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Junjou Romantica, Act 44

Once again, thank you to the guys of @penicillinshock for bringing us this beauty so soon after its release!

Nakamura-sensei, I know I got mad at you for that SIH thing you did, but because of Junjou, you’re kinda forgiven. I mean, bless that centerfold: Misaki is smiling, Akihiko is smiling, and all’s well in the world. 

Okay, so all in all, the latest JR act did deliver the big development that had been promised to us – perhaps not the one that we wanted, but –in my opinion– a much better one.

(Long post is long. Spoilers and uncalled-for analysis under the cut.)

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Concept art of the new Tekken 7 character, Catalina.

She’ll be playable in the location tests in October, and represents Savate, a Kickboxing style originating in France.

I’m very glad our glorious Harada-sempai has bestowed this new information upon us.

America Chavez is going to be a playable character in Lego Marvel’s Avengers, the first (to my knowledge) openly gay character to be playable in a Lego game. Because, you know, that was a highly-coveted title.

(This picture is from early in development, the developers announced that they’re going to change her skin color and hair to match her newer incarnation)

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