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Les Mis + June 1832 uprising map masterpost

All my June Uprising related map posts (so far)

(Well at least all the ones based mainly on Les Mis)

General events and locations:

Routes taken by various Les Mis characters:

The Corinthe barricade:

(Should I take this opportunity to read through all of these to check them for all the mistakes I’ve surely made in the past? Probably. Will I? Nnnope. I fixed one (1) thing, that’s good enough for me for now.)

Review of Power Rangers (2017)

Power Rangers is a 2017 superhero movie - a reboot of the original television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. One of the main characters - Billy Cranston, played by RJ Cyler - is autistic.

Analysis under the cut (spoiler free):

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Early twelfth century crusaders’ map of Jerusalem. The map celebrates the crusaders’ conquest of Jerusalem in the first crusade and represents Jerusalem as a round city full of churches and other religious sites. The crusaders held Jerusalem for less than a century, losing it again to Saladin’s army in 1187.

Sabino-Spots’ Guide to Traveling Hella Distances With Horses

This is my personal to do list when traveling various distances with horses. Enjoy.

One Hour - I don’t bother with leg protection, I stuff a haynet, which is usually more than enough to last my horse on the journey. IF you’re in doubt, pack a second net with a pre-loaded flake. Take a bucket of water just in case you break down, or if your horse gets thirsty, etc.

Two-Four Hours - this is where I start using standing wraps. These trips usually took me through some city of some sort and there was always stop and go, lots of turns, up and down inclines. Most gas stations have a hose spicket and will be happy to grant you access to them! These are fairly short trips so usually only 1 or 2 stops for gas. While the truck is filling, I’ll get the water and see if the horse needs a fresh hay net. I pre load 2 hay nets for these trips. These are very quick stops just to refresh, refuel and get back on the road.

Five-Eight Hours - This is where you need to take some extra care. Take coolers sheets and blankets for changing weather temps. Always check the temp in your trailer by observing the horse. Is he sweaty? Open more vents and windows if you can. If he’s fluffing and cold, apply what dressing is necesarry for the temp. Usually a sheet is plenty to keep them warm - unless there’s snow on the ground. Cooler and blanket for temps 20 and under, top vents closed, windows cracked just a bit for fresh air - literally about an inch. This is where I give up pre loading hay nets. I’ll pre load three, but my horses usually get bored of hay about 4-6 hours in - but it’s still there in case they want it. By this point, I’m traveling so far, I take however many bales I’ll need. I like to stop every couple of hours to offer water. I use a smaller bucket, it’s easier to tote, and if you’re offering water every 2 hours, they’re not going to get so thirsty that they need to drink 2 five gallon buckets of water. Of course you’ll probably have brought feed on this trip too.

9+ Hours - I do not recommend hauling this far without finding an overnight stable. It sucks. It sucks with two people driving, let a lone one. If you get tired behind the wheel, you’re putting more people in danger than just you and your precious cargo. These trips take a lot of planning, so start early. Plot your map, find the stables you’ll stay at over night. Do those stables have a place to house you? (some do!) Are you going to need to find a hotel? etc. Every two hours rule applies, as does a constant hay net. Again, don’t freak if they quit eating. Chances are, they’re either stressed or tired of eating hay.

Things to take with you
- Extra, pre filled hay nets depending on your distance.
- Extra halter, extra lead, extra trailer tie.
- Bailing twine and duct tape; in case stuff breaks or falls apart, it’s a quick fix.
- Water Bucket. If your horse is finicky about water, invest in a water tank to put in your trailer or go buy the 5 gallon buckets with lids at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart, and store at leas 20g of water.
- Extra standing wraps and bandages
- First aid kit for you and pon
- Your horses papers. All of them. Registration if applicable, Coggins and Health Cert. Ag inspection sites are NO JOKE.
- Cooler, Sheet, Blanket.

If you want to walk your horse on a long trip every few hours, I suggest trying to find a horse stable or a fairgrounds that will let you walk your horse without the risk of a semi truck running up on your horse right next to an interstate. Some rest areas are quiet enough for the well broke horse, just remember there will be constant dogs and vehicles. I don’t walk mine on long trips. My horse is sometimes very spooky, and if your horse gets away from you and causes a wreck, you will be held responsible for all damages (at least in america). So just keep those things in mind.

When we stop on the longer trips, we’ll stop from 30 minutes to an hour to give the horses a break. We let them hang their heads out of the trailer and look around. They seem to enjoy it, and it gives them time to rest. We’ll open the trailer up as much as we can to let the trailer air out. If you have to feed your horse on the road, feed them breakfast and go feed yourself. It’ll give your horse plenty of time to eat -and- you too. I’d suggest BS’ing a little longer than that so your horse can digest as much as possible before hitting the road again.

Also, if your horse sits on his tail, buy a tail guard wrap thing. They’re worth the money and work super well. On long trips I use a slightly padded halter. My horse probably doesn’t need it but it makes me feel better.

If you don’t know how to wrap standing wraps and you have no one to teach you, use shipping boots.

If you’re transporting in a stock trailer, or otherwise “open” style trailer, use a fly mask to keep debris out of their eyes - always, even if it’s a short trip.

I think that about covers it.

rikkaidai-fuzoku  asked:

Sorry for the double ask~! But how would Kashuu, Izuminokami, Hasebe, Yamanbagiri, Ichigo, and Nihongou react when they play a game like TKRB???

  • Kashuu would definitely pick himself as the starter sword for very obvious reasons. Would also be the type to be attached on his first six swords that make up the first unit and would probably over-level them just so they (especially his tantous) could survive Era 5. Would not smith, thinking it’s too wasteful (plus he’s the only sword he really needs??), except for completing the daily missions. Lowkey looking for Yasu to drop.
  • Izumi insists he’s a rare sword since after finishing Era 3, he has yet to drop. When his sword finally drops, he puts it immediately on the captain slot and takes the Izumi character to Era 4. Got completely recked. He begrudgingly goes back to the first map to level up properly. Would most likely kebishii the early maps despite being told not to do so.
  • Hasebe is the type to be overly prepared, reading all the tips and walkthrough before trying on a new map. Would be 5 levels above the suggested level. Would complete the daily missions and have an efficient schedule on expeditions. Tries to smith himself but keeps getting oodachis. He screams in frustration but tries again. Smithing campaigns are very unhealthy for him because HE WILL NOT HESITATE to burn all his resources
  • Yamanbagiri would pick anyone BUT HIMSELF as his starter sword. He’s too self conscious. His smithing is crazy lucky… at least for small swords. Has Atsushi as his first smith and got Hirano early as well. He’s too attached, despite his stubborn denial. Sends Akita first first for kiwame training and reads all his letters teary-eyed. Cries when Akita comes back. He does this for everyone until he has a small army of little demon gods. He feels like a proud father.
  • Ichigo feels like the game has a vengeance on him since for some reason, he can’t get his brothers??? He’s stuck with Sayo, Imano and Aizen drops. He gets jealous at Yamanbagiri’s game and tries bribery to have his own baby toushirou’s as well. It did not work. Accidentally dismantles Yagen when he finally drops. Was so guilty he didn’t touch the game again (except for the occasional instance he finds himself sitting next to Yamanbagiri and watching the little kiwame team of toushirous beat a level 99 Ichigo. It’s a very proud moment.
  • Nihongou has terrible luck getting any rare swords but will most likely not care. Would forget the game for days. Accidentally injures Gokotai and got very guilty seeing the sprite cry. He stopped using tantous all together. When he smithed Iwatooshi and Jiroutachi, he quickly finds out that they attack more than one. Would end up using them alone (he can’t get past Era 6 because of this). Hakata would probably find his account and keep the resources at least in healthy levels just so Nihongou won’t have to be troubled at the cost of repairing the bigger swords (he doesn’t know how to put troops so RIP resources when repairing Jiroutachi and Iwatooshi.

Happy Tolkien Week and an early happy Hobbit Day, friends!*

Did you know that the Dwarves of Middle-earth drew maps with East at the top?  Thrór’s Map is a great example, with lots of Old English runes to boot!  I spent some time examining the great red dragon Smaug, but I was fascinated most of all by the moon-letters.  Do you think these moon-letters could help me find a stash of neverending dandies?

* Hobbit Day, aka the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins and the day that determines when Tolkien Week is, is actually tomorrow, Sept. 22.  We are celebrating a day early because we have some other special photos lined up for tomorrow!

lostmedia  asked:

is there any unused content (especially unused scenes) in the cdi zelda games that's still on the disk? any beta screenshots of things that were ultimately never used?

I’ve already covered an unused heart sprite and concept art for the games on this blog before, although I haven’t made a proper post about Gamelon’s early map.

There’s some other things that I haven’t made posts about yet. Mainly, there’s four unused backgrounds in The Wand of Gamelon, two unused dirty disk messages, and two beta screenshots. They’ll be covered in due time.

No unused cutscenes, sadly.