• Evan: [confused as hell] Why do people think Delirious and I are together?
  • Ohm: [Smirks knowingly]
  • Ohm: [Wraps arms around Delirious]
  • Evan: [Snatches Delirious away] MINE!
Delirious on A date
  • Girl: so what do you do in your free time?
  • Jonathan: I play video games
  • Girl: oh... I don't like video games
  • Jonathan: (stuffs pockets with bread sticks) I'm sorry but I have to go
But, after all, there’s something beautiful about early mornings when the rest of the world still seems dead, isn’t there? The trees are still hiding the rising sun, and when the world is still washed in that cold, almost blue light, you have nowhere left to go and no one left to be.
—  close your eyes and take a breath kid, you can be anything
Violence fixed it
  • Marcel: hey guys, I can fix this. [Pulls out gun] I can fix this.
  • [Shoots Earlybird]
  • Wildcat:
  • Wildcat: that's not how you fix things, Marcel.