Last stop: SINGAPORE

Last stop of our little Asia tour was Singapore where we attended the Asia Fashion Exchange and Blueprint show.

It was our 3rd year in a row to SGP now and it was amazing to have some sort of a reunion of buyers and people from the industry who over the course have become close friends.

We arrived at night and hit the Blueprint opening party right away:

Asians just love this, don’t they? :-)

The lovely Sharon from Front Row and Team Esquire:

Mommy rocking it with the Isetan gang:

First day of Blueprint…

This girl always finds the best stuff. Waffles on a stick!

Meet the incredible Ia from… all over the place… this girl lives up in the air.

Great assistance: Tjen taking good care of us:

Strolling through the collections…

Always good for a laugh: Jan.

Flying high as usual: Poggy.

Store check with the crew: Kyle from Goodhood, Ia, Jen & Poggy.

First stop as always: Surrender. One of our favorite stores in the world!

Big upz to Earn and his great crew Olivier and Andy!

Earn’s F.I.L. store:

One happy Jan:

Singapore always has been fascinating to us, especially since it’s so different from other Asian metropolitan cities. So well organized and clean and on the down-turn a somehow complete fake city build on business and money with hardly any subculture. But amazing architecture and great food!

Super interesting to see over the past years the development of the city and its people in the different segments. It’s undeniable that SGP has a great future ahead of it.

A littel time out on Sentosa beach:

I bet Kyle’s Goodhood crew love this photo seeing him working really, really hard:

When ladies (incl. Daniel) dress for dinner:

That’s pretty much the best graffitti we’ve seen in SGP!

So fashion:

Team Surrender: Andy & Olivier.

An Old Fashioned in SGP:

And that’s how they serve it:

Audi Fashion Festival party at the W Hotel with Azealia Banks:

Daniel & Nadine:

Ia & Jan:

General Earn and his ladies (sorry, Andy):

Waiting for the car…

And yes, this was really happening…grown up men posing in front of Steph’s matt pink G wagon!

Pink gangsta crew from Paris-Berlin-London-Singapore:

He runs this town (photo credits to Kyle):

General Earn & Steph:


Who’s happy here:

Next day… hang-over food in China town:

Remember this guy?

Big thanks to Tracy and the whole Blueprint crew for bringing us out here! It’s always a pleasure.