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A few days ago, a Vanity Fair article said that early Black Panther footage promised gay moments between Ayo and another Dora Milage, Okoye. - which would make sense, since Ayo is a canon gay character in the comics, where she has a beautiful romance with Aneka, also a Dora Milaje. However, a Marvel representative later stated it wasn’t true and said romance wouldn’t happen.
MCU is probably erasing this representation we could have for the first time after dozens of movies. For how long we’ll have to wait?
I will support this movie no matter what and I ask everyone to do the same. It’s an almost all-black cast in a superhero movie and that’s super important. But we deserve LGBT representation too. And if MCU can have a random romance between Black Widow and Hulk, why can’t it have a romance that already exists in the comics?

Use the hashtag #LetAyoHaveAGirlfriend on Twitter and let’s make it trend!

Poorly describing Ghostbusters characters to a coworker who worked on the film with me:

Erin Gilbert: the awkward one with bangs and bad tweed suits

Jillian Holtzmann: the weird blonde one with the goggles

Abby Yates: the angry one with glasses and a ponytail

Patty Tolan: our lady and saviour Leslie Jones

…oh my god, the not white one. Go watch SNL, you heathen.

Kevin Beckman: not Chris Pine, the other Chris, no, the OTHER Chris… yes, Thor Chris.

Phil Hudson: the gross guy we saw in early footage that we threw out

Lack of Oracle’s powers in Kingslglaive and this whole nonsense with Ring can be explained by the fact that during production Luna wasn’t Oracle. Moreover, Luna wasn’t Luna. Look at the pictures of early Kingsglaive footage, see something familiar? Say hello to Stella.

Third picture is the game CGI models lined up with the preproduction version of Nyx’s CGI model. Tabata’s team had Stella’s model working on Luminous Studio engine! It wasn’t simple port from Versus build, it’s new model. And for some idiotic reason they decided to cut off existed character with finished model and replace with new one.

Many people noticed major difference between Luna’s personality in game and movie. Now answer is obvious - Kingsglaive’s original script was written with different main heroine. It doesn’t automatically mean that Lunafreya in movie is what Nomura’s Stella (Versus XIII Stella had the same powers as Noctis and could’ve kick Glauca’s ass easily) supposed to be, but she is definitely closer to Stella from Versus trailers than to her FFXV incarnation. She was more morally ambiguous in Kingsglaive, she acted more casual and her fireworks scene with Nyx is recreation of Stella and Noctis first meeting in Versus. 

Lunafreya in Kingslglaive was intermediate character between Stella and current Luna. 

Perhaps after Tabata get rid of Stella, Kingsglaive team continued to work with some abstract “Princess of Tenebrae” concept. They didn’t give her any powers, because they didn’t know her actual role. According to Roberto Ferrari (lead concept artist) FFXV writers changed plot every 3 months. I would not be surprised if Oracle’s story, Starscourge and Astrals all this nonsensical crap was added into last minutes, because team needed something to replace original Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology.

@anheiressofasoldier here is something for you.

P.S. Anon with Noctis ask, I`ll answer you a bit later (it’s going to be quite big post, which I’m afraid to fail with my awful English).

Larger YouTuber’s probably warn the smaller YouTubers “oh…oh you wanted to vlog at the party tonight….okay, good luck with that….get your footage early cause as soon as Dan and Phil get about 2.5 drinks in them none of your footage will be usable"

Marvel Bringing Black Panther, Thor, And More To D23

San Diego Comic-Con might be the go-to summer convention, but D23 isn’t slacking these days. The smaller event will be held in Anaheim, CA this July and carry an impressive line-up. A new report from Marvel just let fans know D23 will host an array of MCU previews, and fans are eager to see what the studio has in store.

“Marvel will make its way to D23 Expo’s show floor from July 14­–16 with an exciting look at its upcoming film titles in the Marvel Studios Pavilion, featuring an array of props and costumes from the Studios’ upcoming slate, including “Thor: Ragnarok,” “Black Panther,” and more,” the studios’ press release writes.

“Fans will also be able to enjoy all-new console and mobile Marvel Games, plus incredible exclusive content and announcements throughout the weekend!”

Marvel is slated to bring exclusive set props from Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther to the event. There is no word yet on whether new footage of the films will be released, but fans are hopeful. The most likely scenario for attendees is that they’ll get to see footage which won’t be released to the public until SDCC goes down. Captain America: Civil War debuted early footage at a prior D23 event before a full trailer was tossed to fans later at Comic-Con International. SDCC is scheduled for the end of July, so the wait would not be totally unbearable.



In Super Mario 64, whenever Bowser explodes after being defeated, coins fly out of the explosion. However, this is a purely visual effect, as no actual coins that can be collected appear. In early beta footage, we can see Bowser’s defeat released real coins at some point in development, so this feature seemed to have been removed after the explosion animation was created.


Extremely early beta footage of Super Mario 64 shows an isolated clip of Mario entering a painting that resembles no level from the finished game. The “1″ seen very briefly on the door as Mario enters it suggests that it is the first level, Bob-Omb Battlefield (it can not mean that 1 Star is required since Mario has zero Stars in the clip); however, if this painting was supposed to be visually representative of that level, it means Bob-Omb Battlefield had received a significant redesign since the beta version.

With exactly fifteen minutes left until the day of Stormblood’s early access, I have officially finished queueing all of my coverage of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

Thank you all so, so much for sticking with me. The response has been incredible, especially over the past few days.

Because Square are going to be keeping an eye out for people posting Stormblood footage during early access, I’m going to spend at least a few days just running around Gyr Abania. This is something I’ve been looking forward to literally for years, and I’m going to make the most of it.

That said, I’ll likely be raring to refill the queue as soon as possible. This is something that’s bound to be special, and I always look forward to sharing a good story.


Prince ‘Lets Work’ from the Triple Threat Tour Houston 1982
Amazing & rare footage of early Prince showing us why he was becoming the #GOAT
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Early test footage from The Dark Crystal, shot outside Jim Henson’s home in Bedford, NY on October 17, 1978.

tenkoschabashira  asked:

there are so many callbacks to older games like p2. this cant possibly be a coincidence im calling shenanigans

This is not a coincidence, yeah. This is the developers literally celebrating the entire franchise, taking everything that was amazing about it through all the installments, and putting it all together to make their best game so far. 

And as for why this only happens now, please consider my thoughts on it:

I think what people should keep in mind is that it wasn’t ever a question of the dev team not “remembering” Persona 1 or Persona 2. They remember them alright. It’s just P3 and P4 were… rather limited.

When you find reaaaaally early Persona 3 development footage on the internet (It’s rare, but it DOES exist), you can see that originally Persona 3 looked a lot like a 3D Persona 2. However, combat was simplified a LOT during the development process, hence the team dropping a ton of elements from P1 and P2 that they couldn’t work into the new system. Stuff like moving characters around on the battle field, Frei-spells, etc. etc… That all had to go to streamline the experience with the resources they had.

Then came Persona 4 and, a fact that many people don’t realize is that during the development of Persona 4, Atlus was effectively BROKE. Even though the game was popular, their situation was so bad that it couldn’t save them, and they went bankrupt just a few months after releasing it and were bought up by Index, who then went insolvent due to a corruption scandal, causing Atlus to be bought by Sega and the rest is history.

Anyway, due to this financial situation at the time, Persona 4 had to be put together on what almost amounted to a shoestring budget and BOY it shows. Ask members of the Persona modding community: Persona 4 wasn’t just built on Persona 3′s engine, it was effectively programmed on top of Persona 3, like a hacked fangame. Assets and data from Persona 3 can still be found all over if you dig in the files, to an amount that cannot be explained with “testing data”, and the game engines are so ridiculously identical that you can swap around game models between the games with little repercussions other than animations getting messed up due to P4 adding the “Guard” command to the battle system, hence changing the numbering of the animations a bit. Heck, after P4 was released, Hashino even went on record claiming that this was going to be the “definitive version” and that they would never bring an updated version like P3FES, almost as if to hint that they didn’t have the money to add anything else to the game.

So yeah, Persona 3 was limited by streamlining, and Persona 4 could not change much about that, because they literally could not work outside the boundaries of what they had done with Persona 3, because they had no money to program that.

This is no longer the case.

The Persona franchise has exploded in the past years. There’s merchandise in Japan. So, so, sooooo much Merchandise. Then there’s the spin-off games. And the animated properties and stage plays that bring in royalties. And tie-in projects. And. And. And.

People complain about P3 and P4 getting “milked”, but the truth is, this stuff brought in money. Cold, hard cash. Just the kind of finances Atlus needed to finally move forward in actually advancing the series again.

Now they have the budget to go wild with it. So they went and literally took all the best things from the ENTIRE series so far, put them together and worked hard to make it work this time around, streamlining and all.

That’s why this game can incorporate elements from games as early as Persona 1 with the newer elements of Persona ¾, when Persona ¾ themselves couldn’t. More money. More time. More potential. Money and time to figure out how to make Guns and Meele Weapons work with the new system, money and time to figure out how to use the elements and skills that had to be cut from Persona 3 because of streamlining, money and time to afford having creative demon designs as mook enemies again, rather than relying on the same, bland Shadow designs over and over.

Long story, short: Yes, you’re finally getting back all these P1 and P2 elements you were missing for the series, you guys, just like you wanted. And you have the  merchandising of P3 and P4 to thank for that.