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#earlyAMcrew started as a hashtag between Twitter users to describe what on earth us “artsy creatives” are doing up at the ungodly hours of 5, 6, or 7AM.  Suddenly, out of the woodworks came many others who also vouched that yes, indeed, they rise before the crack of noon.  Breaking commonly misheld stereotypes, #earlyAMcrew exists to bring creative New Yorkers together in a community based setting to talk art, upcoming projects, curatorial opportunities, topical events, or just bitch about how bad a day they’re having.

Our next meetup is Thursday, March 8th, at 7AM, to be held at our local celebrity sighting hotspot of The Grey Dog, at 90 University Place, Union Square.

Since it’s Armory Week, expect much to be discussed on the state of the art world, and all its many facets.

Check back here for updates and more posts from all our “members.”

#LegDay & yes #LegDayDone , knees were tweaked all week but was able to do presses and hacks, 18 plates on the Hack and the gym was empty and just a few hardcore stragglers like myself were up at the #WTFHour hitting it hard

If you saw the monsters that shake things up in the AM like Steve, Paul & @mrcockrell2u then you may get inspired to raise your game too

The only limits that are on you are the ones that you create , so keep your mind open and magic happens

#BeastMode #fitfam #sundayfunday #NoExcuses #NodaysOff #TrainDifferent #putinthework #NoLimitations #itsyourset #health #fitness #EarlyAMTraining #EarlyAmCrew

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#earlyAMcrew Talking flaneurs, post-internet, capes, gronk jerseys, Miami, art fairs, grand theft auto, traffic cones, Barcelona, the Cyborg Foundation, empowering emergent technologies, and the conversation continues…

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