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I come across the word "love" between friends a lot in Shakespeare, and I always like how they can say they love each other in a platonic way. However, I've noticed that it's not uncommon among people I talk to to take this as a sign of romantic or sexual love. I don't want to be that guy and naively say that two men (it's usually men) aren't together, but I feel like I'd need more to go on. Am I wrong to think that these characters are more comfortable expressing platonic love more than we are?

The quick answer is yes. We know that in the early modern period (and before) men were more comfortable expressing their love for one another, because it was more socially acceptable to do so. It was completely normal for men to kiss, and hug each other in public, for instance. Shakespeare’s England was what is known as a ‘homosocial’ society, which is to say that (mostly non-sexual) same-sex relations between men were privileged socially, so for instance trade deals, and even marriages were often facilitated to improve the social relations between men.

This means, on some level, that there was a valorisation of same-sex relationships, and of perfect friendships, especially between men. The idea was that men, having a higher intellectual capacity than women(!), would be able to form a more perfect relationship with one another than a heterosocial relationship could ever achieve. In the language of the time (and before) these same-sex relationships were called ‘amity’, and you’ll find many examples of ‘perfect amity’ spoken of in contemporary literature if you look for it. 

The difficulty from a modern perspective is that these passionate relationships between men could be entirely non-sexual, but they could also include physical intimacy. For instance, in the case of Michel de Montaigne and Étienne de La Boétie, Montaigne explicitly denies ‘the license of the Greeks’ as ‘rightly abhorrent to our manner’, although he speaks ardently of his love for his friend. In Sir Thomas Elyot’s Boke named the Governour, on the other hand, there is the exemplary tale of amity which heavily implies that there is a sexual relationship between Titus and Gysippus, the two friends. There is the sense that friendship is treated as a spectrum up to and including physical intimacy; it simply isn’t as sharply distinguished as it is these days. But if we’re talking strictly Shakespeare, most depictions of male friendship tend to show the failures of amity because of relationships with women, because as a tradition it’s being displaced or because the nascent forces of capitalism are destroying the way generosity works. It’s not that Shakespeare doesn’t believe in same-sex relationships (far from it), it’s more that he doesn’t show much faith in the possibility of ‘perfect’ amity in a complex society (The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Merchant of Venice are two of many examples).

What’s really remarkable about this period is the means by which these socially acceptable forms of homoerotic behaviour are distinguished from the illegal and morally problematised idea of ‘sodomy’. You see, most of the people engaging in same-sex intimacy would not have considered themselves sodomites, hence why James I could have eroticised relationships with his favourites while decrying sodomy and effeminacy. Sodomy was a narrow category that often treated the case of an older man forcing himself on a younger male of a similar social class (a master doing it to a servant was seldom legally challenged). Because of these various distinctions, and because of the blurry line separating friendship and sexual attraction there were remarkably few recorded legal cases of sodomy from the early modern period.

The basic contention in academia has been that sexual identity, like gender identity, is an ideological construct. It’s not that people don’t naturally experience sexual desire for someone who might be considered the same gender, it’s just the categorisation of such desires that is a social construct. So while it might not be correct to call an early modern person or character homosexual, by the same token, they can’t be called heterosexual either. 

I’m afraid that this won’t make things any easier for you if you’re trying to separate platonic relationships from sexual or romantic ones, because that enterprise is anachronistic by nature. But then it’s anachronistic on either side whether you’re trying to establish that two men are friends or lovers, since lovers can be friends (and to add to that the word ‘friend’ could mean lover). 

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Are you taking requests? If so how about some Chocobros x diabetic reader headcannons?

A/N: I’m excited about this set of headcanons/drabbles because, well, I am a diabetic. So… self-indulgent time! :D!

Tagging some pals: @alicemoonwonderland​, @cupnoodle-queen​, @asendion-art​, @atlerion​, @sonsoflucis, @nifwrites, @louisvuittontrashbags, @hypaalicious, @stunninglyignis, @chocobruh-art and @fieryfantasy <3

Noctis: Noctis doesn’t even know that you are diabetic, because you haven’t really gathered the nerve to tell him. He’s blissfully arranged to take you out on a date to a local milk bar, where they serve amazing Altissian gelato in Insomnia. Not wanting to make Noctis feel bad, you agree to go out on your date, but you’re already dreading that irate drowsiness you know you are going to feel from the sugar high resulting from your dose of ice cream. When you arrive at the milk bar, Noctis frowns at you when you order a low-fat vanilla cup. “Hey, I’m paying, so you can order whatever you want from the window. This stuff’s actually really good- I promise!” Noctis tries to convince you, and it breaks your heart because you really want to indulge him, but you also don’t want to end up feeling really unwell for the rest of your date. Not to mention… the really frequent toilet visitations you would be looking forward to once your blood sugar was sky high.

“Noct… um, I have a confession to make-.”

Noctis sighs. “Please don’t tell me you’re on a diet, or something! You don’t need to be! You’re perfect-!”

“I’m diabetic.” You interrupt, your gaze averted. It takes a few short moments before you feel warm fingers on your chin, tilting your face up. Noctis’ midnight blue eyes gaze into your watery orbs and he presses a gentle kiss to your lips.

“Put that cup away, you can eat from mine then. And I’ll buy you a diet soda- how does that sound?” Noctis says softly, his tone genuine and caring.

Your heart soars, and you nod happily. “Sounds good, Noct.” You whisper happily.

Prompto: When you tell Prompto that you are diabetic, he panics a little on the inside. Is he supposed to know CPR to date you now? Is he supposed to go to medical school to learn how to take care of you? Can he take care of you? Prompto is a bit of a mess a few days after you’ve told him, and you feel like he’s going to break up with you. He’s not- I assure you. He’s just trying to figure out what he can do to keep you healthy and safe!

A week after you break the news to Prompto, he sends you a text message early in the morning just before you’re about to head to the gym. Y/N- come to the park this morning, I’ve got a surprise for you! :)

You make your way down to the park that morning, and you gasp at the picnic mat that Prompto has set up for you and himself for breakfast. Everything’s low-gi, high in fibre and naturally flavoured. He’s brought a soccer ball with him, and he’s juggling it between his feet excitedly before he gently kicks it to you.

“You up for a game with me before breakfast, Y/N?” he asks, almost shy. Heart bursting at Prompto’s ingenuity, you nod, stopping the ball with your foot and kicking it back accurately.

“Of course, Prompto. Thank you!”

Gladio: Gladio doesn’t know you are diabetic until he notices callouses on your fingers from your finger pricks. He actually thinks that you’ve picked up practicing a weapon.

“Babe, you know you don’t have to do this to yourself, right? I’ll do it for you.” Gladio sighs, bringing your fingers to his lips and kissing the callouses one by one. You tilt your head in confusion.

“What, you’ll do my blood glucose tests for me? I don’t think that will work very well, Gladio.” You giggle.

Gladio pulls away, eyebrows furrowed. “Wait,” he said, confused. “What?”

You nod, pulling your hands from his grip and cupping his face in your palms, bringing his head closer to yours so you can kiss him on the forehead. “I’m diabetic. I have to regularly check my blood sugar to make sure I’m not spiralling out of control.”

Gladio’s gaze softens, and he presses a kiss to your cheek. “Shit, I didn’t even know. Sorry. Does it hurt?” He gestures to your fingers.

You sigh and nod, “sometimes, but it’s not terrible. I’ll live.”

Gladio holds you close, and murmurs apologies, and you feel special and loved.

Ignis: When Ignis finds out you are diabetic, he devises a whole special menu for you to consume to ensure you are still having tasty but nutritious meals. He will text you to remind you when to take your blood glucose readings (if he is not busy), and he will organise all your medications so that you know how much to take and when to take it. When you are not feeling well, Ignis will take days off to nurse you back to health, because he really doesn’t want anything to happen to you.

One time, you got a scratch on your leg that wasn’t healing as quickly as it should have been. Ignis freaked out. And for good reason too.

“Darling, we must see a doctor. Now.”

You shake your head. “Don’t be so dramatic. It’s a normal scratch.”

“You’re diabetic. It could end up infected. I will not take this chance.” Ignis grabs your arm and practically hauls you down the stairs in his haste towards the garage.

When you arrive at the medical centre, and the doctor sees you, you end up getting your small wound disinfected and bandaged up. Ignis is satisfied, and you are a little annoyed. “It’s like you’re more worried about my health than I am!” you complain on the way back home.

Ignis merely grabs your hand and squeezes is gently. “I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. And if I need to be annoying to make sure you stay by my side, so be it.”

You frown, though your lips are already turning up into a smile. “You actually made no sense just then.”

Ignis laughs and shakes his head, “I hardly do, when I’m with you. I guess that’s the nature of being in love.”

Say I Love You

♡ Anonymous: Hi! Could you do a scenario with Jaehyun you too are talking and laughing at something and you accidentally say ’ I love you’ and you two sit there shook and you get flustered and embarassed bc you thought that he would say that first or it would happen like very romantically

♡ A/N: I’m so sorry this was so delayed, here you go! Enjoy!

♡ Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader

♡ Genre: Fluffffff

♡ Song:  김이지 (꽃잠프로젝트) - 흩어져

As you walked, your heels clicking against the pavement and the bright rays of the sun kissing your skin, he became closer. He stood there leaning against the tree and scrolling through his phone. He looked ethereal from where you were. His dark hair falling over his forehead and his dark eyes scanning the screen of his phone. He was so unaware of his glistening beauty that he so effortlessly resonated. You saw other girls stealing a look at him and then blushing and walking ahead. That annoyed you. How he arrested other people’s attention without even realising. You felt threatened that what you called yours might not be yours anymore. 

He looked up and smiled cheerily at you and enclosed you in a warm hug. His shirt smelled like soap. You snuggled into his chest wanting his embrace to last forever and he didn’t mind as he stroked your hair and planted a gentle kiss on top of your forehead. The fragrance of newly blossomed roses dominated the air as he walked next to you, holding your hand with the familiar firmness. 

“Work is getting harder. They’re making us practice even more now since the comeback is so close.” You only ogled at him. His eyes sparkled as he kept on ranting about his work and how he loved it and hated it at the same time. But you zoned out. 

Jaehyun and you had been going out for a while now. It seemed normal to you that you now had a boyfriend and that you wouldn’t be alone at parties. But today was different. It was as if you were being pulled. When you got his text message early in the morning, about him wanting to hang out, you jumped out of your bed and started dolling yourself up; trying on several outfits to select the perfect one. You wanted to impress him, you wanted to be close to him, you missed him. 

He detached his fingers from yours and flung his arm over your shoulder, smiling cheekily as he talked. “You’ve been very quiet today,” he said. 

“Yea I’m just hungry,” you replied, obviously lying. Would you tell him the truth? That he made your heart hurt and your mind swell and that he was suddenly becoming the reason why you would wake up and his musky fragrance is the only thing you want to inhale for the rest of your life? No, you wouldn’t.

“Well you should’ve said it earlier.” He chuckled as he changed paths. “Look, that diner is amazing. You’ll fall in love.” He was getting excited. Of course Jaehyun would get excited over the idea of food. 

“I think I already have,” you mumbled quietly so he wouldn’t hear you. He swung open the door and waved a polite hello to the cashier and forwarded to find the nearest seat. He wore a flannel button down and black skinny jeans and his hair was in a beautiful mess from the wind outside. You reached out and tried to fix his dishevelled hair. He looked up at you and smiled and you swear you heard a crack somewhere inside your body. His gaze was unwavering as you fixed the messy strands of his dark hair. His smile slowly disappeared and turned into something else. As if he were in a deep thought. You halted your movements and just stared at him. He was much more beautiful up close. How did you get so lucky to have him?

You inched back from the table and sat on the soft chair, a little embarrassed by the moment. He smiled to himself and reached for the menu, clearing his throat and trying to concentrate.

After the heavy atmosphere, formulated by you both, lifted a little, he began another of his conversations about the boys. “Oh my god and then Johnny fell back on his head and we all died laughing,” he said as he showed you the video. You both indulged in a hearty laugh before the words spilled out of your mouth. The words you were pressing inside. But they made its way onto your lips. 

“I love you,” you said. His smile disappeared as he just stared at you. You internally stabbed yourself. You cheeks turned a warm shade of red as you looked away, fidgeting with the hem of your shirt. “I’m sorry,” you stuttered, wanting to cry.

“Y/N,” he said softly and extended his arms to hold your hands. He encased them in his palms and looked at you. “Please look at me. You shook your head, not wanting to meet his eyes. “Please?” He pleaded. You gave in and looked up. He smiled at your state, your afraid eyes and your cherry red cheeks. “I love you too.” He said. You heart started beating again with relief, a flood of happiness washed over you. “You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. I wanted to confess to you a long time ago but I wasn’t sure if you…if you liked me too.”

“We’re dating Jaehyun, of course I like you.” He looked at you, dumbfounded.

“Yea but like, dating is like playing around. You never know what the other person is feeling they validate it you know?” 

“You’re making no sense.” He laughed and shook his head and then turned to look at you fondly. 

“We aren’t playing around just to let you know,” He said solemly. You looked away, smiling. The sky was beginning to darken outside as the subtle city lights blinked from the window. It was all really prepossessing but the person sitting in front of you was more. 

Cassandra Cain, due to her dyslexia, had a lot of trouble with text messages early on. Steph suggested to her that she use Emojis since they weren’t words. They weren’t really any better than writing (too many symbols to remember, and people used them all differently) but Cass pretended like they did to make Steph feel better. Even though Cass is getting therapy for it and can type normally (though she prefers not to) she still uses emojis more than anyone else in the Batclan out of habit.


Imagine Person A sending Person B a picture of a couple from something they read/watch and captioning it “They look like us”.


5 seconds of summer and valentine’s day💐💓

Do you remember that conversation we had in the early hours of the morning when I clutched your hand, uninhibited by insecurities because it felt like nothing mattered at all then?

I can still feel your fingers intertwined with mine, it’s like they’ve been imprinted into the very bones of my hand. Sometimes if I close my eyes for just long enough, I can image we’re back at that time.

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Hello! I love what you are doing and I think it's awesome!!! May I request a headcanons or short stories (RFA + V) about what will the baes do if a medic MC came home depressed, tired and crying cuz this is the first time she can't save her patient's life? Thank you!!! xxx

Hello Anon-san! I love you for being here and cherish you greatly! Here you go love!  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡


  • He heard you when you came home, but he assumed that you were just going to go pass out on the bed like you always did.
  • When he finally gets off LOLOL he instantly grows concerned because you aren’t in bed.
  • He finds you leaning against the counter, lost in thought.
  • Yoosung immediately knows that its a bad night, and that you lost someone.
  • He sits on the floor, pulling you down with him, rubbing little circles into your back.
  • Just waiting for whenever you’re ready to talk about what happened.
  • And when you do, sobbing and angry at yourself Yoosung holds you tightly.
  • “You’re amazing. You tried. That’s enough. It’s enough MC.”
  • And he just holds you as you cry and he gets a little teary eyed hearing you
  •  You both end up just end up reminding yourselves how lucky you are to have each other alive and well.
  • What matters is who’s with you know, because you never know what might happen
  • Eventually he brings you to bed, just rambling about how amazing you are and how your patient was lucky to have a medic as special as you.
  • You cry the whole night, and he’s awake to wipe all your tears.


  • She leaves work early knowing from your text messages that tonight was bad.
  • Jaehee quietly opens your apartment door, some flowers in her hands.
  • She always brought you flowers when you lost someone at the hospital.
  • You always curl up in an armchair with your face in your hands, and she always just hugs you tight.
  • “You’re so strong. You’re so brave. Don’t give up.”
  • She whispers that to you over and over, even when you shake your head no against her chest. 
  • Jaehee never stops saying it.
  • She knows you don’t like talking about it, so instead she talks to you about passed patients that you saved.
  • And eventually as she’s retelling stories, stories that you told her, you start smiling and adding along. 
  • And man, when you finally smile Jaehee is so relieved.
  • She kisses you just to make sure you’re with her now. That your thoughts aren’t in a bad place. 
  • And they aren’t, cause all you can think about is her.


  • He’s waiting for you at home as always, refusing to go to sleep unless you’re there.
  • But you don’t come home, you’re half an hour late, and when he calls, you say you won’t come home.
  • So being Jumin, he comes to pick you up.
  • And there you are, sitting on the curb in front of the hospital with your head in your hands and his heart just breaks.
  • Because every time you lost someone, he lost a part of you too.
  • He quietly comes and sits next to you.
  • Jumin Han. Director of C&R International, sits down on a dirty curb next to you.
  • And for a while he doesn’t do anything, or say anything, because he doesn’t know what he should be doing.
  • Eventually you just turn and sob into his chest
  • He’s so relieved to be able to something and he holds you tight as you cry into his shirt.
  • You scream about how it isn’t fair, about how hard you tried, and about how no matter how hard you pushed his chest, his heart just wouldn’t start beating.
  • Jumin just holds your head and cradles you against his chest.
  • “I’m here darling. I’m here. I’m here.”
  • He doesn’t know what else to say.
  • And you know that. You know that his actions speak so much louder than his words. 
  • Safe and warm in his arms you start to quiet down as you just listen to the steady beating of his chest
  • It’s 2 in the morning, and you both just stay on the curb under the stars in front of a hectic hospital, just supporting each other.


  • He’s out of bed the moment he hears you put the key in the front door.
  • You hadn’t texted him back about the results of the operation, and he knew that the patient hadn’t made it.
  • “Oh Princess…come here.” 
  • The look on your face is so tragic, and when you walk over to him he just sighs and sits down on the couch, pulling you on his lap, face in his chest.
  • At first he talks about how you did your best and how there was nothing you could do.
  • And that makes you mad
  • Because there’s always something you could’ve done, and now…now this man’s death was in your hands.
  • When you say that to Zen, he just quiets down.
  • But slowly, he grabs both your hands and presses kisses to your palms.
  • “Your hands were meant to heal…they’ve always been meant to heal.”
  • Zen kisses each finger tip, every knuckle. 
  • And you cry every time.
  • You lay on his chest tears just rolling down your face as he kisses your hands gently, as if he were erasing everything.
  • And when you finally fall asleep, Zen kisses your forehead and your swollen eyes before carrying to the bed.


  • Of course he’s awake when you come home. 
  • But when you don’t come say hi or goodnight to him he comes to find you.
  • Seven finds you in the closet, just crying. 
  • His heart just shatters.
  • He picks you up, your legs wrapped around him as he carries you out, settling you on the bed in his arms.
  • You don’t say anything.
  • You’re not even crying as you lay in his arms.
  • But Seven knows. He always knows.
  • And he gently lifts your chin to face him, pressing his forehead against yours.
  • “You’re a superhero.”
  • He whispers this, and you instantly blow up at him, pulling your forehead away.
  • A superhero? How? You let this man die. Superheros saved people.
  • The room’s silent after your outburst, but Seven still hasn’t let you go. He turns your head to face him again, and then,
  • “Lucy Collins. 7 years old. You gave her emergency care when her parents got in a car crash. That was 9 weeks ago. Now she’s enrolled at a ballet school, and likes running with her dogs.”
  • You stare at him. Seven. Stop. 
  • But he doesn’t. 
  • “Elias White. 13 years old. You amputated his leg to stop his cancer from spreading. That was 5 months ago. Now, he’s playing baseball again.”
  • By now you’re bawling your eyes out. Seven goes on and one, listing all the people you’ve saved and what they’re doing with their lives.
  • When he’s done, he wipes your tears and kisses you softly. 
  • “You’re a superhero.”
  • And all you do is cry as he whispers how much he loves you.


  • He already knew something was wrong when you walked in through the door.
  • When you refuse to talk about it, he pesters you all around the house until you finally tell him. 
  • And when you do, he just freezes, because he isn’t sure how to make you feel better.
  • So instead he stands there and lets you blow up at him.
  • And you’re so emotional that you do.
  • You tell him how useless you are, how you can’t even save one man’s life. 
  • You start crying as you tell him what a joke you are.
  • And then you break his heart.
  • You start calling yourself ugly. Your an ugly human being, because you were responsible for a life, and you let it slip through your fingers.
  • You can’t hold it back anymore, and your tears just come rushing forward like a dam.
  • Saeran doesn’t do anything, he just watches and listens to you cry, until…
  • “I’ve hurt people.”
  • He says this so quietly, so filled with fear that you stop mid sob to look up at him.
  • “I’ve hurt so many people in my life MC. Do you think I’m ugly?”
  • Instantly you’re on your feet, explaining to him how his case is different
  • Then Saeran pulls you into his arms, his embrace so tight it practically crushes you. 
  • “There’s no way you could ever be ugly. You’re so warm. Forgive yourself MC. Please. For me.”
  • Your eyes swell with tears and you just hold on to him, clinging to him with everything you have. 
  • Because if there’s anyone who understands guilt…it’s Saeran.


  • You came home late, the guilt eating at you.
  • V instantly senses that something’s wrong, your aura is off.
  • “How was work love?”
  • The question just makes you break down, and you sink to your knees right in front of the door sobbing.
  • Immediately V tries to make his way over to you, knocking over pictures and other things as he desperately comes to your side.
  • V just takes you into his arms, envelopes you in them.
  • Your head’s down still, tears just hitting the floor as you mumble over and over how the patient didn’t make it, how he died on your watch.
  • For a moment V doesn’t know what to do. 
  • Never has he ever seen you so distraught, so..broken. 
  • Scared that you’ll break for good if he doesn’t act soon, V scoops you up and sets you on his lap as he sits down on a chair.
  • Instantly you nuzzle into his neck, sobs wreaking your body as you cry on his chest.
  • V runs his hand soothingly down your hair,
  • “Shhh love shhh. It’s alright. Don’t cry dear heart. Shh…it’s okay.”
  • And though his words don’t solve anything, your sobs turn into hiccups
  • V kisses the top of your head when you’ve calmed down.
  • “You can’t blame yourself love. You can’t.  It’ll destroy you.”
  • And those words just make your heart ache.
  • Because V knows how it feels to take on the blame, to punish yourself, to hate yourself.
  • When you don’t answer V sternly grabs hold of you chin and makes you face his gaze.
  • His beautiful dull blue eyes narrow at yours.
  • “It’s alright to cry, I’ll always wipe your tears. But this isn’t your fault. Say it with me.”
  • After finally relenting you say it through your tears, and he kisses your tears away softly.
  • V just lays down on the couch, not trusting himself to carry you to bed, holding you in his arms.
  • He tells you stories about his adventures to distract you
  • When you finally fall asleep, he still kisses the tears that trial down your cheeks.


dating Jihoon would include:
  • lots of late night to early morning texting 
  • shoulder messages 
  • spending the day shopping around different music stores 
  • visiting him at odd hours of the night because he locked himself in the studio to finish up the album 
  • falling asleep with him in the studio because he ended up taking too long 
  • “babe listen to this for me” 
  • “are you sure its good?” 
  • “okay just listen to it one more time” 
  • bringing him his coffee to the dorm every morning from starbucks even though mingyu is the designated coffee maker because he likes his a certain way 
  • randomly kissing him to throw him off guard 
  • cracking really bad jokes at him while he’s eating 
  • rushing to grab him more water because he started choking from laughing too hard 
  • late night dates at the studio 
  • teaching him english while he teaches you more korean 
  • him running around the dorm calling everyone a “moron” because that was his favorite word of the day 
  • “I’m sorry jagi but I have to stay here until the song’s done”
  • him surprising you every now and then by picking you up from class 
  • roaming around the city during the holidays 
  • “I’m so lucky to have you” 
  • him begging you to go with him to social events 
  • pillow talk
  • serious conversations about your future together 
  • which you argue would include getting a puppy 
  • him showing up to your place with a movie and chinese takeout to help calm your nerves during exams 
  • writing songs/poems for you and leaving them in random places around the house for you to find 
This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf*cker.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of you as you entered the loud restaurant, plenty of people bustling around and screaming due to their own intoxication. It was the typical Friday night as everyone piled into the popular restaurant turned bar turned club for a wild night of karaoke.

Yes, karaoke because who didn’t enjoy watching their belligerent friends butcher the lyrics to every popular song over the last decade?

He looked at you as if this was his first time seeing you, drinking you in as his eyes traveled up and down your figure that, unfortunately for him, was covered in jeans and a long sleeved blouse. He’d kill to see you in those denim shorts he had seen you in a few weeks ago. He kept that image in his mind for hours after your departure, even lying awake that night with the image in his head.


He whipped his head around in his brother’s direction though he feared taking his eyes off of you for one second would make you disappear as you always seemed to do. “Huh?”

“Pick your jaw off the floor. You’re drooling,” Giovani chuckled while assisting his brother in the task of looking less foolish. He took his finger to his chin and pretended to close his mouth for him but Jonathan simply shook him away. He knew he didn’t look that foolish. At least not yet.

But when you and your friends got closer to their seats that foolishness he always seemed to sport when you were around was reignited. Gio got up from his seat, running towards you and pulling you into the biggest hug possible while lifting your frame off of the floor. It made you giggle loud enough for a few heads to turn in your direction. Some strangers, some friends and Jona noticed the men’s eyes who lingered on you for too long, his jaw flexing with a small hint of jealousy.

Too bad he couldn’t express his jealousy as he used to. He used to pull you to the side, scream his envious thoughts as if he was standing at the top of a mountain and you would shush him with an aggressive kiss to the lips which always seemed to lead to equally aggressive sex. It was a passion he had never experienced before. It was a passion you had never experienced before and maybe that’s why you two were in the situation you were right now.


Well, you two technically weren’t exes. You had this completely complicated relationship that couldn’t even bear an appropriate label. You two were never officially a thing but all of your friends knew there was something not so secret about you two. The way your eyes lingered on each for too long, the way Jona’s hands always slid down your hips as he was leading you two through a crowd, the way you threw playful winks and air kisses in his direction…

That wasn’t ‘friendly behavior’.

And maybe it was too complicated for the both of you. You just wanted to have fun, be the stereotypical young beauty who pranced around town drawing the eyes of many. You didn’t want to be tied down even if being tied down meant having Jonathan dos Santos on your leash. He was just like you. He wanted to have fun, be the stereotypical athlete who strolled around town drawing the scandalous touches of every woman who laid eyes on him for too long.

There was just one complication to that: you both wanted each other as well and well…we all know that phrase ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’.

So slowly the late nights together began to dwindle, his early morning text messages to wake you up got later and later in the day, your appearances at his matches lessened until eventually your seat was taken by the next woman up.

Or women because Jona never could settle on one woman being worthy of replacing you.

When you got close to where he was seated, he struggled to decide on whether or not he should stand up and greet you with a hug. Normally he would just pull you into a deep kiss but that wasn’t appropriate for now. Things were still awkward between you two. There was really no closure on whatever you wanted to call what you two had. You two had been too childish to even talk about it, letting it just sit hovering above you like an elephant in the room so he shouldn’t have been surprised when you completely ignored him and moved to greet another friend.

Maybe he should have felt a bit better that your friends greeted him with hugs and kisses to the cheeks but no. He wanted you and no one else would do.

He didn’t want to seem weak though, even as his brother nudged him and encouraged him to go up and speak to you. He decided not to, instead just watching silently as you took a seat a few cushions down from him.

The night seemed to continue on like that with you two awkwardly avoiding each other and to deal with that awkwardness, you began downing as much tequila as possible.

Shot after shot, one button by another your shirt lost a buttoning to reveal your white bandeau top underneath that contrasted too perfectly with your tanned skin for Jona to look away. He wanted to feel as if he could ignore you but your draw was too enticing for even him to resist.

Game on.

It seemed with every shot you took, your confidence grew because soon you no longer desired to ignore Jonathan knowing that once you locked eyes on him you’d break and flush out into those tears that had been streaming down your face like a season of OITNB on Netflix.

You wanted to ignore the hurt feelings you held by his absence because dammit, you were going to prove to be the strong one in this relationship, friendship or whatever the hell it was. He was going to break first. He was going to be the one to confess that he couldn’t quite live without you and that he wanted you forever. It was him who was going to be the powerless and you the powerful.

If you were in your right mind, you would have continued avoiding him but you didn’t. Hours passed since your initial brush off of him and through the loud screeching of Gio and your friends on stage breaking out their best rendition of a song you couldn’t even place, you took that opportunity to fall right into Jona’s lap in just the right place to get just the right reaction out of him.

His arms hovered around you as if to protect you from falling because he couldn’t quite gauge just how drunk you were. He hadn’t had a single drop, sporting sobriety like a proud badge only because he was better able to focus on you when his mind wasn’t clouded.

Yours was pretty damn clouded right now.

“Jonaaa,” you sang out as you leaned closer into his ear. You dragged your nails through those perfectly fluffed locks of his.

“Y/N.” His tone was much more somber as he backed away to look you directly in the eyes. He was trying not to fall into your trap but damn it was hard when your ass was dragging against his member just the way you would do when you wanted to tease him until he could no longer resist.

Resist, resist, resist, summed up his thoughts right now.

You couldn’t quite resist like he could. The tequila wouldn’t allow you to. You dropped your head to his shoulder and in the moment your plump lips dragged along the flesh of his neck, he winced.

He could feel himself wilting.

“I want to fuck you so bad right now,” you blurted. Normally such an admission would have you blushing madly but you weren’t in that state of mind. The only thing whirling around in your head was a shirtless Jonathan in your bed and that was enough to shed any shy exterior you usually held.

He didn’t have time to respond to your request though if you stayed just a moment longer, he would have probably dragged you to the nearest bathroom and had his way with you. Instead, one of your friends got up and grabbed you, getting you to join her and the other randoms on stage while Gio came down. He hadn’t missed the show even while he was on stage singing. “What was that?”

Jona just shrugged. “Nothing.”

He drew his attention from his brother and to you as you began to belt out into the next song. That song.

Your song.

He didn’t want the memories of that song flooding his mind so he quickly shut his eyes for a moment but when he reopened them, it only seemed to make him feel worse because at some point another man, who he presumed to be a stranger, had got on stage too and you were now singing that song to him in this flirtatious manner that made him wince internally.

This summer’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker.

gif credit to cincoquinas

Hunka Hale’s Burning Love

SWN Spring Fic Exchange gift for @bistiles

Word count: 5082

Tags: Firefighter au, Human au, Firefighter!Derek, Firefighter!Stiles, Firefighters Isaac, Boyd, Erica, Argent and Finstock, Established Relationship, Hurt!Stiles, Firefighter Charity Pin-up Type calendar, Bad poems, marriage proposal, feels and angst but happy ending

Rating: T for language

“Looking good, Hale,” Isaac cackled as Derek walked into BHFD No. 3 only to see his fellow firefighter holding the department’s charity calendar for 2016. “Way to keep it wet.” He pointed to the stream of water splashing all over him as it poured from the truck. “Going to be most popular month for the sixth year in a row, definitely,” he said and winked at him.

It was a running joke within the department that, despite his grumpy demeanor, the ladies (and some men) of Beacon Hills snatched up copies of the calendar like crazy. He’d be annoyed by it if the proceeds didn’t benefit the local food pantries.

“Derek, June’s handsome hero, is thirty-two. Lieutenant Hale is a ten-year veteran of the department. This bookworm’s other hobbies include cycling, muscle cars, and rescuing stray puppies,” Isaac’s voice as he read was the one he reserved for mocking things. He wasn’t sure if he should be insulted or find it funny. He settled for a deadpan facial expression as Isaac kept going ignoring him. “He takes his coffee with whipped cream, milk, and enough sugar to give an elephant diabetes. His favorite food is cheese souffle. Though he sounds like a real catch…sorry folks, he’s taken.” As he finished reading, he set the calendar on the table and burst out in raucous laughter.

Erica snatched the calendar from his hands, turned the pages until it was again in January, and hang it on the wall again. “You dare try to read mine, you’ll be looking for your teeth.”

Derek ignored them and walked into the locker room to change for his shift. His blurb in the calendar? Stiles’ doing. In fact, it had been worse until Derek grabbed his pen and crossed out some of the more ridiculous bits. ‘In his free time, Derek likes scowling at teenagers and telling them to get off his lawn. He loves leather jackets and tight jeans that make his ass look sexy, evening out the fact that he’s a poor conversationalist.’

He felt certain that it was because Stiles envious that he hadn’t been picked for the calendar yet. It was a district wide endeavor, and they had to be nominated by townspeople. Popularity contests had always been a sore spot for Stiles. No matter how many times Derek has told his boyfriend that he was gorgeous, the insecurity still remained.

The red light in the corner of the locker room began to flash and moments later, the firehouse was filled with the harsh buzzing that signalled a call. He rushed to finish dressing in his under layers before running out to the racks where they kept their turnout suits. “What do we got?” He asked as he tugged up his protective pants.

“High Rise fire over on Parkhurst Ave. What was a four alarm fire is now a six alarm mess. I already sent 837 out an hour ago. Get out there a save their asses. Last time I ever let Bilinski volunteer,” Captain Finstock grumbled. “Gonna put me in an early grave.”

Remembering the text message that had come through while he was riding to work, Derek grabbed, his phone (still in his pocket). The message was from Stiles, as was their custom before leaving the station on a call when they worked different shifts. Derek loved the job, but it was not without its hazards. So the message was their standard ‘Going on a call. Love you’ or some version of that anyway. Even though Stiles wouldn’t be able to read the text from Derek until the fire was under control, he sent one anyway.

They weren’t supposed to take their phones out on a call, but time was ticking. So, he turned it off and finished suiting up.

“Hurry up, slowpoke!” Isaac already had the truck running and pulling out of the station.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Derek grabbed his flash hood, helmet and SCBA [[not sure if i should spell this out or just shorten it to breathing apparatus]] and rushed for the truck, jumping into the cabin before Isaac could leave without him.


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Though it was probably bad news, not that Brogan even expected that it was, receiving a text from Alfie asking if they could talk was probably the highlight of Brogan’s day, and a brilliant excuse to get off of work early. It had been incredibly boring, sat behind the cashier waiting for customers to browse the thrift shop, and yes.. Brogan did use Alfie as his excuse to leave an hour early. Honestly, a text message like this didn’t even phase the rebellious male. I mean, he had nothing to worry about, right? Everything between them both had been so settled recently, and Brogan had managed to keep himself sane and clean for almost a month now - Well, despite his little hiccup involving GBH landing on his record but, we’ll ignore that. 

Kicking off his shoes as he entered into their apartment, Brogan flashed his usual small smile toward his boyfriend, though frowned, noticing Alfie’s worried features. “What’s up?” He asked. Had something happened with Connie? Or worse, his record shop? “I was kinda expecting to come home ‘n find ya naked, Alf. Figured ya text was some kind of ploy.” Brogan laughed. “I got off work an hour early though so, what’s going on? Connie ain’t left, have they?”


anonymous asked:

Hello! I follow your tumblr and read a lot of fics lately, thanks to you. I was thinking on going back to writing, and I'd really like if you, like, gave me a prompt to start working on? I don't know if you do this, but I'd really like to start a fic about something you thought. Any small suggestion helps. Thank you!

Sorry this is so late but that’s awesome!! Goodluck! :)

Prompts are my life, I’ll make you up a little list lol

Harry Potter AUs
Person A is a muggle and Persona B is very much magical and very much failing at not falling for the adorable seller of those delicious sugary treats.

  • Yoonjin? - Yoongi is offended, no muggle should be this attractive or this good at making cupcakes, let alone both.
  • Taejin? - Nothing that wasn’t exploding techno coloured sparks had ever drawn Taehyung’s attention from chocolate fudge brownies before but damn, did you survive the Avada Kedavra curse? Because you’re drop dead gorgeous. (i.e. Harry Potter pick up lines and a baffled Jin lol)

Dance aus
We hooked up the night before a big competition and I’m pretty sure you meant it as a one time thing but we won (!) and you looked all sweaty and happy and now we’re kissing again, fuck.

  • JIHOPE?! - Friends with benefits wasn’t an ideal situation to be in with someone he found as adorable as Jimin, but Hoseok probably should have thought of that before he pinned Jimin up against the studio mirror.
  • Junghope? -  Hoseok is not the type to catch feelings for his FWB, he also does not do late night phone calls or early morning text messages and he’s especially careful to avoid people who could probably deadlift his entire dance crew but still touch him as gently as Jeon Jungkook does.

Can’t dance aus

  • 2seok or Jinmin or poly Ji2seok? - Blind dates usually go pretty well for Seokjin but usually he isn’t dancing with someone who’s laugh is so infectious that it’s actually making him worse.
  • Namseok? - Namjoon just broke his lamp flailing around but Hoseok hasn’t laughed this hard since Namjoon walked into a door on his first day of school so he thinks it’s worth it. (i.e. gentle, angst free, we’ve kinda been together for years anyway friends to lovers au)
  • Namjin? - It’s love at first traffic light dance, he knows immediately that he’s finally found the iceberg to his titanic, the milk to his cookie, the stiff, expressionless windmilling to his signature face driven thrashing. 

Taboo A/B/O aus

We’re both omegas and it’s gonna be difficult during our heats but date me anyway? I have soft hands and fluffy blankets

  • Vmin? Friends to lovers au in which Taehyung is an asexual omega with a complicated yet efficient heat week routine (consisting mainly of snuggles and ice cream) that Jimin is very happy to help him out with. 

Alpha ver.

  • Yoonseok? Hoseok didn’t quite know when falling asleep with his grumpy next door neighbour stroking his hair became normal but he was running out of things to break in his apartment so it was about time tbh. 

Bath bomb aus

  • Taegi? We’ve been sitting at the same table at the library for 3 hours, how much longer do I wait until it’s not creepy to ask why you smell like roses and have glitter on your face?
  • Yoonmin? In which Jimin has never seen anyone so happy to receive free Lush samples and Yoongi isn’t sure if he’s feeding his bath bomb addiction or just here to see that cute employee anymore.
  • Sugamon? Yoongi comes home to find their toilet seat broken for the 5th time since they moved in together, a huge bag full of bath bombs sitting on their bed and an embarrassed boyfriend hiding in the kitchen.

Hopefully these are helpfull! If you (or anyone else) uses any of these please do let me know :3

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Lovers From The Past (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 14

Archived | Posted December 14, 2015

It’s finally here! ^^ I have nothing else to say than; I really hope that you’ll like it and enjoy~

Summary: Ji Yong takes of for BIGBANG’s world tour and you try to cope with him being so far away, now that you finally have him back in your life.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21]

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Lumière Over Me - LetsWasteTime - One Direction (Band), Little Mix (Band), Union J (Band) [Archive of Our Own]


For sadamenoito.

Hiiii T. So this happened.

I’m such a failure at time planning and everything else that comes with it so this is a day late. I hope you like it despite the delay.

So yeah.

Oh. This is the summary.

Camp Counsellors AU. Harry jumps in as a subsitute counsellor. He owes Niall is the thing. What wasn’t part of the deal is Louis Tomlinson, who just so happens to be one of the counsellours at the summer camp. And who also just so happens to be Harry’s sixth form crush. Louis is several kinds of enthralling and Harry only one kind of screwed.

Basically a whole load of fluff inspired by a early morning text message from T.

The Greatest Gift of All

Summary: Emma pulls out all the stops for Killian’s birthday, but there’s only one thing he really wanted.

Rating: M

Notes: Happy (super belated) birthday, captainswanismyendgame! I won’t spoil the exact prompt for this story, but needless to say, it contains explicit sexual content. If you’re not up for that, I don’t recommend this story. But if you are, then GOOD NEWS, there’s smut.

(This story will obviously be canon divergent by the time season 5 rolls around, but basically, it’s set after Emma is de-Dark One’d.)


It was late by the time Killian returned home from the Rabbit Hole. Swan had been quite obsessed, it seemed, with making sure that his birthday was as extravagant as possible, and while that woman’s love for him never ceased to amaze him (he’d been sure he’d win her heart, but he could never have accurately imagined just what it would feel like to do so), he was still unprepared for all the fanfare.

He stepped foot on the Jolly Roger, grateful that he’d be able to rest soon. He’d been awakened early by a text message from Swan, reminding him to come to Granny’s for celebratory breakfast. He’d grown quite fond of pancakes since his arrival in Storybrooke, and it had been relaxing and quite heartwarming to spend the morning with Swan, her parents, and Henry (though he left the hot cocoa and cinnamon to them; he still hadn’t acquired a taste for the sugary sweet beverage).

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It’s not unusual to love/hate your favorite show
It’s not unusual to say “tropes, you gotta go”
But when you see weekly ratings at an all time low
It’s not unusual to wanna cry
And throw legit side-eye