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I imagine you're the kind of person who accidentally falls asleep sitting up.

well, not accidentally. falling asleep upright is kinda uncomfortable. i mean, i still do it, but usually it has to be a special occasion. or i have to be really really bored.

 last week i fell asleep sitting up with my eyes open and accidentally won a staring contest with nick fury. so theres that, i guess.

Marinette meeting Plagg for the first time?

Those were the only cheese desserts I could think of. I had goat cheese with caramel up in Toronto and it was super yummy and I’m a sucker for cheesecake. And now I’m hungry O.O

Me just doodling before heading to bed. I have an early morning, so goodnight people of tumblr! :)

Would anyone be interested in being a guest artist on @bapattack-jack?

@pandoranmama gave me the idea for it and I thought it could be fun! I would let you choose the ask you wanted to work on and then post your work on the blog with full credit given and me screaming about how great you are with links to your blog(s)


so after spending half an hour under a car and rain i think it’s time to ask the cat side of tumblr for help.

there’s a kitty who has been roaming around my house for the last couple days. i think it’s not older than three-four months, and i have no idea where the mother is, and nobody around here has lost any kitten, so i think it’s a stray one.

it keeps hiding in small spaces (like under the woodshed or basements or in the belly of cars), and every time it does it starts to cry out for help - quite loudly, as it has kept my neighbours awake the whole last night and us a good part of the one before. it doesn’t come out when called with kitty noises, but whenever we starts to meow it meows back with energy and sort of desperation??

we couldn’t pry it out of the car no matter how much cat food or meat we bribed it, and whenever we kept quiet for more than a couple of minutes it started meowing with a vengeance for attention.

i have no idea what to do?? we cant tear down the car atm (as it’s night and it’s raining and the car belongs to my neighbour), but if anyone has any kind of advice for what to do when cats are stucks like that (the kitty is not in the engine, but the underbelly of the car, like where the idraulic system is i think) or how to secure it or anything else, please let me know. the kitty is not eating or drinking or anything, as it leaves the food and water we leave for it untouched, and im growing worried.

also id want to specify that the cat is not stuck, just too scared to come out or cant remember how to get out.

we left a bowl of food and water and a bed in a warm and dry place that it could see if it decided to come out, but im afraid it will spend the night in the car

honestly any kind of advice on the matter would be appreciated

thank you for reading and for helping, and if you can spread this post it would be great.

i wish everybody a good night/day!

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could i hace a jimon drabble maybe about simon being a daylighter????

ok this has been in my inbox for so long im so sorry allksls but i want to start writing again so here u go (also its rly bad i apologise) 

His arms instinctively came up to cover his face as the curtains were drawn open.  He felt the sun’s rays brush over his skin and waiting for the burning sensation that was never coming.  Slowly lowering his arms, he realised he was safe.  It had been a week and Simon still wasn’t used to the fact that the sun wouldn’t hurt him anymore.  Even though he had only been a vampire for a couple of weeks, he had become resigned to the fact that he wouldn’t see the sun again, wouldn’t live a normal life again, and now that he could, he wasn’t ready.

He looked out the window at the early morning sun, watched some birds fly across the sky.  He looked down at the street seeing early morning people going about their daily business, people who would never know the emotions he was feeling right now.  Simon had never taken in the beauty of the sun before, had always take it for granted and gone about with his daily business.  But not anymore.  Now, every morning he did this.  He stood in front of the window, gazing out at the sun as if he’d never seen it before. Taking in everything he could as though he was suddenly going to turn back into a vampire again.  Well, a normal vampire.  Instead of whatever the hell he was.

He felt arms wrap around his waist and instinctively relaxed into the feeling of a body against his back. Soft lips ghosted across his neck as Jace mumbled a good morning to him, squeezing him harder for a second before letting go.  Simon smiled harder as Jace spun him round so they were face to face and softly connected their lips.  The kiss only lasted a second and before Simon was ready Jace was pulling back complaining about morning breath.

“Were you staring out the window again?” Jace asked, a teasing tone to his voice.  Simon blushed and looked away not knowing how to explain his feelings to seeing the sun again.

“I just, though, you know, that I’d never see the sun again.  You never really know what you have until it’s gone.” Simon blushed harder realising how cheesy he sounded, cursing himself for even uttering that comment. He looked over at Jace and was surprised to see a soft smile directed his way, instead of the teasing looks he usually got. He opened his mouth to either ask what Jace was smiling at, or to explain what he meant, Simon wasn’t quite sure yet, but Jace beat him to it.

“I keep forgetting, that you weren’t able to see the sun for, what was it, two weeks?” Simon nodded but said nothing, waiting for Jace to continue, but Jace didn’t.  He slowly, as if he didn’t want to startle Simon, edged across the carpet towards him, before they were close enough that Simon could kiss him if he wanted to.  Jace’s arms came up to wrap Simon in a hug and Simon relaxed into it.

“It must have been terrible, not being able to see the sun,” Simon hummed in agreement, enjoying the way Jace’s voice reverberated around his body.  They parted slightly, enough so they could see each other’s faces but not so far that they were no longer touching. “I’m sorry if I keep teasing you about seeing the sun – “

“No, it’s fine,” Simon cut him off, but Jace shook his head, shutting him up.

“No, it’s not fine, I have no idea what you’re feeling right now and I should be happy for you instead of teasing you.” Simon snorted, looking down at their feet. “What?” Jace asked, not knowing what he’s said to bring on this reaction.  Simon looked back up at him grinning.

“Sorry Jace, but the day you stop teasing me is the day hell freezes over.  It’s just not realistic.” Jace rolled his eyes, grinning, and let Simon go before walking towards the door of the room.

“Come on, we’re having breakfast outside today” Simon smiled, watching his boyfriend leave before turning his gaze to the window once more.  He might not be used to being able to stand in the sun yet, but he knew with Jace’s help, he would get there.

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Any AU for two people who are in a hidden relationship?? Btw, I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH IT INSPIRES ME TO WRITE AND I LOVE IT THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK <3

I’m gone for three days and Karissa has already done such an amazing job!! and I’m so glad these prompts inspire you :^))

  • my parents keep setting me up on blind dates but in reality I’m dating you and it’s so you help me get out of them
  • we were making out but then my roommate walked in and I shoved you in the closet and you had to sit in there cramped for hours I’m sorry
  • whenever people come over you have to hide and try to sneak out inconspicuously but you’re loud and clumsy and now everyone thinks I have a cat
  • “I think our friends are catching on that we’re dating. Let’s mess with them.”
  • everyone thinks we hate each other and we keep that front up in public, so we have hilarious pretend fights and squabbles and pranks
  • please stop leaving all our crap in my house, my friends keep asking me about extra shirts and toothbrushes and they definitely know I don’t where that
  • we go on secret dates only during the late nights/early mornings to avoid people, and it’s not so bad watching the sunrise and walking under street lamps with you
  • you look so good and so many people are trying to pick you up and I can only sit in the corner and seethe, and now people are giving me concerned looks
  • we’re secretly dating and my friend suggested a double date and it turns out my secret date was you

- jo

  • Laxus, under his breath: God damn it, Freed is beautiful.
  • Freed: Did you say something?
  • Laxus: ...Uh...I said the...sunset is beautiful?
  • Freed: ...What sunset? It's midday.
The Good People Of A Good Town

An idea destroyed my hometown. It wasn’t a natural disaster or an illness or any other rational, terrible-but-reasonable thing. It was an idea, and it started with Netty Carter.

She was my seventh grade science teacher, a woman who had obviously seen her life taking a very different path than the one she’d ended up on. She dressed like a slightly more conservative Marilyn Monroe, wore her bottle blonde hair in short curls, and was forever applying new layers of bubblegum pink lipstick in the middle of her lectures. The boys (and, admittedly, a few of their dads) were quite fond of her.

The girls (and, admittedly, a few of their moms), far less so.

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lmao I find it so funny when people try to attack us for shipping scorbus saying “why can’t we have ONE strong male friendship without you guys turning them gay???!!!” when harry and ron has been best friends since ever and literally no one ships them

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five things that make you happy?

My friends, early mornings, people that are passionate about something, moments when my thoughts, feelings and actions are in harmony (I hope this makes sense.. I’m not good at expressing myself in English) and when I can inspire others with my photography

Things about being Cancer that no one else will understand

• Cancers spend more time in the bath/shower than other signs
• Cancers LOVE to swim, in the pool and sea
• Cancers love their sea food
• Cancers treat everyone with care and if they feel like they’ve done something wrong they will apologize like crazy
• Cancers can be both early morning people and late night owls
• Cancers get easily offended by the smallest things
• Cancers generally aren’t as sensitive as they’re made out to be, we can be pretty strong too
• Cancers may be sensitive but once someone hurts the ones they love, they will sting like a bee
• Cancers are cheesy when it comes to relationships

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how I do make a study plan ? , I really want to get ahead .



1. Know your free time. 

You can do this by writing down your fixed schedule.This “fixed” schedule should include the time for the things you can’t compromise. For example, your classes. Before you can make a schedule for your study plan, you must need to know your free time. This is when you’re going to study. I strongly suggest that you only use your free time for studying. Do not compromise important things (like sleep) for the sake of studying. Live a little.

2. Choose among those breaks times the time you study best. 

Some people best retain information during early morning; some people best process information at night. (Personally, I study best around 1am-5am, because the world is silent and I cannot study in a noisy environment.) Match your best study time to your free time. That’s now your fixed study time schedule. 

NOTE: Don’t let your study schedule restrict you. When you feel like your concentration is at its peak, just go and study.

3. Decide WHAT to study. Some study plans:

PLAN A. Study one subject at length per day. For example, on Mondays, study World History. On Tuesdays, study Physics, etc etc.

Pro: You have your full concentration on a subject. You can study it broadly and deeply. This may lead to better mastery of the concepts.

Con: This plan is restrictive and not flexible. What if you have a test on English tomorrow, but you’re scheduled to study Science tonight? Also, by Friday you might have already forgotten what you’ve studied on Monday.

Tip: Use Plan A during the ~calm~ part of the school season aka start of every new semester or unit/just after the exams. You can ~chill, because you have no deadlines. Btw if you can finish the required textbook/s before the semester gets busy, DO IT.

PLAN B. Study as many subjects as you can in little doses every day. This is the opposite of Plan A.

Pro: You get prepared for all your classes!!! Yay!!!
Con: You might get tired tbh. Information might not get through when you’re tired.

Tip: Use Plan B when the semester starts getting busy. This will allow you to keep up with your lessons when they get fast-paced. Besides, if you used Plan A, your foundations might already be solid, and all you need to do is to revisit the concepts.

PLAN C: Do the most important things first. The key word is priority

Some considerations when sorting priorities are (1) difficulty of the task based on the task’s complexity; (2) difficulty of the task based on your capabilities; and (3) DEADLINES.

Pro: You get necessary things done on time.

Con: This is a reactive, not a productive plan. You only react to a need, not anticipate the need.


Remember that a plan is only as good as its implementation. Remember also that plans are flexible. Revise your plan when it’s not working. 

Hope this helps! x

People who wake up early are happier, healthier, more optimistic, more energetic. 

Benefits of Early Rising:

Have replenished energy; 

Benefit from a sharper strengthened memory;

Be less susceptible to depressions, stress and weather changes. 

Be more adaptable;

Garner better leadership skills. 

Be more successful in life in general! By sleeping late people are deprived from all those benefits. Try it and you will see for yourself. 

By K. Nagori