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Hey! I've never commented on any of your stories before, but I just wanted to let you know you're one of my favorite writers! Could you write a story about this one too? I know you'll make it great! Kate tells Castle her life is not his personal jungle gym. He takes it to heart and after he starts working with her again, he's careful to be polite and respectful around her, and it drives her nuts! Thank you!


He turns, startled by the close of her hand around his wrist, catching him before he can go, promptly at six o’clock. He doesn’t stay late with her like he used to, doesn’t try to invade her personal space or flirt with her or convince her to go with him for dinner at Remy’s. He just… shows up when she calls about a murder and leaves once the case is over, and she never thought that would bother her.

“Beckett?” he returns, her name like a question, but there’s concern in his eyes, dragging down his brow, taking a piece of her heart with it, because he never calls her Kate anymore.

Not since she’d nearly died in his arms with his body hovering above her, his words seeping with her blood into the cemetery grass.

I love you, Kate.

“You okay?” he asks, his eyes flickering to the fingers still curled at his wrist, his body shifting closer to her, and yes, that’s what she wants.

He’s been here with her, but lately, he’s felt so far away, ever since they had started working together again, since they had found a tentative truce at the swings. She had expected them to grow closer, not drift apart. Had he - had he not understood her?

I’m not going to be able to have the kind of relationship I want (the with you had been unspoken but heavily implied) until that wall comes down.

It’s only been a few weeks since she had said those words, done her best to explain herself, but that wall was already under construction, progress being made day by day. But maybe he didn’t want to wait around throughout the demolition period.

“You - is everything okay with you?” she answers his question with her own, knowing she should let go of his wrist. They’re in the break room, shielded from the eyes of those left on the homicide floor, but they were supposed to be waiting - at least she was - and unnecessary contact certainly didn’t send the right message.

She just really likes the sensation of his pulse beneath her fingertips, even when it’s rioting like it is now.

“Of course,” Castle assures her, even throws in a smile for her, but it lacks his usual glimmer of conviction. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Kate purses her lips, drops her gaze to his chin, hates how utterly pathetic the next words out of her mouth are likely to sound, but-

“You never… stay anymore,” she murmurs, swallowing down her nerves. “I know things - changed, after my shooting, but I thought-“

“Beckett,” he sighs, but she squeezes his wrist.

“Did I ever properly apologize?” she inquires softly, remembering calling a ‘sorry’ out to him when he’d tried to walk away from her at his book signing, but maybe that didn’t count, wasn’t enough. “Words won’t fix things, it’s going to take time, I know that, but I - Rick, I hope you know I’m-“

“Kate,” he breathes out and the knot in her chest loosens ever so slightly. “I don’t need an apology, I’m just - trying to respect your wishes.”

Her brow furrows and she returns her gaze to his, studies the troubled blues of his eyes in confusion. “What wishes?”

Castle shakes his wrist free of her grasp and scrapes his hand through his hair while her fingers mourn the loss.

“You were right, last spring, before… the night before,” he begins, something painful flashing through his eyes, turning his irises a pale blue, dulled edges of silver, and the scar that sits fresh in the middle of her chest pulls tight. “Your life is not my personal jungle gym and I’m sorry for ever treating it like one.”

For a second, her mind draws a blank before it all comes rushing in, flushing through her skull so fast, she has to sift through the vivid memories of their last fight, their worst fight, to remember what he’s even talking about.

She may have offered an apology for the summer, but she had never given him one for that brutal argument, the biting words, had she?

For the past three years, I have been running around with the school’s funniest kid, and it’s not enough.

“You should have been treated with respect and I-“

“Castle,” she cuts off his rambling with the press of her fingertips to the headache swelling between her brows. “I was angry that night, scared,” she admits, lowering her hand so she can meet his eyes, treat him with the respect he deserves. “And I said some things that I didn’t mean and - wait, is that why you’ve been acting so weird?”

“Weird?” he repeats on a huff. “I’ve been trying to be more polite, respectful, better-“

“No,” she protests that last one immediately, vehemently, shaking her head and taking a step closer, just a breath away from brushing his chest with her own. The closest they’ve been in a long time. “Castle, I don’t want - I just want you. The you I know and - care about.“

Castle’s brow hitches and his lips spill into a gentle smile, but there’s no teasing tainting his features, no amusement tugging at his mouth or filling his eyes. No, he looks… relieved and - and happy. So happy.

“Yeah? Because I’ve missed you,” he breathes, so tender, the lines of his face loosening, no longer so tight with the strain of his apparent strive for good behavior.

She wants to hug him, this sweet man who had been trying so hard for her, for such a terrible reason, and friends, lovers in waiting, can hug, can’t they?

Kate snags his hand, reclaims it, and tugs him into her, bands her arms around his neck before she can lose her nerve. Castle is broad and solid against her, warm and wonderful, even better when his arms tentatively wrap around her torso, embrace her.

“I missed you too,” she murmurs, her lips just barely brushing his jaw, triggering a shudder through his frame. “Don’t… drift away again, okay?”

His arms tighten around her and it causes her incision scars to ache, stretched taut, but it feels too good to move, too good when the cinch of his arms eradicates the bloom of her insecurities, her fears and uncertainties.

“Don’t worry, Beckett. You’re stuck with me.”


Castle Ridge by ScottSimPhotography
Via Flickr:
Dawn at Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland. ● Sony a6000 ● Rokinon/Samyang 12mm

The tourists might flock to the romanticised vision of a castle in Eilean Donan but to me Dunnottar epitomises everything a castle should be, full of history and a dramatic defensive location , there is nothing fictional about this, no architect dreamt this castle up this is Scotland in the raw


Early morning castle by NICK LOCKETT

So I am officially convinced. I am going to resurrect my Gaston blog. (not that I had necessarily put him on any sort of hiatus or anything, he just never got any love from other blogs and it was hard running a sideblog off my personal) To make things easier on me, I’m going to make him a new blog as a sideblog to this one, since I don’t feel like making yet another account and I rarely get off this account anymore. I’m falling asleep, so I will work on that over the next few days between work and sleep. Also I still need to see the new movie but I have no friends and can’t go by myself someone take me

another headcanon woop

Lily found out about his lycanthropy first. She found out nearly a year before the rest of the marauders. It was a bad moon, the worst of Remus’s first year at Hogwarts. Lily was out wandering the castle early in the morning. No one knew she did this, and she never got caught. At least officially. All of the teachers she ever ran into always let her go, because she was causing no harm. She had nightmares, and walks helped to clear her head. Anyways she was out on one of her walks, and when she passed the infirmary she heard loud whimpers. She couldn’t just pass by someone in pain even if Madam Pompfrey was there. When she entered she saw Remus. He was laying in a bed in the corner and he was covered in blood. Three large claw marks could be seen through his abdomen which was torn open. Lily couldn’t stop the small gasp that escaped her. Without a word to Pompfrey she ran over and grabbed the fellow gryffindors hand. She stayed by his side the entire time that Pompfrey fixed him up. The next day Remus tried to hand her a lie,“We got in a bit of an accide-"But she interrupted him. "Remus. I don’t care if you are a werewolf, I suspected it long before this moon. I won’t tell anyone don’t worry.” She never told anyone, and she was always waiting in the hospital wing when Pompfrey brought him back. When the Marauders found out, she was quieter about it but she still visited her friend. Friends they were, and good friends at that. When Remus wasn’t with the Marauders he was with Miss Evans. She was also the one that made him come to terms with his feelings for Sirius. In return he made her come to terms with her feelings for James. They could trust each other, and Remus found a kindness in her that the world desperately needed more of.

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Thank you again shou! gaylord 尻 for bringing another AU to life :”D Kiyoko’s Moving Castle <33

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Sunset Strolls

A Caskett Drabble

Just a little something I started for Fluffy Friday, but didn’t finish in time. <3 to @mrs-chanandler-bong21.

They go for a walk on the beach after dinner, taking advantage of the fact that the sun hasn’t drifted below the horizon just yet to toe out of their shoes and leave them at the edge of the dunes. Lily stays in Castle’s arms, fascinated by the gentle lap of the retreating tide, her mouth an adorable awed ‘o.’

“What do you see, Lily?” Kate asks, stretching onto her toes to dust a kiss over her daughter’s round cheek. “Do you see the ocean?”

“I bet you’re looking for the friends you made at the aquarium today, aren’t you, sprout?” Castle hums, nuzzling the baby’s neck. “Your starfish buddies, and the rays?”

Lily giggles, squirming in her father’s arms, reaching a hand out to the sea.

“Yeah, I think we should get closer. Come on, sweetheart. Maybe we’ll see a turtle or two.”

Beckett trails them to the edge of the water, affection pooling in her belly as Castle lowers their baby to her feet, waiting until Lily finds her balance to take her tiny hands in his.

The girl giggles, rocking on her toes in the hard-packed sand. She isn’t walking yet, but she’s getting there; Kate suspects that Lily will be toddling around the beach with their help by the end of their week in the Hamptons.

“Do you like the sand, baby?” Rick murmurs, dipping his head. Lily squeals, looking up at him, her dark eyes bright with worship for her father. “Uh huh, that’s what I thought. Let’s get your toes wet, too, huh?”

They half shuffle, half swing until the surf spills over their feet, pulling joyful laughter from Lily’s lips. Castle’s quiet chuckle follows, honeyed and warm.

Kate’s heart swells. Every tantrum, every fight, every frustration washes away with the sea, leaving only happiness in its wake.

God, she loves them. So much.

“Come look for shells with us, Mommy,” Castle calls, looking over his shoulder, his face soft with tenderness. No doubt, he feels it too, that intensity, that all-consuming adoration.

Her feet propel her forward before he even finishes the request.