The Moon indicates our emotional style. But equally important, it indicates how we experienced our mother and our early environment and how that affected us psychologically. Our early environment and the type and degree of nurturing we received are critical in shaping our psychology and establishing a sense of security and trust. In this culture and in most others, the father teaches the ways of the world and how to function in it. The mother’s role, on the other hand, is to build the foundation of security, trust, and love necessary for healthy feelings about others and ourselves. If this foundation is cracked or insufficient, we will not have the emotional resources to face our task as an adult of providing for our own survival and that of others.

Our family and our early environment are selected by the soul before life and can, therefore, be read in the chart. The Moon and its aspects, the ruler of the fourth house and its aspects, and the planets in the fourth house and their aspects describe our early environment. They also describe the mother and her attention to us. More accurately, they describe our experience of her and our early environment. Although these aspects describe both the early environment and the mother, the planets within the fourth house seem to describe the environment more than they do the mother. And the houses of the fourth house ruler and the Moon describe the mother’s interests and where she puts her energy. If we have been more influenced in our early years by our father or another caretaker, the Moon and the fourth house will describe that individual.

Moon in Aries

The early environment of this Moon sign is likely to be colored by competition and conflict. The conflict may be between the parents, the siblings, or any combination of family members. This Moon sign also may signify animosity or anger on the part of the mother toward her family or spouse or in general. In any case, the home environment is often tense and competitive, and the individual who grows up in it may be tense and angry as well. On a more positive note, the mother may be strong, independent, assertive, and possibly athletic and encourages these traits in her child. Some with this Moon sign have families who are involved in the military or athletics. In general, the environment is more masculine and encourages the development of masculine traits even in its female children.

Moon in Taurus

Unless the Moon is afflicted, the Taurus Moon’s early environment is likely to be peaceful and stable and meet the child’s physical needs. The home is likely to be comfortable. The family may even be well-off financially. The mother is often affectionate, dependable, and a good cook. However, little attention may be given to emotional and intellectual needs. With this Moon sign, security and material comforts often supersede emotional needs. Consequently, many with this Moon sign repress or are unaware of their feelings. Children in such families often follow the model presented them by finding comfort and satisfaction in material things rather than in people. Love becomes equated with food and gifts. As a result, their relationships may be with toys, food, or television.

Moon in Gemini

Gemini Moons are likely to be bright and intellectually inclined, and the mother fosters this. The mother usually plays an educative role and happily meets the child’s intellectual needs. This is a home where education is valued and reading and schoolwork are emphasized. However, the child’s emotional and physical needs may not be attended to as enthusiastically. Although the mother may be an intellectual role model, she may be less helpful in modeling other skills, such as intimacy and managing in the world. She may not be very affectionate or emotionally demonstrative. In some cases, the mother feels more like a friend, a peer, or an aunt.

Moon in Cancer

This Moon sign is ideal for establishing a solid foundation for adulthood. Unless the Moon is afflicted, the mother probably enjoyed being mother and homemaker. She is likely to have met the child’s physical and emotional needs. When our physical needs are met, we feel valued and recognized; when our emotional needs are met, we learn to value and trust our feelings. Feelings are important because they point to our needs, and only by having our needs met can we grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. So, recognition of our feelings is crucial in our early years. It is how self-worth is built and tantamount to being validated as an individual. The Cancer Moon’s mother is someone who attends to her child’s feelings and makes herself available physically and emotionally, which supports the development of self-esteem. On the other hand, the ties with the mother can be too close. The mother is identified with her children and may be possessive, smothering, and overly protective. This may make it difficult for the child to grow up and establish an independent identity.

Moon in Leo

When it is not afflicted, the gift of this Moon sign is a firm sense of self and self-worth. Confidence can go a long way in life. This gift of confidence instilled by the mother establishes a foundation for the Leo Moon’s future successes. The mother’s warm, expressive nurturing style lends confidence to her child. She is likely to have showered her Leo Moon child with attention and affection, so the child comes to expect this from others. This may, in part, be a self-promoting act in that she views her child as an extension of her own ego and love flows from this place of pride. Her child can do no wrong because it is her child. She is likely to encourage her child’s creativity and self-expression and may be creative herself. She is dramatic, forceful, and a show-stealer. The child learns to get her attention by doing the same.

Moon in Virgo

The early nurturing that Virgo Moons receive may be dedicated but dry. The mother is likely to be efficient, orderly, hardworking, and responsible but emotionally inexpressive. She is educated and thorough in her approach to motherhood, studying all the latest manuals about raising children. This care and attention is noticed by the child and makes up in many ways for the mother’s lack of warmth and playfulness. Nevertheless, Virgo Moons may struggle with expressing their emotions, having not had a model for this. Although they may not learn to be emotionally expressive, the dedicated care given to them is often sufficient to build their self-esteem. They, in turn, make dedicated and efficient mothers. On the other hand, the child’s self-esteem might be undermined if the mother is hypercritical and fussy, as is often the case with this Moon sign. In that case, the individual is likely to become self-critical or critical of others too.

Moon in Libra

When not afflicted, this Moon sign represents a beneficial home environment. The early home life is likely to be harmonious and peaceful, and the mother takes pride in providing a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally supportive. The absence of conflict and argument in the home is often apparent with Libra Moons, for they mirror this non-confrontational style in their relationships. They are likely to have learned how to negotiate and compromise in this early atmosphere, which can later serve them well in their own family relationships and work. The mother might be artistically inclined, refined, and well-versed in social etiquette. Culture and the arts might be emphasized in the home.

Moon in Scorpio

The early environment of Scorpio Moons is often difficult and intensely emotional. Abuse or misuse of power and authority are a possibility, leaving the individual angry or repressed. The mother or another family member may be domineering, manipulative, possessive, or controlling. There is often an undercurrent of hostility and resentment in the home and a sense of deep, dark secrets that no one is allowed to speak about. The secrets could include such things as violence, sexual abuse, addiction, criminality, psychological problems, or illegitimate children. On the other hand, the mother may have been highly attentive to the child’s emotional needs and bonded deeply with him or her. This is fine for the infant, who needs this bonding, but as the child matures, this can feel overbearing and possessive. Since identification by both parent and child is so strong, Scorpio Moons often have difficulty breaking the tie with their mothers as adults. The emotional intensity of this relationship often continues over the years. This deep psychic connection between the mother and child may, in fact, originate in a former lifetime.

Moon in Sagittarius

This Moon sign often represents a less traditional nurturing experience. The mother’s nurturing style is easygoing and liberal. Freedom is important to her and this attitude is conveyed to the child by allowing him or her freedom to explore, ask questions, and investigate life. However, there may be too little responsibility expected from the child and too few rules to allow the child to develop the inner discipline necessary for adulthood. Or, the mother may be off having her own adventure. So, although the mother may be a model of independent action and adventure, she may not be available to provide the security and stability that a child needs. She might lack responsibility and behave more like a friend than a parent. It is common for those with this Moon sign to live in a foreign country or be influenced by foreigners when they are growing up, perhaps by traveling a lot. The military family is an example of this. The family values freedom more than they do stability. They often move or travel a lot.

Moon in Capricorn

With this Moon sign, something may be lacking in the early environment. The mother may be ill and unable to care for the child, absent from the child’s life, depressed, repressed emotionally, over- worked, or unable to cope with the duties of motherhood. Sometimes the mother dies. Harshness is another possibility. The mother may be unloving, overbearing, strict, rigid, and restrictive, allowing little leeway for the child to act like a child or express his or her emotions. In any case, the child receives insufficient mothering. On the other hand, the early home life may be stable, secure, orderly, and attentive to responsibilities, supplying the child with the structure and discipline needed to function effectively in the world as an adult.

Moon in Aquarius

The Aquarius Moon’s early home life and mother are likely to be unique or unusual in some way. The individual may grow up in a household with progressive ideas about child rearing and considerably more freedom than most children. This free and tolerant atmosphere exposes the child to ideas that other children might not encounter. However, although this is an advantage intellectually, the child may have difficulty getting his or her need for closeness met. Aquarius, although tolerant and altruistic, is not known for its emotional warmth. Young children, however, do need close emotional interactions with adults to form a solid foundation of trust and a sturdy sense of self. As a result, Aquarius Moons may learn at an early age not to expect others to meet their emotional needs. Consequently, as adults, they may have trouble addressing the emotional needs of others. When afflicted, this Moon sign may indicate a chaotic home, inconsistent nurturing, divorce, or a disrupted home life, which can leave emotional scars and affect the individual’s ability to form intimate relationships later on. Several moves or changes in the early years are common. These can either cause insecurity or teach the individual to make the best of change.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces Moons may undergo some loss or hardship in relation to the mother. She may be psychologically incapable of caring for her child, mentally ill, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or neglectful. On the other hand, she may be artistic or musical. She is often religious, kind, and selfless. Religious or spiritual activities may be carried out in the home. In either case, Pisces Moons learn compassion, either through their own suffering or their mother’s compassionate care. When they are cared for lovingly, they learn to care lovingly for others. If they have been neglected, however, they may grow up with the same psychological damage as their mother and be prone to drug abuse and mental illness.

Hubble Sees the Beautiful Side of Galaxy IC 335: This new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows the galaxy IC 335 in front of a backdrop of distant galaxies. IC 335 is part of a galaxy group containing three other galaxies, and located in the Fornax Galaxy Cluster 60 million light-years away.

As seen in this image, the disk of IC 335 appears edge-on from the vantage point of Earth. This makes it harder for astronomers to classify it, as most of the characteristics of a galaxys morphology the arms of a spiral or the bar across the center are only visible on its face. Still, the 45000 light-year-long galaxy could be classified as an S0 type.

These lenticular galaxies are an intermediate state in galaxy morphological classification schemes between true spiral and elliptical galaxies. They have a thin stellar disk and a bulge, like spiral galaxies, but in contrast to typical spiral galaxies they have used up most of the interstellar medium. Only a few new stars can be created out of the material that is left and the star formation rate is very low. Hence, the population of stars in S0 galaxies consists mainly of aging stars, very similar to the star population in elliptical galaxies.

As S0 galaxies have only ill-defined spiral arms they are easily mistaken for elliptical galaxies if they are seen inclined face-on or edge-on as IC 335 here. And indeed, despite the morphological differences between S0 and elliptical class galaxies, they share some common characteristics, like typical sizes and spectral features.

Both classes are also deemed early-type galaxies, because they are evolving passively. However, while elliptical galaxies may be passively evolving when we observe them, they have usually had violent interactions with other galaxies in their past. In contrast, S0 galaxies are either aging and fading spiral galaxies, which never had any interactions with other galaxies, or they are the aging result of a single merger between two spiral galaxies in the past. The exact nature of these galaxies is still a matter of debate.

European Space Agency
Credit: ESA/Hubble and NASA

Chocobro Sleeping Headcanons

As you all know I am asleep 90% of the time. So I figured, “hey how do the bros sleep?”

I’ll prob post a version feature the boy’s s/o soon. Gotchu guys covered. 

Anyway, I’m tired.

Tag yourself I’m Noctis *duh*


  • Can fall asleep anywhere.
  • Any time.
  • The boy can just wake up from a full nights rest and go back to sleep.
  • Gets especially sleepy after eating. 
  • Falls asleep in the Regalia while sitting up.
  • His head slumps forward and he remains asleep for hours.
  • He wakes up with some major neck pain… and drool on his chin.
  • Of course, Noctis get the best sleep on his own bed. 
  • Really loves being under the covers completely
  • The other bros wonder how he breathes under all the covers?
  • It’s a mystery. 
  • Noctis doesn’t even know how he does it.
  • While in a deep sleep, his eyes roll in the back of his head.
  • It freaks Prompto out to no end. 
  • Cuddles pillows in his sleep.
  • Loves to cuddle.
  • During their journey, he will always cuddle who ever is closest to him.
  • It’s very awkward.
  • Wakes up red faced and prays they didn’t notice. 
  • They notice.
  • They’re just used it by now.
  • Sleeps in any position.
  • Stomach.
  • Side.
  • Back.
  • Sometimes wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.
  • May even wake up on the floor. 
  • Definition of heavy sleeper
  • A bomb can go off and this boy would sleep through it


  • Prompto only sleeps under certain circumstances. 
  • Cannot sleep in a tent.
  • Gets no sleep during camp.
  • That’s why he’s so excited to get a hotel room.
  • Unable to sleep in  the Regalia. 
  • Mostly because he sees time in the car as photo opportunities. 
  • Lucis’s scenery is great, y’all.
  • He can’t help himself. 
  • He has so much energy, so he can’t sleep unless he’s really exhausted. 
  • Sweats in his sleep.
  • Still wears short sleeve, tank tops and shorts to bed.
  • Still wakes up with sweats.
  • Poor sunshine.
  • Loves sleeping with stuffed animals.
  • He had a ton of stuffed animals as a kid.
  • He’s kept one.
  • He’s low-key embarrassed by it, considering he takes it on their journey..
  • But the guys don’t say anything about it.
  • It’s a yellow chocobo stuffed animal, by the by.
  • That’s crucial information.
  • Hugs it to his chest.
  • Sometimes he wakes up with the stuffed animal on his head?
  • Sleeps on his left side only
  • Fetal position.
  • Not as cuddly as Noctis.
  • But still loves to snuggle.
  • Luckily for the guys, he only grabs onto his chocobo.


  • Why was this the first thing that came to my mind He sucks his thumb
  • I don’t know.
  • Noctis totally teases him over it.
  • To which Gladio brings up how the Prince cuddles up to Ignis in his sleep.
  • Noctis shuts up shortly after. 
  • Sleeps shirtless.
  • The man is a heater.
  • He doesn’t need more warmth.
  • Doesn’t sweat though.
  • He uses only a single sheet rather than the entire comforter.
  • Sleeps the best in the tent.
  • Actually… sleeps best outside of the tent.
  • As long as there is a campfire going, and the stars in the sky… Gladio is covered for a good night’s rest.
  • Definitely, 100% canon; he snores
  • You cannot convince me otherwise.
  • Earthquake level snores.
  • His snores stir the others from their sleep.
  • Can sleep on either of his sides. 
  • Doesn’t like sleeping on his back. 
  • He feels like he’s taking up too much room.
  • Low key claustrophobic maybe?
  • Needs open spaces. 
  • Can sleep in the Regalia if everyone is quiet.
  • Which is a rarity in itself.


  • Definition of insomniac
  • If Ignis does get sleep, it’s for a short while.
  • Definitely the type that’s early to bed, early to rise.
  • Super light sleeper. 
  • The quietest of sounds can wake him up.
  • And this is why he relies on Ebony so much.
  • He really can’t function without caffeine intake.
  • Sleeps like he’s a dead man?
  • Always straight on his back.
  • Hands folded against his chest.
  • Doesn’t move all night.
  • Often forgets to take his glasses off.
  • May have broken a few pair in his childhood that way…
  • Doesn’t snore… necessarily.
  • Will have soft little inhale snores.
  • It’s so cute help me
  • Even though he’s a light sleeper, he doesn’t stir when Noctis latches onto him in the night. 
  • Noctis has been doing that since they were children.
  • It’s so cute help me I’m dead.
  • Get’s very cold in his sleep, but refuses to pull the covers up above his rib cage.
  • Sometimes wears his gloves to bed for this reason.
  • Poor boy is just so cold.
  • Sleeps in actually pajamas. 
  • Not makeshift night clothes.
  • Cotton, long sleeved night shirts.
  • Long pants.
  • Wears socks to bed.
  • Sleeps okay in the tent.
  • Prefers a proper bed.
  • Of course he doesn’t sleep in the Regalia.
  • Even when he isn’t driving.
  • His eyes are on the road always. 
  • Cautious mama bear.
  • Wakes up before the sunrises to start cooking breakfast. 
  • Also just enjoys a few hours of silence. 
every road leads here

this is my gift for @aftgexchange‘s valentines exchange for the lovely @elswicked‘s prompt of andrew and neil meeting as kids. it was supposed to be cheerful, but then……………


Neil does not know a world without Andrew at his back. He’s always been there, a constant, reassuring presence. He’s almost like Neil’s shadow, if a shadow were prone to sarcastic comments and making sure Neil doesn’t pick too many fights he can’t win.

(Every time reminds Neil of the first. Some kid, one of the ones who’d clearly been given everything from cradle onwards, had decided he was entitled to Neil’s favourite glittery crayon. Neil, in turn, decided he was entitled to the other kid’s juice. And to forcibly take the crayon back, no matter how that would escalate events. Just before it got to any kind of tackle, Andrew turned up - and even though he was short Neil had no idea how he’d never noticed him before - and threatened the kid into leaving it be. Neil had tried to thank Andrew, and he’d shrugged and said, “‘S only fair.”)

(Andrew’s always been the same. All he wants is for things to be fair. Maybe a little more fair for his friends than anyone else, but isn’t that true of everyone?)

“Why did you pick us?” Neil laughs around the mouth of a beer bottle, looking into Andrew’s ever-clear hazel eyes.

“This isn’t gym, Josten,” Andrew replies. “And if it were, you wouldn’t be my first choice.”

“I’m the fastest runner you know. Fact.”

“Less so since you graduated high school. You got lazy.”

Neil rolls his eyes, an over-exaggerated gesture to minimise the world rolling with them. “Whatever, Minyard. Stop avoiding the question.”

“Not my fault your questions are vague.”

Neil would groan if he hadn’t had almost sixteen years of dealing with his shitheel of a best friend. (Even if ‘friend’ has never encapsulated all that Andrew is to him. He’d choose ‘soulmate’, because he’s sure there’s no one else who could ever understand the core of what it is to be Neil as well as Andrew does, but since Andrew rejects Neil’s friendship almost daily and scorns the idea of romance, Neil sticks to ‘Andrew’.) “Andrew. At the young age of… whatever. Whenever. Young. We were young. You stuck up for me so I didn’t get in a brawl with a rich kid who’d have fought dirty when all I wanted was my glitter crayon. And since then you’ve been more loyal than, like, an extremely long-lived dog, right? So what did you see in the dumbass who cared more about his crayon than childhood friends? And… whoever else. I know there were more,” Neil says, turning his grin to Kevin for half a second.

Andrew raises his eyebrows a fraction of an inch, a movement barely visible in the dim light, “Dumbasses who wouldn’t survive a day without me.”

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I wish I an “early to bed, early to rise” type of person but I’m a “ok let’s go to bed early tonight, but doesn’t and ok let’s try to get up early but snoozes all of my multiple alarms and goes back to sleep for another couple hours” type of person

anonymous asked:

… So you deny that 90% of the Earth's population exists? Am I wrong?

i used to run a bar, back in the day. right about twelve years ago now. maybe that’s not what most folks would consider back in the day, but i aged fast. you would too, in my position. 

it was a great place down in the south, decent sized joint with a close knit staff. always bustling with business. saw quite a few commotions in that tavern. more often than not, that’s where the town’s rumour mill would catch wind. despite being a northerner myself, the cowboys seemed to like me well enough. i made a handful of friends. god, i loved our cook. great woman, jess.

now, i closed the bar at the peak of its popularity. everyone had their own idea why, some of those ideas being the right one, but— anyway. i left. i got the hell out of dodge. closed the bar as quickly as i could, packed my shit and left as soon as the sun started rising, gossip and friendships be damned.

i just didn’t have any other choice.

i’m always waiting for sunrise these days. i never used to be a night owl, really, i was one of those “early to bed, early to rise” types. sure, sometimes my work kept me up, but i had some semblance of a sleep schedule goin’ for me. i was a productive member of society, for whatever that’s worth now. i suspect it’s nothin’. 

i don’t take to the night too well. i find myself waiting in that darkness, sometimes clutching a knife close to my chest. anything i think could hurt someone. something. i don’t look out the window. i don’t do anything but look straight ahead until the first pieces of morning overtake the room, wash it in that grey-blue haze. i always feel like i’m waiting for the other shoe to fall. for the ax to finally land on my neck. 

i moved back to good ol’ new england afterward, straight into the depths of the woods. i’ve really never been a paranoid person, but i can’t feel safe in a crowd anymore. can’t stand towns, really can’t stand cities. who knows what lurks in the hearts of men? 

i do. that’s why i stay the fuck away.

it’s about 6:37am on a tuesday morning, and there are two knocks on the door. soft, in quick succession. an even softer falls against the wood, like it might be a mistake. like someone’s hand was shaking. i hadn’t heard a car, hadn’t seen one in days, even–

i open the door slowly. revel in the creak, how unwelcoming it sounds. my nearest neighbour is a good drive down the mountain, moved here to take care of her grandmother and didn’t relocate when she passed. nice woman with a faint boston accent, emotive dark eyes.

she’s standing on my doorstep, and her hand lashes out to grip the door frame. i don’t see a car. “hi,” she says, and there’s some edge in her voice i can’t identify. some cut to it. “hi,” she repeats. her eyes are wild.

“can i help you?” i ask, carefully measured with what i hope is the right amount of nothing, but she’s already pushing past me, stumbling into my kitchen.

she’s suddenly digging through my drawers, tearing the whole place apart. i notice she’s barefoot as she turns to me and hisses, “phone.” 


“where is your phone?” and her mouth is opened like she’s about to say something else, but nothing comes. a choked syllable seems to trail off to its untimely death. she only looks at me. she only looks past me.

a chill passes over the room and when i turn to shut the door, to tell her to get the hell out, i see it. he’s standing stock-still in the yard, hands tucked into the pockets of his coat. the tall figure he cuts is still the same offsetting sharpness i remember from twelve years ago. his eyes gleam like disaster, like doom, like the ax about to fall.

i’m not afraid of him, i find. i’d like to make my morning coffee now. i’d like to have breakfast. i’d like him to leave.

“straightpeoplereceipts,” he practically sings, self satisfied and unbearable. “you deny that ninety-percent of the world’s population exists?” 

i take a glance at the woman in the kitchen behind me. something seems to click then, and i don’t look back. i shut the door.


Reconstructed ‘Beehive Hut’ or Iron Age Cell, Kilmartin Glen, Argyll, 15.4.17. This type of early stone hut was largely constructed for religious seclusion by monks and examples are to be found through Celtic kingdoms. It is possible that these structures formed the first early churches during the very beginnings of Christianity in the United Kingdom.

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prompt: the morning after a fight between them

sorry this took a hot minute to write like i said im not good at this!!!


Even wakes up, curled into himself, one leg out of the comforter, toes touching the floor, and one arm underneath his blue pillow. He takes a long inhale in, stretching out his body as much as possible and lifting himself on his elbows. The light from underneath the orange curtains illuminates the room. Even reaches over onto the floor and takes his phone off the charger.

Søndag 09:32

No new notifications, not that he would have any. He looks to his right and sees Isak sprawled out on the bed, lying on his stomach. They had a fight the night before, over something stupid, but went to bed angry. Even moves the comforter over himself so there isn’t anything in between them. He wraps his arm around Isak’s middle, running his hand underneath Isak’s shirt and pulling his warm body closer to his chest. Habitually, their legs intertwine and Isak pulls the pillow he had been sleeping on closer to himself.

Even nuzzles his nose into the back of his neck, rubbing it against the hairs to move the tag from Isak’s shirt out of the way. Isak hasn’t made a noise, until he mumbles under his breath something Even can’t make out.

“Hmm..?” Even hums against him, arm still lay across his chest.

Isak, with his eyes still closed, mumbles, “Too hot..” But he doesn’t move.

“Well I’m cold, baby, so you’re gonna have to warm me up. That’s just how this works.” Even pulls him closer, kissing the crevice between his neck and shoulder.

“But I’ll get all gross and sweaty…” Isak breathes out, voice much clearer now, but still groggy.

“Then you’d have to take a shower, so, maybe this is for the best.” Even grins, pulling him closer. Isak turns on his back, eyes barely open as he scolds him, but breaks out into a quiet laugh.

“You just want me all hot and sweaty so you can join me in that shower.” Isak turns around completely, staying as close as possible as he brings a hand to thread through Even’s hair. Even wraps his arms around him, hand settled onto the small of his back where his shirt rides up.

“Well, of course.” Even gives him a toothy grin as his eyes crinkle. A smile Isak can’t resist.

Isak smiles sleepily at him, half-lidded eyes, playing with two stands of Even’s hair. There’s a comforting silence between them. Even grazes his nose against Isak’s.

“Sorry about last night..” Isak whispers.

“Stop, I’m sorry.” His fingertips travel up his spine.

Isak moves closer, bringing his arms around his back, letting his face fall into Even’s neck. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Even speaks into his hair, placing a small kiss to his forehead. “You’re really hot.” Even whispers against his forehead.

“Even, it is too early for makeup sex.”

“Well for one, it is never too early for any type of sex, and two, you’re literally hot, your back is sweating all over my hand.” Even brings his hand out and wipes it on the comforter. Isak puts a hand on his chest and pushes him back aggressively.

“Eveennnnnauauhhh!” Isak groans, pushing the comforter off him and onto Even’s face.

Even starts laughing, trying to catch his breath. “Excuse me, you’re the one who said this would happen.” He watches Isak lift himself from the bed, making his way to the door while taking off his shirt. Even sees him walk into the direction of the bathroom and soon realizes he’s off to shower.

“Hey!” Even jumps out of the bed, trying not to trip on Isak’s schoolbag. “Wait for me!”

kissing + dating hcs;

boss’ memo : ive never received so many headcanon reqs about loving and protecting one person,, so good !!! i’m so proud!!

Originally posted by schuylersparkles

kissing hcs

  • maria isn’t really a early morning kissing type of person, despite being a morning person herself–what she really enjoys are late night kisses! sleepy smooches ! she likes to pepper your face with ‘em as she grows sleepier and sleepier (and gently hums at you when you giggle in response to her affection)
    • she’s really big on consent, so without fail, you’ll hear a soft, “kiss?” before she leans in,, either that, or “may i…?”
    • her favorite place to be is with her arms ‘round your waist, pressing you closer to her (from behind or from the front) and her mouth on your neck–she likes the way her lipstick looks on you,,
  • if you’re busy, she likes to clasp your non dominant hand in her own, turn it over, and kiss the back of it

w/ a s/o who tries to ensure her happiness | s/o who spoils her | when she’s jealous

  • she can’t think about you for too long, otherwise she may start crying–she’s unsure of what she could have ever done to deserve someone who cares about her so earnestly, loves her so deeply! she’s never known anyone like you before and you surprise her every single time you put her needs before your own,,
    • she’s not normally the type of person who cries, but she feels safe around you. plus, these are always happy tears
  • she’s very light-footed, but if it bothers you, she can purposefully make noise when she walks–but either way, she loves embracing you and showering you with soft “i love you”s (sometimes signed, sometimes spoken)
    • she doesn’t quite know what to do when you buy her things !! she’s always sure to thank you–she understands these are material things but she places an incredible amount of emotional significance for every thing you get for her
      • (it’s likely that one of her comfort objects is something you’ve gotten for her–especially if the object smells like you)
    • one of the most frequent things she says to you is “thank you for being kind”
    • if you’ve also had a rough past, she’s willing to listen if you ever want to talk. she wants to ensure you know she’s there for you just as much as you’re there for her
  • she doesn’t really like to involve herself in conflicts–not anymore, but despite this, she’s quite protective of you, and will do everything in her power to keep you safe and happy as well
    • she’s not used to receiving, so she always does her best to show you her gratitude
  • she does get jealous, but it’s more directed at herself rather than you. if she’s feeling jealous of the attention someone else is giving you / feeling unsure of your relationship in general, she’ll withdraw, she’ll be distant. maria needs assurance that you love her often–and she’s self aware of this.
    • just little things to remind her that you love her. maybe remembering something she likes, telling her you think she’s beautiful out of nowhere… that helps her lots !

The Velodog Revolver,

A creation of the French pistol maker Charles Francois Galland in the late 19th century, the Velodog was a small pocket revolver popular in France and Belgium in the late 19th and early 20th century.  While there were many makers of Velodog revolvers in Europe at the time, most share common characteristics.  First, they were small five or six shot double action revolvers, often hammerless and lacking a trigger guard.  Instead of a trigger guard, for the safety most Velodogs had a folding trigger, which also made the pistol more compact for carrying.  Secondly, most Velodogs were of small caliber.  At first they were produced in a caliber called 5.75 Velodog, a 5.5mm (.22 caliber) jacket cartridge similar to the .22 magnum today.  Later Velodogs were produced in other small calibers such a .22 long rifle and .25 ACP.

The purpose of the velodog was very specific, for bicyclers to defend themselves against dog attacks. The name “velodog” is a portmanteau of the words “velocipede”, an early type of bicycle (pictured above), and “dog”.  While this may seem laughable today, remember that at the time, bicycles were crude, slow vehicles and that 19th century Paris was infested with thousands of dangerous, rabid dogs.  For those seeking a more humane solution, 5.75 Velodog cartridges were produced loaded with cayenne pepper.

Dylan Klebold’s autopsy report (FULL)

(Page 1) 


Dr. Galloway


1. Through and through close contact large calibre gunshot wound involving the left side of the head (region of the left temple) associated with:
A. Brain injuries - lacerations and contusions
B. Skull fractures
C. Subdural hemorrhage
2. Aspiration blood lower airway and lungs

COMMENT: The autopsy findings in this case reveal that the cause of death is due to brain injuries secondary to a close contact, large calibre, through and through gunshot wound involving the left side of the head. This gunshot wound is consistent with self-infliction.

(Page 2) 

This autopsy is performed in the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office in Golden, Colorado on 04/22/99 at 10:30 a.m. This autopsy is done at the request of Dr. Nancy Bodelson, the Coroner of Jefferson County. The identification was made by fingerprints. Concerning location, this body is identified as #11. Members of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department attended the autopsy. I am assisted in the autopsy by Mr. Rob Kulbacki.

History: This is the case of a 17-year-old, white male who is allegedly a victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The decedent was found dead in the library at Columbine High School, and the death occurred on 04/22/99. No other history is available at the time of autopsy.

External Examination: The body is clothed in a black T-shirt with the inscription “Wrath” across the front; a black glove on the left hand with the fingers cut away; blue-green plaid boxer shorts; black pants with a black belt which have been partially cut away; white socks; and black boots. A large calibre, copper-jacketed bullet is present in the right boot. This is given to the Sheriff’s Officer along with the clothing. Present on the left boot was a red star medallion containing a sickle and a hammer. Black suspenders were in close proximity of the body. This is the unembalmed, well-developed, well-nourished, traumatized body of a white male appearing consistent with the stated age of 17. Height is measured at 74-½"; weight is 143 pounds. Rigor is minimal in the neck and the right lower extremity; absent in the other areas of the body. Faint reddish-purple livor is set over the dorsal aspects of the body with appropriate blanching of the pressure points.

Head: The scalp is covered by long, thick, blood-stained, brown hair which measures 6" in length at the apex. Present on the left side of the head, in the region of the temple, ¼" above and ¾" anterior to the left ear, is a circular, large calibre, entrance type of gunshot wound. The wound is surrounded by marginal abrasion, and what appears to be powder, although there is extensive drying artifact which makes this determination difficult. There are small irregular tears in the wound margins. The perforated area of the wound measures ¾" in diameter; the stippling associated with the wound. For identification purposes, this wound will be referred to as “A”. Present on the right lateral surface of the head, ½" anterior to the mid-portion of the right ear, is a generally circular exit type of gunshot wound showing irregular tearing of the margins. This wound measures ½" in diameter. No marginal abrasion or powder residue are observed. For identification purposes, this wound will be referred to as “B”. Ears - the ears are intact. Both ears are blood stained. Eyes - the eyebrows are brown. The sclerae are white. The irides are bluish-gray. The pupils are round, measure 7 mm, and are directed anteriorly. The conjunctivae are pale. Bilateral periorbital reddish-purple contusions are present. Nose - the nose is externally unremarkable. The nasal passages contain bloody fluid. The septum is in the midline. Mouth - the lips are reddish-purple with some drying artifact. There is a blonde mustache on the upper lip. The oral mucous membranes are tan and moist. The tongue is reddish-brown and finely granular without evidence of lacerations or contusions. The teeth are in a good state of dental repair. There is a small amount of hemorrhagic fluid in the oral cavity. Chin - a blond beard, fashioned in a goatee, involves the chin. Dried blood smears the forehead; there are dried blood flow patterns extending across both sides of the face in a predominantly horizontal plane.

Neck: The external surface of the neck reveals no evidence of injury. The neck organs are in the midline without palpable masses.

Chest: The chest demonstrates a normal anterior-posterior diameter. No external trauma is present. The breasts are normal male. Palpating the chest reveals no instability. The axillae are negative to observation and palpation. A moderate amount of brown hair is present in both axillae. 

Abdomen: The abdomen is flat. No external trauma is present. There is some green discoloration of the lower abdomen due to early decomposition. Present in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, is a linear, horizontal scar which measures 3" in length. Palpating the abdomen reveals no organomegaly or masses.

Genitalia: A normal appearing male, brown, genital hair pattern is present. The penis is of normal size, shape, and position; respective scrotal sacs without palpable masses. There is postmortem drying artifact on the anterior surface of the scrotum.

Back: The external surface of the back reveals no evidence of trauma. The anus is intact without any unusual dilatation or trauma.

Extremities: The upper extremities are intact. The nails are intact, short, and clean. A silver-colored ring with a black stone is present on the ring finger of the left hand. There is accentuated dark purple livor involving the portions of the fingers external to the glove on the left hand. Present on the lateral aspect of the left hand involving the thumb and middle finger are several small reddish-brown abrasions, measuring 1/8" in diameter. Present overlying the proximal knuckle of the index finger of the right hand is a purple contusion which also involves a portion of the hand, and measures 1-¼" in size. The forearms are unremarkable. The antecubital fossae reveal no evidence of recent needle puncture marks or scars. The upper arms are intact and unremarkable grossly. The lower extremities are intact. Present on the anterior aspect of the proximal portion of the right lower extremity are several tiny healing reddish-brown abrasions. There is a cluster of three yellow-brown contusions on the anterior-lateral aspect of the right lower leg, varying in size from ¼" to 1". Present on the lateral aspect of the left knee is a cluster of three yellow-brown contusions, varying in size from ¼" and 5/8". The soles of the feet are intact and unremarkable grossly.

Also present in close proximity to the body, in the body bag, were the following personal effects: a pierced earring, a silver-colored pocket watch, and a beaded cloth necklace.

(Page 3) 

Internal Examination: Through the usual Y-shaped incision, a thin layer of yellow subcutaneous adipose tissue and reddish-brown musculature are revealed. The diaphragms are intact and arch to the level of the 5th left intercostal space and the 4th right intercostal space. The peritoneal cavity contains no unusual accumulation of fluid. The lining is smooth, gray and glistening. The viscera and omentum are normally disposed.

Pleural Spaces: The pleural spaces are without any unusual accumulation of fluid. The parietal pleurae are smooth, gray and glistening. The bony structures of the chest are intact and unremarkable grossly. The clavicles are intact. There is no soft tissue injury involving the chest wall. The pericardial sac is intact. The lumen contains 10 cc of clear fluid. The pericardium is smooth, gray and glistening.

Thymus: Eight (8) grams of pink, lobular, firm, thymic tissue is present in the anterior-superior mediastinal space.

Neck: The lumen of the upper esophagus and pharynx is patent. The mucosal surface is tan and wrinkled. The lumen of the upper respiratory tract contains blood. The mucosal surface is tan and smooth. The hyoid bone and cricothyroid cartilages are intact.

Thyroid: The thyroid is of normal size, shape, and position, and has a reddish-brown, lobular, firm, gross appearance. The cervical vertebrae are intact. There is no obstruction to the posterior nasopharynx or the posterior aspect of the oral cavity. The major vessels of the neck are intact and unremarkable grossly. There is no soft tissue hemorrhage in the neck.

Heart: The heart is intact and weighs 300 grams. The epicardial surface is reddish-brown, smooth, and glistening. Minimal amounts of epicardial yellow fat are present. The myocardium is reddish-brown and firm without gross evidence of fibrosis or softening. The ventricular walls are of normal thickness. The endocardial surface is reddish-brown, smooth, and glistening. Early subendocardial flame type hemorrhages are present in the left ventricle. The cardiac valves are intact. The valve leaflets are thin and fully pliable. The valve circumferences are normal for this size heart. The chordae tendineae are tan and delicate. The papillary muscles are intact. The foramen ovale is closed. The atrial septum is intact. The ventricular septum is intact. The coronary ostia are in a normal anatomic position and widely patent. The coronary arteries demonstrate a normal anatomic distribution with normal gross features.

Aorta: The aorta is intact and of normal course and calibre throughout. The intimal surface is tan and smooth. The wall is thin and elastic. The main abdominal tributaries are intact.

Respiratory System: The lumen of the lower respiratory tract contains blood. The mucosal surface is tan, smooth and blood stained. The lungs are mildly hyperaerated. The pleural surfaces are pink, reddish-purple, smooth and glistening. The lungs together weigh 850 grams. Serial sections reveal soft, spongy, mildly hyperaerated lung tissue showing evidence of vascular congestion, early pulmonary edema, and aspirated blood. The pulmonary arteries are intact without evidence of thromboembolic disease. The pulmonary veins empty into the left atrium in a normal fashion

Gastrointestinal System: The esophagus is of normal course and calibre throughout. The lumen is patent. The mucosal surface is tan with longitudinal furrowing. The wall is thin. The stomach is in a normal anatomic position. The lumen contains 160 cc of yellow-orange, liquid, gastric contents containing fragments of what appears to be potato skins. The mucosal surface is tan with intact rugae. No peptic ulcer disease or tumor are noted grossly. The small bowel demonstrates a normal anatomic distribution with normal gross features. The appendix is present and unremarkable grossly. The large bowel demonstrates a normal anatomic distribution with normal gross features.

Spleen: The spleen is intact and weighs 180 grams. The external surface is purple and smooth. Serial sections reveal a firm, reddish-purple, splenic paranchyma.

Liver: The liver is intact and weighs 1300 grams. The external surface is reddish-brown, smooth, and glistening. Serial sections reveal a firm, reddish-brown, lobular, normal appearing liver tissue.

Gallbladder: The gallbladder is intact. The lumen contains 12 cc of cloudy yellow-brown, liquid bile. The mucosal surface is smooth and bile stained. The cystic duct and common bile duct are intact and patent throughout. The portal vein, splenic vein, and superior mesenteric vein are intact and patent.

Pancreas: The pancreas is of normal size, shape, and position, and has a tan, lobular, soft, partially autolyzed, gross appearance.

Adrenals: Both adrenals are identified. Serial sections reveal a thin yellow cortex and gray medulla.

(Page 4) 

Kidneys: Both kidneys are identified. The capsules strip easily. The left kidney weighs 160 grams; the right kidney weighs 150 grams. The cortical surfaces are reddish-brown and smooth. Bivalving of each kidney reveals a well-demarcated, reddish-brown cortex and medulla. The renal papillae are normal. There is no calyceal scarring. There is no unusual pelvic dilatation. Both ureters are present, patent, and uniform in diameter throughout.

Bladder: The bladder is intact. The lumen contains 20 cc of clear yellow urine. The bladder mucosa is tan and wrinkled. The prostate, seminal vesicles and testicles are intact and unremarkable grossly.

Musculoskeletal System: Other than the injuries to be described under the head, no other significant injuries are observed.

Lymphatics: No gross abnormality.

Venous System: There is no evidence of hepatic vein, renal vein, or portal vein thrombosis. The superior and inferior vena cavae are intact.

Central Nervous System: Reflection of the scalp reveals wound tracts in the soft tissues involving both the left and right side powder staining of the soft tissues comprimising the margin of the wound tract on the left side of the head. There is also a contusion measuring 1-½" on the apex of the scalp. There is a circular perforation which is beveled inward involving the left temporal bone. There is a circular perforation which is beveled outward involving the right temporal bone. Numerous fractures radiate from the circular perforations. Removal of a portion of the calvarium reveals no epidural hemorrhage. 40 cc of subdural hemorrhage overlies the right cerebral hemisphere and on the undersurface of this hemisphere. There is no subarachnoid hemorrhage. There are contusions on the undersurface of both temporal lobes. There is a wound tract across the undersurface of the brain, involving both cerebral hemispheres in the temporal and frortal areas. The brain demonstrates laceration and some pulverization of brain tissue involving the previously mentioned areas. The brain weighs 1500 grams. Serial sectioning the cerebral cortex, the midbrain, the pons, the medulla, the spinal cord, the cerebellum and the pituitary reveals internal injury to the brain involving the anterior aspects of both cerebral hemispheres involving the frontal and temporal areas; and there is injury to the midbrain with predominantly contusion. There is no evidence of any underlying disease of the brain. Examination of the base of the skull reveals a transverse basal skull fracture that involves both temporal fossa and interconnects across the sphenoid bone in the region of the sella turcica. C1 and C2 are intact. The odontoid ligament and odontoid processes are intact. Removal of the dural on the left side of the head reveals powder staining (soot) in the margins of the dura adjacent to the perforated area of skull.


Blood: I obtained two gray-stoppered test tubes of blood from the heart.

Urine: I obtained two gray-stoppered test tubes of urine

Gastric Contents: I obtained two gray-stoppered test tubes and one red-stoppered test tube of gastric contents.

Vitreous Humor: I obtained one gray-stoppered test tube of vitreous humor.

Bile: I obtained one gray-stoppered test tube of bile.

Approximately 100 grams of liver and kidney were also obtained and will be frozen. 

Trace Evidence:

Hair: I obtained random samples of scalp hair and pubic hair. I obtained scalp hair adjacent to the wounds involving the right and left sides of the head.

Nail Scrapings: I obtained nails scrapings of both hands.

Blood: I obtained one yellow, one purple and one red-stoppered test tube of blood from the heart.

All of the trace evidence, with the exception of the blood samples, are given to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Officers upon completion of the autopsy. The blood samples for any evidentiary need are going to be stored along with the toxicology specimens for up to a year.

X-ray Examination: Revealed no evidence of retained bullets.

Wound Summary: The wound of entrance is designated wound “A” in the region of the left temple. The projectile penetrated the cranium through the left temporal bone; extended across the undersurface of both cerebral hemispheres; exiting the head through the right temporal bone. The perforated area on the left side is beveled inward; the perforated area on the right side is beveled outward. Powder is associated with the wound on the left side of the head. The projectile traveled left to right slightly front to back and slightly downward. The characteristics of the wound are consistent with a large calibre weapon; with a close contact range of fire; consistent with self-infliction.

The wound is consistent with 9 mm ammunition.

(Page 5) 


Heart: Normal histologic features. 

Lung: Sections reveal intra-alveolar edema. 

Liver: Sections reveal moderate autolysis. 

Kidney: Sections reveal moderate autolysis.  

Spleen: Normal histologic features. 

Adrenal: Normal histologic features.  

Thymus: Normal histologic features.  

Thyroid: Normal histologic features.

Stomach: Sections reveal early autolysis involving the gastric mucosa.

Brain: Sections reveal fragmentation and intraparenchymal hemorrhage.

Entrance Wound A: Sections are of skin revealing a central deeply penetrating wound associated with a few scattered fragments of powder residue in the deeper margins of the wound.

Dura: Sections reveal scattered foci of powder residue adhering to one side of the dural surface.


Blood Alcohol - Negative 

Blood Drug Screen  - Gas chromatography/Mase Spectroscopy

Acid Neutral Extract - No drugs detected 

Basic Extract - No drugs detected

Urine Drug Screen - Negative

On The Ropes - Part 2

Word Count: 4671

Warnings: Mentions of death, drinking, an obscene amount of fluff

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary:  Reader is a cop that was shot in the line of duty. As part of her physical therapy, she picks up boxing at the local gym in town, On The Ropes, owned by two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.  Dean is just as taken with her as she is with him, but she thinks of herself as broken because of her job and injury. Can Dean make her see things differently?

Read Part 1 here

A/N: The places I mention (except Mother Mary’s) are places that I visited often as a child and now as a mom, I bring my own son there. None of the images I have used are mine, credit goes to their artists.

Beta’d by @smoothdogsgirl Thank you!

“Well Sweetheart, are we gonna fight or make out? Cause I am getting some real mixed signals here.” He winked at you and you considered it, but all the gear made it near impossible for any kind of contact.

“Maybe after a shower” you leaned down, taking a over exaggerated sniff “cause you stink.” And you rolled off of him.

Dean stood, taking his gloves and gear off, then helping you with your own. Once you were free and clear, he crashed his lips to yours, the intensity of it taking your breath away. You had to pull away before you ran out of oxygen, resting your sweaty forehead against his.

“Yeah, well you stink, too.” He mumbled as he helped you to your feet.

“Nice comeback, D.” You laughed and leaned up to kiss him once more before stowing your gear and hitting the showers. You couldn’t wait for some real sparring.

It was Thursday and with only one week until your mandatory leave was over, you had really stepped up your game at the gym with Dean. He knew this was what you needed and he really was helping you get there. Things have been only slightly awkward since the incident in the ring last week. Both of you preferring to ignore what happened instead of admitting your feelings. Emotions just got in the way.

“Hey, Y/N! Can I see you in my office for a minute?” Dean called out to you as you exited the locker room.

You made your way over to his office. This could go one of two ways; either he hadn’t seen enough improvement and wasn’t going to recommend your return to work to your PT or he felt you were there. One way or another, your time at the gym, and with Dean by extension, was coming to an end. You weren’t sure how you felt either way.

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Alright, I still have to do work so I’m calling it a little early for me! Typing is hard in an ambulance lol. Thanks @elleleuthold for doing these sprints! I had a lot of fun continue my challenge from yesterday (found here X) I

I’ve been reading high fantasy so forgive the slight…formality?? in this one! Consider it an experiment:)

Isolde grows up alone. It is a strange thing to grow up alone; it leaves you strong in curious ways and weak in even curiouser.

She learns from her mother the strength of water, the malleability, the presence. At school she stands on the playground like a ghost, watches the other children play, and doesn’t question why none come near her. She imagines it’s why the neighbors never look her mother in the eye, why Isolde must do all the talking at the grocery store, why her father has relatives but not her mother.

She views her father as the exception in her life. The one who sees her and her mother. His eyes seem to always be locked on her mother, always watching, and Isolde imagines that the look in them is love.

It’s not until she’s twelve that she discovers that love doesn’t exist.

She finds the lie buried in the backyard, right where her drunken father had claimed to have buried it. The recent years have been hard, money tight in the city, never enough warmth to go around. It’s made her father drink (he tells her that her mother is the one who makes him drink) and the drink makes him cruel.

He is often cruel.

So she stands in the dark, the little hours of the morning while her father sleeps off inebriation and her mother stares at the walls of her cage, and holds the lie in her hands. It’s soft and sleek and oily all at once. It smells like salt and power and the sea.

She knows her mother for what she is now.

“Mom,” she says after her father has left for work. “Come with me.”

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