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To mod Hell: I'm so sorry but I have to ask why do you know so much about and have so many guns and weapons. Do you live in a war zone or the US or isn't that basicly the same thing? I'm sorry but I have so many questions. I love this blog and I'm really worried for you.

Normally I don’t answer anon questions that require me to step out of character, but if I keep referencing weird shit in my personal life I should probably explain that I am not a serial killer. So if you wanna know why I’m so well-armed, you can go ahead and click the readmore. 

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If You Think You’re Too Poor to Go to College

I highly recommend looking into early college programs. I’m in one right now and everything is completely free, and saves you so much time. My family has not had to pay for my tuition, has not had to pay for my books, has not had to pay for absolutely anything, and all I had to do was maintain an unweighted GPA of 3.0 and get my requirements done. I’m saying this because when I actually looked at the people who are in the program, I realized a lot of them came from wealthy families and I think that that’s really awful considering they can pay for college and a lot of teens out there seriously don’t think they will be able to get an adequate education. By the end of the program, I will have graduated high school and received my A.A. degree at the same time.

 So seriously, if you need financial help for your education and you are still in high school please please please look at the early college program. With both that and the possibility of a scholarship, it saves you so much time and money and gets you so far without making you pay a cent.

(edit: also! I’m not sure if this is just the college I go to, but we also get transportation with our student I.D. card! So look into that too if you have parents that cant/wont drive you)

Favorite Jelena Fanfictions

(Note None of These Are Mine)


Something Like Destiny by rollrcoastrs - 

It’s been 8 years since Justin and Selena last saw or spoke to each other. After an emotional end to their roller coaster relationship, both superstars have found themselves unable to move on from each other. Jaxon Bieber and Gracie Gomez are now both 10 years old and have been put into the same class at school. It didn’t take them long to decided it was time to bring their siblings back together.

Recovery by urmy1love1heart1life -

Selena goes to a party with Taylor who wanted her to get out and do something  since Justin was away in New York doing promo. While she is left alone at the party for second she is taken upstairs and is raped. She struggles with recovery and can’t bring herself to tell Justin why the changes in her personality have changed, but something might force her too.

Begin Again by bocasmaries (used to be igomezfever) -

Selena Gomez is a 22 year old fresh out of college and ready to begin a new life with her four year old daughter Kaylie. So she decides to leave the windy city of New York, and move back home to Boca Raton, Florida with her family. She is all excited to be back home to her roots with her family, and her best friends, the only downside running into Justin. Justin Bieber is the father of Kaylie but Justin doesn’t know that. When Selena was only seventeen, she fell pregnant with her ex-boyfriends child who was planning on going to an early college program in St. Louis. Selena had planned on telling Justin many times, only to be put down when she found out he had moved on quickly quicker than she had planned. So her solution?She kept it a secret from him. She cut off all contact with him and told everyone that knew to keep it a secret. Now that she’s moving back home would Justin be smart enough to do the math when it comes to Kaylie?

Thought Of You by 4everangelsfly -

This is a story of Justin and Selena they have known each other since they were kids, but at 15 years Old Selena is discovered and moves away from Canada just after they kissed for the first time and after a while they loose contact, 2 years later Justin moves in with Selena and her family with his 8 year old brother Jesse because Pattie and Jeremy was in an car accident and they put Selena’s family as first contact and legal guardian because they were best friends.

The Mistake by 4everangelsfly -

Sequel: The Secret  -  Be Alright 

This story is about a stalker that follows Justin and Selena, and a lot of bad stuff happens.

Forbidden Thoughts by jelenaswagging -

Selena is being a very dirty girl recently. She’s madly in love with no other than Justin Bieber. She knows she needs to stop thinking about him but she can’t. The lust and the desire she feels for him is stronger than anything. Its not gonna stop until she gets him but there’s one big problem… He is her sister’s boyfriend

Better Than Revenge by flrstdance -

Justin and Selena are both on summer vacation. They’ve both known each other since they were young and grew up together being best friends. Nothing could come between them. Selena felt herself developing feelings for Justin over 3 years and she was finally ready to tell him how she felt. She had a lot of things going through her mind. But she doesn’t want to risk their lifelong friendship. Everything was about to go smoothly in her head, when one of the girls in their friendship group also has a keen eye on Justin. Selena is aware of this but she thinks she has nothing to worry about…. She was definitely wrong.

Don’t Leave Me by jelenaloveslays -

Justin is on tour and missing Selena while she is promoting her new movies. While getting ready for one of his shows Justin gets a phone call about his girlfriend being in an accident, and he completely breaks down. But the accident isn’t the only thing that happened to Selena. But when Justin finds out it will change their lives forever. But For the better or For the Worst.

Wrong Turn by gottafight -

Selena ends up in rehab where she is diagnosed with a plethora of mental disorders and tries to cope with her depression.

Unforeseen Affliction by gottafight

This story revolves around Selena’s mental health while helping care for her new baby sister.

Wishful Pursuit by gottafight -

Selena and Justin have been broken up for a year while Justin has been busy with his drug and alcohol addiction. Will they ever get back together again?

Falling Down by baebur -

Justin has been doing drugs and alcohol and Selena wants to help him 

In Too Deep by kissablecheeks -

Selena and Justin fixing their relationship

Way To Yourself by jelenaforlife -

In this story Selena and Justin are both famous. Selena has nightmares about her past, the past that Justin has no clue about. Read the series to find out what happens.

This Is Us by alwaysforeverjelena -

When the test revealed Selena would be having a child of her own, both her and Justin must figure out how they’ll raise the child.

Little Miracle by jelenalove-stories -

Selena gets pregnant at 19 with Justin’s Baby 

Streets Of Heaven by rebelwithhalo -

Selena got pregnant 4 years ago then she dropped everything and went back to Texas, now her daughter is diagnosed with leukemia.

Down To Earth by rebelwithhalo - 

Sequel: Streets Of Heaven

Welcome To Parenthood by jelenarulestheworld -

Justin and Selena raising their children and learning the difficulties of parenthood

Two Little Ducks by rebelwithhalo

Justin and Selena are married and have 2 kids.

Radiant Love by gottafight

Sequel: Faithful Grace 

This is a fairly happy and dramatic story about Selena & Justin having a baby and dealing with the hardships that follow being parents. Full of adorableness and some drama.

Time by jelenaissocute -

Justin and Selena have 3 children but just split, will they ever find their way back to each other

The Biebers by selena-slays -

Sequel: Our Family

Family Life of Justin and Selena

Accident by jelenaissocute -

Justin and Selena get into a car accident

I Will Wait For You by selena-slays -

Original fanfic about Justin and Selena, engaged, in their 20s and not famous! Has an interesting plot so read on to learn more!

In Another Life by selena-slays -

New series about Justin and Selena finding their way back after a break up!

Falling For You by selena-slays -

Selena hasn’t completely forgiven Justin, he has to make her fall in love with him again

Promise Me by getting-luckyy -

Justin and Selena are expecting a child but their relationship is really strained… will they last?

Series of Jelena Fanfic by jelenafanfictions -

Justin cheats on Selena and she wants to leave him but she can’t 

Nothing To Lose by jelenaoreos -

Justin cheats on Selena

Mistakes by jelenamamacitaforever -

Justin gets drunk and cheats on Selena

Drifting by jelenaswagging -

Justin and Selena drifting apart

It Was Forever by yourjelenawriting -

Justin and Selena haven’t seen each other in years and see each other by accident… or fate

Uncharted Territory by together-in-the-end -

Selena and Justin do a movie together

Beguiling Desires by jelenaissocute -

Justin and Selena have been broken up for a while and now they have to do a movie together

Waves Of Serependity by jelenaissocute -

Brian and Mandy are in a coma after an accident and Selena has to cope while suffering a mental illness 

Broken by jelenaisbae -

You may know me as the pretty faced sweet girl from Disney or the girl that Justin Bieber fell in love with. But there is more to me than just that, there are things in my life that isn’t shown in front of the camera, not everything is what it seems. This is my story…

I Promise You by ipromiseyoustories -

The life of Justin and Selena in 2011

Much More by ipromiseyoustories -

Justin and Selena in 2011/2012

Unspoken by fordrew -

Two teenagers, the unfamous Justin and Selena, meet again after five years; leaving them to question their feelings. (incomplete)

This Love Is Ours by rebelwithhalo -

Justin and Selena having relationship problems while Justin’s on tour

One Last Chance by justlovejelenasomuch -

Series of Justin and Selena breaking up and getting back together

Fighting by sel-jb-fanfics -

Fight series about Jelena based on 2011 & 2012

Broken Love by urjelenafics -

Drama between Selena, Justin, and Yovanna

Starts Dance by tofallforjelena -

Series based on songs in Stars Dance

Flatline by jelenaflatline -

Justin winning Selena back

Maria by underthestrs -

Selena hears about Mariah Yeater and calls Justin. Did they break up or maybe not? Read more to find out what happened.

Remember Me by underthestrs -

After Selena wakes up from coma she can’t remember anything since the audition for her TV show. She doesn’t even know who Justin is; Justin her own loving and caring boyfriend. Will he be able to make her love him again? Read more to find out!

How To Save A Life by fordrew

Selena gets into a car accident and loses her memory

Battlefield by jelenaswagging

Justin and Selena get caught up with work and drift apart

Behind Closed Doors by writtensingold - 

(1) (2)

The life of Justin and Selena through the media and all the ups and downs in their relationship

Breaking Point by sexyjelena -

(1) (2)

Twisted Mind by nileyjelenalooover -

(1) (2) (3) (4)

Justin calls Selena a bitch.

Overdosed by alexerusso -

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Selena tries to commit suicide and now she and Justin must cope with it.

Never Let Me Go by myjelenastories -

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Drama between Justin, Selena, and Jasmine

Sick Of It by theonlythinginlife -

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) 

fight series dealing with Justin and Selena growing in and out of love. series is completed. 

My Only One by getting-luckky    

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16)

Heartbreak after heartbreak, Selena still runs back to Justin…no matter who Justin meets, deep down he knows she’s his only one.

Wrong by theonlythinginlife -

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18)          five years after a messy breakup, it looks like Justin and Selena have finally moved on. but history seems to be repeating its self, and the friends might be turning into something more. but this time, there is everything to lose.

Best and Worst by hearmylittlestory

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (10.5) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (all chapters)

Justin dumps Selena for Carly but will he regret it? 

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anonymous asked:

Hello! First, I want to say I love your blog-you're like my go-to HP blog so thanks for running it and making it fabulous! Second, I have a question-how do u characterize Sirius? I am constantly torn between mischievous, flirtatious, party-boy Sirius who’s openly rebellious at home and an angry, conflicted, cruel Sirius who’s just really submissive around his family until the day he finally breaks. I'm planning on writing fic soon, and I just can't find a happy medium for him. Thanks in advance!

I was only gonna write one paragraph, oops.

Why not combine them?

11-year old Sirius who is used to doing as he is told, who blossoms at the possibilities at Hogwarts, who doesn’t button his shirt up all the way anymore and starts laughing out loud. But when he comes back from his first year at Hogwarts, he doesn’t dare speak up against the blatant prejudices he hears daily, even though his mate James spent most of the second semester repeating to Sirius that blood status doesn’t mean anything other than the title, that half blood doesn’t mean animal, that there’s no such thing as superior wizard families. He nods and smiles at the \"right people\" but pulls out a muggle novel at night that Remus lent to him.

12-year old Sirius who reads as much as he can about muggle history, awed that there’s an entire culture and history that he wasn’t aware of, that there are people who invented things that would make life so much easier. Sirius who excitedly tells his parents about it over Christmas dinner - certain that if they just know what he learnt, they’ll change their mind - and only gets sent to his room early, doesn’t get to open his first gift that night and lies on his bed confused as to why they don’t just want to understand. He tells the Potters about it in the summer, and they grin proudly at him and tell him he’s a good kid, give him another book to take with him to Hogwarts, this time about Muggle music.

13-year old Sirius who grows obsessed with Muggle music, first with the sweet poppy tunes on the radio that make him want to dance, and then later that year, when Peter comes back from the winter holiday, arms packed with magazines from the store around the corner that closed down and was just handing then away. He sees these young men with bizarre haircuts and piercings everywhere, complaining about things they thought weren’t right, and who recognises himself in them. He kisses a girl that year, winks at everyone and copies the poses from the muggle boys. He goes home for the summer and slams the bedroom door closed behind him, not even bothering to tell his family about what he learnt.

14-year old Sirius who doesn’t write letters home anymore, who asks McGonagall if he can stay at Hogwarts for the break, who sees his friends get gifts and presents from home, kind words that aren’t meant for him, who sits on his bed and has to remind himself not to cry almost daily. He learns that being beautiful is something he can use in his advantage, that if he smiles in the right way he can get whatever he wants, but that there’s little fun in knowing that they only care for how he looks. Is hands are shaking when he gets off the train at Kings Cross, they’re shaking all the way home, and tries to be quiet, but his stomach is churning, and he slams his hands down on the table at home and yells that they’re all wrong and he doesn’t agree with a single bit. He rages out everything he’s feeling until his father gets up to loom over him and he ends up just stammering apologies, stepping back so quickly he almost trips over his chair as he holds up his hands.

15-year old Sirius who grows out his hair as long as he can, spends part of his summer with James, spends a week working with him in a small muggle bakery and learns that he loves making things with his hands, only using his magic to add some good luck to the bread he sells to a young girl who told him she’s taking summer exams for an early college program. He accept hugs from Mum and Dad Potter, pretends not to see the worried glances they give him when they see the bruise on his cheekbone. He falls in love with the motorbike from the guy at the garage, greedily accepts the magazine the man gives him, laughing when he sees Sirius gaping at it. Going back to school is harder this time, Regulus not talking to him, the Slytherins always laughing behind his back and he’s so angry he ends up doing many things he regrets right after they happened.

16-year old Sirius who’s tired all the time, ignores the letters from home that tell him he needs to start looking for a girl to marry, who goes to introduction parties because it’s not worth the struggle to fight his parents. He wears his hair in a bun when he has to, defiantly lines his eyes with black and smirks when the girl he’s dancing with compliments him when his parents can hear. He flinches at sudden movements and doesn’t want to go home anymore, he cries when he gets a reply from his mother telling him he can’t spend summer at the Potters. He admits to Remus that he’s afraid almost all the time, and laughs shakily when Remus says he wouldn’t mind so much spending a full moon inside Grimmauld place.

Sirius who shows up at the Potters anyway that summer, eyes wide and blazing with anger, who yells at Mum Potter that he’s not going back ever, who grabs Dad Potter’s arm and pleads him to let him stay, just for a while, they promised they love him, didn’t they? He looks at James, waits until the horror stricken expression on his face changes into a determined nod, and then throws his arms around him. He holds on tight, presses his nose against the fabric of James’ pyjamas and tells him he’s the only brother he ever will need again.

17-year old Sirius who carefully starts doing things for himself, who works hard for his exams so he can make himself proud, not his parents. He only sighs when the letter of Gringotts comes that he’s disinherited, but smiles up at his friends, saying it’ll at least be a motivation to go to work if he has to support himself. He laughs when Remus rolls his eyes and James and Peter laugh, and he throws the letter in the air, turning it into large lion shaped fireworks, and lets it explode over the Slytherin table. The feeling of freedom is totally worth the detention.

I’m sorry but I hate Gabriella and Troy as a couple. They started out with such promise, then as the relationship progressed, Gabriella got so needy and demanding. In the first movie, she was upset with him for VALID reasons. He said she meant nothing to him. So she sang a song about her feelings and stopped talking to him, until he proved himself to her. That was fine. 

Then in the second movie, they planned on having a wonderful summer together so he got her a job. Then Sharpay started flirting with him and introducing him to people that could further his career, which was incredibly nice thing of Sharpay to do even if she was doing it for selfish reasons. So yes he got special treatment, and kind of ignored his friends for a week. That was bad. Then the country club talent show banned staff performances, which is actually a pretty normal thing to do since its for paying customers! It was still a lousy thing to do and for Troy to go along with it. So Gabriella decided to leave when she saw her boyfriend getting close to Sharpay and ignoring his friends. She just left! Even after he apologized, without giving him a chance to explain. He asked her what he could do, and even she didn’t know. What was he supposed to do? Break a promise to Sharpay and throw away an opportunity for the future over a talent show? Still not the point! She just left, really without talking to him about it. And they made it so dramatic that she was leaving, even though there was probably only 3 weeks left of summer. It would have been better if they had an argument and yelled and got everything out in the open. But she just gave up and left. 

This behavior continued into the third movie, in which she got accepted into an early college program, which she left to pursue at the cost of missing her prom and a school play which meant a lot to everyone. So when Troy gets a great opportunity like in the second movie, he’s expected to throw it away for musical theater and his friends, but when she gets an opportunity, she gets to leave it all behind and leave and everyone’s happy for her. Nuh uh. Not cool. Anyway, so Troy is happy for her, blah blah blah. Then prom rolls around and Troy is so excited to take his girlfriend. However, she tells him it’ll be too hard to go back for prom, so she doesn’t want to go. Let’s forget the fact that he bought a tux and a limo and most likely expensive prom tickets, but she also broke a promise to him. When he breaks a promise, she cries and leaves, and everyone defends her, but its alright when she does. Double standard! Anyway, after she ditches him for prom, he, being the amazing guy he is, brings prom to her and dances with her. And its romantic and beautiful. *Romantic sigh* 

Gabriella makes it up to him, by showing up to the school play and singing with Troy, completely taking the role from Sharpay who didn’t ditch out on the role and who actually wanted it. That was actually pretty obnoxious. I know Sharpay has done some underhanded things in the past, but stealing her role, when musical theater is the career of her choice, is pretty low. 

I think that there are a bunch of double standards in their relationship, in which Troy makes a mistake and has to go above and beyond to make it up to Gabriella, and then Gabriella messes up and Troy still goes above and beyond, because no matter what it’s always up to him. He’s the one carrying this relationship, and I think he deserves better.

Rant done! *Sips tea* 


I am an assistant teacher for a class in the early college program at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  The class is called Art and Street Culture and a number of the students who chose the class were drawn to the description offered in the course catalogue: 

  What are the differences and similarities between fine art, graffiti art, and street art? Many contemporary artists have discovered that people engage their work differently at street level than on the walls of a gallery. Working in the School?s studios and on Chicago?s streets, you will explore historical and current trends related to art and the urban experience. The class will travel to a variety of locations in Chicago to see and learn about how trained and self-taught artists engage with their communities and approach, interpret, and respond to their environment in the forms of large-scale murals, graffiti, zines, flyers, and other visual interventions. You will also explore issues including artist anonymity, social justice, street art as performance, use of found imagery, and how to be subversive without breaking the law. Discussions about the work of contemporary artists such as Barry McGee, Swoon, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Lady Pink will provide context for the work you will make. While primarily a drawing and painting class, you may choose to work in a variety of media and forms following your own personal interests.

  The photo’s shown here are from our visit to Pilsen.  We viewed a number of murals in the neighborhood, and the students interacted with a number of pieces by creating tape installations.  

    I will continue to post pictures from the class!  


Making College More Diverse Even Without Affirmative Action

Seven years ago, inside an eighth-grade classroom at Mount Vernon Junior High School in central Los Angeles, Deborah Membreno began to imagine a life beyond the chain-link fence surrounding the concrete schoolyard. Her outlook brightened the day an adviser from a University of California outreach program visited to talk about college.

The adviser who showed up at the school, where nearly 90 percent of students qualified for free lunch, was from the university’s Early Academic Outreach Program. She argued a positive side to being poor: The government would help pay for college.

 “I thought I was smart,” Membreno says. “I had good grades. But before that day I didn’t think going to college was a possibility. My friends and I thought the cost would be too great.”

Membreno’s parents were undocumented Honduran immigrants trying to eke out a living. Her mom cleaned houses in the beachfront neighborhoods of Venice and Santa Monica. Her dad worked in a clothing warehouse downtown. They were divorced. Most of the time, Membreno lived with her father in a house with 12 other people: aunts, uncles, cousins, and a few nonrelatives.

The Early Academic Outreach Program adviser gave Membreno a chart listing the standardized tests and subjects needed for admission to the University of California—history, English, math, lab science, foreign language, visual/performing arts and electives—highlighting those courses that should be taken as Honors or Advanced Placement  “to increase competitiveness.” At home that afternoon, Membreno framed the chart and hung it on the wall.

 “I knew what I had to do,” Membreno says.

Read more.


revisiting the tape installations….

   I revisited the tape installations a few days after the students created them.  I photographed what the rain had done to a number of the works.  An important thing a number of public artists have to keep in mind is the effect that the world can have on their piece.  Once a piece is in public space, it can be destroyed or tampered with by weather, city workers, or other viewers.  

    How might these changes effect the meaning of the work?  

I’ve struggled with my weight since 4th grade when the first little asshole called me a “fat pig”. Since around 8th grade I’ve struggled with eating and depression because I never felt good enough. I’m now a sophomore in an early college program and, I may have my bad days, but I’m actually finally content with my life and the progress I’ve made and I just want everyone to know that you aren’t alone and someone is always here to listen and help you x

- jadenok (jadenok.tumblr.com)

I’m so proud of the progress you’ve made, you’re beautiful. 

Alright so this happened like 20 minutes ago.
Here’s some background:
My dad has a concession stand and he sets up on the campus of the local community college. I go to an early high school/ college program and my school is on the campus, so I work with my dad during the lunch rush (like 12:00 to 12:55).

We have these lunch specials. This lady came up and wanted a #1 (2 hotdogs, bag of chips, and a soda for $5.50). She was on her phone the whole time while she was ordering, but she wasn’t on a call, she was listening to a voice recording and was getting kinda passionate about it (it sounded like a recording from Trump’s recent rally). So yea it’s rude that you’re on your phone while you’re ordering, but I got over it. So she wanted chili, mustard, onions, and slaw on her hotdogs. Whenever someone orders, I read their order back to them to verify it. I verified it an extra time because she didn’t seem like she was paying attention. She said it was right, we gave her her order, and that’s the end of it. NOPE.
We got super busy (had like 8 people waiting to place an order), and this lady walks right up to the window and waits. I ask her if I could help her, and she rudely said “yea I said no mustard on my hotdogs”. I said “well ma'am I verified it 3 times and you said yes to mustard”, and then I showed her the order. She got really pissed off and said “yea well I said no mustard.” And then spun around and stormed off (pushing some other customers out of her way while she did so). Then when she was about 30 feet away from the stand, she spun back around and gave me a death glare.
Alright look lady, I verified your order THREE times and you said it was correct. Normally if someone is really nice about it, I will happily remake their order. But this lady was a total b**** about it and acted like it was my fault!
Maybe the next time you order, you put your damn phone down and pay attention. And learn some manners while you’re at it. 😡