early boxer

imagine waking up at 2am and craving a late night snack, but once you walk into the kitchen you catch Hoya in there, who obviously had the same intention judging from his tousled hair and his ‘boxers only’ attire as he was searching the contents of the fridge while rapping quietly to a new song he’d been working on and once he takes something out of the fridge he tries really hard to close the door as quietly as possibly because he’s afraid that even the smallest noise can wake you up and once he sets his food on the table and sees you in the doorway he lets out a manly yell and throws his arms over his body as if he’s naked and you just quietly laugh to yourself because what a dork

Early 2012 (left photo) I had to go to the doctor because I needed a paper for the drivers license. Buuuuuut when I step up to the weight scale my doctor opened his eyes and got scared about my weight. When I asked him what was my weight he told me “80 kilograms”. I was shocked about my weight because I never imagined that I was to fat. I started to think so many things of how this can affect me in the future if I continued with the lifestyle that I was having. All this was on a Saturday and I started taking actions on Monday. I went to the nutritionist and I stared doing more physical activity like Insanity and running. Although all my life I’ve been doing sports (basketball and soccer) I’ve never been a skinny girl. The rest of my high-school I took care of my physical appearance and when I graduated (mid 2013) I was 70 kilograms; not too skinny but I did really changed. When I started college I stopped doing basketball and soccer, so for the rest of 2013 I stopped doing sports and I gained more weight. By January of 2014 I started practicing kickboxing (Savate) and this really made an impact in my life and helped me lose weight incredibly with the help of a good diet.

Today (May 29, 2015), I took the picture of the right and compared it with that picture of the left and makes me really happy to see my transformation. I wanted to upload this transformation to motivate other people that are passing this era.

I’m Carolina from México, 21 years old, 62kg and my height is 1.72 meters.

Remember that slow progress is better than no progress! It’s bad for the body to lose weight sooo fast because you can gain it more easily.

Keep calm!

Ps. Sorry for my english 😂😂❤️