• (+) driven, articulate, idealistic; (-) uncompromising, awkward, arrogant.
  • Her starter Pokemon is a Clefairy.
  • She does not have a preferred Pokémon type.
  • Rachel grew up in a very loving household with two fathers who instilled an appreciation for Pokemon in her at an early age. Because her fathers worked at Lavender Tower helping to manage offerings and maintaining the shrine as a whole, Rachel was exposed to Trainers from all over Kanto for as long as she could remember.
  • This inspired Rachel with a yearning for adventure early on. Lavender Town always felt too small to contain her, and though her fathers would occasionally take her with them when they traveled, Rachel couldn’t wait to escape and go on a Pokemon adventure of her own.
  • When she was ten years old, Rachel wandered off into the tall grass to the east of Lavender Town with only a few Pokeballs at her disposal. Rachel was determined that she was going to catch a Pokemon of her very own and ran promptly into an Oddish; Stun Spore caught her off guard, dashed her dreams, and made her fathers reprimand her for the first time ever.
  • Eventually, however, Rachel’s parents realized that she was never going to be content just staying in Lavender Town and following in their footsteps. They agreed to let her begin her Pokemon quest in earnest, but only if she went and studied at Professor Schuester’s training program first.
  • Rachel hated life in Pallet Town: it managed to be even smaller and more isolated than Lavender Town had been. Her desire to escape made Rachel even more determined in her studies, and Rachel excelled under Professor Schuester’s tutelage. When Professor Schuester helped Rachel catch her first pokemon, a boisterous Clefairy named Cleo, Rachel knew that she was going to be a dedicated Pokemon trainer for the rest of her life.

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