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DIB STOLE THE PRECIOUS THING: a music video(original video is in description)


Dead Cells to hit Steam Early Access on the 10th of May 2017!! So hype, much excite, very yay!


Joan Jonas, Vertical Roll, 1972.




stop this

Soumomo BONUS Week Day 5 - Double Date

Of course it would be a Rintori - Soumomo double date :3  

Nitori is mildly concerned while Rin is all like “really guys? You’re gonna do this now?”

Headcanon that Nitori suggests playing video games after they go out for dinner - some rich relative gave him a play-station and while he never uses it, the four player games would be fun, right?  Rin agrees instantly (because we all know Nitori has him wrapped around his little finger), Momo is all for the video games, and Sousuke is pretty chill about it, like he doesn’t play video games, but it would be fun with the four of them. 

….And he ends up getting super over-competitive with Momo, who can’t help but troll him mercilessly.

Headcanon also that Sousuke and Rin would duke it out in Super Smash Bros while Momo and Nitori wait like opportunists on the side, and also in Mario Party Nitori would be the one to sneak up on everyone and steal their stars.  

Also did some shading.  That was fun.  I might’ve found a method in digital art that doesn’t make me want to maim something after an hour or so.  


                                 so,  a  pirate  walks  into  a  bar  ————  
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