early morning makeup

“The wilderness is where I can be myself to the fullest. The trees do but judge my make-up free face, the mountains do not care what I’m wearing and the rivers and lakes accept my tangled and wavy hair. Here, there is no need for the natural me to hide”

- Michelle Gefre (Me)

Feeling comfortable in your natural self

I feel it is so important to know who you are when you strip all the makeup, heat treated hair, expensive clothes and material objects. Over the last couple years, I have grown so much and have become completely comfortable in my own skin. I don’t feel the need or want to put on makeup anymore when I leave the house unless I feel like doing something extra. Makeup has become a thing that I do for myself because I’m feeling artistic, not something that I hide my natural face behind so people don’t think I have unevenly toned skin or that I’m tired. What helped me to get to this point? Nature. In nature there is no need for any of these things. Also, the man I am dating tells me I look beautiful more often when I am not wearing make-up than when I am and he loves the natural waves of my hair when I just wake up. No one is here to judge me, I am accepted for my natural self. In the picture above, I am extremely tired from waking up at 5:30 am to watch the sunrise, I am not wearing any makeup and my hair is not brushed but I felt beautiful that morning. I am myself, without the pressure of societal norms. 

All of this that I described above was a lot of work to be able to feel like I do now. I wish this for every girl and woman out there, for them to realize they are beautiful in nothing but their natural skin. If you struggle with this, I suggest going into nature on your own, travel to remote areas and leave the makeup behind. Let nature show you, you are beautiful without it.

© Michelle Gefre | Trail the Sun


When I was little, I thought love was about red roses and expensive dinners. Truth is, love is giving her half your fries when she said she wasn’t hungry. It’s waking up at 4 am to her snoring and refraining from shoving her off the bed. It’s talking in accents just for giggles, and trying to embarrass one another in public. It’s stupid fights and going on memorable make ups. Love isn’t pretty and romantic. Love is just stumbling through life with your best friend.

Could you do a Tom story about the reader being a lawyer and she’s helping one of his friends or co-workers, and he thinks she’s really harsh and closed off when they meet. However, they become friends while she’s working on the case, and over time, he realizes she’s not just the mean lawyer stereotype and he cares about her. Over a short period of time and they both have feelings for each other and start going out, or over a long period of time and he realizes he loves her and it’s mutual.

I can relate so much to this prompt.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!


It was the only word he had for her.  The way the air felt around her.  The way her eyes connected, but never seemed alive.

The way her hands would probably feel if he ever dared reach for them.


It’s why you had been recommended to him.  After a hiring gone wrong, it was suggested to him that he keep a lawyer on retainer, just in case he ever encountered a situation like this again.

And someone recommended you.

“Best in the business,” they said.  “Cold as a tip of ice,” they praised.

Then, when he needed you the most, you swooped in on your dark, burly horse and pierced a hole through the next hiring agent trying to pull the wool over his eyes.

Steel, he thought.

Your hands must feel like steel.

He remembered the first time you had smiled.

You stopped by the set to see how he was being treated.  To see if anything needed anymore of your piercing stare.

“If I need ice to melt, I know who to call.  Your eyes are fiery,” he commented.

And you chuckled.

It was brief, and for a split moment.

But you chuckled.



Like you wanted to keep the reaction a secret, just not from him.

And for a brief moment, he saw a glint flash across your fire-and-ice eyes.

And he wondered if he could ever do it again.

You wondered why he had made a habit of coming by your office.

But you were glad he did.

First it was just to ask a question.  Something about looking over another script and needing you to look over a nondisclosure form.

Simple and straightforward, you had told him.

The second time, it was to ask you if you had room for taking on another client.  Some woman on set needed some representation.

Unequal pay, he said.

But this time, he brought coffee.

The third time was what made you raise your eyebrow.  That time, there was coffee and no case.

Just him sitting there.

Staring at you.

And you wondered what he wanted.

“Can I help you?” you deadpanned as you reached for your coffee.

You needed to look at the label later to see where he had gotten this coffee.  It was delicious.

“Do you take lunch breaks?” he asks.

And it prompted you to look at the clock.

“When I remember,” you lull.

“Call me the next time you take one,” he says as he gets up from his chair.

And you look up at him from underneath your furrowed eyebrows as you watch him walk out of your office.

One lunch break.

That’s all it took.

One lunch break out of their sets and offices and comfort zones.

You reveled in his laughter.  He reveled in your smile.  The two of you talked about growing up, and your favorite memories.  The pets you had and the family gatherings you still suffer through.

“My mother still insists on buying us Christmas underwear,” Tom laughs.

“My mother still buys my father Christmas rip away thongs!” you roar as you wipe tears from your eyes.

“Oh god, I hope he fits into them!” Tom chokes out between his belly laughs.

Food is usually taken to-go because of your talking.

Now, when you are in work-mode, you can always spare a lucky glance his way.  A glance ever-so-softened and a grin that is only a shadow for now.

His little secret.

You come by set with snacks and more stories, sitting with him through takes as he talks you through all of the equipment on set and what it does.

“You should have been a director,” you muse.

“I like showing my ass too much,” he lulls.

And the giggling ensues once more.

He wasn’t shocked when you said yes to a first date.

He wasn’t even shocked when you wanted to kiss him afterwards.

Nor was he shocked when that kiss led towards your darkened bedroom as clothes were cast down all over your beautiful hardwood floor.

What was shocking was the morning after.  How peaceful you looked curled up into him.  How early-morning makeup somehow looked good on you, and how your bodies were sticky from the aftermath of the luscious night had before.

He was shocked at how graceful you moved in bed, snuggling closer into his warmth and pulling him close in your own tender arms.

The ice queen.

Melted only for him.

He was shocked when you woke up and smiled.

He was shocked when you fluttered your eyes up to him and they danced with glitter.

He was shocked when your eyes darkened as you slowly began to crawl down his body.

But what shocked him the most was the words that came tumbling from his moth as you wrapped your warm lips around his cock.

“God, I love you,” he mumbles.

You flash your gaze up at him, icing over for a split second as you contemplate the words that had tumbled from his lips, making his entire body flush over with embarrassment.

The two of you sat in silence as he closed his eyes and sighed.

And then you slowly kissed your way up his body.  Light, fluttering, barely-there kisses that made his skin pucker before finally reaching his lips.

“I love you, too,” you whisper against him.

And he grasped you and rolled you underneath him, settling between your legs and determined to show you just how much.

In Which Star-Lord Is A Feminist (Guardians of the Galaxy Imagine)

For the first time ever since meeting him, Gamora witnessed Peter staring at a woman for a reason other than her breasts. It teetered on the edge of amusing to watch the way his demeanor became so uncharacteristic as compared to his usual nonchalant self. His entire body was stiff, his jaw was clenched, and his fingers drummed rapidly against the bar. But while her interest was certainly piqued as to what would come of the situation, she also found herself worried about the final outcome. It wasn’t as if Quill couldn’t hold his own in a fight—he’d certainly proven himself on multiple occasions—it was the fact that never had she seen him face an opponent as big as the potential one before him.

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claryandisabelle  asked:

headcanons about lydia, clary, and izzy (romantically or platonically!)

Okay sorry this is really late but it was 5am and I fell asleep (also I’m writing this while walking my dog so excuse the typos that’s just me trying not to walk into poles also I just had to write this twice bc my mam rang me when I was nearly finished and it disappeared, I’m struggling)

Okay I’m gonna do ot3 hcs bc cute also clizzy is my otp so let’s go

• Threesome coffee dates in the early morning, no makeup no speaking just coffee
• sleepovers!! Yes they are grown ass warrior ladies, yes they are gonna stay up all night pampering themselves an giggling
• they love going to theme parks, a make it their mission to go on every single ride possible and like to do poses for the cameras, they also joke about clary not being able to ride the rides because she’s so short
• they all love the same music and tend to sing the same song all day, sometimes They’ll just break out into the same song at the same time and end up singing at the top of their lungs while everyone in the institute screams at them to shut up
• they go to concerts together too making sure to get there early so they can find a place where clary might actually see the band
• they always “borrow” each other’s clothes and it’s gotten to the point where they can’t even tell what belongs to who and Isabelle will come down in the morning to clary wearing one of her jackets but clary will argue that she’s like 90% sure she bought it like a week ago
• Lydia’s really into photography and likes to take cute pictures of clizzy when they’re not looking
• they have a group chat obviously, clary is the one one who’s constantly texting, Lydia organises all their days out, izzys the one who usually reads and doesn’t reply
•they play mario kart together and it gets really competitive, and usually gets out of hand. Lydia always wins
• IZZY AND LYDIA PARABATAI, they like to stage parabatai Olympics to find the best pair out of them, clary/Simon and Alec/Jace they always win obviously

(Bonus clizzy cuteness)
• clary loves to read and constantly has her head in a book, izzy loves stories too but never has the patience to sit down and read so she makes clary read to her while she lays her head in her lap. Clary also reads to her when she can’t sleep or has a nightmare
• clary tries to teach izzy to draw and she gets quite good, but she complains that she’ll never be as good as clary, she tries to draw her one day and gets mad and throws it away because she thinks it’s bad, but clary loved it and keeps it in her sketchbook
• izzy does clarys makeup when they go out, not because she can’t do it herself but because izzy is amazing and she loves to do it but itends up taking them twice as long as it should though because they end up laughing the whole time
• when clary and izzy get married they argue over who gets Lydia as maid of honour, in the end it’s izzy (Clary gets Simon though so it’s fine)

• clary and izzy holding hands and sharing earphones on the subway

send me things?


Summary: Dan’s finally had his dream come true. He’s given the chance to be an actor and, within no time, he’s landing lead roles and his success is skyrocketing. But what if it isn’t as perfect as it seems? What if it’s all too much for Dan to be a YouTuber, radio DJ and film star but no one other than Phil, not even Dan, can see it?

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Genre: Angst, Comfort

Warnings: Stress?

POV: Third

Words: 2057

Beta: gatsbys-old-sport

A/n: Based off a prompt sent to me (a long long time ago) by literallyabstract. Sorry it took so long, I’m terrible at keeping up with my prompts whoops.

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amazing girls: kim tae yeon

Hello ^^ Having the role of SNSD’s ‘단신’ (Short Person)… I’m Taeyeon~
To be writing to everyone like this… Right now, I’m very nervous and also have a lot of things to say!! Although I want to note down the big words and write! My mind’s in a hurry ^^ keke I’m sure a lot of are surprised becaues I’m leaving a message all of a sudden… but I’m really Taeyeon ^^ The Taengoo with the '양갈래’ hairstyle today and the one who did ITNW!
First of all… today is the 1 year anniversary of the birth of us SoNyuhs…
Exactly one year ago today! We were up early morning getting makeup.. going over our dance routines and thinking about them once more.. Worried our face would look bloated the next day, we didn’t eat that much the day before (gave up on the birthday cake too keke) and nervously prepared ourselves ^^.The moment that we all trained so many years for… was finally in front of our eyes along with cheers we’ve received for the first time in our life and with everyone watching us… and the applause that exploded afterwards. Ah.. I really can’t forget that day ^^