early mornnings

i cant BELIEVE the audacity of my brain to feel sad now of all times, im done exams and have free time, how dare

Snowbaz morning and night headcanons

For COC day 19: Late nights/early mornings.

Snowbaz morning headcanons:

-Baz always says “Good morning, love” to Simon

-Simon’s hair is super messy EVERY MORNING

-Baz likes to sleep in on weekends but Simon will get up while he’s still sleeping and try to make him a fancy breakfast, almost always messing it up a little, but even if it tastes disgusting Baz will eat the whole thing and say that he liked it, because Simon is so endearing.

-Baz has early-getting-up-for-work-mornings down to a fine routine, whereas Simon just mucks around for ages and then gets ready in a panic at the last minute.

-Baz ties his hair back when he brushes his teeth and washes his face and Simon loves that look a lot (Baz totally sees the way Simon eyes him in the mirror).

-Simon likes to kiss Baz when he’s shaving and see Baz get mildly annoyed at the shaving cream he gets on his face.

-They seem to constantly be buying butter because Simon will eat slabs of it on whatever he has for breakfast, be it crumpets or cornflakes or something else entirely. He’ll eat butter with bacon and eggs.

-Baz drinks strong black coffee every morning, but will only have weak, sweet, milky coffees or tea during the day.

-Simon never opens the curtains in the morning now because he knows the sunlight causes Baz discomfort.

Snowbaz night headcanons:

-Baz likes to cook creative meals whenever he isn’t working, and they’re not going out. He puts a lot of effort into the presentation and then Simon just says a quick “looks good” before demolishing it and finishing completely within about 30 seconds.

-Simon is a lightweight, so Baz always ends up looking after him when they go out drinking.

-Simon sometimes falls asleep in front of the TV, and Baz will carry him to bed.

-Baz thinks sleepy Simon is the most adorable thing ever.

-Simon likes to drag Baz out on late night walks through the park.

-Baz develops a taste for tea before bed.

-Baz finally lets Simon help him get blood, and every second Friday night they’ll go out hunting and bag up blood to keep in the fridge for the next couple weeks.

-They both still have nightmares quite often, and they’ll always comfort each other. Simon will get up and make Baz a cup of tea before sitting up in bed with him, arms wrapped around him, and asking him what it was. Baz will pull Simon closer to him, and ask if he wants to talk about, but Simon rarely does, so he’ll whisper things like “shh, it’s alright love. You’ll be alright. I’m right here,” and he’ll kiss Simon’s forehead and stroke his hair out of the way and stroke his cheek.

In the hush of morning light,

I slowly cracked open an eye,

Orange shimmers through the curtains,

Warmth on my bare face, let aglow.

I burrowed deeper into the blankets

And I closed my eyes,

Hoping to drift back to dreamland,

“Just five more minutes!” I chanted.

But the alarm began to ring,

And ring it did, it was loud enough

To wake a hibernating bear.

I roared to life with a big yawn

Stretched out my arms and claws

Grumpy to start the day so early

I’m nocturnal, you see.

I sat in bed, staring in space blankly

My eyelids fighting the urge to meet.

Suddenly, beside my bed

Two mother hens nagging me,

Telling me it’s time to awaken

From dreams back to reality.

What a way to start my day.. Happily.

~ just-unis

“Every day, my love for you grows. Brighter and brighter, until it consumes me… I don’t want to keep secrets from you. I want you to know. I want you to remember.”

  • Wisteria: welcoming
  • Forget-me-not: true love
  • Rosemary: remembrance 

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