early exam

1 Get your textbooks and actually start reading them from day one. If you’re anything like me textbook reading can be a bit tedious and when classes are starting its the last thing you want to be doing. But it’s better to start early (or right in line with class) than trying to cram the day before an exam. 

2 Start planning early. Its never too early to start putting exam dates or assignments in you planner or calendar. There is a reason a lot of professors give you the class schedule ahead of them and don’t just tell you you have an exam 3 days out. That information is there to help you so make note of it; the sooner you put everything in the less likely you are to forget. 

3 GO TO CLASS. I know that sounds obvious but you would be surprised how early that bug sets in. Even if you feel like you don’t need to go to class and your textbook reading will get you decent grades, class time is important. Professor may use some class time to talk about extra information, review for exams, change dates, etc. You never know what kind of important information you may be missing. Besides, textbook reading alone may get you decent grades but why not strive for excellent grades!! 

4 Don’t wait until the day before an exam to ask for help. If you are lost day 2 in your class, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Confusion doesn’t follow a schedule, if you’re confused ask your professor/teacher or go to a study group. 

5 Breathe…You’re going to do great! Don’t worry this semester (and many more) are going to go wonderfully for you. Remember to drink plenty of water, hang out with friends, and take time for yourself. You’re effort and hard work will pay off, I promise!

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scorbus hcs - youtuber au (kinda)
  • Albus had just turned 20, was in his second year of the curse-breaker program, and was top of his class
  • he was also publicly know as the Slytherin son of the Hero of the Wizarding World (he didn’t like that title much tbqh)
  • and he liked wizternet, a global system that connected wizarding computers and was obviously based off muggle’s internet
  • he specially liked watching videos on both muggle’s youtube and wizards’ youfloo
  • one day, after he watched a video of his cousin Fred talk about wizarding life in Russia (he was travelling around the world, the lucky git), youfloo recommended a video titled “SCORPION KING BURNS THE HOUSE”
  • on the thumbnail there was a blond guy who wore silver-wired glasses and a turquoise jacket next to a dark-skinned girl with short hair who looked oddly familiar
  • he decided to watch the video
  • it was so funny, the girl (Alex Zabini, Albus recognised, daughter of Blaise Zabini and Albus’s godfather, Neville Longbottom) was talkiing about how Scorpius had tried to bake a cake for his father’s 46th birthday and ended up almost burning the house. Scorpius was pouty throughout the video, but he couldn’t help and laugh at some remarkable points.
  • Albus decided to subscribe to Scorpius’s channel
  • he had to admit the boy was so damn cute, with his crooked smile and silver glasses and septum piercing. his wavy and white-blondish hair, the freckles on his nose and cheeks. and his french accent.
  • Albus wondered if his godfather would think it weird for him to visit out of the blur. He also wondered if Alex and Lily were still good friends.
  • then he decided to let it go bc there was no chance he would ever get to date Scorpius, even if he was also gay (Albus knew that bc he had seen all of his videos, including his coming out one), that didn’t mean he would be interested in Albus.
  • almost two months after he found out Scorpius’s channel, Albus met him
  • he had just left Gringotts and decided to look up some books on Flourish and Blotts
  • arriving there he found his father arguing heatedly with a blond man around his age
  • from what Albus could hear, it was a discussion about cooking methods.
  • old people, he sighed before getting closer to his dad
  • “dad?” he said and as Harry turned to him, his expression softened.
  • “Al!” he hugged his son, “good to see you here,” he said before turning back to the man he was arguing with, he frowned for a moment before reluctantly saying, “this is Draco Malfoy,”
  • “Albus Potter,” Albus said, offering his hand for a shake.
  • Draco Malfoy looked at it, then at Potter, then at Albus, and shook it.
  • two piles of books came floating towards them
  • “dad, I think I have all the books I need, and I also picked some more because, well, you know how I am with books”
  • Albus almost shivered when he heard that voice
  • Scorpius Malfoy appeared from behind the book piles and opened his mouth to say something again when he realised his father wasn’t alone.
  • “Scorpius,” mr. Malfoy said, “this is Harry Potter,” he nodded in Harry’s direction, “and Albus Potter, his son”
  • Scorpius smiled happily and shook both Potter’s hands, lingering a bit at Albus’s.
  • “Nice to meet you,” he said and Albus bit his lip to stop himself from saying something stupid, like, I’ve seen all your videos or I like the way your hand feels against mine
  • to stop himself from ogling Scorpius, Albus looked around and focused himself on the books Scorpius was going to buy
  • they were mostly about science and technology, but there was a m/m romance in there too
  • “you like that?” he heard Scorpius ask next to him and he thanked his self-control for not jumping.
  • “seems good,” he said mildly, his mind now focused on the fact that Scorpius smelled like honey and something citric
  • “mhm,” Scorpius hummed, “our parents are having a staring contest right now,” he muttered in Albus’s ear, his voice sounding amused
  • Albus closed his eyes and turned to face the two men who were almost on their 50s act like they were first years.
  • “unbelievable,” he shook his head, “dad is usually nice when he meets old classmates, I guess him and your father must have a heavy history”
  • Albus turned to Scorpius then, to find out their faces were only inches apart.
  • “must be it,” Scorpius said and for a moment Albus stared at his lips, feeling his throat dry up.
  • “do you wanna grab a drink?” Scorpius asked
  • Albus swallowed and licked his lips before nodding.
  • “Sure, now?”
  • Scorpius glanced at mr. Malfoy and Harry, who were now arguing again.
  • “Now sounds good,” Scorpius smiled shyly at him. “Lead the way,”
  • Albus put his hands in his pockets and they walked side by side to the pub a few blocks away.
  • months later Albus would talk about how he found Scorpius’s channel and was instantly enchanted with him, and Scorpius would talk about a Daily Prophet article he read right after moving to London that featured the picture of the cutest wizard he had ever laid eyes on
  • they’d make videos together and be very loving and gay for all wizarding world to see.
How to write an AP World DBQ

The DBQ (document based question) consists of a set of documents that can include reports, charts, maps, pictures, etc. that are all used to answer the prompt. Personally I thought DBQs were the easiest of the essays because you don’t necessarily need any prior knowledge; this essay analyzes how well you can interpret and draw connections between historical documents. I’m writing this with the assumption that you have a working knowledge of the DBQ, so I’m not going to spell out the rubric all in one place. The elements will simply be mentioned as I walk you through my process. If you are not familiar with the DBQ, wait for your teacher to teach it, then if you’re confused or just wish to see some tips. refer back to this post. Your teacher may be able to explain much better than I can, or may have a specific process they wish for you to follow.

  • Set some time out of the 10 minutes allotted to read the prompt and look over the documents. Take notes in the margins for meaning, trends (for groups), and POV (point of view).
  • Group the documents. Group them as how they contribute to the thesis. Remember- they must answer the question! Aim for at least 3 groups with at least 2 documents each. You can put a document in more than one group, however, think about whether you have enough time to write about it so many times. You can have ONE (and no more) document that is a stand alone. However, never address it as such. Just mention it in it’s own paragraph. 
  • Write your thesis using your groups. Use the prompt in the thesis (ex. The social and political impact of cricket include….), but don’t use any background info that they provide you. If there are dates in the prompt, your thesis better include dates. 
  • Write your body paragraphs. These are your groups, with your topic sentence introducing the group. Then talk about your individual documents. Include as many point of views as you can for each doc. Think- why did this person say this at this time? Tip- charts/graphs/maps cannot give you a POV (usually). 
  • Extra document. What doc has been left out that could be used to answer the question? Can be generic. Don’t ask for something they’ve already given you. 
  • Conclusion. Restate the thesis in different words. If you don’t have enough time, it’s not a huge deal, but since your writing tends to get better near the end because you have a firmer grasp on what you want to say, your conclusion will probably be better than your thesis. If you don’t get the point at the beginning, this is your chance. 

Hope this helps! 

Pre-exam tips

Hey guys, since my exam period is coming to an end I thought I would share some of my pre-exam tips. Good luck to everyone in the midst of their exams!

1. Eat a big breakfast. Even if you’re not one to normally eat breakfast, it’s important to eat something so that your brain can function as its best. Try eating something with lots of grains or some fruit. You will thank yourself for it later!

2. Get up early. If your exam is in the morning, you want to get up early enough so as to not still be sleepy when you enter the exam room. You should also arrive early just incase you’re running late. Sometimes unforeseeable circumstances come up, and you’ll be grateful for that extra time in the morning. However, this does mean you should go to bed earlier the night before!

3. Be prepared. Make sure you take enough stationery and have all your necessary materials ready. This will save you a lot of hassle if you happen to run out of ink, or you need a pen change to prevent a hand cramp. If you need a calculator, take in spare batteries if they’re allowed. Make sure to sort this all out prior to the day of the exam so you’re not stressed on the day.

4. Drink lots of water. You want to drink enough water to keep your brain functioning, but not too much so as to need to go to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom in your exam is a waste of precious time, but not going can make you very uncomfortable. As such, it’s important to consume enough water, but don’t overdo it.

5. Don’t talk about the exam before you go in. Talking to others before going in to the exam about the topics can be confusing and stressful. Either avoid talking to people altogether, or make a deal with your friends to talk about other things to distract you. 

6. Breathe. Before you open your exam paper, take a big breath. It’s going to be okay. A question might scare you initially, but it will become your friend once you relax and understand it. Stressing unnecessarily isn’t going to help, and it helps to breathe long and deep to prevent becoming overwhelmed.

I hope this is helpful for some of you! Remember that after your exam there’s nothing you can do to change your grade. It’s important to reflect but burdensome to get caught up in what you could have done wrong.

Just had a rather surreal experience. 

I’m up really early, studying for an exam, and this kid Jon, probably the richest, whitest guy on our floor, comes into the common area to hang out. We start chatting and I find out he can’t sleep because sometimes you just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can’t Sleep.

And we’re talking and I’m going through my notes and he’s playing Skyrim, and all of a sudden, he goes: “Mo, I have a question. I am not trying to be a douche. This is serious question I have that has been on my mind. What is privilege?” 

And like damn. I was like, “That’s a loaded question”, and I was prepared for things to go bad real fast, but lo and behold… he listened as I talked?? I tried explaining from my experiences in really simple terms. I didn’t do so well about going into details or nuances, but like, I have never really had to explain privilege before, and it was really fucking early in the morning. 

But what really got to me was this: he asked questions and stuff, but he didn’t challenge or interrupt. The fact that he asked this question to a person who actually deals way more heavily with the weight of others being privileged? It surprised me, a lot. And wow. It was not bad. Just quite unexpected coming from him, because he was always pretty douche-y. There are many things about which I still don’t trust him completely, but this was the first time I talked to a really privileged person about privilege and they didn’t get angry and defensive. How refreshing honestly. 

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Thank you again shou! gaylord 尻 for bringing another AU to life :”D Kiyoko’s Moving Castle <33

Today, I fucked up... by drinking coffee before my exam

So the events I’m about to describe happened last Monday during a college general chemistry exam. I woke up that Monday feeling confident in myself as I had been a good student and actually studied. I was going to be really early to my exam so I stopped by Starbucks to get some coffee to help me focus. Completely unaware of the horror that would ensue, I had completely drank the obnoxiously large cup by the time I got to class.

I walked into class and sat down in a row of seats with people on all sides of me and began my exam. After confidently breezing through the first part of my exam I immediately felt the most horrible gut wrenching feeling. I tensed up and it went away like I had hoped. Relieved, I happily went on to the word problem section but halfway through determining how much aspirin little Johnny can eat before he dies a screech equivalent to the tortured souls of the deepest pits of hell erupted from my bowls. Immediately I clenched my butt cheeks with all the force I could possibly muster until the imminent shit geyser had stopped. Successful, shaking vigorously, and now sweating from shear excruciating pain, I nervously looked up to see if anyone noticed only to see everyone in the class staring at me. Embarrassed and nervous I looked back down at my half finished exam saying every cuss word imaginable in my head. I would have to endure another 40 minutes of this because if you go to the bathroom during an exam you have to turn in your exam. I immediately sped through the exam and every 5 minutes my bowls never failed to let out a sound each louder and more horrible than the last. After 35 minutes of rushing through the exam I carefully made baby steps towards the professor careful not to set off the bomb in my lower gut. I handed in my exam and the professor gave me a reassuring nod. Relieved, I picked up my pace and headed towards the door. Upon opening the door I had awoken the sleeping beast inside my anus and it released a roar so load and mighty that it probably broke the sound barrier. This was no ordinary fart, as it was the most putrid, eye burning fart you can imagine mixed with a bit of shit. I then clenched my butt cheeks and waddled away from the seen of the crime with screams of sheer terror coming from the now oxygen starved room behind me. Most embarrassing day of my life.

TL;DR I drank coffee before my exam thinking it would help but it only made my stomach make the most horrible sound you can imagine. I finished my exam on my way out I farted the most putrid fart of my existence.

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Reasons I Relate to James Potter
  • Uses arrogance and humor to hide insecurity
  • Would finish an exam early and pass time by doodling crush’s initials
  • Willing to talk to pretty much anyone, but ends up having a clique-ish friend group anyway
  • Runs hands through hair all the dang time
  • Has a nemesis
  • Can’t stop making stupid jokes with friends that literally no one else would find funny
  • Somehow makes mischief nerdy
  • Desperate for validation