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I am a Finnrey shipper and ex-anti-reylo, so I know what goes on, on the other side. I feel bad for ever being anti-reylo. I didn't understand the ship until early of this year. I have seen the Reylo balance back from so many things and I am proud of you guys for that. You get hit but you stand back up. I had no worries about what that bias article did. Rian didn't say anything to confirm Reylo isn't happening. And like always, with the help of Rian this time, you guys got back up. Deep respect!

Oh wow. Thank you so much anon, that’s really awesome of you to send this. It makes me so happy to hear that you had a change of heart and you left the anti-reylo fandom; you don’t hear about that too often. I wish more people had as much empathy and compassion as you do.

And yeah, that VF article is filled with so much speculation on the writer’s part. I guess Rian’s also been saying on twitter that the writer misquoted him now too. It’s just a mess all around. That article is such a sloppy piece of journalism that no one should probably be using that as evidence for or against any ship, really.

Anyway, thank you again for this message! It really means a lot. <3


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary - My Name is Lizzie Bennet - Ep: 1 (April 9th 2012)

Who am I? I’m a 24 year old grad student with a mountain of student loans, living at home and preparing for a career.



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Happy Hatchday, Wheatley!

March 10th is Wheatley’s designated hatchday! I wanted to make a special post for my little wheat noodle. He’s turning 3 this year. I got him at only 4 months old and it feels like yesterday, but by June I will have officially had him for three years. Time flies.

Happy hatchday, Wheatley! Love you and hope to have you for many years to come!


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One year anniversary of FitzSimmons becoming canon (April 19th, 2016) → It’s been 10 years, we can’t waste anymore time // Who needs space? ‘Cause I’ve got something magnificent right here.