Raven and Chelsea looks from the very first That’s So Raven episode. 2003. 

Things I Associate with TWICE

Nayeon: Monochromatic painting, floral dresses, strawberry milk, embroidery, drinking coffee at a cafe, cute nail art, rollerskating, bubble baths, peeking through blinds, sewing, pearls, star earrings, cloud gazing, walking along the shore, eating sweets, releasing balloons.

Jeongyeon: Walking around a city at night, fluorescent street signs, concrete walls, faded newspaper clippings, flickering lights, torn up paintings, walking along train tracks, junkyards, broken glass, abandon buildings, ripping up paper, shipping crates, metal armatures.

Momo: The sound of water dripping from a faucet, feeling hot water on your back, the reflection of water, water ripples in a lake, abandon subway stations, broken down trains, mannequins, body jewelry, shadow silhouettes, fishnets, ripped clothes, smoke from a bonfire.

Sana: Sparkles, gazing up at the stars, watching out your window at night, looking down at the clouds from an airplane, walking on sand, shooting stars, holding hands, playing with prisms, getting immersed into a book, flower crowns, feeling your hair blow in the wind, making a wish on a dandelion.

Jihyo: Scattered marbles, sitting on a rooftop at night, writing in a journal, simple bed sheets, crystals, moonlight, looking into a mirror, star gazing, the sound of walking on sand, looking for seashells, reflections, ripples in water, stained glass windows, shaking snow globes.

Mina: Sleeping in, white curtains, simple rings, dead trees, birds, cloudy days, indoor plants, looking outside your bedroom mirror in the early morning, blank stares, lavender, porcelain glassware, messy hair, wondering around in a forest, moments where it feels like time has stopped, butterflies. 

Dahyun: Cheering someone up, rollerskating, the feeling of achievement, the sound your feet making walking across a wooden bridge, picking flowers, the smell of the outdoors, blowing bubbles, having a picnic at the park, learning something new, swimming at night, band aids.

Chaeyoung: LED signs, the sound of trains running over tracks, taking the subway, talking around the city, looking out the window of a moving car, graffiti, denim jackets, flower stickers, roads after it rains, vintage stereos, melting candles, snap backs, taking long baths, glitter.

Tzuyu: Chandeliers, morning sunlight, roses, rotary dial phones, doilies, feathers, lace, playing the piano, the sound of high heels on wood floors, painting your nails, the click of a camera, walking on the street at night, store signs lighting up the road, relaxing in the bathtub, the sound of running water.

GOT7 Aesthetics

Things that remind me of Mark Tuan -

skateboards, headphones, warm zip up hoodies, swimming pools, ice cream dates, brick walls, chill late night get-togethers, sunsets, carnivals by the pier, sitting on the roof of your house while staring at the sky, warm colors like dandelion yellow and pastel orange, playing basketball on your driveway, graffiti

Things that remind me of Im Jaebum -

the boy that grabs a book that’s too high above you head for you, cold weather, late night walks, cities, white pillows with black bed sheets, street lights, polaroid cameras, zombie video games, sleepy smiles, the calm before a storm, hurricanes, bright porch lights in the dark, singing in the car, oversized t-shirts

Things that remind me of Jackson Wang -

puppy dog eyes (of course), the one who brings a bouquet of flowers on the first date, boomboxes, beaches, laser tag, paintball fights, tight hugs, romcoms, the color blue, the sound of thunder even though it’s sunny outside, the smell of fabric softener, the acceleration of a car, plushies, contagious laughter

Things that remind me of Park Jinyoung -

denim on denim, freshly brewed coffee, peach soda, the smell of lavender, early morning sunshine coming through windows, a perfectly made bed, playing piano, succulents, the quietness when it snows, rainstorms, the sound of car wheels on a wet road, comfy sweaters, laying on the grass while staring at stars

Things that remind me of Choi Youngjae -

sunny days, watermelon, lots of laughs, summer, large hats, beach walks, sunflowers, dew on the grass in the morning, cold drinks on warm days, stickers that you don’t want to put on anything because you’re afraid to lose them, flowers on a windowsill, floral prints, soft pinks and yellows, first kisses

Things that remind me of Kunpimook Bhuwaku -

room interiors that match perfectly, palm trees, group chats, playgrounds, nightclubs, neon lights, rich dark colors, high end fashion, night dates around town, turtleneck sweaters, smoke from a candlewick, the crackling of fire, bulky rings, fireworks, cracks of lightning, a comforting hand on your shoulder

Things that remind me of Kim Yugyeom -

soccer sweatpants, maroon/burgundy, late night bonfires, the sound of crickets at night, the lines made in the sky by airplanes, the gradient in the sky of dark blue to light blue after the sun goes down, cozy blankets, the feeling of a hand sliding into yours, warm scarves, flushed cheeks, nervous giggling

Hello everyone! This time the herb I painted for you is LAVENDER! It’s also known as “Elf Leaf” which sounds quite cute in my opinion. It grows in southern Europe and northern Africa. 

When it comes to magical uses/features, the planetary association is Mercury, the gender is masculine and the element is air. It’s also associated with the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo!

Lavender is thought to be a part of love spells and that it attracts men. Many centuries ago even some prostitutes wore lavender! Still, usually lavender is used in healing potions. 

To be honest, I found A LOT of uses for this herb but I’m mentioning some of them. Lavender can be used in aromatherapy for depression, in general relaxation, reduce insomnia, lower your blood pressure etc.

You can even season sugar with it! How cool is that? Maybe you’ve also seen some soaps and perfumes that smell like lavender. 

Btw did you known that early egyptians used lavender too? They used it to wrap their dead relatives in lavender-dipped shrouds. The Ancient Greeks used lavender in public baths and against insomnia. 

Some keywords related to lavender: purification, peace, harmony, sleep.

Lavender dragon mini bio

Lavender dragons come in many different shades of purple. They have fur or hair, unlike most dragons, but can have scales in some places. Their purple fur can be soft like velvet, or long and shaggy, or anywhere inbetween. Most keep their fur very neat and clean, but it is dependent on the dragon. They tend to have warm coloured eyes like gold, or red. They have long horns that are often like a deer’s antlers. They tend to be medium dragons, about the size of an elephant, but there is a miniature breed that grow to be the size of dogs.

Lavender dragons tend to be very caring and loving spirits. They care for those around them, and hate to see pain in living creatures. They are very empathetic, and most tend to have an unparalleled healing energy. They all have a very loving adult like quality. As hatchlings, they are wild and fun loving, but are still caring creatures. 


  • Lavender dragons do not eat other creatures. They gather energy from lavender flowers that grew in a large abundance from their home island. They did not kill the plants either, and it was a good trade off for protection of the plants.
  • They also build nests out of lavender flowers to raise their young in. As the children grow older, they slowly destroy the nest, and it dies by the time the children are old enough to live on their own. Some nests die slower, indicating that a child may not be as mentally mature as the average suggests.

Most Lavender dragons have strong healing magic tendencies.

Lavender, stones the colours of their eyes, moonlight in any form, kisses (from those they know well)

Late beginner - early intermediate

~Early Morning Confession~ (BTS Suga Ver.)

As you heard the appropriate station being called over the bus intercom, your head snapped up from your phone. More specifically, from the string of text messages between you and your best friend that made you feel like you needed to propel yourself out of your cozy bed and into the cold world to go to their dorm. Your legs propelled you off the bus and across the busy sidewalks in a frustrated manner towards BTS’ dorm. There was a cocktail of emotions brewing in your stomach: anger, frustration, and confusion. How could he say those types of things to you? What was he getting at? ‘Yoongi has told me I’m his best friend, but he’s still always so aloof about his emotions. How could I have ever guessed that cool guy rapper Suga would have liked me?’  

The glorious sunrise in the background painted the whole city in pretty shades of gentle pinks, striking golds, and hazy lavenders. The early-autumn coolness flushed your skin, but you could hardly notice it as you made a bee-line straight to the familiar glass door.

“Beautiful morning, right, (y/n)-shi? Are you here to see Yoongi?” asked the doorman as you crossed the threshold, instantly recognizing you, tipping his hat slightly as he greeted you from behind the desk. You threw a tight smile to him; clearly, your body was still tense and your knuckles were an unhealthy shade of white.

“Ah, yes sir,” you said in a quick tone, pressing the up button on the elevator. He noticed your posture and expression. He raised his eyebrow in surprise, smirking a little bit as he imaged the emotion was stemming from young love. You didn’t have much more time for talk as you stormed into the elevator, pressing the button for their dorm’s floor intensely. As the elevator rose, you couldn’t tell if it was the stuffy elevator or the prospective conversation that you were about to have with your best friend that was making you sweat.  As the elevator arrived at the proper floor, you hurried out and went down to their front door. With intensity, you rapped your knuckles over and over until a very surprised Jimin answered the door.

“Ah! (Y/N)-ah. This is a surprise. Have you come here to see me?” he teasingly flirted, moving slightly out of the way so you could come into their dorm. As you entered -slightly tripping on the stinky pile of shoes that littered the front door way- you kicked off your own and dropped your bag to the ground.

“Yoongi’s here, right?” you asked him. Jimin nodded, his eyes widening with surprise at the fact you didn’t banter with him back like you usually did. Wordlessly, he pointed to Suga’s bedroom before retreating into the bathroom to finish getting ready for the day. With a few long strides, you opened the door to the room he shared with Jin.

Suga was laid out on his stomach, his sheets tangled up, and his phone seemingly haven been thrown all the way from his bed to Jin’s. From the mask of pillows that his face had been hidden in, he warily raised his head. He stood up, crossing his arms slightly.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” were the first words that left his pink lips, his blonde hair ruffled and his clothes catawampus.

            “No. We’re talking about this. Yoongi-ah, you can’t keep shutting me out! You’ve told me so many times that I’m your best friend and you refuse to share your emotions with me. Truly, I don’t get it! You share your deepest, most personal thoughts. You told me that my eyes are the first to read anything you write before you let anybody else read it. But when it comes down to it, I never know your true emotions and your true feelings!” you cried out, frustrated. “Are you happy about something? Are you angry? Are you sad? Don’t ask me, I’m just Min Yoongi’s best friend!”

            “Well, I’m sorry. That’s just the way I’ve always been. If you have a problem with it, then you have a problem with me,” he retorted, his voice surprisingly low and calm. However, compared to his voice, his eyes were screaming. 

            “I usually don’t have a problem with it. The only reason why I have a problem with right now is because you blew up on me! I feel like the bad guy when all I did was have a minor crush on your band-mate! How was I supposed to know that you hated when I talked about him?” you asked, glaring at him, though your voice ended up sounding surprisingly hurt.

            “I don’t just hate it when you talk about him. Hate is such a mild word. I loathe it. I despise it. I despise it to my very core! It shakes me so hard that I feel like it rattles my bones! I want to break Namjoon for daring to make you notice him in that type of way! It makes me want to hide you away from the world! Is this what you want? For me to express these ugly emotions that I have no idea how to control?” Yoongi asked with a fierce bitterness in his voice.

            “Yes!” you screamed in irritation. The two of you fell silent for several moments, both of you diverting your attention elsewhere. However, as you brought your attention back to his pale face, you noticed that he seemed…surprisingly hurt and small. “Have you had told me how you felt about it, I never would have mentioned it to you. Have you had told me, I would have told you that I never thought in one million years that I would have captured Min Yoongi’s attention beyond being his friend.”

            “(Y/N)-ah. You’ve done more than captured my attention. You’ve absolutely taken my heart. The more time I spend with you, the more I realize my cheeks hurt from smiling all the time. I realize that when I’m writing songs, I’m constantly thinking about you for inspiration. I’ve fallen so deeply for you and hearing you talk about Namjoon all the time was breaking my heart,” he finally admitted, playing with his fingers as his eyes stayed glued to his hands.

            “Yoongi-oppa, I never would have thought…that I would ever have a chance with you. You’re so talented, interesting, and cool that I thought you wouldn’t want a girl like me. I would have thought you’d want somebody who was perfect,” you admitted, looking away.

            “Don’t be silly. You are perfect. In every way,” he whispered quickly, his shoulders relaxing a little bit as the tension left the room. “I’m sorry for not telling you I had fallen for you. I was just afraid of making it weird between us. We have the perfect friendship and even now I’m worrying that it’ll become uncomfortable.”

            “If you would have told me before, I would have told you that I wasn’t uncomfortable. I would have told you that I dreamed about you telling me that you had fallen for me ever since our friendship began,” you admitted. Simply, Suga seemed shocked. Without a word, you crossed over to him, simply wrapping your arms around him in a sweet hug. Instantly, you could feel a tension you hadn’t noticed before being released in Suga’s body as a sigh exuded from his lips. His arms latched around you and hugged you close to him tightly. You’ve hugged him before, but none of them had felt quite like this hug. “I agree with you that we have a perfect friendship. But, how would you feel if we tried for the perfect relationship?”

            A grin cracked his face. One of those sweet, crescent-moon eyed, crinkly nose smiles that he gave after a lame joke you made or when you mentioned how amazing his mix tape would be once it was a finished product. You couldn’t help but notice that his arms tightened around you even harder as you took in his scent. Coffee and laundry detergent. His soft breathing mixed in with the sound of running water from the bathroom.

            “Nothing would make me happier than trying for any kind of relationship with you,” he smiled, delicately kissing the top of your head.

Yet Again-Nessian Week [Day2]

Not that happy about this one… 


Prompt: Training

 The hot leather straps were biting into her shoulders, making them ache more than they already did.

 “Fuck,” She said to herself, shaking the pain off.

 She picked up the sword again attempting to take a few practice swings. The movement felt completely foreign, Nesta had never held a sword before, never held anything close to a sword. She had always refused to chop firewood with the old rotting ax they had back when her family still lived in poverty. Even when she was forced to contribute, lending some of her non-existent muscles in order to keep the family warm, she never did it for long. The weight of the axe made her hands ache and the repetitive movement left her back sore for days. Hard labour was never Nesta’s forte. And apparently neither was sparing.

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