early edition 2014

"How about if Ash loses the battle, he will start going
out with me."
"Her going out with Ash...?"
Pokémon XY Anime Episode 13 Preview
Elsword Artwork Gallery - Ara Early August 2014 Edition

Today I present you some 3rd Class Patch Ara Artwork with a mix of other Ara Artwork. I found the latest artwork for Ara’s quite intriguing. Even though Ara’s 3rd Class Path release in KR was very recent. Without further ado, lets enjoy these pieces. Oh, there’s a few piece that I really did like.

Source: Little Specter | 不正雀 [pixiv] 

Source: 無題 | Pモン@暑すぎて動かない [pixiv] 

Source: 小妖 | TANGCHI [pixiv] 

Source: 小妖 | 帕紗鈴 [pixiv] 

Source: 小妖 | あっぷるい← [pixiv] 

Source: little specter | langod [pixiv] 

Source: ara修羅 | roy_ [pixiv] 

Source: 新品 | 君喚 [pixiv] 

Source: アラ & ラン | ウェんてる [pixiv] 

Source: 冥王 | 68(ろくは) [pixiv]

Source: 小妖 | Jizel [pixiv] 

Source: Ara - Yama Raja 冥王 | JMC [pixiv] 

Source: Sakra Devanam and Yama Raja | AthenaWyrm [pixiv]