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I sometimes suspect that the reason Pogs have become such a post-ironic icon is that they’re symbols of an era that never happened.

No, seriously. The popular notion of what “the 90s” were like actually starts around 1999 or so, and mostly occupies the early 2000s. Blink-182? Didn’t go mainstream until 1999. Shrek? 2001. The Tony Hawk series? Debuted in 1999 and peaked in popularity around 2003. You’ll struggle mightily to find a cultural touchstone of “the 90s” that dates earlier than maybe late 1998.

On the other end, everything up until about mid-1992 can be lumped in with the waning days of “the 80s”, but everything in between? That entire stretch from late 1992 through early 1998? As far as our collective cultural consciousness is concerned, it’s a big blank - and that’s right about when Pogs hit it big.

And that’s where the tension comes from. It feels like we ought to remember their context, but there’s just nothing there; trying to chase down that thread of cultural memory is like opening a door into an endless void.

Culturally speaking, Pogs are a symbol without a referent.


East of Nowhere - Year Five

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Sam x Female Reader

Summary: You and Sam are strangers trapped in a desolate mountain town where you live, isolated from the outside world, for five years.

Part six of a seven part series, each chapter detailing the events of one year.

Author’s Notes: Beta’d by the goddess divine: @elliewinchesterr

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Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, gore and explicit sexual content.

Word Count: 4600+

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Four Years, Six Weeks

Sometimes you stand naked in from the full length mirror in the bathroom and look at the shiny pink scar on your stomach that bears a stunning similarity to a washed up fish bone. Running the pads of your fingers over the raised skin you think about Sam, as if you’re rubbing a locket that reminds you of his unwavering love. A different version of yourself would be bothered by it, the tough, mangled flesh that healed without concern for aesthetics. But you feel grateful for Sam and, in a strange way, appreciative that Shadow Hill exists.

You’re lucky to be alive, this is your daily reminder.

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A Meteor’s Fate | Pt. 1

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Genre: angst, fluff, a tiny bit of humor || kimi no na wa! au

Member(s): Park Jimin || Kim Taehyung & Jeon Jungkook

Words: 6.9k

Summary: Fate had already decided for you, someone who lived her whole live in the countrysides, to be in a somewhat ill-fated relationship with Park Jimin, the typical city-boy of your dreams. You knew that fate had its own ways to bring you to the one you belonged to, but you never thought that switching souls and bodies was actually one of them.

“That day when the stars came falling. It’s almost as if a scene from a dream. Nothing more, nothing less than a beautiful view.”

A/N: kimi no na wa is such a beautiful anime movie i couldn’t help but make a fic based on the plot ;-; 

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 (coming soon!)

“Isn’t it ironic?”

“What exactly?”

“That fate brought us together in the most ridiculous way you could ever imagine.”

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Papercut | part 4

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

fluff | light smut at the end

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Groaning you slammed your head against the wooden door frame, nothing was going right today and it was honestly a big headache for you.

  1. your parents found out about your soul mate via the bruises that appeared on your body.
  2. Min Yoongi showed up at your doorstep sporting the exact same bruises and then stayed for dinner.
  3. You got so nervous around him you spilled water which led to accidentally wearing his shirt.
  4. Your parents found out then decided to leave you with him.
  5. It started pouring so now Yoongi has to stay the night.
  6. You’re hyperventilating in the bathroom because nothing went right

Breathing in and out you slapped your cheeks before opening the bathroom door to reveal a dark hallway, closing your eyes you shook your head before walking out-right into his chest,

“Woah there, you alright I heard you banging something in there.” Yoongi said to you raising an eyebrow,

“It’s nothing” you muttered scooting around him and closing the door in his face

“Uh, i’m sleeping in there so, can you open the door?” he asked

“No you’re most definitely not. Go sleep on the couch.” You yell back before tripping and falling over the futon on your floor with a loud thump. Yoongi just chuckled and opened the door to find you on his futon looking a little dizzy.

“Didn’t know you wanted to sleep with me that badly baby.” he said before suddenly leaning down and hovering over your body,

“W-w-what?” you whispered shocked at the sudden closeness, “Shouldn’t you back up?”

“Nope.” he replied popping the ‘p’ before leaning even closer. “You really do look good in my clothes.” he mused out loud to himself watching as a blush rose on your cheeks.

“G-get off me I’m tired.” you stutter before pushing him off you and crawling into your own bed, sighing you turned away from him cursing your parents to high hell for making him sleep in your room. Turning away from him you could feel your heart in your throat before slowly dozing off.

“Oof.” Yoongi groaned being rudely awoken in the middle of the night to something heavy falling on top of him. Blinking tiredly he looked down to be met with you, a very beautiful sleeping you. Your hair was messy but it suited you, gently breathing on his chest. Sighing he leaned his head back on the futon unsure of what to do. He could try and put you back in bed but if you woke up he’d look like some weird pervert, or he could just go back to sleep and deal with it tomorrow…….he chose the latter, obviously. Yawning he realized you were still wearing his shirt and no pants. Chuckling he just  shifted slightly resting his hands on your back(a little low) before pulling the blanket back up over the both of you. “Good night y/n.” he hummed  before slowly dozing off.

You blinked early morning sun peeking out through the curtains. Groaning softly you tried to get up, key word-tried. You couldn’t because someone with the name of Min fucking Yoongi was sleeping, next to you arm locking you in. Eyes snapping shut in hopes that it wasn’t real, because there’s no way you could be sleeping with Yoongi, nooooo. As the sleep clouds slowly drifted away you finally and slowly opened your eyes again to be met with his chest, looking up your faces were mere inches if not centimeters away. Taking a shaky deep breath you started to slowly untangle yourself from the limbs underneath the blanket before you felt his arms suddenly tighten around you like an iron grip latching you in with no means of escape.

“Hmmmangenakfewnk.” Yoongi groaned softly wrapping his arms around you tighter before yawning and prying his eyes open, to be met with you chewing your bottom lip unsure of what to do. He was about to tease you when you started talking to yourself, then he snapped his mouth shut and decided to listen.

“Ugh, how did I even get here? Did I fall? Oh my god what if he-” you stopped yourself shaking your head quickly. “No, it’s purely by accident. When he wakes up i’ll explain that to him thoroughly.” you say nodding to yourself before looking up, “what do you know, he’s actually pretty attractive, wait no! Bad thoughts!” you scold yourself as Yoongi tries not to laugh his eyes closed. “Aish, he’s such an idiot,” you mutter sighing to yourself.

“But i’m an attractive idiot ain’t that right y/n?” Yoongi suddenly whispers into your ear arms pulling you closer as his body curls around yours.

“W-w-what?” you splutter, “Did you-” you start sweating nervously,

“Yup, all of it.” he said smirking before suddenly hovering over you, “I didn’t know you found me attractive.” he teased as he playfully nipped your ear.

“I-i-i didn’t say that!” you managed to get out letting a squeak out from your throat as you felt him nip your ear,

“Oh but i heard you say that, and I quote,” he starts his knee between your. “He’s actually pretty attractive.” he whispers before starting to gently kiss your neck lightly,

“Y-yoongi!” you whisper nervously nerves on overdrive as you felt him start to kiss down your neck. You strained your head away, only giving him more skin to work with. Chuckling he just smirked using one elbow to hold his weight as he fluttered kisses down your throat while the other hand was holding your hip gently fingers starting to rub small circles into the skin.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asks lightly tonguing your jawline before sucking a small hickey onto your collar bone smirking,

“S-stop! My p-p-parents!” you whisper harshly before letting out a low moan as he sucked on your collar bone, legs trying to close but only squeezing the his leg between yours,

“If you’re quiet we’ll be fine baby.” he says a hand slipping under your shirt cold fingers starting to trace shapes and lines onto your burning skin, “Do you want me to stop?” he asks afraid that maybe he took it too far, shivering at his touch you hated to admit it, but you wanted Yoongi. Already his touch was addicting, he was like that new catchy song that no one could get out of their head and suddenly you didn’t want him to stop.

So when he asked you just responded by leaning up and smashing your lips together, surprised Yoongi tensed up before smirking slightly as he kissed you back, “No, don’t stop.” you breathe breaking away from the kiss whimpering slightly at his cold touch before leaning up to kiss him-less violently- again. His tongue swiped against the seam of your lips and then you were opening them letting him in, tongues mingling you let out another low moan into his mouth as he sucked lightly on your tongue both hands now on your hips under your shirt. Breathing getting heavy you felt yourself getting turned on, and you hated and loved it at the same time. “Y-yoongi.” you manage to breathe out,

“Hmm?” he hummed mouth having moved back to your throat,

“A-ah!” you whimpered again hips suddenly grinding up against his thigh between your legs. “Yoongi,” you were panting slightly now as your hands gripped his arms the feeling of want and need starting to rise within you, “I-I-more! I need more-daddy!” you pant hips grinding up again on his thigh,

“Well aren’t you needy baby girl.” he says huskily into your ear feeling a spot of wetness start to form on your underwear, definitely not expecting you to have a daddy kink but you learn something new every day huh. 

“S-shut up!” you groan in frustration before he silenced you with another heated kiss lips moving in time with yours saliva mixing hands wandering, then you’re door opened.

“Honey, are you-” your mom started only to be met with you making out with Yoongi that obviously looked like it was about to become more due to your heavy breathing and the way you already had a couple of hickies littered onto your skin, you didn’t hear your mom though. No not yet still caught up in the whirlwind that was Min Yoongi,

“Y-yoongi-ah!” you moan softly into the kiss again as he smirked,

“Awake?” she finished before your dad walked in behind her,

“Y/n, are you awake-what in GODS name?!” he suddenly yelled surprised leaving you and Yoongi pulling apart staring at them with wide eyes, a string of saliva still connected to your lips from him as he hovered over you your hands gripping his arms tightly.

“Fuck me.” you breathed cheeks flushing red as you groaned head laying back against the futon. This conversation was not going to be fun.

But here’s the thing: Sherlock Series 4 purposely took something from every member of the audience. It gave them plot points that didn’t resolve. It baited them into watching the whole mess of a season because the writing implied it was going to make sense in the end. But it didn’t. All people got baited by the narrative. This usually only happens to minority groups. But now everyone can see what it feels like to be strung along and let down. Now non-queer people have a slight taste of what it’s like to be taken advantage of and mislead. This is what happens when queer people watch television, except when the media baits queer people, the effect is detrimental to their sense of self and personhood. You can’t take that from a heterosexual audience. But what you can take from them is their trust, time, and passion.

Did you find yourself asking these questions after “The Final Problem”?

** “What was the note John gave to Sherlock at the end of The Six Thatchers?”
** “How did Sherlock and John survive an explosion that propelled them through a second-story window?”
** “Why did Sherlock leave John to drown in the well?”
** “Where did John’s chains go?”
** “Why didn’t Sherlock notice the glass was missing?”
** “Why was every transition in The Six Thatchers wonky?”
** “Why did they bring up ‘romantic entanglement’ if they weren’t going to address it?”

There are many questions you should have after series 4. But those are questions a mostly heterosexual audience would ask.

These are questions the LGBTQ community is asking right now:

** “Why were Moriarty, Magnussen, Irene, and Eurus all queer and predatory? Why can’t one of the heroes be queer? Why am I always a villain on television?
** "What was the thing Sherlock wanted to tell John before getting on the plane and going to his death?
** "What was the stuff John wanted to tell Sherlock before he died but couldn’t even muster telling his therapist?”
** “Why did Sherlock leave John’s wedding early after blinking back tears?”
** “Why does John dream of Sherlock and keep his bags packed a month after getting married?”
** “Why did John ask Sherlock if he had a boyfriend while out for a candlelit dinner a few hours after meeting him?”
** “Why does John raise his voice at Irene when he finds out she’s still alive and texting Sherlock?”
** “Why does John, who’s so afraid of being mistaken for gay, never admit that he’s straight? Why is he always defensive instead of honest?”
** “Why does John continue to ask about Sherlock’s sexual relationships for over five years?”

These are questions straight people might not even think to ask. Many probably didn’t even notice these things. But queer people notice them. You bet they do. Because they see themselves on screen and wait eagerly for resolution that never comes. That’s queerbaiting. Being strung along, assuming your questions will one day be answered.

Nobody got their answers in series 4.

And look at the ratings.

They’re at an all-time low.

If all writers treated every audience member the way writers treat queer people on a daily basis, look at what would happen. People would hate it. Of course they would. It would be a waste of your time and energy. Now imagine if your sense of self was also at risk. What if you had more to lose than a couple of hours on a Sunday night?

“The Final Problem” is about burning the heart out of Sherlock. Moriarty told us this years ago. But do you see how they did it?

They took the heart out of their own show.

They took the love story from us.

They took the crime, the cases, the deductions, and the logic from everyone else.

THAT is The Final Problem.

What makes Sherlock “Sherlock” are all of those things we’ve come to know and love.

This is how I know we’re getting another episode this month. They left both audiences to dangle. They pulled a Reichenbach. Just like The Final Problem back in 1893.

As Mark Gatiss himself said: “I don’t like loose threads. Not on my watch.”

Early Morning - Jaehyun

Request: Can you do a short and cute scenario about waking up next to Jaehyun? thankkkkkk yoouuuuuu


You blink, the early morning sun streaming through your windows flashes in your eyes.  It’s a beautiful day outside, but nowhere near as beautiful as the boy who sleeps beside you.  

His brown curly hair shines in the sunlight, falling into his eyes.  His smooth chest rises and falls, the blankets tangled around his body moving with each breath.  His thick eyelids cast long shadows down his face.  You smile at him and slide closer, your face just inches from his.  

Jaehyun moves slightly, a small smile spreading across his lips.  You brush a small kiss on his lips, and place your hand on his cheek, tracing his jawline with your thumb.  He smells like clean sheets and cologne, and you bury your face in his chest, inhaling his scent.  

Jaehyun wraps you in his arms, pulling you even closer to his body.  He yawns and kisses the top of your head.

“Did you sleep well?”

You nod.  “Let’s stay like this for a while longer.” You can hear Jaehyun chuckle.  He smooths your hair, and pulls the covers tighter around your shoulders.

“Who said we were leaving?”


Kookie and his son just sitting in the living room chillin, enjoying some precious father son time watching tv or something, popping snacks here there, a lil jokey joke every now and then.
All of a sudden it gets real quiet. Daddy Kook about to fall asleep and all while his son is debating life.

Son: Dad

Jungkook: *half asleep* yeah

Son: Am I gonna go bald early too?

Jungkook: *blinking slowly like he can’t believe his own flesh and blood would say some sh*t like this*

Jungkook: What?

Son: …Am I gonna go bald early.. too….? Timmy said his dad went bald early so that means he’s gonna be bald early too, right?

Jungkook: Boi what the hell! Whatchu trying to say? You think I look bald! *insert pic* Does this look like bald to you? Nah nigga this hair line still popping panties, okay son! I get plenty O women with this full head of luscious, easy-breezy treseme flowing hair, okay! Thats how I got ya momma! This forest of hair is why you have three brothers and a sister on the way! Tf you talking about going bald. If I ain’t bald you ain’t gonna be bald…

Jungkook: Unless you get that from your mother… then I don’t know what to tell you.

Jungkook: *looking in the mirror* Tch. Bald. I’m Jeon Jungkook. I don’t get bald, I get balls…. wait 🤔

-admin Easel

SWF 17

“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the break life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while dealing with uncharted feelings.

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Natsu’s eyes blinked open early that morning as he heard footsteps approaching their door from the hallway, followed by a slip of paper sliding underneath the crack of their door. Slowly getting up so as not to disturb his partner, the boy tiptoed towards the paper, picking it up and inspecting it. It was a thank you note from the cruise company, along with another pamphlet showing the dates of their later cruises.

Natsu’s lips curled downwards into a frown. Today was their last day on the boat and it was only for a few hours. They were expected to arrive in Hargeon around noon and the train ride back to Magnolia was only an hour long. They would be returning to the guild in no time.

Returning to their old lifestyle in no time.

Natsu was usually a cheerful boy but lately he realized he’d been frowning a lot. Sure, the past two weeks were the best days of his life. Yet simultaneously, the fear of what was to come was overwhelming.

He couldn’t run away from it anymore. He had to talk to Lucy and find out what she wanted. If she wanted to go back to being just friends, he would go along with it, of course. He didn’t know how he would manage to do so, but he’d find a way so long as Lucy was happy. But every fiber in him hoped for the opposite. That Lucy would want to continue what they were doing even when they returned to Magnolia.

Luckily- or perhaps unluckily- Natsu didn’t have too long to dwell over his negative thoughts as his motion sickness suddenly hit him like a brick. Covering his mouth with his hand, the boy ran to the bathroom and threw the lid of the toilet up before throwing up into the bowl.

Lucy groaned softly as she was forced to wake up due to Natsu’s puking. At least this was the last time she would be woken up early because of it. Sitting up, the blonde rubbed her eyes before lazily rolling out of bed and stumbling towards the bathroom to help her partner.

“Come on, let’s get you downstairs,” she said as she looped his arm around her shoulder and stood him up. He nodded weakly, allowing her to lead the way.

Reaching the lobby, they found that a lot of the guests were already out and about. Once the lady cured Natsu’s motion sickness, the two quickly headed back to their room. They wanted to watch the ship approach the dock.

Entering their room, they quickly gathered their things to make leaving easier. Thanks to Lucy making them pack the day before, all they had to do was pack up their bathroom stuff into their luggage.

Natsu’s stomach churned despite having his motion sickness cured for the day. He watched with a frown as Lucy doublechecked their room for anything they might have forgotten. It was time to talk.

Lucy grabbed the handle to her suitcase, about to head towards the door when a warm hand encircled her wrist. With an arched brow, the blonde turned around to find Natsu with a glum expression on his face and his eyes glued to the floor. She rarely ever saw him in such a state.

“Natsu? What’s wrong?” Lucy questioned in concern.

Natsu swallowed thickly before forcing himself to meet Lucy’s gaze. His cheeks started to heat up and he felt like he could throw up again any second. It was now or never…

“What are we, Lucy?” he asked, his voice slightly strained from the nerves.

Lucy’s brows rose. “What do you mean?”

“Well, before we went on this cruise, we were partners and best friends. You used to kick my ass whenever I spent the night at your place and now we’re having sex just about every night. We aren’t just friends anymore.”

“I know. We’ve changed.”

“Exactly. Is it just the cruise?”

“What do you mean?”

Natsu sighed heavily, knowing that their conversation could make him or break him. “Are we just like this because we’re here? Because we’re pretending to be married and we just got really into it?”

“No, of course not!” Lucy answered, shaking her head profusely. Placing her hand over her heart, she continued, “I know how I feel, Natsu. Being here may have made me realize my feelings, but I’ve had then before coming here. I love you.”

Natsu blushed from head to toe. “Well what about when we get back to Magnolia?”

“Well I don’t know about you, but I was hoping that we’d continue this.”

“I was too! Because I feel the same about you.”

The two stared at the floor, their faces flushed pink. Clearing her throat, Lucy spoke next.

“I do think it’s about time we define our relationship,” she said, finally staring at Natsu again.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well, are we putting a label on us?”

“Do you want to?”

“I wouldn’t mind. That way everyone would know to back off. Do you mind?”

“Nah, I wouldn’t mind. I was getting tired of guys hitting on you all the time.”

“So, it’s settled then,” Lucy said with a warm smile and pink cheeks. “We’re officially a dating couple.”

Natsu gave a fanged grin. “Yosh! I can’t wait to rub it in Gray and Gajeel’s dumb faces! They’re always teasing me and saying I won’t get a girlfriend even though they’ve never had one either! And turns out I’m the first one to get a girlfriend!”

“I practically consider Gajeel and Levy-chan dating. Same with Gray and Juvia.”

“Well yeah but it’s not official like us! So we’re cooler than them!”

Lucy giggled, shaking her head. “You’re so weird.”

“Oi! I don’t wanna hear that coming from you!” Natsu replied, giving her a crooked grin.

Lucy grabbed his hand and her suitcase, Natsu doing the same. They grabbed their key, giving their room one last fond glance. The room held so many memories. It was where their relationship began. They would miss it. With two warm smiles, they left hand-in-hand to the deck, saying goodbye to their room.

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Summer (5)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14
Part 15

Description: Jiyoon and Jongin had been best friends since birth thanks to their families. They visit a cabin every summer, nothing changed until both of them had graduated, soon off to college. This would be their last time at the family cabin for years to come, and things begin to change for Jongin. What happens when he begins to realize everything too late?

Word Count: 1,542

Pairing: Kim Jongin (Kai) x OC (Park Jiyoon)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist ㅅㅇㅅ

(A/N: This may include inaccurate representations of Kai’s family because I don’t know them, nor do I claim them as characters.)

Originally posted by intokai

It was five years before Jiyoon came home. Her stay in America didn’t really change much about her - she thought about Jongin every day. Of course she felt terrible for what she did, but if she’d waited for him, she wouldn’t have been able to leave.

She had to live her dreams.

She walked back into her parents’s home and was taking in all the memories that she’d left behind. Not much had changed here either - other than the amounts of photos recklessly strewn on the wall.

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