early father's day post

My dad is sexist and stereotypical it bothers me because he always uses stuff like

If you were a boy then…
Girls shouldn’t do…
Girls always….
It doesn’t look good of a girl does…
Women can’t drive
Women are always are late
When women say there going to do stuff most of the time it doesn’t get done

And like it’s really starting to piss me tf off!

If there was one picture from my youth that I would pick to describe myself? This would be it.

It was Halloween. My dad and I built my costume for a costume contest (That’s a real TV shell) and I don’t think I won. But, it was awesome anyway. My brother and sister (looking deceptively omg-super-cute) are there. I’m doing something weird to be funny. Behind us is our Dodge Daytona Turbo (1988 I believe?) My dad had just recent put in a rebuilt engine. A lot of memories in this photo.

It’s easy to tell why I’m the way I am. My dad taught me a lot when I was younger. Wrenching on cars, being handy with tools, building things. Adaption and improvisation. And, where my Dad’s expertise ends (somewhere between ECUs and full blown computers) mine begins.

Thanks Dad for showing me the way. I don’t think I’d be half the engineer I am today without you.