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Sk8er Girl CH2 (Trixya)- Squeaky Pink
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Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a  Flazéda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

Or: She was a sk8er girl. She said see you later girl. She wasn’t good enough for her (or was she?).

[AN: Pink Shrooms aka Squeaky Pink. We’re writing this together but alternating chapters and POVs. Pinky is Trixie’s POV and Squeaky is Katya’s POV. We wanted to write the ending of this chapter based on the actual experience of a friend. The goal was to emulate life it its honest, messy way.]

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Walking into the house after an early morning spin class, Hailey went straight to the kitchen in order to find something to eat dropping her workout bag on the counter along the way. She’d made a beeline for the fridge, opening it up in search of something, anything she could eat without having to cook, her nose crinkling when she didn’t find anything. Letting out a sigh, she grabbed the milk and turned around and shut the fridge, letting out a surprised scream when she saw Phoebe sitting at the counter. “Girl!” She said, her hand coming up to her chest for a moment before she started to laugh and set the milk down on the counter. “Were you there the whole time?” 

Its 9:40 AM. I've been up for 5+ hours...

you know what happens when its 9:40AM and you’ve been up for 5+ hours?

You eat a chicken breast for your mid-morning snack.

That, and you wash strep-infested linens, prepare Paleo short ribs in the crock-pot, and interfere in a Lego war between your (almost) 4 year old and 6 year old.