early spring trees


early blooming sakura in the rain by kazu saito
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64 days in heaven and hell (24)
Van Gogh enjoyed the cheerful atmosphere of early spring. Blossoming trees and orchards were his favourite subjects in March and April of 1888. 

Vincent Van Gogh:
- Le verger blanc (The White Orchard), April 1888. Oil on canvas, 60 x 81. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
- Verger de Provence (Provençal Orchard), March-April 1888. Pencil, pen and reed pen and ink, watercolour, on paper, 39,5 x 53,6 cm. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam


To the garden of the cherry tree by max max
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A plum of the early blooming has already bloomed in here Shizuoka