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Out with the old and in with the… Equally old

Aka, Haggar is gonna be the final boss and y’all gonna regret sleeping on her


Just look at the difference in how she’s presented between s1 and s4

Seasons 1 and 2 are hands down Zarkon’s bigges seasons (thus far)

He’s presented in an eye-catching red against the purple and silver of the rest of the empire.

Haggar? Notice how she’s framed behind him, and made small by comparison. She’s notable enough to have a distinct design, but she’s pretty much only ever seen in proximity to Zarkon in some way.

With Zarkon at the forefront of course

Looking at season 4 though, we get a rather dramatic shift in how they’re BOTH presented


Our very first scene on the Galra side opens up with this

Not once has Haggar had such a long scene to herself (the closest we’ve gotten is when she first registers the awakened castleship, but even then it quickly cuts to Zarkon)

Heck, this really brings attention to the fact that while we’ve never had Zarkon without Haggar, we’re starting to drift into the territory of seeing Haggar without Zarkon.

Cause idk about you, but we’ve never had an isolated scene like this with the guy, he’s always been talking to Haggar or beating the crap out of Voltron.

Similar shot to our first screencap, and notice how different everything is framed.

Now, Haggar is in the forefront, and the way Zarkon is framed makes him look small in comparison to her (which I admit never thought was possible, yet here we are)

Even his colors have changed, washing out from his wine red to something only a few shades away from Haggar’s telltale purple, giving credence to the thought Haggar’s theme/character/arc/whatever is becoming much more prominent.


Just look at that, nearly a 180 from before, she’s still in the forefront, and even the color scheme has cooled more to her tones

I’d keep an eye on our babe here if I were you

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I imagine you're the kind of person who accidentally falls asleep sitting up.

well, not accidentally. falling asleep upright is kinda uncomfortable. i mean, i still do it, but usually it has to be a special occasion. or i have to be really really bored.

 last week i fell asleep sitting up with my eyes open and accidentally won a staring contest with nick fury. so theres that, i guess.

Marinette meeting Plagg for the first time?

Those were the only cheese desserts I could think of. I had goat cheese with caramel up in Toronto and it was super yummy and I’m a sucker for cheesecake. And now I’m hungry O.O

Me just doodling before heading to bed. I have an early morning, so goodnight people of tumblr! :)

they’re all bi and dating and i love them?


…Maybe it was for the greater good that Leo won instead of Henry, otherwise it would’ve been fowl play 


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 are here!

i saw a thing at the mall

frankie d never uses the bottom part bc he already has a donut hole :^)




“It’s a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize how much you love them.” -Agatha Christie, An Autobiography


Izuku is a morning person.

Back during his first ten months of personal training with All Might, he’d gotten accustomed to waking up at horrendously early hours. Five in the morning was probably the earliest he had ever awoken, but with All Might’s thorough training plan, the absurd hour barely phased him. Waking up at noon—the time people usually liked getting up—felt considerably more jarring.

Izuku found comfort in the serenity of early mornings. People would still be fast asleep, the air would be cool but not piercing, and the sun would barely just be over the horizon, depending on the season.

Izuku thrived in the mornings.

His boyfriend—not so much.

“Shouto,” Izuku carefully knocks on Shouto’s door. “Are you awake?”


Izuku pounds his fist against the door again, but more firmly. “Shouto, it’s already ten. You’ve got to get up.”

He waits a good two minutes before he opens the door. Shouto never kept his room locked, knowing well that only Izuku was capable of waking him up during the days where the students were allowed to sleep in. Usually, Shouto always got up right on time, or a little earlier, but when the choice was up to him, he took advantage of it.

Today was one such day.

Shouto’s room is dark, the curtains drawn closed and the lights turned off. It’s quiet as usual—the only thing Izuku could hear were his own footsteps and puffs of breaths.

Giving the room a quick once-over, Izuku quickly concludes Shouto is not in his bed. The blankets are pulled neatly over the mattress, and his pillows are as fluffed as Izuku remembered them to be. It’s pristine.


A grunt—from the direction of Shouto’s study desk.

Izuku smiles. He pads over to the slump form of his boyfriend, whom is face-down on the desk, arms serving as a makeshift cushion. “You’re going to hurt your neck like that.”

Another grunt, probably meaning something along the lines of I don’t care.

Unfortunately for Shouto, Izuku cares.

“I’m going to open the curtains, okay? You need to wake up.”

Shouto grumbles, no—was he whining?

Izuku chortles.

Looking after Shouto in the mornings was a blessing in disguise. Shouto wasn’t one to be caught in a dishevelled state very easily, always clean-shaven and neat to the point of being uptight.

Neat and tidy was Shouto’s middle name.

During the mornings, Shouto lost whatever neatness, tidiness, and courtesy he normally possessed.

Izuku thinks it’s cute.

Shouto is cute.

Shouto is always cute, but he’s especially so in the morning.

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neighbor! Minghao

admin seri: well jess wrote the first put off this about a month? after we started the blog, it’s crazy to see how far we’ve come :’) . here’s me finishing this as we open requests :) hope you enjoy!! (p.s. i think i have a thing for convenience stores, my bad hehe)

  • somehow I see a display of nunchucks and a katana his fireplace mantle?
  • for scientific reasons only cough
  • somehow it fits into the aesthetics of his house though?
  • the coat closet houses skateboards and hats, “what else is that closet for?”
  • has a surprising collection of wine glasses and red a variety of red wines
  • cabinets have a dark earthy brown color, kind of a vintage countertop, but modern look overall
  • renovated either a room or the whole basement into a dance studio
  • goes skateboarding early in the morning
  • invites people over for lunch often
  • isn’t really a neighborhood watch kind of guy or welcoming committee person
  • but your doorbell rings and you open the door and there’s a bouquet of flowers and the sound of a skateboard fleeing the scene
  • has enough pillows on the couch to drown a man
  • the one with an intricate stone pathway in their backyard with lots of vines and interesting plants and a bench so he can sit on it and enjoy the beautiful green canopy of his private rain forest
  • parkours over all the garbage cans on garbage day and never knocks even a single one over
  • hosts video game nights, like just dance so y'all can dab at the wrong parts, and overwatch, or LOL
  • the one crazy enough to buy tiki torches because Jun dared him and nearly set Jeonghan’s cat on fire smh
  • plays jazz in his house, you can hear the sax solo every Tuesday night
  • goes “camping” in his driveway with Mingyu, Seokmin, and other 97 liners
  • pranks by the 97 line
  • ding dong ditches your house only to run by a few minutes later, excessively dabbing
  • except Seungcheol scolds them
  • so they apologize to everyone and bakes everyone cake instead
  • teaches the kids how to dance/ bboy and how to skate
  • imagine that cute grin on his face while doing so
  • leads adventures to defeat the Jun dragon for all the gold hidden (chocolate coins)
  • wears sunglasses indoors
  • “Minghao it’s 8pm, can you even see out of those?”
  • “nope”
  • broken cat doors and fences are magically fixed overnight with a little note saying, “97 line was here, your payment will be one dab”
  • flips water bottles onto the roof until they get stuck
  • and needs to borrow a ladder to retrieve them
  • but not Seungcheol’s oh no
  • “should we ask Seungcheol hyung…”
  • Minghao stares while Mingyu excessively shakes his head
  • yeah they don’t want to go through that time again
  • now if someone where to peek outside their door,
  • they’d see three adults wearing all black creeping down the hallway as if they were in a spy movie
  • until they reach Minghao’s place where the original plan was to play games until the morning and figure it out then
  • but then they see “suspicious” boxes stacked outside Minghao’s door
  • except now it wasn’t just out his door
  • because right across from him the used to be empty place’s door was being held open by those boxes
  • but they also saw a ladder being slower pushed into the doorway
  • “HEY MINGHAO! your new neighbor has one!!! go ask them!”
  • getting prodded forward, he gets a look at you
  • who was lifting one side of the ladder struggling
  • bending down, he picks it up
  • and you knew you didn’t just get super human strength so you glance up
  • flipping his hair naturally, Minghao puts on an embarrassed smile
  • “Hey I️ live across from you, welcome to the area!”
  • “Thank you!” you say brightly, then nod towards his hands hold the ladder,
  • “and thank you”
  • “it’s no problem” putting on that embarrassed smile again, he chuckles nervously
  • “actually, me and my friends would like to use it right now?”
  • “Oh!” your eyes widen in surprise
  • you laugh slightly, smiling
  • “go ahead”
  • “thanks!”
  • and with barely any effort at all, he takes the ladder by himself,
  • flashing you a small smile before maneuvering his way out your doorway and down the hall
  • you feel a little weak at the knees
  • and while you excuse it to the amount of lifting you’ve done
  • you know a small portion is because of your neighbors most adorable smile
  • and then there’s Minghao,
  • letting out a little giggle to himself
  • because damn his neighbor is cute
  • “what’s that smile for???” Mingyu raises an eyebrow at his different face
  • “what? nothing” Minghao shrugs casually
  • squinting at his face, Seokmin claps
  • “Ah! Were they a she? a pretty she?”
  • the both wiggle their eyebrows at Minghao
  • “Aye why do looks matter?”
  • walking past them carrying the ladder,
  • almost hitting them, not on purpose at all
  • he avoids the question well
  • so it somehow became who could chug the most
  • *but she was cute’ he thinks, smiling softly to himself
  • they manage to take hours getting the many many water bottles of the roof
  • “what a waste of water” Seokmin sighs, balancing a bottle on his arm
  • this is where you see three crazy guys on the roof fighting for water bottles
  • “well your gonna have to run for it” 
  • ever seen grown men running carefully and dramatically 
  • its hilarious 
  • what should’ve taken 10 minutes turned into a whole two hours 
  • already night time and sneaking down from the roof
  • and crowded inside Minghao’s place playing FIFA
  • “what are you gonna do about the ladder over there” Mingyu calls from the kitchen making snacks of course
  • “i’ll bring it over tomorrow morning” 
  • “you should bring her food too! as a welcome!!” Seokmin nudges Minghao wiggling his brows
  • making him shove back, trying to concentrate on the game
  • “YES! i’ll start making food!!” Mingyu claps excitedly
  • ‘oh lord, this is going to be a mess’ 
  • and that’s how he ends up at your door, a basket of food in his hands stacked almost up to his chin
  • you swing open the door, your breakfast sandwich in hand, still in your PJ’s, hair up into a bun 
  • “AH” you yelp, swinging the door close on reflex
  • and then opening it again cringing at the way you look
  • Minghao glances at the corner of your lips,
  • where a bread crumb lays
  • “your neighbor, remember me?” 
  • “yes the c-” you smile pausing, still flustered, “the guy borrowing the ladder” 
  • “i see you have it” you laugh slightly motioning to the ladder behind him
  • “and with a welcome gift” 
  • and grabbing the basket from him, you walk inside, letting him set the ladder down in your living room
  • “i would invite you to stay but…” 
  • he nods, “you just moved in, your busy i get it” 
  • Minghao smiles backtracking out the door
  • “i’m right across from you if you need anything” 
  • closing your door, you lean back against the wall, 
  • “oh my god i’m a mess” you whisper to yourself 
  • and smirking, opening the door just down the hall from yours, 
  • he shakes his head at himself
  • ‘nevermind, i’m a mess,’ 
  • taking a breathe, and grabbing his skateboard, he laughs
  • “well, she’s adorable” 
  • you, are well, going about your moving in process, 
  • occasionally letting the cute neighbor run though your mind
  • who, oh my god, you guys don’t even know each other’s names
  • taking a break from your many boxes, your run to the nearest convenience store to find dinner 
  • only to find it particularly crowded in the ramyeon section 
  • your eyes wonder to your neighbor, surprisingly
  • and your reaction is to blast your way outta there
  • until you guys make eye contact
  • making Minghao not very subtly leaving his group
  • “finding dinner?” he asks, tucking his hand into his pockets 
  • “just getting some necessities, like instant noodles” 
  • he chuckles, agreeing
  • sticking out your hand, “i realized we never introduced ourselves, it’s y/n” 
  • he shakes your hand, “Minghao” 
  • “well we’re kind of past the introducing stage aren’t we” he jokes
  • referring to your appearance this morning, or the ladder, or both 
  • either way, your cheeks heat up 
  • it feels sudden to you, but he hands you his phone
  • “let’s exchange numbers, i can help you with your boxes,” he smirks, “or show you around” 
  • “oh?” you, catch on to what he might be insinuating 
  • though your heartbeat makes you want to tell yourself not to read into it
  • “did you ask her out ye-” Seokmin comes out of no where swinging his arm around Minghao 
  • who elbows him into his stomach a little too late
  • nevermind, your definitely reading into it
  • smiling meaningfully at him,
  • “i’ll stop bothering you guys then”  you say spinning around
  • “you-” 
  • “call me!” you say without turning 
  • Minghao nods, smiling
  • “how does it feel to be cut off huh” Seokmin huffs, grinning
  • “how can you smile like that as if we aren’t here huh” Mingyu teases 
  • “quit” Minghao glares jokingly 
  • not stopping the rest of the guys from getting on his case though, 
  • “so when are we gonna hear the story of how they met” Seungcheol smirks 
  • “uhhh” 
  • the three of them say in sync
  • “gotta blast” 
  • the three of them take their food as Minghao skates away with the other three running behind him 
  • you happen to catch a glance at the three whiling checking out 
  • and laugh, covering your mouth, eyes following them out
  • ‘that’ll be a good conversation for next time’ 

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It’s 9:30pm, I’m in bed with an alarm set for 5:30am because I have work early tomorrow morning.

The next time you grab a coffee before work, spare a thought for your barista that is just as grumpy to be awake as you are and has had to go to work even earlier than you.

Basically: businessmen? Don’t look down on me and treat me like shit because I will spit in your macchiato next time.

She’s a Rockstar

Summary: Y/N works in a small diner in a small town in West Virginia. She’s got a heavy load on her plate and to top it all off she has a more than unpleasant encounter with none other than Sebastian Stan. 

Warnings: Swearing, asshole Sebastian, literally nothing else

A/N: So this is a sort of series that I’m gonna start. I hope you like it, not 100% sure where I want it to go yet but we’ll play it by ear! As per usual, comments and opinions are ALWAYS welcome and requests are open :) 


The alarm clock rang through your small apartment signifying the start of your tiresome day. You loved your job but the 4:30 am wake-up calls just to make your shift at 5:30 were brutal. You dragged your barely awake body out of the comforts of your duvet and blankets and mindlessly walked to the bathroom. Rubbed your eyes and looked in the mirror. Your eyes widened in shock at your appearance, the dark circles under your eyes even more prominent than ever.

“Thank god for makeup hey Sebastian?” You mumbled as your cat rubbed against your legs. You leaned down to pet the fur ball and picked him up to kiss his on his soft, furry cheek. “You know Sebastian, I’m convinced you’re gonna be the only man in my life forever. How does that sound buddy?” He meowed at you and you smiled as you put him down. “Yea, that’s what I thought,” you chuckled.You turned the knob in the shower waiting until the water was warm enough. You cleaned yourself off, hoping that somehow the shower would make you look less dead than before. You shivered as you stepped back in to the cold air and wiped the condensation off the mirror. You scrunched your face at the girl staring back at you in the mirror.

Stepping out in to your bedroom, you stood in front of your small closet and pulled out the dress you had to wear for work at the diner. You slipped in to the 50’s style dress that closely resembled a pinup dress and curled your hair to perfection before doing your makeup, heavy enough to cover your blemishes and dark circles but not too heavy. You finished off with the red lipstick and headed out to start your day. “Bye Sebastian! I’ll see you tonight, love you,” you yelled out to your cat who just meowed in return. You locked the door and headed towards the small diner that had been the same since the 1950’s, hence the uniform.

“Morning Y/N!” The older lady behind the counter had worked there since she was 16 and she was always a friendly face in the early morning hours.

“Morning Carla! How’s it hanging? How did Dave’s doctors appointment go?” You smiled back at her. When you first moved out to Brooklyn she had really helped you get on your feet. She gave you the job at the diner claiming you were “full of potential, smiles, and hot coffee”. You smiled at the memories of your first few days with Carla.

“Oh his appointment went just fine dear, personally I think he should get some brain tests done, he’s getting loopier every day!” She laughed as you shook your head.

The doorbell rang and you both raised your heads to see who could be coming this early in the morning. People didn’t usually start coming in until around 7:30, you looked down at your watch ad saw that it was only 6:00. The two men sauntered in and sat at one of the tables in the far corner.

“Man, I’m telling you. Best diner in all of West Virginia. Me and the family would drive out here every summer when we were kids and growing up. They have the very best coffee, and their apple pie is absolutely to die for,” the one with the facial hair gushed.

“Man, I believe you,” the other one chuckled as he ran a hand through his hair.

You walked over pulling out your small notepad ready to take their orders.

“Morning gentlemen, what can I get for you today?” you said as you looked up at the two. Hmm, weird they look super familiar, you thought to yourself. You stared at them quizzically before you snapped out of your thoughts. “Wow I’m so sorry, you guys just look super familiar,” you mentioned. The one with the facial hair chuckled and smiled while the other just rolled his eyes.

“Chris Evans,” the one man spoke, reaching out his hand. You shook it cautiously and turned your look to the other.

“Sebastian Stan,” he said quietly, obviously pretty grumpy.

“Hey! That’s my cat’s name! Not after you of course, I don’t know you. It’s the crab from Little Mermaid. But sorry guys, names don’t sound familiar, I probably just have the wrong people or something. Anyway, I’m sorry. I’m gonna start from the top,” you laughed. “Morning! What can I get for you guys?”

“I’ll have a coffee and a slice of your apple pie,” Chris smiled.

“Yea, coffee,” Sebastian muttered, putting a damper on your chipper mood.

“Well I’ll be damned, Chris Evans. What are you doing in my diner? It’s been years,” Carla’s happy voice sounded throughout the diner. She walked over, arms reached out for a hug. Chris stood up and walked towards her.

“Carla! Wow you look great,” Chris said as he winked at her. He embraced her and sat back down again. “How are the kids Carla?”

“Oh they’re doing just great. How have you been? Making movies like you always told me you would. Gosh I haven’t seen you since you were just a boy. How are your parents?” Carla was always the sweetest woman. You slipped away, only hearing bits and pieces of their conversation as you poured their coffee and grabbed a piece of the classic pie.

“Coffee for you,” you said as you placed a mug in front of Sebastian who looked even more unimpressed than before, “and coffee and pie for you,” you said as Chris smiled at you.

“Can’t we get this to go?” Sebastian asked sending a disgusted expression your way. Your smile faltered and you looked down.

“Oh, uhm… I can pack that up for you and get you some to-go cups for the coffee…” you muttered as you turned away.

“C’mon man. What the hell was that about?” Chris shoved the man side him.

“Whatever Chris. She’s too happy, she’s annoying. Can we just get out of here?” Sebastian complained. Your heart sank as you overheard his words. You walked back to their table with two fresh coffee’s to go and a new slice of pie for Chris.

“Well if you guys need anything else, just let me know,” you said quietly, not making eye contact with either of the two men. You walked away, head hung low and hands intertwined in front of you.

“God look at her now, she’s all pouty and upset,” Sebastian commented with an aggravated tone.

“Hmm. I wonder why. Maybe the customer she’s serving is a total cock,” Chris said to Sebastian.

“Language Chris,” Carla shouted throughout the diner making you chuckle. Customers started pouring in as you hurried to attend to each and every customer, stopping to chat with the regulars a bit.

“Hey! Can we get the bill, we have places to go,” Sebastian shouted rudely. One of the older ladies that came in everyday made eye contact and rolled her eyes at the rude man.

“You don’t worry about him sweetie, I’ll kick his ass if I have to,” she said earning a loud laugh from you.

“Thanks Sherry but I should be fine. I’ll let you know if I need your assistance though,” you said as you winked at her. You walked over to Chris and Sebastian and handed them their bill, everything on the house except for the first two coffees.

“Morning Y/N,” the old man bellowed as he walked in to the now crowded diner.

“Morning Charles! The usual?” You yelled back. You turned back to Chris and Sebastian, already knowing the answer. “Alright guys, dollar fifty for each coffee, that’s three dollars,” you said.

“Well yea, no shit,” Sebastian muttered.

They left the three dollars and a nice tip from Chris and stood up. “Thanks guys, have a nice day,” you smiled.

“You too Y/N, sorry about my friend, he’s not usually this much of an asshole,” Chris explained.

“Language Chris,” Carla shouted, earning a hearty laugh from Chris.

You made your rounds, making it through rush hour so there was only a select few that spent their mornings here. This diner started up in 1934 so most of the customers that came in were old and familiar with the classic diner. You saw these people almost everyday and soon became close enough with the patrons of the diner.

“Refill on the coffee Sherry?” You asked making your way over to her table and taking a seat to give your feet a break.

“Oh that would be lovely dear. That boy leave you alone?” She inquired.

“Nah but whatever, probably never going to see him again so it doesn’t matter. I’ve dealt with worse. Right Charles?” You shouted the last part to the man sitting a few tables away. He got startled and muttered a quick ‘yea’ as you chuckled. “How’re the kids doing?” You asked Sherry, keeping yourself up to date on your elderly friends.

“Oh they’re good! I’ve got one just a few years older than you Y/N, you should meet him, sweet boy,” Sherry bragged giving you a wink.

“Thanks Sherry but I’m off the market. I’m taking a break from boys.”

“It’s true! We get a bunch of young fellas coming in here just to talk to our Y/N but she shoots them all down! Poor guys. Y/N hunny are a lesbian?” Carla asked bluntly.

“No Carla I’m not a lesbian, I just want to take a break from boys, find myself, y’know?” Carla rolled her eyes at your lame excuse. It was true though, sure you had seen some attractive guys, you had met some nice men who would treat you right but they just weren’t for you so you decided to take a break.

“Y/N what about sex? Are you getting laid?” Sherry asked making you choke a little bit on the coffee you had been sipping. Your cheeks turned a bright red, even under the makeup you were wearing.

“Sherry! I’m fine, I don’t need a man to feel good,” you laughed uncomfortably.

“Whatever you say dear.” She turned her focus back to the crossword she was working on. You stood up and went behind the counter to start a new pot of coffee. The rest of your shift went by in a flash and you took off your apron and hung it up in the staff room. “Bye everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow guys!” You waved to everyone and heard a chorus of goodbyes. You sighed as you ran home to change in to your uniform for your second job at a bar in the heart of Brooklyn. You quickly changed in to your shorts and the shirt they assigned you.


“Afternoon Dave! Want me to kick your ass at pool today again?” He just laughed and shook his head at you as entered the empty bar.

“I don’t get it Y/N. How are you so happy all the time?” He questioned, your smile contagious as he saw you.

“Well I don’t know Dave. I guess I just don’t see the point in being mad or sad, that’s gonna get you nowhere. Instead of focusing on the bad like how my sink is leaking again, my bedroom door won’t close because of the hinges, how Sebastian puked everywhere last night, and how I had the biggest asshole of a customer this morning, I focus on the good things. Like how I’m living in the cutest town ever, in a cozy apartment that I love, I love all the people I work with, and I’m good at pool,” you concluded. He smiled at you and  tossed you your apron. Two customer walked in to the bar and you widened your eyes. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, David can you please take those guys over there?”

“Why? Bad lay?” he joked.

“No, the one with the longer hair was the total asshole this morning and I’d rather not be victim to his douchebaggery.” You hid behind the counter and walked around them to get to your tables that needed cleaning.

“Hey! You’re Y/N. The girl from the diner! What are you doing here?” You cringed when you heard Chris talking to you. You slowly turned around and saw both men staring at you.

“Oh well I work three jobs so it’s not hard to see me around the city,” you explained.

“This girl is a machine. All she does is work but I’ve never seen someone with that much energy and I’ve definitely never had a better server,” Dave boasted and he cleaned glasses behind the bar.

“Probably a fuckin’ coke head,” Sebastian muttered. You turned away and focused on cleaning tables, choosing to ignore his rude comment.

“Hey man, I hate to be like this but she’s practically family. If you don’t respect her then I can’t really have you in the bar,” Dave defended. You smirked when you heard his words. Dave was a huge guy, six foot something, all muscle, and covered in tattoos. He was a big teddy bear but he could be scary if he needed to be.

“Fine. I’ll just have a Budweiser then,” Sebastian grumbled. After you finished cleaning up you headed towards the pool table, deciding to practice your shots until more people came in to the bar. You looked up and saw a figure standing at the end of the table.

“Hey, mind if I join you?” Chris said. You hummed and nodded towards the cues as you rearranged the balls in a perfect triangle.

“Do you want to break?” You offered. He nodded and split the balls. Across the bar Dave leaned over to chat with the only other person in the bar.


“She’s good. I guarantee she’ll kick his ass,” Dave commented. Sebastian rolled his eyes.

“She can’t be that good,” Sebastian countered.

“Well you see, she doesn’t really have many people out here except for the people at the diner and here so she spends most of her time here, even her days off, practicing pool and just helping out around the bar so when pool is pretty much all you  do, you get good. She’s kicked my ass more times than I can count. Little minx that one is, plays dumb and makes bets she knows she’ll win. She made over two grand in one night,” Dave explained, a proud look on his face. Sebastian nodded and turned back towards his beer. Dave was right, she was kicking Chris’ ass, she was really good, but he would never admit that.

Before Steve had even sunk two, Y/N had sunk all her balls, giving him a cocky smirk as she leaned against the pool table.

“Hey Y/N, take it easy on him, he’s new here, make him feel welcome,” Dave shouted across the bar. You laughed and looked up at Chris as he looked stunned at the outcome of the game. “I’m assuming you’re the dick she had to deal with this morning?” Sebastian rolled his eyes and shrugged. “Well lay off her. She a good girl, she doesn’t need that kind of negativity in her life.” Sebastian scoffed and stared at him in disbelief.

“Everyone needs a little negativity sometimes,” Sebastian said in a neutral voice.

“Not Y/N. She’s got plenty but somehow she still manages to make everyone around her happy.” Dave stared at Y/N in awe. “She works three jobs and still is still one of my best employees to date.”

“Bullshit, no one can have shit going on and still be that fuckin’ happy. God what is with her, why the fuck would she work three jobs?” Sebastian said with an exasperated sigh. Dave glared at him and slammed a glass down, gaining Sebastian’s attention.

“Don’t you say shit about Y/N. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met. Nothing can compare to what she’s going through.You wanna know why she works three fuckin’ jobs?” Sebastian nodded telling him to go ahead with his story. “She has no money. She works three jobs and barely makes the cut every month. She has a small apartment where nothing works and she comes in everyday with the brightest smile on her face.”

“That’s it? A shitty apartment?” Sebastian scoffed and turned away.

“She moved out her on her own. She has no family. Her dad died in a car accident, grandparents passed away on both sides, no aunts, no uncles. Nothing.”

“What about her mom?” Sebastian said.

“In the hospital, stage four cancer, practically dying. You know why she works three jobs? She pays for all of her mothers hospital bills and she’s still paying off her fathers funeral costs. She can barely afford to live but here she is, smiling and laughing everyday, making sure that everyone around her is happy. She’s an amazing girl so don’t you dare be a fuckin’ asshole to her. She doesn’t need a prick like you to ruin her day,” Dave explained, becoming infuriated with Sebastian’s behaviour.

“Fuck.” Sebastian’s heart dropped at the revelation. He was an asshole.


Chris and Sebastian hopped in to the black SUV and sped off to the hotel they were staying at.

“Fuck man, her mom’s dying of cancer. Her dad is dead! Fuck I’m such a dick,” Sebastian exclaimed.

“Yup. You’re a dick,” Chris agreed. “She’s a really nice girl. We chatted for a while. She’s non-stop man. Three jobs, she deserves a medal of sorts. She gets up at 4:30 every morning and gets home at 11:00 every night. She’s a rockstar if you ask me. She works the diner, the bar, and the homeless shelter. Works seven days a week,” Chris explained.

“Yea that other guy was saying some pretty good things about her. She deserves it though,” Sebastian admitted. He sighed and covered his face with his palms in frustration. “I should apologize.”

“I mean if you want you can, tomorrow’s Tuesday, she’ll be at the diner,” Chris suggested with a shrug. “You digging a little far in to this girl don’t you think? I mean, we’re only here for press man,” Chris reasoned.

“No man, I have to apologize. Just something about her I guess. I need to say I’m sorry.”

honestly most fiction portrayals of university fail to show how intense registering for courses can me

i am screaming internally as there’s only one spot left in a class i really want, my registration isn’t for another 20 mins and there’s another wave of students before me in five minutes

anonymous asked:

i work at a drive thru store. it’s starting to get really cold during the early mornings and people will take FOREVER to get their money out their wallet and then be offended when i have a stank face on. like IM GETTING HIT WITH COLD ASS AIR AND MY EYES ARE WATERING AND MY NOSE IS GETTING RUNNY! just please have your money ready before coming to the window 🙄 you don’t want your windows open bc it’s cold, i don’t want to stand next to the open window either!