Sex Dream

Description: You had a sex dream about Bucky and now you can’t stop imagining him naked.

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It was 5am when you were rudely awoken from a peaceful sleep. Living with two super soldiers, and Sam, would seem like a dream to anyone else, but you’d like to see what they thought when they were woken up at the crack of dawn everyday. Who even chooses to go running so early?!

You knew they were trying to make an effort to be as quiet as they could but somehow they still seemed to stomp around and clash cutlery together so loudly you could hear it even with a pillow over your head.

When they finally left you pulled the duvet over the top of your head and was able to fall back asleep, thoughts of your three annoying best friends on your mind.

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Time: 4:20 am

Distance: 12 km/7.2 mi

Only my second run this week, so I had to get it in- was hoping to start at 4am. You’d think that it would be rather quiet at that time, but it’s carnival season, and I bumped into a fete/party in full swing at the Savannah on my way to park.

Hundreds of cars and thousands of people were still parting the night away- that’s when I realised that I was part of this crazy tribe of runners. Naturally, I was the only runner on the street at that hour, I decided to run through the quite neighbourhood of Maraval to get away from the partygoers at the Savannah.

I was pulling for a 10k, but decided to add another 2 when I got to the proverbial ‘fork in the road’. I was feeling good, and made the 10 in just under 55 minutes, so I had some time.

Was a great run, and was back home before 6am, for some cleaning and to get the kids organised for football and swimming lessons.

Oh, and my micoach Pacer bummed out on me when I synced it- had to add the run manually… did not make me happy… Gotta do another early run like this soon…


Today I have taken the bull by the horns so to speak.

Got up at 6.30am, yes am, went for a mile and half run, which considering I’ve not ran for a week and I have never ran without breakfast, was rather pleasant, and then off to uni, two hour lecture on how to give birth (the biology not the actual birthing, I ain’t popping out no babies) then two hours of work on my essay, and then managed to get my training for my role as postgrad faculty officer moved forward so I wasn’t rushing to get to work this afternoon. I have an hour (ish) to get ready for work, so I’m going to relax, sort out a few bits maybe, then later i have to send a few emails.

I’ve just gotten a test set of questions for the exam at the end of the year, I didn’t do well, so I’m going to start my revision tomorrow.

Before Christmas I have to hand in three essays, two presentations and an exam, and that’s without even thinking about applying for PhDs. Yesterday I did spend a lot of time wondering if I’m capable, but I’ve paid for it, so I’m going to do my best, even if it does take a chunk of my soul.

4th November 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Amell Says His Russian Is Getting Better, Teases ‘Arrow’ Season 5: 'We’re Trying to Do It Right’

The Arrow star and his castmates dropped by ET’s Comic-Con suite on Saturday to tease season five of The CW superhero drama, and he adorably admitted that his handle on the Russian language hasn’t always been up to par.

“It’s actually pretty good,” Amell told ET’s Leanne Aguilera. “We have a phonetics coach and a translator on set when I have to do Russian and it seems to be working.”

While Amell’s character, Oliver Queen, has spoken Russian early in Arrow’s run, the 35-year-old actor revealed, “That was all fake in the first season.”

“We’re actually trying to do it properly,” he explained. “[The phonetics coach says] 'This is actually what you’re saying. This is the word that you should emphasize,’ and we’re trying to do it right.”

As for what’s in store for the new season, the cast was pretty tight-lipped, although executive producer Wendy Mericle did reveal that events pick up four months after the May finale. 

*SPOILERS following the cut

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Another 6am run, with my dog. Who was really creeping me out because he was constantly looking behind him and then running away as if something was following us :x which was a good motivation to run faster though haha. Have a great Sunday! (ps. Feel free to follow me on Nike+, I like seeing other peoples’ progress) :-)

things i relate astro with
  • MJ:tulips, early morning runs, laughing about nothing, making someone smile, watching the sunrise, golden-doodles, gummy worms, balloons, pool parties, honey, biking down the street, ducklings, watermelon and ice cream on a warm day
  • JinJin:naps, sweatpants, making bad puns, crisp winter nights, snow on eyelashes, cuddling under blankets, bass guitar, finishing a good book, bluebells, cold hands, road trips, oversized sweaters, brightly colored hair
  • Eunwoo:tea, latte art, planting a garden, back hugs, the smell of mint, coffee shop dates, forest trails, bookstores, nostalgic bursts, passing a test you study hard for, stretching your back, smiling at strangers
  • Moonbin:staring at the stars, lavender, the aurora borealis, midnight snack runs, arcade games, newborn kittens, hoodies, hand holding, polaroid pictures, filled sketchbooks, overflowing bookshelves, the feeling of nirvana
  • Rocky:dancing like nobody is watching, pitbull puppies, snapbacks, sharing a slushy, flannel shirts, spinning hugs, young love, making silly faces, making a new friend, brand new shoes, sitting by the fire, shy smiles, relieved sighs
  • Sanha:soft pastels, spinning hugs, first crushes, cheek kisses, bubble gum machines, piggyback rides, sunflowers, playful teasing, feeling forever young, slice of life animes, soda machines, fluster, clumsiness, morning cartoons

{16/07/2016, 42/100}

Started off the day with a wonderful run through the woods near to where I live! It was horrifically humid, but it was a great run, and it felt wonderful to work off some nervous energy that’s been building these past few days…

Then this afternoon I spent a few hours studying with @starofstudy and @searchingforstarlight in a local coffee shop! 


[English translation: Bubka August issue] Nagahama Neru interview: “Seventeen Map”

[”Seventeen Map” is an album by Yutaka Ozaki]

── As a member of Hiragana Keyakizaka, are you able to take dance lessons with the Kanji Keyakizaka members?

Nagahama: We took lessons for Silent Majority together, but for the other songs I learn the dances by watching the choreography on a video, or sitting in on the lessons and observing the dances from the side.

── Have you memorized the choreography from other songs?

Nagahama: Yes. I’ve also had chances to dance as someone’s under.

── Is the choreography difficult to learn?

Nagahama: It has been a challenge. Though we don’t really do it anymore, before we debuted, Hirate and I would go for an early morning run together at like 5 am.

── Just the two of you?

Nagahama: Yeah. Every morning the two of us would run together.

── That’s very youthful of you!

Nagahama: Also, because at first I would have to appear as an under for someone, it was really important that I learned their movements, so Hirate and I would do dance lessons together early in the morning. Both of us would pull a hoodie over our makeup-less faces… it was quite a look (laughs).

── You’d look at Hirate dancing and try to remember the choreography? 

Nagahama: No, we danced together. She taught me directly and, so I could watch it at my house, I would film it. That spot [where we go running] is my favorite place. Whenever I feel like I can’t digest all my various thoughts, I go there. And when I’m there I listen to Yutaka Ozaki.

── Yutaka Ozaki?

Nagahama: My father has Ozaki’s acoustic live DVD. He really left an impact on me after I watched the DVD.

── What song do you listen to?

Nagahama: Forget - me – not. I love that song!

── Under the Tokyo sky, you listen to forget me not, huh?

Nagahama: During the Hiragana Keyakizaka’s auditions I joined the photo sessions with the new members, and I got the impression that the girls are very energetic and aggressive. I’ve never had a lot of confidence, but that experience made me lose my confidence even more (bitter smile). I had feelings of uneasiness and loneliness because I wondered if a line would be cut between “欅” and “けやき”… At that time I returned to my favorite place. Then Hirate contacted me saying, “where are you? We should talk“ I told her “I’m at the place we always go running, but it’s cold here so don’t worry about it” but she came anyway.

── Did you express your feelings to Hirate?

Nagahama: When we met I was kind of like “Ohh it’s fine” but…

── Suddenly your heart becomes light like your burden is lifted?

Nagahama: Yeah, that’s exactly it. By just meeting…

── Then you two share earphones and listen to Ozaki together?

Nagahama: Ahaha, but we do listen to his music together (laughs).

──What kind of relationship do you have with Hirate?

Nagahama: People often say “oh you guys are best friends, eh?” but our relationship doesn’t have that typical girlish “best friend” feeling, I think it feels more like “our temperatures match.” We’re fundamentally similar to each other, so neither of us feels like we have to fuss over each other.

──You and Hirate said similar things about each other!

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Steven Universe Recap: Monster Reunion
-Vrai Kaiser

The Recap: Steven’s healing powers have returned, and he’s determined to use them to heal Centipeetle. But while he’s able to restore her partially to her former self, memories of her past keep threatening to revert Centipeetle back to her monstrous form. Corruption is harder to fix than cracking – maybe impossible.

Good news, everyone! The plot is back! Which means that so is the slow flaying of all my emotions! This is a barn-burner of an episode (oh God I hope I didn’t give them any ideas) with a lot of strengths going for it, so give me just a few more seconds for ugly sobs and then we’ll dive in.

Centipeetle has been a dangling thread for a while now, one of the first indications in the show’s early run, Madoka style, that the monsters of the week were actually corrupted Gems. Since then, her bond with Steven has become something of a running C-plot for the show, smartly building up our investment in this specific Gem even before Steven pours his heart and soul into the healing effort. And the visuals on this episode are very smart at playing on that hope and fondness: we’ve seen Steven save the day before, so it seems entirely plausible that the sight of healed hands and feet and hair might be the end of it…until it isn’t. horrifically so.

The design for the half-healed Centipeetle is utterly gorgeous in its Cronenbergian uncanniness, sitting firmly in the uncanny valley of what we know of Gem designs but flexible enough to be almost-cute and grotesquely tragic when the scene calls for it. The sight of her face dripping both tears and acidic bile is a simple few frames, but it is a perfect summation of the character’s internal struggle. Molisee and Villeco seem a natural pick in hindsight, as they’ve helmed most of the body horror-heavy episodes in the past, but this feels like a masterclass of their previous work (even if I am a little disconcerted by the relative squat squareness of their Steven).

Even above that emotive design, the crown jewel of this episode is the sound design. Not just the instrumental compositions by Aivi and Surasshu, who lay a fine driving bed particularly for the rush to the ship, but the mixing itself. Centipeetle’s voice has depth and clarity denoting when she’s moving toward or away from an uncorrupted state, and the pitch of her cries as she becomes distressed by her memories and begins reverting back to her monstrous form dominates the audio, becoming piercing and consuming alongside that building piano until the ship’s door finally opens and, finally, there’s a moment of silence. An auditory breath for us just as she reaches her goal. It might be the show’s best instance of instilling emotion in the audience through completely nonverbal clues, fitting perfectly into the theme of communication without words.

The use of simple drawings is not only a clever way to abstract the gory horrors of war while maintaining the emotional distress, it also calls back to Garnet’s descriptions of wartime Pearl in “Sworn to the Sword.” There’s a sense that memory itself is sketchy when going that far back, conveyed in the shape of its trauma rather than in concrete details (which then becomes part of Pearl’s own PTSD, with her apparently perfect projectionist memory).

And that subject of mental trauma looms large over the episode. Our heroes are almost all war veterans in some way, after all, and the episode takes time to show them grappling with this reminder of the past around the edges of Steven’s efforts. Pearl’s constant scolding of the comparatively young Amethyst speaks to her deep understanding of what it means to carry the aftermath of war, while Garnet’s initial willingness to re-poof Centipeetle until she could be fully healed recalls her initial pragmatic hardness in the earliest days of the series, apparently her own way of compartmentalizing and coping.

The idea of trauma as a corruption makes an effective metaphor, particularly with the finale of Centipeetle’s story (at least for now). While some people carry their scars internally, like Pearl and Garnet, others can be so reshaped by what they’ve suffered that it completely alters the course of their lives and how they interact with the world…but that doesn’t mean their lives are necessarily over. They’re inevitably different people, but they’re not worthless. Centipeetle is happy with her crew, who can support her and understand what she went through. Another purpose for family. And something that Steven may have to come to terms with not being able to fix. Though this also clarifies another linking thread of the past week of episodes: that Steven’s accidental intrusions into people’s minds will eventually be crucial to healing corruptions (I would guess the first test drive involves Lapis or Jasper and the aftermath of being Malachite, given that the first appearance of this power was in “Chille Tid”).

To take a step back and look at pure plot details, it would seem that Centipeetle served in Yellow Diamond’s army (given the coloring of her commander), but was caught in the same wave that Lapis witnessed from the safety of her mirror. A “song” that was part of a “raze the earth” style tactic, presumably keeping any more Gems from turning to the Rebellion and presenting a credible threat to the remaining Diamond Authority (I’m deeply interested to see what musical culture is like on Homeworld, since song is so crucial to communication within the show). It also seems that Pink Diamond was fully cast out by the time of the Gem War and not after – though whether Rose somehow IS Pink Diamond or was carrying on her mission or killed her and usurped her authority or what remains unclear.

Finally, Garnet being won over by Steven’s puppy eyes was real cute. I haven’t mentioned how adorable their relationship is in a while, and it felt important to end on a good note. Because tomorrow’s episode involves Lapis, and was co-written by Rebecca Sugar herself. Prepare for devastation, is what I’m saying.

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Two slow and easy before summer school miles this morning, my first run since Saturday since I’m having knee issues again (in my left knee this time, ugh). Trying to take it super easy. It didn’t feel too bad today- sore when I flex it and going down stairs, but definitely manageable for the moment.

July: 41/50
2016: 327 miles

I’ll always love you. No matter what

This is part four in the Steve, marry her series. Part one, part two, and part three

Pairing: Pre-serum!Steve x Reader

Word Count: 2869

Category: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: Guys, not gonna lie, this gets kind of intense. There is non-con in this (not between Steve and reader or Buck and reader).  I do not describe the actual act, just the before and aftermath. IF THAT IS A TRIGGER, PLEASE DO NOT READ. YOU CAN SKIP THIS PART WITHOUT MISSING LARGE CHUNKS OF THE PLOT FOR LATER PARTS. There is also; internalized victim blaming, fluff, art show, probably unrealistic representation of art dealers buying art, 

Summary: When Steve’s art is chosen for a exhibit, you accompany him to it. When you leave early, you run into trouble. After you get home, Steve and Buck are there to pick up the pieces.

Your name: submit What is this?

You were already in Steve and Buck’s apartment. Since the other night, you had just been staying with them. It was easier for you, because you didn’t have to back and forth and also because it was easier to look out for your boys when you were there all day. You were standing at the stove, cooking chicken when you heard the door open behind you.

“How was your day Stevie?”

“I have amazing news,” he spun you around, “some of my art has been chosen to be in an exhibit at the school.”

“Oh Stevie that’s amazing!” You wrap your arms around him, “which ones were picked?”

“I’m not telling, you’ll have to come and see for yourself. Because I get to bring a guest, and I’m bringing you. It’s tomorrow night from seven to ten at the school,” he kissed the end of your nose.

“Oh, I’m so excited. You’re art in an exhibit.”

“And a beautiful girl on my arm.”

“Oh Stevie hush.”


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          “Your gem… is it badly damaged? Your form isn’t fluctuating,
          but you look like you’re having some difficulty.. Are you okay?”