Karen Chen earned a 72.82 for her short program, which is the highest ever for the ladies’ short program at US Nationals.

EXO’s Reaction to Hitting You When They’re Angry

Readers, be warned. It gets a wee bit angsty here. ;A;

Thank you for requesting, madighost, even if it broke my heart to write these!♥

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would need a moment to compose himself. He’d take a step back, taking a large breath to calm himself down. He hadn’t meant to hit you, but it had happened, and there wasn’t much he could do about it. He’d wait patiently for you to forgive him.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would escape from the situation as soon as he could. He didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with him around after what he’d done. He’d stare at himself in the mirror, taking deep breaths and running over the scene in his mind, bringing himself down a little more with each replay. His mind would then start racing with ways to apologize, willing to do anything to earn your forgiveness.

Chen: Chen would be more angry with himself than anything else. He’d have no idea what had come over him. Figuring you both needed some time to chill out, he’d shut himself in his room, but there would be no calming down for him. The more time he was alone, the more he’d think about it. And the more he thought about it, the more frustrated he’d get with himself.

D.O: Kyungsoo would watch with a straight face and sad eyes as you walked away from him with tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. He wouldn’t blame you if you never came back to him, but he’d be hoping that you would.

Kai: Kai wouldn’t be able to properly look you in the eyes afterwards. He’d give you all the space you needed, not wanting to push you too hard into forgiving him, because he’d be unsure as to whether he deserved to be forgiven or not. He’d leave that decision up to you, hoping with all his heart that you’d somehow find a way to look passed it.

Kris: Kris would stare at you with sad eyes for the longest time, trying to figure out what the hell he was thinking. The moment tears started to fall from your eyes, he’d break, leaning down to your level and bracing himself. “Here. Hit me back, Y/N, I deserve it.”

Lay: Lay wouldn’t even wait for your tears to fall. His arms would be around you in an instant, apologies flying from his lips as his own hot tears threatened to fall from his eyes. He wouldn’t even be able to remember why he was angry, all he’d care about in that moment is you.

Luhan: Luhan would be ashamed of himself. He would’ve never thought he’d lay a hand on you, but he had lost himself in his moment of anger. He’d approach you slowly and gently place his hands on your shoulders while looking in your eyes. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I promise, I won’t ever let that happen again.”

Sehun: Sehun would have absolutely no idea how to properly deal with the situation. He had hit a girl, and not just any girl: the girl he loved. He’d escape from the house, thinking you wouldn’t want anything to do with him right away and giving you plenty of time to yourself. By the time he returned, you’d be asleep and he’d carefully crawl in beside you, gently wrapping his long arms around your body and whispering hushed apologies into the nape of your neck.

Suho: Suho would be surprised at himself for allowing something like that to happen. He would feel his heart break when he tried to get closer to you to apologize and you’d flinch away, but he’d know he only had himself to blame. He’d find a way to make it up to you. Somehow.

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Tao: Tears would be flowing from Tao’s eyes, long before your mind would have even registered what happened. He’d sink to his knees and hug your lower body tightly, pressing his tear-stained face to your thighs. “I’m sorry, Y/N, I don’t know what was going through my mind.”

Xiumin: Whatever he had been mad about, whatever had pushed him that far, it sure as hell wouldn’t be worth what he had just done. He’d carefully cup your face in his hands and look you seriously in the eye, opening his mouth to speak, but no words would come out. He’d settle for gently pressing his forehead against yours, mumbling a croaky apology.

Secretary (Chen x You)

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It’s a cacophony of drunken cheers and pats on the back when Chen receives his promotion. Long mahogany tables under the faint lighting of a high ceiling, with workers, clad in black trousers and white dress shirts.

Chen shifts uncomfortably on the cushioned wooden seat, lips curved into an embarrassed smile, when his fellow coworkers raise their wine glasses to toast to him.

“To our new chief financial officer!” someone shouts.

A roar of cheers is heard in return.

Glasses clink as someone pours Chen a glass of white wine and his coworkers make a toast.

As Chen loosens the silk collar of his button-up shirt and fixes his tie, an elbow prods him in the ribs, and the familiar voice of Byun Baekhyun asks, “So, chief financial officer, what are you going to do with all that money you earn?”

Chen chuckles before responding, “I have something planned.”

“How much is your annual salary, again?” Baekhyun asks, quite mischievously.

Chen utters a hushed, “Two hundred thousand dollars”, causing eyes to widen and mouths to fall ajar.

Baekhyun raises his glass. “To Chen!”


“Where are we going?”

“We’re almost there.”

You clutch Chen’s hand tightly, as he leads you to a mysterious location, a piece of thick cloth wrapped securely around your eyes. You can only feel the paved ground beneath your feet and the cool breeze of the evening tickling your cheeks. You hear the creak of a door and Chen’s low voice warning you not to trip.

“Are we here?” you ask.

Without a word, Chen removes the blindfold.

You gasp.

You’re standing in a house, with polished marble floors and sleek kitchen tabletops. The living room is surrounded by walls of glass, with smug couches and low coffee tables. You can only imagine what the clear pine staircase leads to.

“This is beautiful,” you breathe.

“I’m glad you think that way,” Chen says, wrapping an arm around you, “because we’re going to live here.”

A wave of disbelief sudden euphoria washes over you, but it’s soon followed by anxiety and concern. “Where are we going to get the money?”

Chen smiles. “I got promoted to chief financial officer last night.”

You squeal as you wrap your arms around Chen and plant a kiss on his lips. “I’m so proud of you!” you exclaim.

Seven years.

For seven years, Chen worked late night shifts and served coffee to his fellow accountants. For seven years, he worked to pay off the mortgage to the cramped apartment he once owned. For seven years, no matter how hard life at work was, he would come home with a smile to see you, his girlfriend since freshman year of college.

“Soon, we’ll even be engaged,” he responds.

“I love you,” you murmur.

“I love you, too.”


Chen walks through the halls of his office building, a suit and tie wrapped around his body and a folder of loose papers grasped tightly in his hand. Nothing’s changed, but there’s a condescending aura that surrounds him. Workers bow as he struts to his new office, a wide room with large windows filtering sunlight and a black seat placed behind a broad table with his nameplate.

“I hope you’re enjoying your new position,” a low voice says.

Chen turns around to see his boss- the CEO. Without hesitation, he offers a ninety-degree bow. “Though it’s overwhelming, I think I’ll be able to get used to it,” he says.

The CEO smiles. “We’ll be sending in a secretary for you.”

“A secretary?”

The boss nods. “As our new CFO, you’ll be needing a secretary. We’ve got a hardworking and responsible one on her way.”

Chen smiles before bowing once more. “Thank you.”

With a light-hearted chuckle and a slight wave, the CEO says farewell, leaving Chen to the unfamiliar aura of his new office. There’s a clean scent, like laundry detergent, wafting from the carpet, and he knows it’ll take getting used to.

After moments of stalking around his office, adjusting his feet to the plush carpeting, and etching the image into his mind, there’s the creak of a door and the clicking of heels, followed by a silvery voice announcing, “I’m sorry if I’m late.”

Chen whirls around, his gaze travelling from the view outside the glass windows to his secretary, which happens to be a young woman, glimmering brown eyes and plump lives curved into a smile on her face. Her long, wavy hair flows behind her shoulders like a sleek waterfall, and she’s adorned with a tight pencil skirt wrapped around her silky legs and a loose white blouse.

She’s beautiful.

Chen immediately jerks his head in the direction of his office wall, when he notices himself boggling over her stunning image. He clears his throat before he mumbles, “You’re not late.”

She flashes him a beaming smile, causing him to go red in the cheeks. “I’m so relieved,” she sighs. He’s about to lose himself when she walks towards him and holds out her hand. “I’m Choi Yoon Hee, your new secretary.”

Chen’s trembling hand grasps hers, and they share an awkward hand shake.

“If there’s anything you need, feel free to ask me,” she insists.

Chen gives a slight nod, and she leaves the office.

Chen plops down into his office chair and buries his face into his hands. There’s no denying his unanticipated feelings for his secretary, though he’s been in a relationship with you for over seven years. A wave of panic washes over him, for he’s been preparing proposal these past few months.

Maybe these feelings for his secretary are only fleeting impulses of desire.

Maybe these feelings aren’t true love.


It’s been two weeks, and Chen’s unknowingly bonded with his secretary- lingering in his office after work shifts just to converse with her for a few minutes and exchanging glances with her during tedious meetings.

But he can’t help it.

There’s a certain appeal to her that Chen can’t help but notice. There’s a ring to her silvery laugh, and he’s entranced by the way her hips sway when she walks. As much as he loves your innocent and quiet charms, each moment, he feels that he’s drifting away.

He’s sitting in his office, the red and orange hues of the evening sun flooding his confined office, as his tired, drooping eyes scan over an endless amount of papers. He hears the familiar clicking of heels, as Yoon Hee walks in, a cup of coffee in her right hand.

When he hears his name, Chen looks up, only to see Yoon Hee, a layer of makeup over her fair complexion and a dress tucked under a black trench coat. She’s absolutely glamorous, and he reprimands himself for having such thoughts. She hands him his coffee and says something, but the pounding of his heartbeat is the only thing he can hear.

With unnerving fingers he reaches for the coffee, but the paper cup slips between his fingertips, spilling the thick brown liquid onto the papers strewn across the desk and his recently laundered suit. “Shoot,” he utters, scrambling to salvage papers.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Yoon Hee stammers. As Chen attempts to wipe his suit, Yoon Hee pulls out a wad of napkins from her pocket and speaks, “I’ll help you.”

He makes no effort to stop her as she leans forward and presses the napkins against his chest, her lips only a few inches away from his.

This is wrong.

“Stop,” he says. “I can take care of it myself.”

He’s expecting her to leave, but instead, she turns around at the door and asks, “Would you like to have dinner together, sir?”

Before he can process the information, the words roll of his tongue naturally, as if they’ve eaten together several times before. “Sure. Why not?”

It’s a lax car ride to a nearby restaurant, where Chen shares a long conversation over a bottle of wine with Yoon Hee. In the midst of the laughter and flirts, he receives a message on his phone from you.

“Where are you?”

He responds:

Still at work. I love you~


The night drags on, and it’s when the moon is completely surrounded by the velvety swells of deep blue and twinkling stars that Chen comes back.

“You’re home,” you state, voiced swathed in a layer of drowsiness.

“You were awake all this time?” Chen asks. Maybe it’s the drowsiness, but you hear a faint sense of guilt in his voice.

“I was waiting for you,” you say, smiling.

He plants a kiss on your forehead. “Go to sleep first. I’m going to wash up.”

You watch as he walks up the stairs and disappears around the corridor of the hallway.

Perhaps it’s the promotion, but you’ve noticed how Chen comes home late, until he’s staggering from the weight of sleep lingering behind his eyes, and how he’s lost interest in everything other than work.

Or perhaps his love for you has withered.


It’s another evening of reading and rereading official statements in Chen’s office, until Yoon Hee walks in.

“You haven’t left yet?” Chen asks.

“Sir, I came in to talk to you,” she says.

“What is it?” Chen asks, eyes never leaving the stack of papers before him.

“Do you like me?”

Chen halts. A sudden wall of tension builds between the two of them.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me, so I want you to tel-“

“I have a girlfriend,” he replies sternly.

“But what’s the use if you don’t really love her?” Yoon Hee asks, arms folded.

“Why are you asking me all of these useless questions?” His patience is running out.

“We can be together,” she says, slyly, “but only if you want.”

Chen licks his lips nervously.

If he wasn’t dating you, his automatic response would be to say “yes” and wrap his arms around Yoon Hee’s petite figure. But he has you, and that’s all he’ll ever need.

“You and I both know this is what you want,” she states.

Another moment of hesitation.

“Tell me by tomorrow.”

Before she walks out the door, Chen stands up from his seat and yells, “Wait!”

He knows what he has to do.


You are utterly surprised when Chen walks through the door, hours earlier than he typically does. Though you approach him with a smile, you know there’s something wrong when he bites his bottom lip and gives you a culpable look.

“Is there something wrong?” you ask.

Without responding, Chen holds his head down.

Tears begin to form in your eyes.

You can already suspect what he’s going to tell you.

“Listen, _____,” he says, scratching the back of his head nervously. “We need to talk.”

By the time those words leave his mouth, tears are already streaming down your face.

“I’m so sorry,” he rasps.

This can’t be happening.

Suddenly, he kneels down on the ground and pulls out a small, black box from his pocket. On one knee, he opens the box and holds it towards you, light glinting off the precious ring inside.

“Will you marry me?”

A slight gasp escapes between your lips. “Yes!” you exclaim.

Chen smiles when you run into arms.

“I was so afraid you were going to tell me that you wanted to break up,” you say, sobbing.

Chen embraces you tightly.

So was I.

EXO Reaction to their crush finally getting to debut with their girl group

This one wasn’t requested, so all ideas are mine (but not the GIFS)


“Xiumin!” You shouted, banging on EXO’s apartment door. He slowly opened the door, muttering something under his breath about it being early. “Y/N? It’s my only day off this month what is it?” You smiled as you closed the door behind you. “I’m debuting! I’m finally debuting!” You quietly shout. His eyes go wide. “No way! HOLY CRAP WELL DONE!” Xiumin shouted, picking you up and spinning you around. The other boys woke up to the sound of this, and many hearty ‘congratulations’ were thrown in your way.


You had just finished practising the debut song dance with Lay, trying to perfect it. Although, Lay didn’t know it was your debut song, he assumed it was for the SMROOKIES show later this month. So, when you both sat down for a break, you thought you’d tell him. “You know, I’m glad this is my debut song.” You’d say casually. Lay looked at you confused. “Debut song? I thought it was..” He mumbled, then a smile grew to his face when he realised what was happening. “DEBUT SONG?!” Lay practically jumped on you, trying to hug and congratulate you. “You know what would make this even better,” he murmured into your hair, “If you kissed me Y/N.”


Sehun had been taking the piss out of you for the last few months about how you were 'never' going to debut. He’d say things like, “When’s the debut Y/N?” “Oh, is this the debut song?” “WHEN I DEBUTED…” This would bug you, so when you finally got the news that you were going to debut, you had to tell Sehun in a special way. You were both sat in the studio when the song started to play, that was when Sehun tried to joke with you again. “Is this the debut song?” He’d say sniggering.  You’d smile, “Yeah it is actually. It’s airing next week.” Sehun’s eyes would furrow for a second, but then he’d stand up in excitement. “Really?! I’m so happy for you! You deserve this Y/N!”

External image


You’d both be walking his dogs. It was a way to get away from rehearsal but also a way Kai could spend time with you. He’d been crushing on you for months now, but didn’t ask you out as you were trying so hard to keep up with your other group members. “Kai, I’m debuting on Friday. I’ve done it!” You say, looking from the ground to him, meeting his gaze. Jongin smiled, “Seriously? Babe that’s amazing!” “Babe?” You repeat. “Well I was putting off asking you on a date while you were working so hard, but we can go on one now right?” He asked, his teeth showing when he smiled. “I’d like that Kai. Yeah, that sounds fun! But you know what sounds better?” Jongin looked at you surprised, “What?” “Picking up your dog’s crap.” You say, pushing the dog bags into his chest and running away, Jongin lauhing behind you.


“Hey Chanyeol!” You greeted him. It had been almost 3 weeks since you had last seen him because he was doing promotional work in China. He wrapped his arms around you, slowly swaying you side to side. “Any news?” He’d mumble into your hair. “Other then the fact I’m debuting? I got a discount for bread at the supermarket.” Chanyeol would mumble something, before he quickly lent backwards, so he was facing you. “Debuting?!” You laughed, nodding your head. “Congrats Y/N, it’s been long enough!” “Do you have news for me?” You’d ask. “Yeah I do. Well it’s not news, but will you be my girlfriend?”


“I’m debuting Tao!” You run into the EXO dorm, singing stupidly. A chorus of congratulations came from the other boys as they hugged you. Tao would take no notice, watching a crappy drama on the TV. A few days later however, he’d run up to you at the studio. “You’re in a song?! On YouTube! Your own song!!” He’d say picking you up easily. The staff around you would laugh as you said, “Tao I told you days ago!” He’d then feel embarrassed for not listening to you, so he would do something less embarrassing, which happened to be kissing you.

External image


“Kyungsoo, I need to tell you something. Meet me in the studio in half an hour.” You say hanging up the phone. You were planning to tell D.O, your secret crush, about how you were debuting in a few weeks. When you got to the studio, all the staff seemed to be acting weird around you, but you ignored it and went into the practise room. D.O was stood inside, holding a huge bouquet of flowers. The room was filled with balloons saying ‘congratulations’ and Kyungsoo had the goofiest smile plastered on his face. “I already know Y/N. Congratulations!” He’d say giving you the flowers as you stared at him in shock.


“Seriously?! Debuting?! Oh my god, that’s amazing Y/N!” Baekhyun would say, lifting you up into the air and spinning you around. He’d put you back down and rest his head on yours while hugging you. It’d be like this for a few minutes before he’d suddenly pull back, shocking you by his quick movement. “This calls for celebration, lets have dinner tonight, at a fancy restaurant.” Then he’d start running away, shouting “Don’t be late for our date jagi!” as he went. 'Date? Huh, classic Baekhyun,’ you’d think whilst a smile grew on your face.

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You’d tell him backstage at one of his concert’s. You and Luhan would never be able to meet up due to your schedules, but you both somehow managed to stay in contact over the last few months. Going to his concert was the only way to talk to him in person, which you wanted to do to tell him about your debut. “Luhan!” You’d shout as he ran down the corridor, getting to his starting position. He’d turn around, only able to hear you say, “I’m debuting next week!” before his manager pulled him away. However, while onstage he’d say, “I’d just like to say congratulations to the girl group Y/N is in for finally getting to debut. I’m happy for you babe!” That was the first time he’d ever called you 'babe,’ and it shook you up considering you weren’t even dating.


You ran through the SM building, running to EXO’s practise room. You had to talk to Suho! You opened the door without knocking slipping as you did, which made you practically fall into the rehearsal room. All of the guys turned around to face you when they heard the sound of you hitting the ground, immediately starting to laugh. “Are you okay?” Suho asked laughing while helping you up. “Okay? I’m more then okay! I’m debuting Suho, I’m FINALLY debuting!” You exclaimed, it suddenly hitting you that you were going to be realising your own music. “Holy shit Y/N! That’s great! Won’t be long 'till you’re going on tour with us!”

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You’d be in public when you told him, in front of paparazzi who were shouting Yifan’s name. “Yifan! I’ve done it! I’ve made it!” You shout, running from the SM building to where he as stood on the pavement. “Done what?” He’d ask, suddenly taking interest. “I’M DEBUTING, WE JUST HAD THE MEETING!” Kris’ would laugh, genuinely happy for you. “Kris, don’t laugh! You’ll ruin your 'cool guy’ image!” You scold. “I couldn’t care less Y/N. This will make me cool again." Yifan would say before bending down slightly and kissing you-completely shocking you. The paparazzi would love it, taking hundreds of photos that would defiantly earn them big bucks.


"Jongdae! I’m debuting!” You’d yell as he walked into your dorm. “No way. I don’t believe you.” He’d challenge. Secretly Chen would be screaming in delight, his crush finally getting her dream. But Chen was a troll, and he had to live up to his name after all. “I’m serious Chen! I’m really going to debut.” You’d say more seriously, getting annoyed by his attitude. Chen would laugh, “I know Y/N. I’m just joking, I’m really proud of you!” You’d then pull your famous 'I’m so fucking done with you right now’ face, making Chen laugh. He’d then suddenly get really close to you, lips inches apart. “Do you believe that I’m proud of you now?” He’d say cheekily, before closing the distance between your lips.

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I liked doing this own. All ideas for this are mine (I haven’t seen this one being done before?) However, NONE of the gifs are, so my credits to their original owners.



anonymous asked:

Hello Authornim :3 May I request a scenario where Chen forgot your anniversary with him :) Thank You :D (i love your blog, please keep up the good work :3) //waves and flies away

Princess ~Chen~

Thank you :) I hope you like it! I love ChenChen scenarios ;D

You worked yourself up for nothing, it turned out.

You bought a new dress, did your makeup, styled your hair, and even cleaned the house, but it didn’t matter.

Chen wasn’t home. He didn’t visit you at all.

He didn’t even acknowledge the fact that today marks the four years that the two of you had been together. Four long, amazing years were supposed to be celebrated today.

But now here you were, in a dark room, all alone. Chen had promised he would take the day off of schedule when it came to special dates, but he didn’t come home at all today.

So much for that promise.

When the hands on the clock read 11:30pm, you sighed and stood up from your seat in the kitchen. You blew out the candle you had lit previously and trudged upstairs, abandoning your new dress for some comfy sweats.

As you were looking for a sweater in the closest, you saw Chen’s hoodie thrown in the corner. “Oh Chen,” you mumbled and picked it up. Maybe if you put it on, it would feel like he was there with you.

And so you put on a pair of sweatpants and Chen’s hoodie before making your way downstairs.

By now it was 11:45, and you planned on spending the rest of the night on the couch with a blanket and a tub of ice cream.

What a great anniversary this it.

You had hoped that maybe he would just show up at the doors before midnight, so that you could spend every last second of your anniversary date together, but no. He never showed up.

And so, you gave up. At one point, sleepiness took over you and you passed out on the couch.




“Jagiyah. Jagi, wake up.”

You fluttered your eyes open and blinked a few times, trying to decipher the image before you.

Your boyfriend Chen was hover over you, his arms on your shoulders, shaking them. “Why did you fall asleep on the couch?” he asked.

You finally sat up and shrugged. “I was tired.”

“Did you have a long day?”

“Not really.”

“What have you been doing all day, then?”

“Waiting for you.” You hoped those words would trigger something in his head, but they sadly didn’t.

Chen continued to stare down at you with a confused expression. “I thought I told you not to wait for me,” he said. “My schedule’s so busy and I never come home until after midnight.”

“But you promised me you’d always make room in your schedule for me when it came to special dates.”

“Yeah, but there wasn’t a special date recently.” He plopped down on the couch, still completely clueless to the anniversary he missed.

You felt like crying, but you kept it on the inside. You didn’t want to break down in front of him.

Chen noticed your pained expression and grew worried. “What’s wrong, jagiyah?” he asked with concern.

You inhaled a breath and started absentmindedly playing with your fingers. “Chen, when did we meet?” you answered his question with another question.

Chen was taken back by your question, but he threw his head back regardless to find the answer. “Four years ago,” he replied.

“Four years ago when?”

“Four years ago…” He paused. It finally hit him. “Yesterday,” he whispered to himself.

You thinned your lips and nodded. “You missed our anniversary,” you said and stood up. “So much for always making time for our special dates, huh?”

You began to walk away, but Chen pulled you back by grabbing your wrist. “Jagi,” he began as he stood up. “Please, I’m-“

“I don’t want to hear it,” you cut him off and closed your eyes. “I just really want to go to sleep right now. I’m tired from all those hours I stayed up waiting for you.”

Chen’s heart sunk when he heard that you were waiting for him for hours. It only added to his guilt. And he knew this was something that would take quite a bit to earn forgiveness.

So Chen just let you go at that moment. He wanted you to rest. He certainly didn’t want to fight.

You painfully walked away from him and went upstairs. A part of you hoped he would come to bed with you, but you knew it wouldn’t happen.

Chen chose to sleep on the couch that night, but he didn’t find sleeping so easy. He stayed up for hours, trying to think of ways to apologize to you. But every time he thought of something, he knew it wasn’t enough.

Chen knew how much you valued your anniversary, and he felt incredibly guilty that he forgot it.

Eventually, however, Chen got an idea. He went to bed hoping that you would forgive him in the morning.




In the morning, you were woken up when you felt somebody jump on the bed. Soon, you felt arms around your waists and a low voice mumbling, “Wake up, my beautiful jagiyah.”

Your rubbed your eyes and looked up. “Chen?”

“Mhmm, it’s me. Wake up.” He placed once hand under your head and used the other to grab one of your hands and sit you up. Chen leaned in and pressed a kiss on your lips. “Are you still mad?” he asked.

You sighed and threw your arms around his neck, nuzzling close to him. “I could never stay mad at you,” you whispered.

He grinned and rested his head against you. “Good, but I still want to make it up to you.” He placed one arm around your back and another under your legs, lifting you up bridal style.

When you realized what was going on, you yelped, “Chen!”

“It’s okay jagiyah, I won’t let you fall.”

“Where are we going?”

“We’re going on an adventure!”


He laughed loudly and carried you to the living room. He placed you down on the couch and gave you another kiss. “We’re going out,” he mumbled against your lips. “Anywhere you want.”


“Anywhere you want,” he repeated and stood up straight. “This entire day, _______. It doesn’t matter where you want to go, I will take you there. I will take you to the best restaurants and the most expensive stores if you want me to.”

You couldn’t believe he was so willing to take you out wherever you wanted. You could tell he still felt guilty about forgetting, and giving you this freedom to go wherever you want made you feel really good.

“I love you, ChenChen,” you said to him.

He plopped down on the couch and gave you a hug. “I love you more, jagi,” he mumbled as he buried his face in your hair. “Now come on, let me go out and treat you like a princess today.”