TW for suicide

Dan Savage: Parents Of Trans Teen Leelah Alcorn ‘Threw Her In Front Of That Truck’

Dan Savage has extremely strong words for the parents and therapists of Leelah Alcorn, the trans teen who died by suicide after leaving a note on Tumblr.

“The suicide of Leelah Alcorn this week actually made headlines – something, sadly, that the mainstream news media too frequently ignores. Alcorn is the transgender teen who committed suicide by walking in front of a truck early Sunday morning. On her Tumblr page, she had scheduled a suicide note to post, which it did when she was no longer alive to unschedule – or postpone – it.

Alcorn also scheduled an apology post, which was published sometime after her suicide note. It was an apology to some, but not to her parents, who apparently had caused her great misery. 

"Mom and Dad: Fuck you. You can’t just control other people like that. That’s messed up,” were her final words to her parents in the apology note.

Dan Savage on Twitter went on a bit of a rant, posting tweets saying Leelah’s parents should be prosecuted for her death.“

Read the full piece here


Trans Lifeline opened up in November to provide a resource for transgender people with suicidal thoughts. In the US, the organization can be reached by phone at 877-565-8860. 

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maybe in ten years we will be at least 5 years over and have gone through at least 2 other lovers since. maybe you won’t think of me again until you’re craving a hike in a forest on early Sunday morning and the brunette in your bed would much rather sleep in. maybe I’ll think of you while my lover is at work, when I’m sitting on my bed, surrounded by things that only say “I’m sorry I don’t pay enough attention to you”. maybe when I wake up from a dream of violence, I’ll think of your hand as my new lover clutches mine. maybe you’ll be awake still, laying in your bed, reminding yourself you need to be with someone like me, even if it isn’t me.
—  (R.H)

A white man called police to report “hoodlums,” then he shot and killed black man Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas.

39-year-old Raleigh, North Carolina, resident Chad Copley called 911 early Sunday morning, telling the dispatcher that “We got a bunch of hoodlums out here racing … I’m on neighborhood watch … I am going to have the neighborhood meet these hoodlums out here racing up and down the street. It’s one in the morning. There’s some devil in them. They have firearms and we’re going to secure our neighborhood. If I was you, I would send PD out here as quickly as possible.”

Only minutes later, according to the Post, Copley called 911 again to report that “We got somebody that got hit,” referring to Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas, a 20-year-old black man, who was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Thomas and a friend, David Walker, had been trying to get into a crowded party near Copley’s home on Sunday, Walker told the Raleigh News and Observer. When he and Walker saw what they thought were police lights, they began to run; that’s when Copley shot Thomas, Walker said.

In his second conversation with 911, Copley claimed that “There’s frigging black males outside my frigging house with firearms.” But Walker had a different recollection of the party.

this valentines let us remember all the different types of love. love is drinking that first sip of coffee on an early sunday morning. love is the way that you and your siblings laugh about silly things till your tummy hurts. love is the way that the trees change. there is romantic love, sure. it’s the way that your partners hand touches your cheek before they kiss you. it’s the way you fit together when you’re asleep. it’s the up all night talking about anything and everything because you just don’t want to say goodnight. love is when you look in the mirror and smile. love is when you put your hair up and tuck in that extra strand behind your ear. love is self care, love is having that piece of cake. romantic love isn’t the only one. romantic love will come in time and you do not need to rush it. it will come when it does and it will be so worth it. they will be so worth it. don’t settle for mediocre, you are so much better than that. so if you find yourself a little alone on this holiday, remember that your love is the best love, that romantic love will come in time, that you can totally eat all that chocolate by yourself with no judgement, and that you’re never really alone. you have you and that’s one of the most beautiful loves I have ever known

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Edward Hopper (1882–1967), Early Sunday Morning, 1930. Oil on canvas. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; purchase, with funds from Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney 31.426. © Whitney Museum of American Art


No Justice, No Peace (10/20/15): Early Sunday morning, Corey Jones was killed by a plainclothes police officer while waiting for roadside assistance for his flat tire. Corey was a church drummer, returning home from a gig. He was also a community mentor, an assistant manager for the local housing authority, and a local member of President Obama’s My Brother’s Program. To call Corey a model citizen would be an understatement. Yet the officer accused him of pulling a gun on him immediately after he declared himself as “police.” This story, while far too common, hits close to home. One of my coworkers is a lifelong friend of Corey and previously worked with him on numerous community initiatives. Literally no one believes the lies being told about Corey Jones. (Real talk, for the police union to concede that a department is not being transparent in an investigation means that there’s some real foul shit at play. Like you can prove that an officer planted a weapon on a victim-type shit.) Pray for his family and friends, and the countless lives he touched. Our fight for justice for Corey, and all stolen lives by police violence, has only just begun. #staywoke #farfromover

the guy sitting across from me at the library got up and started walking off towards the stacks before stopping and looking around in sort of a daze before coming back and sitting with his group and I just heard him go “this isn’t my house I was heading for the fridge” welcome to 3:30 AM twilight zone finals studying friends

Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting At SC Nightclub
A concealed carrier stopped a shooter in his tracks when he opened fire on a crowd of people at a nightclub in South Carolina early Sunday morning.

A man with a concealed carry license stopped a shooter after the latter opened fire on a crowd of people at a nightclub in South Carolina early Sunday morning, according to WISTV.com.

After getting into a fight with another person, the 32-year-old suspect pulled out a gun and began to fire at a crowd of people gathered outside of the club, hitting and injuring four, WISTV reports. One of the victims, who holds a concealed-carry permit, shot back in self-defense, hitting the suspect in the leg.

The suspect has been charged with four counts of attempted murder. He was also charged for unlawfully carrying a weapon and for carrying one while committing a violent crime.

The concealed carrier who shot back won’t be facing any charges, as his permit to carry was valid.


Police announced today that they have charged John McGeehan, 55, with five counts of aggravated assault, possessing an instrument of crime, violation of the Uniform Firearms Act and related offenses after he showed up with two guns early Sunday morning and fired one of them while police were investigating the first shooting.

Police responded to the first shooting at 12:03 a.m. Sunday when a man started firing into the bar through the front door, striking a 23-year-old man inside and nearly hitting the bartender working at the time.

During that investigation, John McGeehan allegedly showed up drunk with a .45-caliber Kimber and a .380-caliber Sig Sauer. He initially refused to drop the gun and fired one shot that didn’t strike anybody, police said. Officers disarmed him after a brief struggle. He was charged with five counts of each offense because there were five officers in the area when the gun was fired.


This shooting occurred not too far from the murder of Brandon Tate Brown by a cop

He refused to drop the gun when asked then fires his gun off. they were able to disarm this drunken man when he fired a shot around the cops after a “brief struggle”

Now when did the cops fear for their life when this drunken man fired his gun and fought them after refusing to drop it?

“I kind of wish we could do it all in one day and have the rest of the week off…” (x)

RA, on how physically draining doing eights shows a week can be (x) (x)

It’s like this: just when you think
you have forgotten that red-haired girl
who left you stranded in a parking lot
forty years ago, you wake up

early enough to see her disappearing
around the corner of your dream
on someone else’s motorcycle
roaring onto the highway at sunrise.

And so now I’m sitting in a dimly lit
café full of early morning risers
where the windows are covered with soot
and the coffee is warm and bitter.

—  Early Sunday Morning by Edward Hirsch