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I feel lucky when I see a really, really, really good movie, and in this months I was even more lucky because I found two beautiful movies that I loved with all my heart: moonlight and la la land.
In their uniqueness they moved me and made me happy and sad and made me think about life and made me perceive the people around me - and even myself - in a slightly different way.
We are lucky to have such young, diverse directors who works with passion for their audience.
I’m so glad that moonlight won best picture and that la la land managed to bring home some prizes ❤

“Am I at ninety-four yet?”

Neil asked.

He was not at ninety-four. Ninety-four was the whispered words, “Thank you. You were amazing.” They echoed inside Andrew’s head over and over, like they were an offering, a prayer, a goodbye, like they were pushed out of his body with his dying breath. It was irritating and he was going to bring it up on the bus. He was going to spell it out nice and slow how Neil needed to stop living like he was dying and start living like the exy junkie he was.

Ninety-five was turning around and seeing nothing. Not nothing in the sense that Neil was nothing, but nothing in the sense of panic, of worry, of standing on the edge of the rooftop looking down thinking “Would it hurt if I fell?” The space where Neil should have been filled with emotions that Andrew swore he would never feel again.

Ninety-six was finding his bag. It wasn’t the bag that held his entire life, that was locked away in the Fox Tower, safe. It was the bag that held his future. A future he knew Neil wanted in the way he clutched the key he gave him back in August. A key that was left in the God forsaken bag with Neil nowhere in sight.

For ninety-seven, Kevin was there. The other foxes were there too but the words Kevin formed with his breath passing over his voice box and the movements of his tongue and jaw, were the only things that mattered. Kevin’s mouth moved, sound traveled in vibrations through the air, hit Andrew’s eardrums, and then his hands were around Kevin’s neck. There were lies and half-truths and Andrew hated those. Again not in the sense he hated Neil but in the sense that he hated the word ‘please’ and ‘misunderstanding’. He hated how he didn’t hate Neil because of all the lies. And for that, ninety-seven.

Ninety-eight was the phone call that Neil had been found.

Ninety-nine was walking through the hotel door and seeing him crumple in agony. It was the hissed “Don’t” as he did his best sooth away the pain. It was the eyes that were Nathaniel’s with hints of Neil peeking out behind his irises. It was the look of a man staring helplessly as the executioner readied the guillotine. It was the words “I’m sorry” like he had something to be sorry for. It was his attitude that no matter how beat up he got, remained impeccably intact. And it was the question he still had the gall to ask: “Am I at ninety-four yet?”

“You are at one hundred.”

Y’all acting like predicting an alien threat to MCU’s Earth is some wildly amazing thing that no one could do unless they were ‘paranoid’! 

Aliens have already attacked! They actually attacked out of a big giant hole in the sky! And they whooped our asses but for the grace of six people, some really brave police/firemen, and a re-directed nuke. We also have big shiny fuck-off energy stones all around our earth that are clearly not from around here that people keep fighting over, and we know that Loki wasn’t acting alone.

Tony was the only one who saw the full might of what one attack brought, Tony is the only one beside Thor (and Fury) that is appreciating just what kind of force could be brought to bear against Earth, but Tony has apparently informed these suckers multiple times about what they’re up against and nobody chose to listen. Also Tony, “The Futurist is here!”, Tony Stark, Actual Genius, has been established as hyper-vigilant about future threats, both homegrown and far-flung.

Tony already had a plan in place for preparing for extraterrestrial threats before Wanda fucked with his head and before the Mind Stone fucked with Ultron that wasn’t ready for implementation but was a big idea in his head. “But his PTSD just made him paranoid” yes his PTSD is a big part of his character, so thrilled you finally noticed, he still did it and no one else did and this has been established for multiple movies so take your L and piss off.

I want to see the conversation they finally have about last year’s banquet though. Where Yuuri is still under the impression he did nothing more scandalous than initiating a dance off with Yurio and is like “I must have been a drunk mess, how could you still want to be my coach after seeing such a display?”

“Well, I mean, you specifically asked me to?”


“After we tangoed?”


“And then you were doing this thing with your hips–” 


“And then I came to Hasetsu and you were so skittish and I…[laughing] Yuuri, really! Nothing? Oh my god, it finally makes sense! Those early weeks of thinking ‘Did he change his mind about me? Does he not like me any–’”

“N-nothing could have been further from the–”

[still laughing, beginning to wheeze a little, Makkachin becoming concerned]


Junjou Romantica, Act 44

Once again, thank you to the guys of @penicillinshock for bringing us this beauty so soon after its release!

Nakamura-sensei, I know I got mad at you for that SIH thing you did, but because of Junjou, you’re kinda forgiven. I mean, bless that centerfold: Misaki is smiling, Akihiko is smiling, and all’s well in the world. 

Okay, so all in all, the latest JR act did deliver the big development that had been promised to us – perhaps not the one that we wanted, but –in my opinion– a much better one.

(Long post is long. Spoilers and uncalled-for analysis under the cut.)

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You know how people muck up Benediction Cantaloupe’s name for the ridiculousness of it and people still know exactly who you’re talking about? I bet Slytherin had exactly the same thing happen to him. Imagine the possibilities. Just think of Godric rocking up and addressing Salazar as any/all of the following every time they met:

  • Snazzledong Sluffington
  • Sansiban Sybilthon
  • Saffron Sneethilmug
  • Saladan Smimmylow
  • Salamander Slathering
A Cock In Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush)

Hey, @castielsburger, remember when I spammed you with all those ridiculous, over the top messages and then went “never mind, it’s nothing”? This is why! I really wanted to write this for you, because you’re always making me happy!

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Draco is in his mid twenties when the stress gets to him and he goes down faster than a sinking ship.

It’s completely unexpected, but then again, midlife crises do have the tendency to be unpredictable. That’s rather the point.

In a fit of complete and utter madness, he disappears in the early afternoon without warning. This after six months of willful confinement to the Manor.

Narcissa goes into a state of uncontrolled worry that niggles at Lucius so much, he locks himself in his library and refuses to come out until she’s either calmed down or taken a potion to keep her from fidgeting and otherwise making a nuisance of herself.

Many hours later, Draco returns, and Narcissa couldn’t be happier—could certainly be less confused, but is happy nonetheless.

Draco isn’t alone. For whatever reason it seems only he’s privy to, he’s gone and purchased a chicken. Not a peacock, not an albatross, not any of the birds of paradise or even a Lady Amherst pheasant, but a chicken.

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I dreamed of a Batman 4-panel comic one night (not even dreaming of the plot——I literally dreamed of these panels and style and actual comic) and woke up in the middle of the night thinking “wow that made so much sense but I’m too tired to get up so if I still remember it in the morning I’ll draw it”. The first thought I had in the morning was “Batman comic” so, here is the Batman comic from my dreams.


“What is fair in men does not last. Nothing is more fleeting than the years of a man’s life. But this is not true of art. The joy of understanding. That is the most noble of pleasures. Feathers will lift men as they do birds up to heaven.

I must stop now, my soup’s getting cold.”

– Leonardo da Vinci, disciple of experience.

i’m laughing because i just imagined kyle and cartman talking on the phone, and kyle’s like “okay you hang up” and cartman starts giggling all coy and twirling the phone cord around his finger like “no you hang up” and kyle’s like “okay” and the phone line goes fucking dead and cartman’s just left gawping, and it is killing me

Dear Lover,

1. You need to know that I will love you through literally everything.
You did something wrong? It’s okay, people make mistakes, it’s what makes us human and I want to help you grow from it. No matter what you did, you will learn from it and I will forgive you but more importantly, I will help you forgive yourself.
You reached success with something? I’m so proud of you. I will help you feel proud of yourself, pride in yourself is important. No matter how small your success you deserve praise.

2. Please please please talk to me. I know this is very vague but that’s really all there is. If something excites you and you think of telling me about it, do it. Your happiness makes me happy and the smallest details in your life, joyous or sorrowful, are important to me. I will always care about what you have to say.

3. Never ever ever feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to around me. If you are ever uncomfortable in any situation I will help you become comfortable. Your needs are important, even if that need is for me to go away. My only request is that you let me know what’s going on so I understand.

4. All I could really ask of you is your honesty. Anything you tell me will be appreciated if it’s said honestly. Even if it’s negative. Yes, the truth can hurt sometimes but at the end of the day the fact that you chose to be honest with me will help me to forgive, love, and trust you more.

5. All of these things I will do for you as well. With two people there are two parts and to expect you to hold up your end of the deal without doing the same has never seemed right to me. There is work involved. Please hold up your end so I can hold up mine.

6. I am still learning a lot of this. We can learn together. No matter how long or short our time in life together, we can learn from each other.

—  Letters to My Lover, 6 Things I Need You to Know. By d-earvincent.

4.5/5 Stars.

“You have to ask yourself, from the beginning, what do you think you know?”

Wow. I’m in awe of this book. It’s ceaselessly enthralling from the opening sentence, like a puzzle that demands to be solved despite your knowing, deep down, that it’s not going to be pretty. There’s a relentless sense of foreboding throughout the entire thing. Something is wrong—but what? Who is predator, and who is prey?

Linda, our unreliable narrator, is a strange, isolated high school student living in rural Minnesota. There are lots of heavy things happening around her, like, for example, her history teacher getting arrested for child pornography. When a mysterious couple with a young boy moves into the cabin across the lake, Linda becomes the boy’s designated babysitter, spending every afternoon with him and developing a sense of kinship and belonging with his young mother.

We get the sense early on that something bad is going to happen, but we don’t know what. Fridlund takes her time with the reveal(s), but the pacing is never frustrating.

The narration jumps around in time without warning, and the effect is deliberately disorienting. It makes sense for a story as obscure and peculiar as this one though. There are breaches between action and thought, guilt and innocence, trust and doubt, predator and prey—and what dwells in those gray areas isn’t always clear, even upon years of reflection.

At one point, as an adult, Linda wonders, “What’s the difference between what you want to believe and what you do? … And what’s the difference between what you think and what you end up doing?”

These questions lie at the heart of this exquisite novel, and there are no easy answers.

This is such a brilliant, thought-provoking, uncomfortable, deeply layered book. Fridlund writes with precision and purpose, delivering a dark, gorgeous, beguiling debut. I’ll be recommending this one to everyone.

i wrote a fuckign tim/brian thing but im still too lazy to make an ao3 and im tired and i want to show it to my friend so u guys are getting it in a post deal. im calling it ‘in which tim wright is a nerd’. because tim wright is a nerd. 

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veroinicalodge  asked:

Why are you always awake at like 2am?

You mean….this is not a normal time to be awake?? The night and I have become one. It’s far too late for me to look at 2am’s and be surprised. Why are you always awake at 2 am??