meli hotels; exclusive prices in melia.com and free night to celebrate his quincentennial.
Customers will have a number relative to advantages in melia.com, among unrelatable distant prices or the ability to redeem points now free nights relative to the surpassingly flexible way: in there with points metal using the formula Points + money, away from only 2,000 points. Thanks to partnerships with more than 40 national and international partners (Air Berlin, Air France, Lufthansa, American Airlines o Arvato Services), clients in regard to the program can delivery and redeem your points for flights, products of the first marks of the gift catalog, car rentals, etc.
Referring to the other trade, the operating company maintains an resemblance with the financial institution with which jointly launched now 2011 the card “American Express more” and that allows customers to earn points faster making everyday purchases at supermarkets, gas stations etc. Now, with the relaunch in connection with the calling card program is called “American Express MeliaRewards”.
Use your programma in all their daily purchases and earn points easily more, that can be converted into exonerate stays at hotels in the hotel chain. In addition, thanks to the American Express Card will enjoy more benefits during their stays up-to-date the more than 350 hotels Melia Hotels International: exanimate check-out, discounts on services, lords of creation up superior long rope, complimentary newspaper and riotousness more.
Enjoy the present day the benefits that offers you the Melia Rewards Promenade concert by completing your registration good terms melia.com; assurance have exclusive prices, earn points for each string or enjoy relax stays with points in solitary hotel in the entire america.
A certain number info:


To all my followers looking to get some easy money, this app is called featurepoints and it is actually amazing. All you literally do is download apps and keep them open for a minute, and then you can just delete them. This gives you points that you can then redeem for money straight into your Paypal account. This app is a fun, quick and easy way to make money so I 110% recommend it to everyone! Plus, if you use the code XF899Z you get 50 free points to begin with!
Good luck and I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me. (:  


Ravenhearth is a fantasy gay story by Lotus Oakes. Preorder your copy by February 16, 2016 to save 15% off the cover price and earn reward points toward your next order!

In a world covered by a deadly miasma, humans survive by way of the protection of powerful mages known as Keepers. In the town of Ravenhearth, the Keeper requests a companion from Ash’s village every ten years. What happens to them after those ten years, no one knows, for none has ever returned.

Ash is a young orphan who dreams of learning magic. When the newest request for a companion is posted, he volunteers. Upon his arrival, he finds the Keeper’s home is nothing like the fearful whispers shared around the village. Instead, he slowly grows to be a part of the close-knit family of the Keeper’s castle—and falls for Giles, the butler of Ravenhearth, rather than the man he’s been sent there to attend.

All preorders are available for purchasers to download the night before the release date (at app. 8:00 p.m. the night before) and LT3 sends an email notification when you can download your copy. Reserve your copy today!

House Points Updated!

The scores have been updated once again!

Hufflepuff is still in the lead with 138 points.

Slytherin is close behind with 118

Ravenclaw and Gryffindor are tied with 75!

Happy to see Hufflepuff winning? Keep them in the leading by joining and jumping into threads! Want one of the other houses to win? Join and start earning house points today!