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My Chemical Romance

music for if you're feeling alone.
  • mcr: early sunsets over monroeville, cemetery drive, the jetset life is gonna kill you, bury me in black.
  • green day: troubled times, still breathing, basket case, 21 guns.
  • fob: what a catch donnie, dance,dance, i'm like a lawyer.
  • ptv: bulls in the bronx, floral and fading, kissing in cars.
  • sws: the entire 'if you were a movie, this would be your soundtrack' ep and also better off dead.
  • slip knot: just duality.
  • frank iero and the patience: joyriding.
  • p!atd: impossible year, collar full, this is gospel.
  • muse: i belong to you, endlessly and starlight.
  • arctic monkeys: piledriver waltz and 505.
  • nirvana: heart shaped box.
  • blink 182: i miss you.
  • gerard way: brother and drugstore perfume.

Scenes from historic Greenwood Cemetery. This cemetery, located in Brooklyn New York, was one of America’s first rural cemeteries. At a time in America when most people were buried in the graveyard of the town church, this was an early independent cemetery. At the begining no one wanted to be buried there. The Brooklyn bridge wasn’t built yet so it was difficult to cross the East River from Manhattan to Brooklyn with bodies on boats. Many times they would fall off into the river. After the completion of the bridge, however, Greenwood became the place to be buried. Founded in 1838, by 1860 Greenwood was attracting 500,000 tourists a year-as much as Niagra Falls in the same period. People had picnics,took carriage rides though the beautiful gardens while also admiring the incredible statues and art. Today this cemetery is a historic and beautiful glimpse of yesterday.
Greenwood Cemetery
Brooklyn New York 1/28/17

Ohio Gothic
  • There are only three cities in Ohio: Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. The corn fields between them have not been run by anyone living in decades.
  • At the request of the locals, you taste Malley’s Chocolate. It fills a hole in your soul you never knew you had. You can no longer remember anywhere other than Cleveland. You continue eating.
  • Everyone is a fan of Ohio State. If you don’t like sports, you like the marching band. Everyone knows someone who dotted the ‘i.’
  • Sandusky is not a real town. Its only attractions are the indoor water parks and the gas station that sells donuts to those who don’t want to pay for hotel food.
  • You hear frightened yelling in the middle of the night. You look outside and see the silhouette of a toddler standing in your yard. “It’s only the neighbor kids playing,” you tell yourself.
  • “Where’s the best place to ski around here?” asks a tourist. “Hell town!” says the local, laughing. It is not a joke.
  • “Highest point in Cuyahoga County!” boasts the sign on this hill. The sign on the next one says the same. You are starting to get altitude sickness.
  • Don’t drive in the flats at night. The Torso Murderer is alive and waiting.
  • The site of the old Gore Orphanage is haunted. Not by the spirits of the children who lived there, but by those of the drunken teenagers who thought it was a good place for a party.
  • Every town has an “early settlers’ cemetery.” The houses around it are abandoned because no one can stand the screams.

It’s early evening in Friendship Cemetery, the local graveyard in Columbus, Miss. The white tombstones are coated with that yellow glow you only see right before dusk.

Students from the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science are spread out among the gravestones. They’re dressed up in costumes: A tall brunette is wearing a dark maroon dress her grandmother made. A young man wears a top hat and leans on a walking cane.

Tonight is the final dress rehearsal for Tales From The Crypt — a rite of passage for students at this school that’s now in it’s 25th year. Summar McGee, 16, and her classmates are telling the stories of the people buried in this cemetery. A journey they started back in September, in Chuck Yarborough’s U.S. history class.

Yarborough’s a history buff who loves knowing a little bit about everything — and a lot about a lot of things. His students hail from all around the state, and he prides himself with knowing a piece of history from every place they’re from.

“If I can tell them something interesting about their home place, I’m sending them the message that their place in this world matters and so do they,” he says.

Through Performance, Mississippi Students Honor Long-Forgotten Locals

Photo credit: Elissa Nadworny/NPR

A replica of the Sutton Hoo helmet produced for the British Museum by the Royal Armouries

Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge, in the English county of Suffolk, is the site of two 6th- and early 7th-century cemeteries. One contained an undisturbed ship burial including a wealth of Anglo-Saxon artefacts of outstanding art-historical and archaeological significance, now held in the British Museum in London.

Stela of King Ka'a of black quartzite inscribed with the Horus name of the King. This stela is decorated with a serekh (a rectangle with paneled lower half) surmounted by an image of the falcon god Horus. The Horus-name was the oldest element of the pharaoh’s titulary and associated him with the falcon god. The two large pieces of this stela were discovered at Abydos during separate excavations of the Early Dynastic royal cemetery. The fragments were reunited at Penn Museum in 1903.

Egypt, Abydos

Locus: Tomb Q (Tomb of King Ka'a, east side, over chamber 3)

Period: Egyptian Early Dynastic

First Dynasty

Date Made: 3000 - 2800 BC

Penn Museum

Look After You

Fic Request: scott realises how close lydia and stiles are getting and tells her he’s happy stiles finally has someone who cares about him as much as scott does
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance, Comfort
Author: nee-socks
A/N: Took me a while to write this one as I’ve been so busy with schoolwork! Sorry if it’s a bit disjointed - I didn’t have time to go over it a heap. Not my best as I’ve been running out of Stydia ideas but come Season 5 and maybe I’ll get my writing burst back on :) 

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