early cg


Some storyboards + early cg for “Recall” + “Dragons”!!


Date Shigezane is out today. Here are his profile, cg spoilers, ending bonus and his room. You’ll get clover dress, hair and a cg as early bird prizes. Shigezane has 3 endings: noble and divine ending and 親愛 (shin’ai or deep affection) ending but you have to finish two ending to unlock it.  I simply adore this man, I hope his story’ll be fun and cheerful XD.

Thank you so much little-lady-mimi. I was too busy to read it thoroughly. I saw his walkthrough on a Jpn blog and she said his story had modern ending version, so I thought shin’ai ending was it. I’ve just checked it again, he doesn’t have modern ending unlike Kenshin’s route. Sorry for the mistake. T.T


I just saw a couple of frames of this repeated throughout that Miley Cyrus video. Weird where shit pops up.


Where The Wild Things Are - Early DISNEY CG Animation Test (by kurtori)