early posters


Motobloc Bordeaux, 1927, Rene Vincent by Paul Malon

Things aren’t what they seem when Bendy plays Hide-and-Seek–

Where did you go? Where have you hidden?

The shadows of these twisting halls make excellent hiding places! Who knows what Bendy can encounter here–

Why would you leave me alone? 

But nothing can stop Bendy from finding his best friend!

When are you coming back?

An exciting new adventure awaits the Darling Devil and Boris the Wolf!

Can you come back at all…?

Thrills! Chills! An unexpected visitor–who could that strange masked man be? Find out with…

Bendy In: “Hide-and-Seek!

A multi-part event, presented in Sillyvision! Check your local nickelodeon for viewing times.

When I was collecting screenshots I happened to glance to the background of this shot of Yuuri choosing his eros costume and look what’s between them 

look at the framed picture. 

I was like, wow, that looks fucking familiar now doesn’t it, victor???

and now I have this headcanon that Victor found the posters pretty early on and he started slowing putting them in frames around his own room to see how far it could go before Yuuri noticed 

or, you know, it could be that the onsen is littered with posters of Victor and from Yuuri’s fanboying and Victor decided not to take it down

either works 


It could be spoofing something else but to me the March 8th poster in The Lying Detective was like very clearly a parody of Hannibal, especially its early posters before the show premiered. Given how hyper aware Mark and Steven are of TJLC on here (secret acronym, glass breaking, “is tea code?” etc.) I have no doubt they’ve gotten a glimpse at some of The Discourse surrounding the show from Sherlock fans, specifically how Hannibal is praised for being feminist and groundbreaking and stylish and artistically brilliant and is generally well liked across the site when most of the criticisms people make of Sherlock on here for being handiwork of the devil accurate or not are actually true of Hannibal. It just felt like an inside joke (aside from pointing to Culverton being a serial killer).

Also, to me it seems like they clearly made fun of it here, but again, it could also be spoofing something else.


Ten years after the Dominion War, Molly is a Starfleet Ensign on her first assignment.