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LFJDJDJSND IM SERIOUS BUT I COULDNT FIND THE POST ??? it was like “telling pregnant mothers not to smoke or drink while they’re pregnant is ableist and classist and it needs to stop” like????? i might just be a 👌psych/early ed/child development major but i’m pretty sure that that’s uh…..Not Correct™

I got to my library workshop for psych early and was the first one there and when my teacher came she said I was her star pupil and she didn’t mean it in a funny way because I just the first one there and that was such a nice thing for her to say, and the librarian was extra nice to me after she said that and when I left she said it was a pleasure meeting me. Today is still terrible but that was very sweet and possibly the highlight of my day. Unless of course my uncle and cousin come for dinner since I invited them, they’re supposed to bring wine and mineral water so I might get to hold my baby and get drunk tonight.


Britain’s Youngest Female Killer

On June 7th 1992, Sharon Carr targeted a lonely, drunk and upset 18 year old Katie Racliffe. The girl was lured into Sharon’s friends car after she needed a lift. Soon enough Katie wanted to leave but this angered Carr, who the proceeded to stab her 32 times. Her body also had mutilation to her anus, boobs and vagina, leading police to believe a male was involved not a 12 year old girl.

Sharon Carr was arrested 2 years later for a separate assault on a school girl. Whilst in prison she wrote diaries about her sexual pleasure from killing and admitting to the crime from 1992. In 1997 she went on trial for the murder of Katie Racliffe and sentenced to 14 years. In 2003 her sentence was reduced to 10 years even though she attacked many staff and prisoners. Later that year she was diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder meaning she was moved to a psyche ward.

Early life

Sharon Carr was born in Belize in 1979, 1 of 4 siblings to military parents they moved to England. After her mother infidelities the parents split up with Sharon being put in foster care. Carr was described as a polite young girl but soon deteriorated. Sharon decapitated her neighbors dog and fried local hamsters.

got me on my tip toes

~sometime in year two~

Jack can hear humming from the kitchen. He smiles as he comes downstairs, dressed for a run, T-shirt and sweatpants. Must be Bittle. Kid’s at it especially early this morning. Psyched for the game later, maybe, or just in one of his indomitable good moods. At least he isn’t going full blast in the shower again.

Even with the shower singing, though, Jack’s come to the conclusion that having Bittle in the Haus is a net positive. He brings something, a new flavor of sorts. Not that anything was missing, but even so. There’s a kind of charge in the air when he’s around, like he’s always got a thousand ideas. It’s exciting, even if it makes it a little harder to relax.

Jack sneaks carefully across the floorboards, hoping not to disturb him. He’ll sneak out the door before Bittle’s even noticed anyone’s gone by. Knowing him, he’s got his earbuds so deep in his head he can’t hear anything, anyway. One step past the downstairs bathroom, two steps to the kitchen doorway.

And Jack stops.

It’s a flash of skin that halts him at first. Bittle’s shirt is too tight, and it rides up as he reaches up to grab a mixing bowl from a high cabinet. Jack sees the small of his back bared, then his waist as he turns slightly.

Just skin, nothing he hasn’t seen before, but it feels like a illicit peek somehow, and Jack feels a flush rising in his cheeks. Stop looking, he tells himself. Go for your run.

He’s just managing to tear himself away when Bittle cocks his hips hard and sings in a breathy gasp, “Why?”

God help him, but at that moment Jack is locked right back into staring. The angle of those hips. They’re scandalous. Jack’s not even sure how. They just are.

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Photo from 08 November 2015, 06:30 am: Early morning Psych Stat revision feat. my first Starbucks Toffee Nut latte for the season. I turned the cup into a temporary pen holder because every time I place a pen on my desk, it somehow gets lost in the pile of papers and books. 😂

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