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When I find myself in times of trouble Harry Styles comes to me, speaking words of wisdom:

“Be nice to everyone and do it five minutes early”

Simon Cowell and Louis

I just listened to Louis’ interview with Matt Edmonson (x) after reading about Louis’ story about Simon apparently flying him out to Los Angeles to give him a telling off for having a couple of beers before a show. 

Aside from the fact that a story about a grown man flying an eighteen year-old boy across the world to have a one on one meeting is so incomprehensibly disturbing, there are a couple things that lead me to believe that while I don’t doubt that Simon called Louis into a private meeting in this manner, that there were many things about this story that weren’t true. This is purely my speculation based on having worked for a psychopath like Simon Cowell as well as having dated someone who was on the X-Factor with One Direction in 2010 and who told me a very similar story, so I’ll start with that. 

During Bootcamp, immediately prior to One Direction being formed, Louis and another guy from the boys category at Bootcamp bought a bunch of alcohol and threw a party. Because the boys category had multiple boys under 18, when they got caught both Louis and this other guy were in a lot of trouble and the other guy was told that they were both being kicked off of the show. This guy was not only kicked off the show and sent home immediately, but none of the footage of his auditions was included in the final cuts and you can only see him vaguely in the background. Louis, on the other hand, was probably given a very stern talking to, but they kept him for the taping of the end of bootcamp which he was apparently being cut from anyways until Simon Cowell “made a quick decision” and put One Direction together. This is one of the reasons I will never believe that the forming of this band was impromptu. So you’re telling me that Simon Cowell decided to put a boyband together that consisted of four 16-17 year-olds and then thought, “Oh I’ll add that 18 year old kid who gave all of them booze last night as well.” I don’t think so. 

If I were to guess, and this is purely a guess, I would say that Simon Cowell himself probably gave Louis an off-screen and completely unfriendly version of what he did to Zayn on-camera when he refused to dance at the auditions. Simon Cowell is not a nice man. He isn’t empathetic, and he doesn’t give a shit about anyone. So WHY would he put a kid who got busted for getting everyone drunk and another kid with aggressive stage fright into a band if he hadn’t already formed this band prior to bootcamp even starting? 

That being said, this story that Louis told is prefaced with him saying, “I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about it before…just thinking if I can…” which to me sounds like, “Give me a second to figure out a way to tell this horrible story about Simon Cowell in a way that doesn’t break my contract that says I can never in my life say a bad word about him anywhere in this universe.” 

Louis has mentioned that as the oldest member of One Direction he was the one who stood up to the label the most when they were just starting. As previously mentioned, I worked for someone like Simon Cowell and he refused to talk to groups of people about serious issues or problems. If he knew that a few of us were upset he’d corner us individually or take one of us out to dinner so that he could gaslight you into thinking that he wasn’t the problem, that the others were just influencing you because they were jealous or he’d give you a raise or a promotion. Simon Cowell is exactly the type of man to divide and conquer groups of people who are mad at him. Look at his circulating panel of judges. He has a few loyal minions like Cheryl Cole, but it’s not surprising that Nick Grimshaw who takes a couple jabs at Simon here and there didn’t last longer than a season. Simon is not the kind of person who likes strong-minded people and Louis “can’t bite me tongue” Tomlinson was probably as big of a thorn in his side as Dan Wootton made him out to be. I think the only hint of truth that Dan has ever written was that Louis was difficult for Sony to deal with. However, I don’t think this band would have had the success they had if it weren’t for them completely breaking the mould of a typical boyband and eventually demanding that they write their own music. 

What is so unsettling about this story is that it sounds like a classic story from a victim of emotional abuse. Like, “Oh I did something wrong and then I was punished in this kind of weird, but totally okay way.” The man I worked with who was the president of the company and used similar tactics made me believe that I was the problem in every situation to the point that when he eventually got violent the first thing I thought when he hit me in the face was, “Oh my god, I’ve made him so mad. How am I going to apologise?” I was 25. Louis was 18 when this story apparently happened. 18 when Simon Cowell began these little one-on-one meetings that lead to the visible transformation of a loud and flamboyant boy to (relatively) quiet skater boy Louis circa 2014. 

Simon was not One Direction’s manager. There was absolutely no reason for him to be talking to Louis alone like that. Not to mention that, legally speaking, I’m quite sure that a minor would have to have a guardian present for any such kind of meeting (pretty sure, but not positive), but Louis being the only adult would be the only one Simon could manipulate this particular way during the early days of One Direction. 

There is just something inherently sketchy and unsettling about this entire dynamic, and this story seems like a very sugar-coated version of something much darker. 

And that’s what I think about that.

Torch of Bellona (Part 4)

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Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2200

Warning: We’re about to kick things up a notch! Bam! (Okay technically there’s nothing too risque, I mean unless you have an aversion to heavy make-out sessions)

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6-

Not being satisfied with the night before, you join the wagon ride back to your fathers kingdom. Ragnar has a few words of wisdom to share with you and you get yourself a proper goodbye from Ivar. But not before letting it slip what you really want from him.

The guards in the courtyard all tensed as you hopped up into the wagon, sitting beside Ivar’s legs. You almost wanted to giggle from causing such a ruckus without saying a single word.

Aethelwulf stepped up from beside his father and wife, both failing to hide delighted grins. “Princess-”

“My time here is almost up anyway.” You waved. “I figured since this wagon is already heading to my Father, might as well make it easy on everyone and hitch a ride.” you smiled at him innocently like you didn’t know you were settled between a legendary savage and his son, the reason you needed a thick scarf around your neck.

Aethelwulf and all his guards glanced back to Ecbert for his approval and the kings smile was quickly stuffed away, locked tight by a few lazy fingers. “You don’t have to go through such lengths Princess. We can have a carriage ready for you by tomorrow-”

“Oh nonsense! To think I can not be so humble! It couldn’t hurt to have someone keep them company outside of spears and dirty looks could it?”

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Early Complaints

Harry swore that he was mature.

He was sure of it until now, proving that he beats a child when it comes to throwing a fit since he’s been whining and pulling on your shirt, even making an attempt to count to persuade you to drop the call and come back to bed.

“She’s talking non-stop!”

He furiously whispered instead of normally talking since he’s still holding on what you said of ending the call sooner i he kept his voice not above a whisper.

You silently cooed at Harry who’s clinging onto your legs since he insisted you’d go with him, literally holding you down in case you’d decide to take the call he’s annoyed at on some place else, running your hand theough the hair of the one who’s pouting and has his eyebrows furrowed.

“One more minute,” you mouthed as soon as you felt the conversation coming ti an end, the background being Harry whining whether he should now believe that it’s one minute away from ending, his attention on getting you to be the big spoon to him instead of his shirtless body that needed warmth.

And true to your word, the call did end that made him squeal yet was followed by a text that you needed to immediately reply to, making Harry frown once he stood up.

“Oh there she goes!” he trailed off, a pout on his face as his arms are crossed, making you laugh at the site.

“You’re not loving me!”

He whined at the exact moment you sent the text, making you roll your eyes at Harry’s amusing state, making him throw his arms around you as a much-anticipated introduction in you cuddling him as the big spoon.

“You’re such a big baby, love.”

He huffed, proving your point again as he collapsed the both of you onto the bed and under the sheets, his head onto your neck that made you put your hand on his side and the other to go through his hair.

Harry’s still clinging on with his lips touching your neck, pressing little kisses.

“M'not. Now please, make me sleep.”


“I’m sorry! They made me! I should’ve told you, but-” - Pacifica before she was silenced by her controlling Father.

What was revealed in this episode is that Pacifica is a victim of parental emotional abuse. She gets controlled by her father every single time she tries to disobey them and that bell is basically the equivalent of a slap across the face.

She KNOWS that her parents are controlling, emotionally abusive, snobs, and hurtful. But up until this episode, she’s ALWAYS been afraid to speak up against them and their wishes.

When she was apologizing to Dipper for lying to him, she really meant what she was saying. She didn’t want to lie to him about the whole thing and at the end of their first goodbye, it looked like things were going towards the direction of early stages of friendship / romantic interest in each other. But before she can continue her apology, her father silences her with the bell that he’s used to emotionally abuse and control her.

They treat her almost like a dog that they own rather than speak to her like she’s actually their daughter. For a Disney show, this show touches upon some very realistic and very depressing family situations that unfortunately happen. Soos’s Dad was never in the picture because he literally just up and left, and now we get Pacifica who has emotionally abusive parents who hold her to her family name’s standards.

Now we understand why Pacifica always bullied and harassed Mabel all this time. Because her parents emotionally abused HER. It’s because of her family situation that we understand now why Pacifica chose to specifically abuse and bully Mabel: Because she wanted to make another person smaller than herself just like her parents do to her.

It’s only AFTER Dipper gives her the strength to become her own person that Pacifica finds the strength to finally stop the cycle of abuse. She got new found courage to stand up to her parents after Dipper had talked to her and apologized to her in the one room her parents NEVER wanted her to see.

People will ask me why I ship Dipcifica, well here’s my answer that helps support my shipping preferences now : Because Dipper helped Pacifica stop her parent’s cycle of emotional abuse.

Dipper was the one to help Pacifica face her problems of her parents control and it was only thanks to him that she even dared to go against her parents wishes.

For her entire life, she’s been told to act just like a princess and she’s been literally trained since birth to act proper and proud among others. But that’s never what she really wanted, what she wanted was to be a normal girl with a normal family that actually gave a damn about her.

And who was the one to finally save her and help her? Dipper. Not Mabel like others had thought would save her, it was Dipper. The one twin who DIDN’T give up his dislike for her and who actually held animosity due to Pacifica’s bullying. But Dipper learned WHY she was acting this way in this episode and now I believe that Dipper has dispelled all his animosity to her because she has a worst family situation than he thought.

Dipper gave her courage. Dipper gave her strength to finally say “NO” and Dipper was the one who gave her a hope of change. That’s why I ship them together now. BECAUSE HE SAVED HER.

Pacifica comes from a controlling, emotionally abusive, and a snobbish family that couldn’t give two shits about anyone else besides themselves. She would’ve wound up becoming the same if Dipper hadn’t helped her the way that he did.


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Imagine yandere TFA Megatron, while he was still in professor Sumdac's lab, some how made friends with Sumdac's innocent and naive assistant.

He first starts to regain his consciousness around the time you start working.  Maybe that’s a coincidence, maybe not.  Before his optics come online, all he has to go by is a voice - soft, and melodic, and pleasant, not at all like that other bumbling oaf.  He sits in the dark for days, unable to move, unable to see, with only the gentle sound of your humming for company as you busy yourself around the lab at night.  Sometimes you talk to him, just to organize your thoughts out loud or break the unnerving silence, unaware that he’s actually listening.  

As the days go by he begins to resent you and the Sumdac fool more and more.  You dare you cut him open and put him on display like some sort of lab rat?  The only thing that keeps him sane is the knowledge that one day he will reclaim his body, and then he will crush the two of you under his thumb.

Everything changes when one day his optics suddenly flicker back online.  It takes him a minute to adjust after being sightless for so long, but gradually he starts to take in his surroundings.  What he sees is you, working alone late at night as usual, scribbling something on a table with your back to him.  All he can see is your shapely frame, and the back of your hair, but it’s enough to capture his interest.  Perhaps if he- ah, yes!  

A sudden blast of air from the vents scatters the papers on the desk behind you, forcing you to turn around.  If Megatron had control of his jaw, it would have dropped at that point.  He had tried to picture in his head before what you looked like - how could he not with such limited means of entertaining himself? - but nothing, nothing he could have imagined can compare to the real thing.

You are… stunning.  Yes, that’s the only word he knows for it.  Literally, he is stunned.  The blinking lights from the lab equipment bath your skin in a soft, unearthly glow as you begin scooping up the fallen papers.  You bite your plump lower lip in annoyance as you work in a way that has his energon coursing through his system.  Your hair slips smoothly over your shoulder and spills over your face like a curtain.  What Megatron wouldn’t give to card his fingers through it as he lifts your head to cover those soft lips in searing kisses.

He knows he shouldn’t be thinking any of these things about an organic, especially when you were working with the man who had done this to him.  But he simply can’t bring himself to care - not when you’re down on your knees in front of him, head bowed while you reach for more of the discarded papers.  Megatron decides then and there that he’s going to claim you once he gets his body back,  He imagines you on your knees before him in front of his throne, this time in reverence, gazing up at him adoringly with those beautiful eyes and swearing your devotion to him in that sweet, sonorous voice of yours.  Sooner or later he will make you his, but for now, all he can do is watch - watch and wait…

'Star Wars' Obi-Wan Kenobi Film in the Works (Exclusive)

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Stephen Daldry is in early talks for the film, which would center on the Jedi Master who has been played by both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor.

Stephen Daldry is Star Wars’ new hope.

The Oscar-nominated director behind Billy Elliot and The Hours is in early talks to direct a Star Wars standalone movie centering on Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Sources say talks are at the earliest of stages and that the project has no script. If a deal makes, Daldry would oversee the development and writing with Lucasfilm brass. It’s not known at this stage if Ewan McGregor will reprise his role.

The Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone is one of several projects being developed by Lucasfilm and Disney that fall outside the trilogies telling the saga of the Skywalker family. A Han Solo movie is now in the final stages of shooting under new director Ron Howard and Lucasfilm is also looking at movies featuring Yoda and bounty hunter Boba Fett, among others.

In the original Star Wars trilogy, Kenobi was at first a desert-dwelling and war-weary hermit who later proved to be a wise and powerful warrior, brandishing a light saber. He was briefly a mentor to a young Luke before being cut down by Darth Vader, his former pupil. Alec Guinness played Kenobi, garnering him an Oscar nomination to boot.

The character got star treatment in the George Lucas-directed prequels which told the origin of Vader and his betrayal of Kenobi and the Jedis. McGregor has said he would be open to playing the character again. Sources stress, however, that since there is no script, no actor is attached.

Daldry hails from the theater world and made his feature debut with Billy Elliot, which netted him his first directing Oscar nomination. He followed that up with searing dramas The Hours and The Reader, which also netted him directing nominations.  

He most recently directed episodes of Netflix’s period drama The Crown, which put him into play in this Emmy season.

He is repped by CAA. (x)

Enter the quarantine area to see the new poster for Mayhem. The action-thriller will be released in select theaters and on VOD on November 10 via ELJ Entertainment. It will later stream on Shudder in early 2018.

Directed by Joe Lynch (Everly, Wrong Turn 2), Mayhem stars Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead), Samara Weaving (Ash vs Evil Dead), Caroline Chikezie (Aeon Flux), Dallas Roberts (3:10 to Yuma), Mark Frost, and Steven Brand (The Scorpion King).

Story of Another Us

Word Count: 3286

A/M: A story about the one who got away. I got inspired to write this from a prompt post with the quote: “I never should have let you go”. Also I think about the song Story of Another Us by 5sos a lot with this, so I’ll say it’s inspired a bit by it too cause I titled it and why not. It’s an awesome song. There is a Part Two to this, so I recommend you read it because it’s the conclusion of this story. And as always, hope you like it, tell me if you do Xx

You stared at your feet as you waited for the coach bus to pull up. You still had a ways to go to get home. One that was still a two hour bus ride away from where you stood. You waited alone looking carefully through the thick fog that surrounded the place to see if anyone was nearby. But no one showed up. The strong and cold moisture in the night air filled your nose and stuck to your skin and hair. You just hoped the bus would come soon. 

Luckily a moment later you saw something break through the fog. Headlights of the bus shone on you as the bus pulled up to the curb directly in front of you. You moved to the side watching as three people walked off, and saw as they quickly disappeared into the fog. 

“Getting on?”, The driver asked as he called for your attention. 

“Yeah” You answered, climbing up the steps. You asked him if this was the bus that went to your destination, and he nodded giving you a tired smile. His salt and pepper hair and beard aged the man, and you wondered how old he was. He seemed the age to retire, yet here he was driving a coach bus at 1 in the morning. 

I guess work isn’t done for everyone,  you thought to yourself.

You walked carefully down the narrow aisle of the bus, with your back pack on your back  you didn’t want to accidentally hit it on any chair or person. 

You looked to the people who were on the bus, all of them either sleeping or watching a  movie on their phone. You looked for an empty two seater to occupy, and found one three rows from the back. The back of the bus from what you could tell was completely empty. You rushed to it and sighed a sigh of relief. 

You were finally going home

You lazily rolled your head to look out the window. With the dark sky and thick fog you could barely tell what it looked like outside anymore, as the driver had driven away from your stop. 

You thought of what you wanted to do. Nap? Play a game on your phone? Watch a movie? Listen to music? 

You reached for your headphones in your pocket and unravelled it, as you planned to figure out what you wanted to do when you plugged it into your phone. But as you did, you heard your name be called by an unfamiliar voice across from where you sat. 

You were startled with surprise, not recognizing anyone on the bus or even know there was anyone in the seats behind you, you didn’t expect your name to be called. 

You turned around and in the seat behind yours, in the row across, you found a face you never thought you’d see again. One you hadn’t seen in years. 

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Be My Mommy? (Roy Harper x Reader

So I have recently fallen into the pit that is Lian Harper, and am totally obsessed with her. So Here is a quick fic about my baby and her daddy

Originally posted by dramionebaby

The day Lian looked up at Roy and asked “Why isn’t Y/N my mommy?” Broke your heart into a million tiny pieces.

Of course you saw Lian as your own daughter, she and Roy are the lights of your life. You had started dating Roy right after Jade went to jail and it was hard on all of you, sliding into a family the way you did. But you didn’t mind too much because Lian is a beautiful darling girl and Roy is the man of your dreams. Despite caring for them so immensely you never expected Lian to call you Mommy, nor did you want to replace her mother in any way.

You lay in bed frozen in place, Roy next to you with Lian on his lap. She had waddled in early in the morning, but too tired to open you eyes you let Roy take care of her. You pretended to be asleep as Lian chatted with her father excitedly.

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Zayn brings his sinuous brand of R&B to the dancehall-inspired “Still Got Time,” a tropical bop that makes for an easy, summery listen. With an appearance from PARTYNEXTDOOR to add texture to the low-key party tune, Zayn promises all the single ladies out there that they’ve “still got time” to find love — perhaps a subtle nod to his early One Direction fans as they grow up right alongside him.
—  5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week: “Still Got Time” (via Time)