early encyclopedias

Angela Ruiz Robles (1895-1975) was a Spanish teacher and inventor, who in 1949 was awarded a patent for what she called “the Mechanical Encyclopedia” – an early version of the electronic book.

She got the pioneering idea as a solution to lighten the weight of the books her students had to carry every day. For this purpose, she created a device that consisted of texts and illustrations on reels, with a sheet of magnifying glass and a light that allowed for it to be read in the dark.

Types of “Dark Aesthetic” Bloggers on Tumblr
  • Art/History hoes that post a bunch of detailed close-ups of baroque art and quotes from Dante’s Inferno or similar literature.
  • Esoteric bloggers obsessed with the occult, symbolic art, pseudoscience, astrology, secret orders, and the like. Usually posts very unique, insightful, and interesting content.
  • Nostalgia bloggers obsessed with old Hollywood and silent films, old encyclopedia scans, early 20th century photography, etc.
  • Nostalgia bloggers sharing retro BDSM and fetish magazine scans
  • Legit horror movie bloggers sharing poster art and b-movie stills from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Much of it is original content or properly sourced content.
  • Serious witches. Lots of original photos and text posts meticulously documenting their rituals. Tons and tons of crystals. So many crystals.
  • Non-serious witches. Caught up in the witch aesthetic but too lazy to really practice the craft. Lots of selfies. (This is me!)
  • Other pagan revivalists talking about their “spiritual” journey mixed in with Buddha quotes and Instagram photos of whatever tea blends they just made
  • Fashion bloggers posting compilation photos of goth/alternative clothing items with hotlinks to purchase them
  • Fashion bloggers that literally just post highly-stylized runway “Goth” clothing and nothing else
  • Tradgoth nostalgists posting nonstop about Siouxie and the Banshees/Bauhaus/Depeche Mode/Nick Cave/Whatever
  • “Real” tradgoths who can’t stand the “poseurs” mentioned above
  • Cybergoths who haven’t gotten the memo that it’s not 1999 anymore
  • Metal blogs, grunge blogs, alternative blogs, etc posting pictures and gifs of bands other dark aesthetic bloggers obsess over
  • Leftover emo kids from 2009 posting depressing quotes and text graphics about hating themselves and wanting to die
  • Edgelords posting extreme downscale photo edits with almost no color variation mixed with Nazi propaganda and shitty black metal
  • Crust punx posting about the ills of the world, veganism, nature, Crass, bands that sound a lot like Crass, weed, white people dreads, etc
  • Stoner metal enthusiasts posting about ‘60s cult films and Electric Wizard nonstop. Also lots of bong rip selfies.
  • Urbex photographers sharing low-light images of all the drafty grain sheds they’ve ever smoked weed in
  • Photo scavengers posting screenshots weird/creepy shit they found in Google Search or on Craigslist
  • Extraterrestrial freaks and conspiracy theorists rambling about something being “out there” like Dale Gribble on crystal meth
  • Cursed image/deep web hoes. Tons of gore porn and/or paranormal shit. Somehow haven’t been deleted by Tumblr staff yet.
  • Orb Hoes. Literally. Orb hoes. They’re obsessed with orbs.
  • Girls who reblog nothing but urbex and orb pictures mixed in with stylistic text graphics of Nicole Dollenganger lyrics made in MS Paint
  • Weebs that still shop at Hot Topic and post lots of blurry Naruto and Invader Zim gifs; kind of stuck in 2005. Probably J-rock fans.
  • Edgy teenagers/20-somethings reblogging photos of girls in ripped fishnets with bruised knees mixed in with Marilyn Manson pictures
  • Edgy teenagers stealing other peoples’ photography and adding a blog promo in the caption, ie “▼DARK BLOG▼”
  • Edgy teenagers/20-somethings posting grayscale horror movie gifs they “edited” and Alice in Wonderland graphics they “found” on Weheartit
  • Edgy teenagers obsessed with serial killers and the Columbine shooters, actually in love with Dylan Klebold or some shit.
  • Legit true crime bloggers that post original content; usually can’t stand the edgy teenage true crime kids mentioned above.
  • Halloween-centric “spoopy” blogs with silly/cartoonish content. Not really that dark but they’re still popular with dark aesthetic bloggers.
  • Goth “celebrities” with popular YouTube channels using Tumblr for self-promotion
  • Goth webcam girls/other sex workers using Tumblr for self-promotion
  • Casual goths that post some dark aesthetic content but not exclusively. Lots of memes and occasional shitposting
  • “Pastel goth” blogs that aren’t dark at all but keep posting their shit in the “dark aesthetic” tag

I think I covered everybody.

Freud, Sigmund (1856 - 1939)

Marilyn read a great deal of the writings of the founder of psychoanalysis, after embarking on an intensive program of analysis and self-discovery in the mid-fifties that was to accompany her through the remainder of her life.

On seeing a photo of Freud inside a collection of his letters, Marilyn exclaimed that he looked “as if he died a disappointed man.”

Marilyn was offered but rejected a role in a film about Freud, being put together by John Huston in the early sixties.

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.