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Has David tried to make Elizabeth immortal?

In the Advent video, David makes reference to some experiments he attempted to do before Elizabeth’s ultimate refusal for “cooperation” and the subsequent murder of the woman. He says: “I tried so desperately to make her more than human. Evolved. but without her cooperation I had to salvage her parts to begin work on my masterpiece”.

I think this may implies that David tried to make Elizabeth a “superior” organism, to make her… immortal, maybe because David had some plans about spending his existence with her. Why not? He affirms he has loved her (and his emotions were true), Fassbender said David is “really an old romantic”, and in the same Advent video, David implies that they (he and Elizabeth) could have re-built everything on Planet 4 (re-built life), could have built a “second Eden”. We have to be careful: this doesn’t necessarily requires Elizabeth’s immortality, because David could have just used her body to produce new creatures and then killed her off to make “a second Eden”: the Eden is the place of the creation; he didn’t necessarily needed her alive to “built anew”, to built a “second Eden”. However, the things David says in the Advent video, suggest that the A.I tried to convince Elizabeth to cooperate with him alive, and only after her refusal he was “forced” to kill her. I think we’ll never entirely know the truth, but that’s not so bad: this way there is “mystery” behind David’s experiments, and so, there is still mystery behind the origins of the Xenomorph itself. Reading the early script for Alien: Covenant (the one written by John Logan in 2015), I have found an interesting scene that makes us think, again, like in the Advent video, that David’s original plan was to make Elizabeth immortal (and if we think about it… in Prometheus Weyland ordered David to experiment with the black goo probably because he hoped it would have turned out an useful substance to make him live longer… ). Here’s the text from the early script:


Meanwhile, upstairs… 

DANIELS is loading her pack. She stops for a moment. Her eyes resting on her wedding ring … She gently touches it. The pain still real. She glances up– Gasps. Shocked. DAVID is standing there. Just watching. Intently. 


“Didn’t mean to startle you. My apologies”.


“Don’t worry about it”. 


“But you must be used to having men look at you”.

He smiles, an attempt at charm that doesn’t come off. Something menacing in his unwavering gaze now. She’s wary of him in any case. He approaches. Tension between them.


“Do you know where Walter is?” 


“I’m not my brother’s keeper”.




“Would you deny me that? … Just another machine, eh, Danny?”

He’s closer now. She subtly moves around a table to keep her distance.


“I think of him as my brother. You certainly appreciate the significance of family: I saw you looking at your wedding ring. Shame about Jacob”.

Her eyes snap to him. Cold fire.


“Walter says he burned. Right in front of you. Eye to eye. That must have been… disquieting”.


“What did you do to Doctor Shaw?”


Loved her”.


“Killed her”.


“No. Loved her enough to want to make her immortal. Like me”.

She stares at him. Her fingers quietly feeling for a weapon that’s on the table…


“I learned so much with Elizabeth. But I’ll do better next time. Now that I have such a fetching subject”.

He gently reaches out and brushes the hair from her face. She doesn’t flinch a muscle, just stares at him, sickened. Her hand inching toward the weapon… 

Then before the whole “I see why Walter thougth so much of you” scene and before he kisses her (“passionately”) David seems to explain what he was saying before about his experiments on Elizabeth:


“You won’t mind terribly, will you? Being the first of a new breed? A new species we could say… and when the moment comes, if it makes it easier for you, you can close your eyes and call me “Jacob”.

As I wrote before, we’ll probably never know what exactly were the original plans of David and why and how they slightly changed because of Elizabeth’s refusal of cooperation. One thing is probable, because it’s implied in the Advent video and “repeated” in the early script of Alien: Covenant: David originally didn’t want to kill Elizabeth. When David says, in this early script, that he loved her so much to want her to be “immortal”, it’s not totally impossible that he meant “immortal through my art and my creations”, but I think it’s more probable he was really implying he tried to give her a much longer lifespan, also because in the early script he adds: “immortal - like me”.

The Recruit (Chapter 16) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 76″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Steven Rapp, Beth Hurley & Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: This shit is dedicated to my front desk man, Perry. he is the best.

Summary: Y/n takes Mitch and Steven to Brooklyn to spend the morning and afternoon driving around in her father’s collection of classic cars. She bonds with Steven and brings the brother’s to her family’s apartment on the Lower East Side, where she decides to stay with Mitch for the rest of the their trip in New York.

Chapter Fifteen - Chapter Sixteen - Chapter Seventeen

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“That was honestly one of the best mornings of my life, Y/n. Thank you so much for letting me tag along and do that.” Steven was sitting sort of sideways in the narrow backseat of your 1963 Aston Martin DB5. You were crossing over the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn, where he, Mitch and you had just spent the morning checking out and driving around in all of your father’s vintage collector cars.

“Absolutely, I’m so glad you two had fun.” You glanced over at Mitch who was slightly grinning at you from the passenger seat. “Plus it’s good for the cars to actually be driven considering I’m never up here to do it myself anymore.. actually, Steven, I was thinking, my Dad used to use the cars to take clients out and he always said that it helped him close deals.. if you ever needed a little extra something to bag a new client for your company, I’ll give you the number for the guy that takes care of the cars, and he’ll hook you up.”

“Oh, wow.. you don’t have to do that.” Steven was flabbergasted.

“No, please. You clearly have a respect for the cars, and Mitch says you’re the responsible one. If it helps your business grow, the least I can do is lend you a car for a night.” You shrugged, glanced back behind you to smile at him and then looked back in front of you to continue driving.

“Thanks, Y/n. That’s really fucking cool of you.” Steven grinned and massaged his hand against the supple leather seat beneath him. He knew that your offer would, in fact, help him with the Wall Street big wigs that he was constantly trying to nail down contracts with. 

Steven was the exact opposite of Mitch in many ways, he was willing to talk about his feelings at the drop of a hat, he was talkative and fidgety and always grinning or laughing. He wasn’t one for long silences. “So did you grow up in the City or like in the suburbs upstate or on Long Island or something?” Steve asked, breaking the long pause between conversations.

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