early posters

Imagine Woozi chuckling to himself when he sees how excited you are to get his photocard from their album.

Recent events have caused me to think critically about LGBT rights and history. I want to try to highlight some accomplished LGBT people in history in the next few months. Let’s start with Willem Arondeus, a gay man from the Netherlands.

Arondeus was the youngest son of his family. He began illustrating early in life, creating posters, tapestries and paintings. In the spring of 1941, Arondeus turned his efforts to anti-Nazi efforts. Recognizing the danger of registering Jews, he began an underground periodical proclaiming the danger of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. In the next year, he began another periodical that published art against the Reich Chamber of Culture. This periodical grew in to “The Free Artist,” a publication by a group that called for mass resistance to the Nazi movement.

He was a member of the Resistance Council that created underground organizations that fought to protect Jews. He led a group in bombing the Amsterdam Public Records Office, destroying thousands of files, an event that helped save the lives of many Jews. Because of this, he was executed by firing squad on July 1st, 1943. In his last message to his lawyer before his death, Arondeus said this: “Tell the people that gays are no longer cowards!”


#exodusproject #ExoAssassinAU part I

Sehun, Jongin, Chanyeol.

“He brought the bike to a screeching halt to look back and admire his handy work. Dead, for sure. Unless you can live and breathe without a head attached to your shoulders.” [read more here]

Kaede's Story?

There are some theories saying Kaede could die and Kiibo would be the new Main Character.

Just imagine that.

“I died? So early on…? Is the game over now…?
Wait- It continues?!
But I died! Im the Protagonist you can’t play the game without me-

I thought I was the important Character here. The one who saves them all. The one who writes their own story.

…And I got my hopes up…

Im such an idiot…
When I look back at all these early game Posters with Kiibo, Maki and Kaito…
I should have expected that.

This isnt my story anymore.

It’s game over for Kaede.”

My english is really bad and this isn’t even good, but im trying to give u guys Angst or some really fucked up theories ok-

I don’t know how much other people remember. But I remember the hate from the Frozen concept art released in summer 2012. I remember the hate from the leaked Anna and Elsa posters early 2013. And the huge, huge amounts of hate that followed all the way up until the movie’s release. And not to mention all the hate that’s STILL all over the place ever since the movie’s release.

Early Poison seeing this poster around the city and being like “Fuck off, I’m worth more than 400,000 Carbons” and blowing up some important SCARECROW building to prove a point.


I’ll make the other Killjoys soon, this is only supposed to be early Killjoy posters, so they’re only little crimes of like vandalism and stuff. again, im doing this really late and night so idk if these captions actually make any sense.