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Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #97

If you had asked me about The Book of the Damned a couple of months ago, the first thing that would’ve come to mind would’ve been the mythic Necronomicon Ex Mortis from the Evil Dead Series. And more particularly, the memorable scene from The Army of Darkness where the hero can’t remember the magic words Klaatu verata nikto and raises thousands of Deadites by mistake (it’s not as if Dean didn’t drive me nuts with shitty Bruce Campbell impersonations for the past 20 years). I would also have told you about a book by Charles Fort, maybe unknown to the majority of you, but apparently a reference tome for some supernatural enthusiasts out there. I’m not gonna boast about that last one as I’d never really heard about it either before my quest to remove the Mark made me consider the possibility that this volume could contain the answer to getting rid of Dean’s fucking curse.

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Porcelaine sisters por Frédérique
Por Flickr:
To the left : SFBJ Doll (Paris, Jumeau body, early XXth, 38 cm) To the right : Mundia Doll (French Jumeau reproduction, Paris, about 1990, 58 cm) Special dedication to Jane ;)