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  • Laxus, under his breath: God damn it, Freed is beautiful.
  • Freed: Did you say something?
  • Laxus: ...Uh...I said the...sunset is beautiful?
  • Freed: ...What sunset? It's midday.

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in which there’s a flower shop, a lost creature and two shy nature geeks 

fem!reader x newt scamander 

Owning a flower shop was truly challenging. Owning a flower shop covered in witches live among us posters was even worse. But nevertheless Y/N kept her head up, scratching the advertisements glued to the windows became familiar to her everyday routine. Truth is, she did believe in witches. But was she one? Of course not, she didn’t even know what she did to deserve to be called out as one. She was flattered, really, in her mind magic was something extraordinary, and for her plain self to be paired with something as magnificent? That’s a compliment if she’s ever heard one.

Today was no different, it was early morning, people of New York brushing past her as she ripped the stupid posters of the front door of her shop. Rarely did people set foot in there now, the no witchcraft in America scaring customers off easily besides a few loyal ones she had. So when a handsome stranger showed up by her desk she was truly amused. Even Eli, a German shepherd that already outlived Y/N by his long dog years, seemed excited to see a new face in the shop. She inspected him carefully, his - what she only caught glimpses of - beautiful, beautiful eyes, not daring to meet hers as he asked for a handful of tree seeds Y/N has only heard about from her mother. She dug around for a bit, the back of the shop being something she didn’t tidy often, it was more or less her mothers stuff and poor Y/N still hasn’t excepted that she was on her own on now.

She exchanged a few more words with the British man and that was it. The day went on as if any other; Y/N feeding Eli, Y/N watering the plants, Y/N feeding Eli even more because of his well mastered puppy dog eyes, Y/N moving plants to bigger bowls that outgrew their old ones, Y/N watching a tiny plant creature climb her desk — Wait, what?

She rubbed her eyes, nearly dropping the flower pot she was currently reseeding, her brows knitting together as her eyes narrowed to slits. She’s gone mad, hasn’t she? A small, green branch was standing upon the wooden desk, looking around in what seemed to be distress. Y/N placed the pot down carefully, tiptoeing over to her table, almost scared of what she was seeing. And as she inched closer the creature seemed to notice, Y/N preparing herself for the claws on it’s hands to extended, yet it only stumbled back, looking wide eyed at the woman in front of it. Or the dog actually.

Eli growled at it, standing in front of Y/N in his attempts at protection. But this cleared things up for Y/N, she’s not bonkers after all. If the hound sees it, it must be real. Or are the both of them just high on some toxic flower fumes?

So she ordered the dog to sit, tugging at him by his collar, stubborn that creature was, as she extended her hand for the beast, if you can even call it that considering it’s size. “I’m not going to hurt you, little fella.” She said, now even excited. Nature was everything to her, so seeing a new type of species really did excite her. “Eli won’t too, don’t worry, he’s just protective, and a little old too, so he’s sort of allowed to be grumpy.” She smiled, Eli letting out a grunt at her words, but the creature seemed to understand since he now stood braver, coming over to touch the woman’s hand. “See, there you go, how’d you even get there? There was no one here besides me, Eli and — oh. You couldn’t belong to the British man, could you?” She asked and the plant started nodding furiously, climbing completely into her palm as she raised her hand to look at it clearer. “How’d you two get separated? Some friend you have if he looses you that easily. Let’s just hope he notices that you’re gone, I’m sure he’ll come back. But you can stay as long as you’d like?” She finished more with a question than a sentence, she started of her day like any other, yet now she’s talking to a plant who has a face.

Hours passed and it was nearing closing time, anxiety was chewing her up from inside, she’d jump to the slightest of noise, hoping that it’s the door opening with the blue coated Brit. She had nested the creature inside the pocket of her apron, it was lukewarm around the place and her new leafy friend seemed to enjoy sharing body temperature. And as the sky colored in pinks and yellows, Y/N’s nails completely chewed off by the fact that she might never find the owner of the creature, the door did finally open, Eli crying out in a loud bark as he ran to greet the so waited man.

Y/N was fuming now, not enough to lash out on him, but enough to let him suffer for awhile since he did seem as much distressed as the creature currently fast asleep in her pocket.

“Sorry, sir, we’re closing.” She said, putting away pots and bowls on various shelves, the cute man — wait, since when did he become cute? Oh right, since the first time she saw him today. Damn.

“Um, could I just -um, ugh. Could I just look around for a bit more? Perhaps you have a wiggentree planted somewhere already?” He tilted his head upwards, finally meeting her eyes, Y/N’s stomach erupting into butterflies at being graced with the beauty of his irises. They were pleading though, looking completely lost and hopeless.

“You kidding? Those things are huge, where’d I plant one in here?” She said, pressing on the matter only to have the man’s eyes dart down again and she couldn’t help it anymore, he was just too damn cute and she could really see that he was stressing about his creature just as much as Y/N was. “I’m messing with you, your friend is here.” His eyes shot up again, now completely wide and reflecting shock as Y/N smiled sweetly at him, his cheeks filling with color as he shook his head in misunderstanding. So she hushed at the creature in her pocket, waking it up from its slumber as she pulled it out.

“Merlin’s beard, Finn! I’ve been worried sick!” The Brit immediately extended his hand, Finn Y/N assumed he was called, jumping right over Eli to reach the man’s hand, another creature just like Finn appearing from the Brit’s pocket to meet him. Y/N awed at the sight, it’s not everyday you see a cute man with a cute creatures that’s technically isn’t even supposed to exist. Again, has Y/N gone mental? “Sorry for earlier, I was sort of mad that you lost your, um, Finn, right?” She continued as the man nodded. “But you’re back so we’re all good, just make sure not to lose him again, they seem oddly fond of you.” She smiled at him and Newt nodded again, rather confused now. Because earlier today when he was here he was sure that the woman did not know of the wizarding world, but right now, even witches and wizards themselves, they’d rarely take a liking to a beast. Most would’ve squashed it by now, in Newt’s experience, so maybe she’s a squib —

“What are they, by the way?” His thoughts were cut off by her asking, clearing up his confusion. Muggle it is.

“They’re bowtruckles. A beast that is hard to spot because of his size and looks. They usually serve as guardians to the tree they habit. They love wiggentrees, that’s what I was getting the seeds for. May I ask how you even acquired them?”

“Oh, they were my mother’s. I’ve only seen one in my life, when I was little. She took me to this giant tree, told me that if I touch it it’ll protect me from all things dark. Obviously I thought it was nonsense, but seeing your friends over here, I guess not.” And Newt smiled then, because after all it’s squib, meaning that he won’t have to cast a spell on her so she’d forget.

And so daily visits from Newt became part of her everyday routine too. Even if he didn’t need anything he’d still come over, mumbling nervously as Y/N giggled at him, offering him tea or something so she could keep him with her just for a little longer. After a bit of bonding they’d finally go down into Newt’s case, Y/N’s eyes nearly popping out of her face as she looked around. And she was great help too, she knew a lot about how different plants and herbs reacted to different creatures, all of that that she’s learned during her time as a child with her mother, which then yet again seemed to be complete nonsense, yet now it was very much needed. She found herself waking up everyday cheerfully, dragging still half asleep Eli to the shop just so she could see Newt again. To feel his hand brush against hers as they exchanged something, both of the two looking down with tinted cheeks, or when she was just watching Newt interact with his creatures - fantastic beasts she learned to call them - so gentle and loving, she couldn’t help falling for the beautiful man stood in front of her.

But then of course his departing time came, Y/N stood at the pear looking at the ship Newt was about to leave her on, trying to avoid seeing him say goodbye to Tina. Eli nuzzled at her leg as she took a shaky sigh. Newt turned to her then, catching her off her guard for once, because she’d usually smile or look back at him, Newt way too shy to hold her gaze, but now he could look at her clearly, and he saw no smile, no matter how bright her eyes were.

“We’ll see each other again, I promise.” He said to her, hands coming to his chest and fingers crossing his heart as she smiled at him widely. “But just in case, I want to leave somebody to look out for you.” Y/N frowned, both Pickett and Finn peeking out from the collar of Newt’s coat, the woman immediately starting to shake her head because hell, he is not giving away one of his creatures. And when Y/N took no action to take his offering, Newt bent down to bet the shepherd, one of the bowtruckles climbing on top of Eli’s head as Finn looked up to Y/N in what seemed to be a smile.

“Newt, I can’t keep him, he’s yours, they’re yours, I’m not qualified to take care of him —”

“He wanted this himself, he knows that you’re a brilliant woman, and as I said, we’ll see each other again.” He explained, Y/N heart hammering against her chest as the wizard came closer to push a strand of loose hair behind her ear. She looked at him, Newt finally not darting his gaze away as he looked up, such beautiful eyes Y/N took in every inch of, never wanting to forget the moments she spent together with Newt —

“Can you two just kiss already?” Tina popped up suddenly, Y/N and Newt jumping back from each other, startled, as the witch sighed, mumbling an okay okay I’ll leave as she turned for the exist. Y/N started laughing then, Newt following along as they looked at each other again. Y/N leaned in first now, her lips brushing against the man’s cheek, tinting it the lightest shade of pink.

“Off you go, Mr. Scamander.” She hushed, fixing the hufflepuff scarf around his neck, turning him around and pushing him toward the ship entrance. Newt laughed again, waving to Finn who was comfily sitting on top of Eli’s head, as he turned to Y/N again.

“See you soon, Ms. Y/L/N.”

mystudystudio  asked:

how I do make a study plan ? , I really want to get ahead .



1. Know your free time. 

You can do this by writing down your fixed schedule.This “fixed” schedule should include the time for the things you can’t compromise. For example, your classes. Before you can make a schedule for your study plan, you must need to know your free time. This is when you’re going to study. I strongly suggest that you only use your free time for studying. Do not compromise important things (like sleep) for the sake of studying. Live a little.

2. Choose among those breaks times the time you study best. 

Some people best retain information during early morning; some people best process information at night. (Personally, I study best around 1am-5am, because the world is silent and I cannot study in a noisy environment.) Match your best study time to your free time. That’s now your fixed study time schedule. 

NOTE: Don’t let your study schedule restrict you. When you feel like your concentration is at its peak, just go and study.

3. Decide WHAT to study. Some study plans:

PLAN A. Study one subject at length per day. For example, on Mondays, study World History. On Tuesdays, study Physics, etc etc.

Pro: You have your full concentration on a subject. You can study it broadly and deeply. This may lead to better mastery of the concepts.

Con: This plan is restrictive and not flexible. What if you have a test on English tomorrow, but you’re scheduled to study Science tonight? Also, by Friday you might have already forgotten what you’ve studied on Monday.

Tip: Use Plan A during the ~calm~ part of the school season aka start of every new semester or unit/just after the exams. You can ~chill, because you have no deadlines. Btw if you can finish the required textbook/s before the semester gets busy, DO IT.

PLAN B. Study as many subjects as you can in little doses every day. This is the opposite of Plan A.

Pro: You get prepared for all your classes!!! Yay!!!
Con: You might get tired tbh. Information might not get through when you’re tired.

Tip: Use Plan B when the semester starts getting busy. This will allow you to keep up with your lessons when they get fast-paced. Besides, if you used Plan A, your foundations might already be solid, and all you need to do is to revisit the concepts.

PLAN C: Do the most important things first. The key word is priority

Some considerations when sorting priorities are (1) difficulty of the task based on the task’s complexity; (2) difficulty of the task based on your capabilities; and (3) DEADLINES.

Pro: You get necessary things done on time.

Con: This is a reactive, not a productive plan. You only react to a need, not anticipate the need.


Remember that a plan is only as good as its implementation. Remember also that plans are flexible. Revise your plan when it’s not working. 

Hope this helps! x

lmao I find it so funny when people try to attack us for shipping scorbus saying “why can’t we have ONE strong male friendship without you guys turning them gay???!!!” when harry and ron has been best friends since ever and literally no one ships them


Apparently I have an exam of the subject I am most screwed in like least tomorrow, and I missed the two classes with the exam’s subject, so here’s a fic I wrote this afternoon instead of studying.

Contains depression.

His name was Nico di Angelo. He was 19 years old. He was a student at New York University. His dad was called Hades and he had two sisters. He had friends who cared about him (Reyna and Jason, for example). He had a boyfriend. He had depression and took medication. He liked… he wanted…

Next question.

He didn’t like loud noises or college. He didn’t like the concerning early joy of morning people (with one outstanding exception). He didn’t like himself–

Oh. No, no. Bad direction. Let’s change the course.


(When would this end? When, when? He just wanted a date so he could mark it in a calendar and wait for time to do this job. Why was he… this? Why was his brain sick? He didn’t think it was very fair.

Well, many things weren’t fair. So, in the end, it made some sort of absurd sense that he had the shitty mental illness, he guessed.

Maybe he had done something bad in another life. Killed someone. Mistreated someone who needed him. And this life was his redeeming path.

Which was great, because when his mental illness acted up he could hardly do anything, let alone something bad. Ha!

The next life better give him a yacht and an endless vacation.)

“Babe? …Neeks? Neeks.” His boyfriend had been poking his arm. “You there? What are you doing?” 

Wallowing in self-pity and the pain of being here when he didn’t want to be and imagining how easier things would be if he was dead.

Nico puffed his cheeks out, closed his eyes, and didn’t answer.

“Ah.” Will mumbled. Nico silently agreed.

The worst part about it when he was like this was that nothing was the better option. Being alone was dangerous and sometimes it wasn’t what he wanted, while he never wanted other people to be forced to put up with this shit too.

“You took all your medication today?”

Nico nodded.

“Okay. Have you eaten anything?”

Nico shook his head, briefly wanting to make a face. He really didn’t want to eat anything right now. Open his mouth, chew, swallow. Taste nothing. Be more tired later.

Will didn’t ask whether there was anything he’d liked to eat.

In fact, his boyfriend didn’t say anything for a while.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” He asked at last.

Was there?

Nico couldn’t think of anything, so he shook his head.

“Okay.” Will said.

Then there was a sound of something being thrown on the floor, near the couch Nico was lying on. A zipper being opened, and the spiral of a notebook being dragged along it as it was taken out of the bag. Pens scattering on the floor. Will mumbling something under his breath. 

Nico focused on the sounds, even as Will tried to be as quiet as possible.

He – thankfully – must have fallen asleep not so long after that. When he woke up, the room was much darker, no sunlight to create long shadows he could follow with his eyes. The – lack of – color in the walls dimmed to a quiet gray that he thought he liked, for some reason.

Will was still there, and Nico could barely see the dark wood of the floor around him, seeing as it was covered with opened thick books, papers, the laptop Will always had with him, currently showing a skeleton and the names of its bones.

Nico vaguely hoped Will wouldn’t have to memorize all those names. Poor boyfriend.

Said boyfriend was lying on the floor, one hand above his chest, holding a small piece of paper, and mouth slightly opened. His snoring wasn’t too loud.

Nico kind of wanted to take a picture of that so he could look at it when he was in a shitty mood.

But he didn’t remember where his phone was (it probably had no battery anyway), and didn’t feel like looking for it.

Thank goodness his boyfriend’s phone was right there near the couch.

He extended his arm and got it, then managed to record a small video of his boyfriend nearly drooling over his papers, snoring in high definition sound.

Future good mood: guaranteed.

But he wasn’t cruel and heartless, so after a couple of minutes of convincing himself to do it, he stood up, involving himself in the blanket he’d brought, and walked to the man on the floor.

He poked him until he woke up with a start.

“What? Neeks? Everything alright? What– Oh.” He mumbled when he saw the mess of the floor.

“Let’s go to bed.” Nico mumbled. He vaguely noticed the taste in his mouth was bad and that he didn’t smell great either.

“But I have to learn Latin.”

Will, what?

“Nap.” Nico insisted, and Will looked conflicted for about two seconds before his shoulders slumped and he nodded, rubbing his face.


His boyfriend stood up. The piece of paper he’d been holding fell, and it took a moment in which they both just stared at it before Will crouched down and got it.

“Oh! Right.” Will said with renewed excitement. “Neeks, look what I learned. See this paper in my hands–”

He made a gesture too fast for Nico to completely follow – his mind was still hazy – but the paper seemed to disappear from his hands for a moment, before Will pretended to take it from behind Nico’s ear.

Nico blinked at him.

“Ta-da! I’m a magician now!” Will beamed. “Now please open it?”

Nico didn’t really want to – he wanted to be asleep; things didn’t hurt when he was asleep. But this seemed to be important to Will, for whatever reason, so he took the paper.

And opened it.

You are awesome and worth it and I love you! =D – Your bff bf’, it said.

Below the words, two hearts had been drawn holding hands – one painted with blue ink, the other seemingly blank, empty.

Truth be told, the words made the corner of his lips lift a little, but the smile on Will’s face was what made his entire being warmer, brighter.

“I thought BFF boyfriend was particularly clever.” Will informed him.

“You’re a genius.” Nico murmured. “Now come down here, please. You sappy Houdini.”

Will leaned down to kiss him – too fast, since the idiot felt the need to pull back and say, “This is my favorite nickname ever, by the way”.

Nico gave him a pointed look and stuck his tongue out at him.

“I’m offended. And there I thought you loved me. Hmpf!” Will acted upset for a second, crossing his arms and everything. Then he dropped his act and his smile became softer, more attentive. “Okay, enough of being dorks. Sleep?”

“Sleep.” Nico agreed, and they both walked silently toward his room, the only sound being that of the blanket being dragged through the floor. Will’s hand was warm in his, and Nico held the paper close to his chest.

Random Early Morning Ramblings

People always think I don’t drink alcohol because I’m like this little goodie goodie… But really, I’m just obsessed with my natural hair, and I once read that drinking alcohol stunts the growth of your hair.. And I love my natural hair… Even if it just meant losing 1/8 of an inch of hair a year… I want that extra 1/8 damnit. Yes. It is that serious.

Almost every other post, if not EVERY post on my dash this evening and until the early morning has been people sharing how much they love and appreciate Phil Lester. Almost. Every. Post. The outpouring of love and appreciation for him has been overwhelming. I get sad sometimes that he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, but tonight - with the award and my dash turning into a ‘omg phil is so inspiring and amazing and the world doesn’t deserve him’ party, I am elated. 

I just cooked myself a mug cake at 5:24 a.m.

The perks of living alone and being a careless and unhealthy college student 

Clint takes to twitter to rant about how you got the final kill on a mission.

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