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First…. Many Indigenous Nations have calendars which have
been counting the years for a very long time. I am aware that
the calendar of the Mohawk Indian Nation has been counting
the winters for over 33,120 years. This pre-dates the so-called
‘land-bridge’ of the Bering Strait theory, unless, of course, the
Bering Strait scientists decide to move their interestingly illusive
time period for “early migration” of Indians back to 40,000 years!
Many American Indian early histories tell of events that took
place on this Turtle continent (North America) long before any
so-called ice age. But, for political reasons, these histories
have been mostly ignored. You see, the Bering Strait, in truth,
is a theory that was born of the politics and propaganda of
early America. In the midst of the American 'Manifest Destiny’
social climate, the Bering Strait theory provided a 'scientific’
means to justify the taking of ancestral Indian lands. In short,
the mythical theory eased the conscience, as it was a way for
land hungry immigrants to believe that, because Indian people
were only 'recent inhabitants’ of this land , it was not really their
'homeland’. Therefore Indians were, in their minds, not any more
the 'original people’ of this land than they were. This was, and
still is, the political power of the infamous 'Bering Strait theory’.

The B.S. (Bering Strait) Myth
By John Two-Hawks

The Bering Strait Theory was made to make colonialism seem less like exploitation.

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What do you think the founding fathers favourite foods were?

Benjamin Franklin consistently asked his wife Deborah to ship him barrels of apples while he lived abroad:

“Goodeys I now and then get a few; but roasting Apples seldom, I wish you had sent me some; and I wonder how you, that used to think of everything, came to forget it.  Newton Pippins would have been the most acceptable.” (letter from Benjamin Franklin in London, to Deborah in Philadelphia)

Franklin also had Deborah ship him barrels of cranberries both in England and France. Franklin helped introduce France to potatoes as a food source. At that time, the French believed potatoes to be poisonous. Franklin took part in a campaign to help the French embrace potatoes as an alternative to wheat after wheat crop failures caused a shortage. He was the guest of honor at a party thrown by French pharmacist Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, where every course of the meal featured potatoes. Benjamin Franklin also was the one who introduced tofu to the United States. 

George Washington was very fond of cherries. George Washington was extremely fond of fish, served in many ways.He ate it almost daily, often at breakfast with the Hoe Cakes which, he loved. At the Mount Vernon table frequently were Mashed Sweet Potatoes, String Beans with Almonds, Steak and Kidney Pie, and Fish Muddle. He also loved a wide variety of fruits and nuts. He preferred simple meals over fancy ones.

John Adams supposedly ate pickles nearly every day. Others say his favorite food was Indian Pudding. But, according to David McCullough in John Adams, President Adams and gulped a tankard of cider as soon as he got out of bed every day.

In Holland Thomas Jefferson sampled waffles for the first time and loved them so much, he immediately bought a waffle iron. Chocolate caught his fancy. He was so amazed by ice cream he was the first to introduce it to the United States from France and was the first to serve it in the white house. “Bring a stock of macaroni, Parmesan cheese, figs of Marseilles…raisins, almonds, mustard…vinegar, oil and anchovies.” He as especially fond of fresh vegetables. He was particularly fond of olives, figs, mulberries, crabs, shad, oysters, partridge, venison, pineapple, and light wines. As well as, sweet potatoes, turnip greens, baked shad, Virginia ham, green peas, crab. He was very fond of Virginia sweet corn that he raised it in his Paris garden. We also cannot forget Macaroni and Cheese can we? 

Dolley Madison, James Madison’s wife prepared many different types of ice cream. Madison’s meal usually consisted of, “Virginia ham, buttery rolls, apple pie, and cider.” 

There’s no clear documentation talking about Alexander Hamilton and his favorite foods, however, it’s known that while dining with Jefferson and Madison, “The beef was a masterpiece that Hamilton praised extravagantly” and that “Hamilton positively exulted” at the sight of “the delicious vanilla ice cream that still seemed like a miracle for it was enclosed in a warm pastry, like a cream puff.” 

James Monroe, like Thomas Jefferson, acquired a taste for French cuisine while serving abroad. Mr. Monroe is said to have loved this, and enjoyed dishes from his native Virginia.

“On the Monroe family plantation in Virginia…[Elizabeth Monroe] served many old Southern recipes, dishes her husband hand known from boyhood. One of the most famous, spoon bread, dates back to early Indian days…James Monroe, like his former teacher and mentor, Thomas Jefferson, was fond of Continental cuisines, but he was equally fond of the foods of his Virginia childhood…Chicken Fried with Rice…[was] used frequently by Elizabeth Monroe at the Monroe plantation, Oak Hill…Hot breads and biscuts were a way of life in James Monroe’s Virginia… ”

I have heard though, that Monroe’s favorite food was chicken. 

Palm-leaf manuscript dating from around 1260. The manuscript contains Jain texts and illustrations. Indian use of palm leaves for writing dates back millennia. The palm leaf medium combined with humid and hot weather means that much more of early Indian writing has been lost to the elements compared with, for example, papyrus from the Mediterranean. 

“In the early 1600’s Indians on Roanoke Island marveled At the sudden appearance of a milk white doe. The sudden creature was the most beautiful they had ever seen. Sometimes she stood alone, looking out into the sea; sometimes she grazed in the melon patches around the deserted fort. She alluded every arrow, every snare and ruse. So the Indians organized a hunt, and the best archers came from far and wide. Among them was the young Wanchese who had been to England and returned with a silver arrow from the English queen, who had told him it would kill even the bearer of a charmed life. The hunt began, and the white doe bounded away over the sandhills as the hunters’ arrows wizzed around her ears. At last she reached the beach. Wanchese appeared, facing her, took aim, and shot the silver arrow through her heart. At the moment she died, the white doe looked into her slayer’s eyes and whispered, "Virginia Dare.” “

Let Victor be lonely without a drama 2k17

Just an observation, but it is really becoming fascinating to watch how fic-writers participate in this unspoken contest to give Victor the most dramatic backstory. Dead parents, abandoning parents, abusive parents… And do not get me wrong, a lot of them are great fics. I guess the problem exists on my end and I really have to cut my fic-consumption, but all of them in the context of each other make Victor like this character from an early-90s Indian drama who was very unfortunate for all bad things to happen to him at once. 

Why do we so rarely consider that Victor might just lose connection to his parents? You know, moved out at 17, called first once per week, then once per month and then it got to almost no calls at all? Maybe they were never that close in the first place and then distance, and time, and the busy life of the athlete just made it more obvious. This story still makes his infatuation with Hasetsu and Yuuri’s family reasonable and believable. He still could be very lonely and depressed and consider Makkaching his closest soul even though his blood relatives are well and alive and do not hate him.

This post is not for call-outs ‘If you don’t like that HC, thеn write you own’. It’s rather my inner social anthropologist wondering why do we so readily slip into the drama when we are given tabula rasa for the character backstory? Especially when in YOI we basically act in the framework of slice of life where ordinary people are having ordinary problems: battling anxiety, insecurities, miss-communicating and taking all of it so close to their glass hearts. Where life is already hard as it is and all those emotions are valid even without Big Bad Things Happen to the characters. 

Ok, you got me. I wrote this post because I am almost out of hugs to give them to all those poor Victors.

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Character: Ravi Chakrabarti 

From: iZombie

Representation: Racial (Indian) 

Their Importance: Ravi is, quite frankly, one of my favorite male characters I’ve seen. He’s hilarious, smart, witty, and is a 3D character who isn’t just the “funny guy” but has heartwarming (and sometimes serious/heartbreaking) scenes as well. It’s wonderful to see Ravi - a lot of my early exposure to fellow Indians on tv was in a mocking way; they’d be nerdy and considered the “comedic” character of the group, but the jokes always consisted of jokes about the character and their culture, not because they were ever genuinely funny. However, Ravi is different. He’s nerdy, sure, but he’s also completely, genuinely funny in the show and gets to joke around with the characters - he’s never joked about

Ravi is just treated the same way as the others - he has flaws, makes mistakes throughout the show, and is allowed to also be brave and fight for his friends - but the show never forgets that he’s also a person of color, as they’ve also shown Ravi’s reactions and exasperation to racist opinions. The way they’ve written Ravi has felt very realistic to me (as realistic as a show about zombies can get, anyway). The show also places a certain amount of importance placed on him, as he’s the only person in-show who’s actually working on a cure for zombies. In short, Ravi is an amazing character and I wish I got to see more Indian characters like him growing up, especially because he shows how to be a funny character without also being the butt of a joke. 

Thanks to @starklinqs for the write up! 

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