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woozi x reader smut

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a/n: my first woozi fic, my first seventeen fic, my first kpop fic. this was supposed to be something really simple and silly, but my dumb ass had to go and add a bunch of sadness and backstory to it, as always. as you can see, it got dramatically out of hand. iโ€™m so sorry, i hope someone likes it

~ in which you havenโ€™t gotten off in like six months, and lee jihoon is the pleasure specialist, himself. (heโ€™s also a little bit more than that.)

ย  ย  ย โ€œI promise you, you wonโ€™t regret this,โ€ Wendy reassured you, but they were words she always said right before she convinced you to do something that you definitely would regret. Sheโ€™d used them very often over the past year, during which sheโ€™d somehow persuaded you into going on roughly thirty blind dates that sheโ€™d set up in her desperate attempts to get you โ€œback out there.โ€ You knew her heart was in the right place, but every single date had been a disaster.ย 

ย  ย  ย The problem was that if she knew a guy who wasnโ€™t already taken, there was a reason for it. The first set-up been with a guy named Jinho who still lived with his ex-girlfriend (in a one bedroom apartment) and adamantly refused to wear deodorant; one guy, Jinwoo, told you he had recently quit his job and moved back in with his parents because he hadnโ€™t had enough time to play League; youโ€™d tried so hard to will yourself to forget the second to last guy, but how could you forget the name (Daehyun) of someone who sat down across from you and proceeded to ignore you for the whole two hours it took him to eat a salad, baked potato, and two steaks before โ€œsuddenly realizingโ€ he forgot his wallet, telling you he didnโ€™t think you were his type, and leaving you to foot the bill.

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not to be dramatic, but Louis is so freaking talented. his vocals are poppin, first of all. but aside from that he knows what works with a song like… Miss You sounds like an early 2000s pop punk banger™ with the heavy guitar and all but the violin adds an aspect to it that is just so like.. delicate? i don’t know man. but it’s beautiful, the dude knows what hes doing


Wanted to draw my Loki IRL characters as OK KO characters since I find there to be a lot of similarities. Will draw more some other time.

A young aspiring kid with a binder full of heroes and villains who befriends a tall rapping green man said to be from outer space who tries really hard to be cool. They hang around a store with a neon hair retail employee girl too good for this job dealing with stupid customers. The world around them is surrounded by colorful sketchy outlined weirdos. The premise relies on a bunch of retro cartoons and early 2000s pop culture references. Like that other green unkempt dork still oppressed with nu metal enough to be wearing Rave Pants in broad daylight.