earn your leather

The Signs as Lady Gaga Songs

Aries – (Powerful, Soldier, Selfish): Marry the Night: Lyrics that fit: “I’m gonna marry the night / I won’t give up on my life / I’m a warrior queen / Live passionately, tonight”

Taurus – (Ambitious, Loyal, Materialistic): Donatella: Lyrics that fit: “I’m a rich bitch, I’m the upper class / All of the day / I’m the pearl to your oyster, I’m a babe / I’m gonna smoke Marlboro Lights and drink Champagne”

Gemini - (Communication, Impulsive, Duality) Perfect Illusion: Lyrics that fit: “Tryin’ to keep control / Pressure’s takin’ its toll / Stuck in the middle zone/ I just want you alone / My guessing game is strong / Way too real to be wrong / Caught up in your show / Yeah, at least now I know/ It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love”

Cancer - (Creative, Loyal, Emotional) Americano: Lyrics that fit: “I will fight for, I have fought for how I love you / I have cried for, I will die for how I care”

Leo - (Loyal, Unapologetic, Egomaniac) The Queen: Lyrics that fit: “Whenever I start feeling strong, I’m called a bitch in the night / But I don’t need these 14-carat guns to win / I am a woman, I insist it’s my life”

Virgo - (Modesty, Beauty, Practical) Alejandro: Lyrics: “She’s got both hands / In her pocket / And she won’t look at you (won’t look at you) / She hides true love / En su bolsillo / She’s got a halo around her finger / Around you”

Libra – (Beauty, Balance, Chaos) Beautiful, Dirty, Rich: Lyrics that fit: “Our hair is perfect / While we’re all getting shit wrecked / It’s automatic, honey / But we got no money”

Scorpio – (Passionate, Strong, Fierce) Edge of Glory: Lyrics that fit: “It’s hard to feel the rush, to brush the dangerous / I’m gonna run right to, to the edge with you / Where we can both fall far in love”

Sagittarius – (Curious, Energetic, Fearless): John Wayne: Lyrics that fit: “3 am, mustang speedin’ / Two lovers, headed for a dead end / Too fast, hold tight, he laughs / Runnin’ through the red lights”

Capricorn - (Ambition, Tradition, Strategy): Money Honey: Lyrics that fit: “Damn I’d love a boat by the beach on the west coast / And I’d enjoy some fine champagne while my girls toast / It’s good to live expensive you know it but  / My knees get weak, intensive”

Aquarius - (Independent, Adventurer, Aloof): Heavy Metal Lover: Lyrics that fit: “Dirty Pony I can’t wait to hose you down / You’ve got to earn your leather in this part of town / Dirty pearls and a patch for all the Rivington Rebels / Let’s raise hell in the streets drink beer and get into trouble”

Pisces – (Visionary, Compassion, Romantics): ARTPOP: Lyrics that fit: “Come to me, with all your subtext and fantasy / Just do that thing that you do / In a perverse hue / Lover’s kites, are flown on beaches for public sight / The color palette you choose, can profit you

the signs as weird lady gaga lyrics i guess
  • aries: dirty pony i can’t wait to hose you down, you’ve got to earn your leather in this part of town
  • taurus: you’re just a pig inside a human body
  • gemini: love me, love me, please retweet
  • cancer: muscle cars drove a truck right through my heart
  • leo: don’t you know my ass is famous?
  • virgo: slap honey on a young pancake, we know how to make that money
  • libra: cause i’m bluffin’ with my muffin, i’m not lyin', i’m just stunnin’ with my love glue-gunnin’
  • scorpio: love it when you call me legs, in the morning buy me eggs
  • sagittarius: put your hands on me, john f. kennedy
  • capricorn: i don’t speak german but i wish i could
  • aquarius: got my ass squeezed by sexy cupid
  • pisces: i guess sir, if you say so, some of us just like to read