earlybird filter

anonymous asked:

what would you say to someone who wants to meet someone from tinder but is afraid that she looks better (as in myself) on the profile than in real life??? you're so wise and good at self-love

I think most people feel this way. I think I look waaaay better online than I do in real life, because in real life you can’t hold up an “earlybird” filter like a pane of glass.

But honestly, people are so much more beautiful in person than they are in photos. You get to see the way they glow when they are really, truly smiling and I’ve never seen a photo properly replicate that. Photo’s can’t catch the shine and grace of a person moving in three dimensional space. They can’t duplicate the warmth of someone looking you right in the eyes and smiling. Photos are beautiful because they’re blips in time forever still and void of context, but you’re so much more than that.

You’re a person, and you’re real, and you’re so much more than your photos. We don’t fall in love with photos, we fall in love with smiles and laughs and all of the things photos try and capture.

You’re beautiful, and you’re going to be fine.