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Trio of Towns Multiplayer Tips

Played around with the multiplayer sections of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, and I’ve noticed some things that I feel would be helpful for new players, or for players who haven’t tried out the feature yet!

And if you haven’t, you should. Cool, random items await you! Plus, there aren’t many players out there, so you tend to hit the same people over and over when you’re using the Visit Anybody option over the Internet – which is fine, but it’s always cool to see new players & their outfits! :D

So, here’s my list of tips:

Bring Cool Things (If You Can)

This tip is aimed more at people who’ve gotten a bit farther in game. When it comes time to pick your four items to bring, it’s always nice to give the other players (who might be in early game) something awesome!

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French Heavy Tank Prototype B1 Ter
It was an upgraded B1 bis, with more and thicker armor. Final products would also have featured a two-man turret and a radio system which were one of the tank’s main flaws. The main armament would have remained a turret-mounted APX 47mm SA 37 (canon des Ateliers de Puteaux de 47mm Semi-Automatique M1937) with a coaxial MAC 31 Reibel 7,5mm machine gun and a hull shirt 75mm howitzer. Although an indomitable brick in tank fights of the early WW2, this upgrade would have not been sufficient to make the B1 line of tanks effective against its German counterparts later in the war.

one-man APX 4 turret


Once, while playing Journey, I had decided I would white cloak it. I know that some people tend to avoid white cloaks so I was worried I wouldn’t keep a companion like I had wanted.

While playing, I was idly collecting the scarf upgrades when I saw a light, and my controller vibrated as if someone had opened a cage to start making the bridge.
Excited, I chirped and rushed over to see my new friend.
At first, they just kept going. I took notice that they too were a white cloak.
I was scared they would leave me because I chirped and they only kept going. I accepted this and got ahold of another scarf upgrade.

Suddenly, the person flew down to me and chirped, and I did the same. We began to sing to one another, and I deemed this white cloak, “Calcifer.”
I could tell that this was their third time playing, as their cloak embroideries showed me. I was surprised at first, but I ignored it because I was so happy Calcifer had decided to stick around.

We continued up the bridge and to the desert. I followed Calcifer, and we sang to one another happily.
We collected a scarf upgrade early on, and I sat so I could get an achievement. Cal sat next to me.

I wasn’t sure if I had gotten the achievement, but I was scared Cal would leave so I was hesitant to check.
After I had discovered that I had gotten the achievement, I re-entered the game and saw Cal idly sitting and waiting. I stood, chirping my thanks continuously. He chirped back happily, and we began to fly around and enjoy ourselves.
Eventually, Cal chirped and we progressed.

We finished the desert level, and continued on.
We had begun to surf, sticking close so as not to loose one another. We were chirping one another on, and sliding through the gates with ease.

My step dad told me that football was on, and I had to turn off the game.
Sad to see Cal go, and to leave him alone, I asked my step dad to wait.
We ended the first surfing segment, and I sang to Cal so much I’m sure I was annoying. I gave one last chirp and sat. Cal sat with me, as if to wait.

I exited the game, waving at the screen as I smiled and muttered,

“Bye Cal.”

And Cal, if you ever see this, thank you. It was nice traveling with you, for as long as it lasted. I hope you found another traveler.

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Story of Seasons Tips !

so, mkeehls and i have been conversing back and forth, and we thought it’d be rad if i made a post for SoS tips.

  • i suggest upgrading your watering can asap, and then your hoe. everything else can wait, except maybe your axe/hammer.
  • buy the seed maker first !!
  • dive every single day, especially in the beginning. materials are easier to come by for early builds/upgrades, and fish is easy extra cash. and i didn’t realize until summer, but you can swim under the bridge south of frtiz’s and giorgio’s houses to dive in that small section of river ! also, put squid in the nurseries and feed them every day. they sell for a ton once they’ve leveled up.
  • BEFRIEND MADAME EDA. i didn’t and now i regret it.
  • in order to increase your animals’ heart levels, you must take them outside ! they are able to be outside in winter, but only on sunny days.
  • if you’re looking for the rarer ores/gems for later builds in the game, try waiting a couple of days between each time you mine ! this was actually a tip from the tv, and i’ve noticed that the random drops around the mountains (twigs, stones, etc) usually reset every other day or every two days, depending, so i think the same thing applies for the mine. if you go everyday, the rarity of the items you get goes down. and on that note, make sure to ride your horse to the safari after festivals ! i’ve mined quite a few emeralds, gold, and silver that way !
  • if you’re trying to have at least 1 of every type of crop and animal like myself, plant a lot of sweet potatoes & radishes in the fall/winter. turn them into sweet potato salad/radish salad for some quick energy to keep going in your day !

anonymous asked:

lol enjoy your 1000 dollar phone that has stuff that samsung and android has had for years and my phone was only 300 dollars lol

First of all my phone was $649.99 and with a two year contract it goes down to 199.99. However, i did an early upgrade and reimbursed my old 5s for $300. On top of all that, with the company i use i can pay off my new early upgraded phone each month and it only added $20 to my bill. 

Another thing, quit being so bitter because I prefer Apple products over samsung or whatever. I prefer quality over quantity, and that’s exactly what Apple provides – quality. 

cya l8r

I get so pissed @ people who complain about the price of concerts/VIP/upgrades, especially when they live in the USA.

Do you even know how much we pray and wait for artists/bands to come to our countries (the ones that nobody really cares about)? And did you know we have to wait until they get really known worldwide so they actually make a real “world tour” but that means they’ll only come to ONE city and it’ll be only ONE concert and it will be SUPER expensive, and we can only hope we get to meet them waiting at airports and hotels where they’re not allowed to stop because they’re scared things might get crazy but it’s the only thing we can do because you have to win the M&Gs and there are only 30 and that’s not enough for everybody and it’s always so freaking impossible to win? And we don’t get to buy merch because they’re not known here s nobody sells it but if they are known it’ll cost a lot of money and be really shitty, and buying it online costs us so much and most of us can’t afford it?

So yeah, i’m sorry you have to pay $5 more to get a VIP upgrade with early entry to the venue and amazing gifts and merch and the chance to meet the band/artist, and that this is your 7th time seeing the artist and you’ll go to the next date in like two months, that sounds SO unfair.

NeverDie(tm) Wraithking

Most people build wraith king like any other strength carry, armlet and such. But one thing most people overlook is how his passive lifesteal aura stacks with other lifesteal. With vlad’s and helm, he has a whopping 60% lifesteal. a 800 damage crit heals just over 400 hp. With that and aghanim’s scepter for stats and the teamfight, you’re giving teammates 45% lifesteal along with their own personal lifesteal devices.Your first life before ultimate should be spent with blademail to eat away at their health as they take you down. Power treads to start with, but if the game goes on longer than needed then the obvious upgrade to boots of travel. The optimal build you’ll have at the end of the game is BoT, Aghanim’s Scepter, Vladimir’s Offering, Satanic, Blademail, and a situational. Situational items could be HP giving items like heart, or attack speed items like Moon Shard. With heart you could survive longer and blademail is more effective on your first life, and helps you get through pesky clutch DoTs like Huskar’s spears or Necrophos’s aura. Moon Shard is to counter high attack speed heroes that dish out damage more than you can steal HP, vs Templar Assassin and such. A high magic reliant team could easily be countered with BKB, ie fighting Crystal Maiden or Earth Shaker. And always, there’s the chance of needing MKB for Phantom Assassin/any agility hero who may build Butterfly.

Starting items: Quelling Blade Shield and a Tango. You don’t really need a whole lot early game other than farm, and you may need to jungle, hence the quelling.

Core: Get power treads and start going to town on getting that Vladimir’s Offering. Then, eventually Helm of the Dominator. Aghanim’s is after the lifesteal, and when you get blademail depends on how badly you have the early game.

Extension: Upgrade that Helm to Satanic, Sell the Power Treads and get Boots of Travel, and then get an endgame item based on how you need to deal with their team.

Moon Shard: The attack speed with your 60% lifesteal keeps you going for longer, healing you exceptionally more with the more crits you get.
Heart of Tarrasque: Huskar’s flame spears taking out the last tiny bit of your HP after you kill him? Nothing a tad more HP couldn’t fix. Moon Shard works better if you’re dying in the teamfight, but if DoT’s are getting you down afterwords then this is your item.
Black King Bar: High damage support ultimates are aggravating all game. Crystal Maiden, Earth Shaker, Sandking and more can go chew on a rock once you get this monster. The strength+damage helps as well.
Monkey King Bar: Mini bash, loads of damage, and true strike. If you’re winning really hard in teamfights but would like to hit harder, this is good. Other than that, for the obvious counter to evasion.

Ability Allocation:

You need crits early for farm, so you could get two levels of that to start with. Your stun costs a lot of mana and just isn’t that rewarding, so we won’t get that too soon. Lifesteal will help you go through the jungle to get those high costing items that are just so rewarding in the lategame when you never die.

(Stun-1, Aura-2, Crit-3, Ultimate-4)


I’ve only recently starting using this build, but all three games I’ve played with it thus far allowed me to completely turn around games with the crippling amount of lifesteal there is in teamfights, along with the lingering wraiths keeping that second carry up along with time for the supports to keep using their increasingly overpowered stuns and such.

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