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What sleeping positions do the Royal Knights couple make (Not in the R-18 way! As in fluffy way)?

Okay I got around to answer this one but sorry if my words doesn’t make sense I tried my best. This answer is also base on the drawing I made which can be found here. Take it as a visual aid I guess! I will only list my 4 RK OTPS here and this is my personal interpretation so if your ship is not here, sorry about that.


I believe their sleeping positions would be “the Nuzzle” or “The Sweetheart’s Cradle”. Like this position stated, it is a snuggling position that has a high  strengthening sense of comradeship and protection. One that requires a high level of trust in one another. Duke and Omega are already close friends since the early RK days and they really trust each other both knowing each other strengths, faults, and insecurities. I mean Omega killed him one time in that movie and get depressed about it and Duke came back alive with no grudge against him. If that’s not love IDK what that is.


Okay this one is tricky mainly cause I cant find the exact word for this sleeping position. Duft really values his space as he’s not use being in a relationship with someone and Gankoo willingly give the space he needed. But overtime after their relationship and trust grew, Duft will start asking for his lover’s attention and being the inner softy he is, Gankoo will gladly give. Let it be a cuddle, a kiss, or a simple stroke of the hair as long as they are happy that’s all that matters.


Hmm their sleeping position would be a mix of the two mentioned above. While Ulforce craves the attention of his lover, Magna would be somewhat the opposite. Not to say that he doesn’t like that Ulforce fawns over him but more of feeling embarrass off the PDA but that feeling stems of the feeling of insecurity towards himself. Magna values his independence and space of the relationship and it would take some time for Ulforce to adjust and making a compromise between intimacy and independence, allowing the best of both worlds in their relationship.

Lord KnightmonxDynasmon

Lord Knight and Dynas likes to spoon whether its before or after their lovemaking. They take turns being the big or small spoon or in some cases, doing the loose spoon it doesn’t matter as long they are entangle and having close contact with one another. Like the sleeping position states, it demonstrates a dynamic where one partner is protective over the other and it goes without saying that Lord Knight and Dynas really trust each other and willing to put their lives at risk to protect the another.