I sleep to get away from the prison that is reality.
I shed my skin and live a thousand lives. I am endless.
I know no pain.
—  03/17/2017 || Monica Lynn

Finally it’s Saturday! 

Although this week was productive it was also very tiring with all the classes + dance lessons etc. I had some spare time this morning so I decided to take a photo of my new school supplies (which I bought like 20 days ago, but never had time to post them here). 

It’s not much, sticky notes and a stapler that’s what I REALLY NEED, notebooks, dictionaries because I started leraning German, a small planner, and a bullet journal. I would write where I bought them, but I doubt it would help anyone because I live in Montenegro… :)

Did you notice how in the last pic that girl’s neck is oddly shaped? I still like that notebook though…

Hope you all have a nice weekend! Make sure you rest and don’t overwhelm yourself with too much work…