early tumblr years

Luck? I need none of it. When Fate’s wagon stops me on the path, I’ll seize the reins. And when the Night seeks to devour me, I will brandish the Sun! I cannot ask Fortune what it plans for me, and so I too will not reveal my mysteries ere Death takes me. I will remake myself; so let the gale come. 

Intended for this to be my New Years’ Eve picture, but the original file got corrupted so had to start over. Remake of this from early last year. A continuation and perhaps capping-off of my unofficial 2016 tarot/rune series. 

freshman year, i learned that juniors who are cool and fun and nice are a blessing but that boys were a waste of my time.
sophomore year, i learned that i sucked at advanced algebra and that boys were a waste of my time. i continued chasing them anyway.
junior year, i learned how easy it is to become the most bitter person you know over a few misunderstandings and lies. i also learned that i was a shitty person and that boys were a waste of my time. i stopped chasing them when it almost killed me.
senior year, i learned that i will never be okay with boys (who are a fun yet stupid waste of my time) viewing me as an object. i’ll wait a few years and find a man who loves me for more than that… and now i’m okay with that.

hello! as of the 27th of june 2016, it will be officially 1 year since i’ve made this tumblr. i am so so happy for the amount of friends i have made in the past year. i didnt expect to gain so much support and followers during this period of time. i have truly enjoyed every moment i’ve spent on tumblr! i want to thank everyone who have supported and followed me since day 1. 

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As if the first blood didn’t thrill enough
   I went further out to see what else was left of us
      Never found the deep end of our little ocean
         Drain the fantasy of you
            Headfirst into shallow pools

[[Smol notification that I’m at my Grandad’s for the next week so my presence here will be scarce. I’m gonna try to queue up drafts in the morning when I have free time to write and I’ll be here and there on d.iscord for anyone that wants to do smol things. My d.iscord is: Revvupyourharley#7795]]

A Throwback to my Tumblr Life

Since Tumblr throwback is trending in facebook thanks to buzzfeed, here is my fair share of my personal experiences here in the early years of Tumblr. I have been using tumblr since 2009 but looking at my archives, my blog started in june 2010. Well it has a story behind it and to make the story short, my blog was hacked and got deleted, that’s why I restarted it from 0 in june 2010.

Let’s move on with my throwback stories in my young tumblr years. Since it’s December and I started being active in Tumblr in December 2009, this post is also an anniversary post. Cheers to 6 years of my Tumblr life!

TYPO/ TYPOGRAPHY - With all the “hugot” lines, “banats” and quotes we can get and add some shit Photoshop skills, your post will be a trending one! Bonus points if you post your own photography and add some epic heart breaking quotes everyone can relate. Relate Much Bro.

Banat muna bago  next topic. haha

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May I pack everything that hurt
me this year away with the
decorations, may I feel more alive
for more hours and not feel
weak for the times I need to rest,
may I understand that the start
of a new year isn’t the only time
I’m able to open a new page
and that if I fail at everything by
January second, January third
won’t judge me for needing to
start fresh one more time.
—  Rebeka Anne, resolutions

You asked for it, and here it is (and in HQ, too!). Happy New Year from MajorCrimesTV.net!

Major Crimes 218 “Return to Sender, Pt 1” Extended HQ Promo