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Morning Basketball

You woke up to barking and extra weight on top of you.

“Tom? Tom, get off of me.” You groan trying to roll over. Your plea is met with barking and then a whimper as you accidentally roll on top of Tessa, who whines. Your eyes shoot open and you rush to get off the dog. “Shit sorry Tessa.”

You sit up, confused. Tom normally takes Tessa out in the morning for her walk so she doesn’t wake you up overly hyper. You look over and realize Tom’s gone. A quick glance over your shoulder at the bedside table that holds the alarm clock, it reads 10:43.

“Where’s Tom, Tessa?” You ask the overexcited puppy, she barks and shakes her butt, excited at the sound of her owners name. “Go find Tom, Tessa, that’s a good girl, go.”

The dog scurries out of the room and you can hear her bounce around the house in an attempt to find her owner. Then suddenly, you can’t hear the dog. Figuring she found Tom, you shuffle out of bed and rummage the clothes scattered room for Tom’s shirt from the night before, pulling it on, you yawn, and pull your arms to stretch above your head. You throw on your pyjama shorts. With your bare feet you scuttle to the kitchen, trying to get the tired out of your aching body. You liked when Tom got frisky.

A bark from outside brings your attention to the garage. You walk towards the door and head down the stairs to the driveway. Tom stands with his bare back towards you, his arms outstretched in the air as he shoots a basketball into the hoop in front of your house. Tessa lounges on the grass and barks every time Tom succeeds in scoring a basket. You laugh as you spot Harrison sitting by Tessa, just watching Tom shoot.

“He shoots, he scores!” You tease as he gets the first basket you’ve seen this morning. You ogle his shirtless body from where your standing

He turns to you and smiles, the smile he reserves just for you, the one that makes his brothers turn and gag. “Good morning love of my life, sleep well?” He asks before shooting a basket without looking.

“I did, I woke up with your big furry baby on top of me.” You say walking towards Harrison and Tessa and sitting down. “I missed my good morning kiss.” You declare and pretend to pout.

Tom smiles cheekily as he puts the ball down and walks over to you, only to scope you up and wrap your legs around his waist. Instantly your arms intertwine around his neck to ensure you don’t fall. He start to kiss you soft and sweet.

“You two are grossly adorable.” Harrison says shooting you a pointed look you both ignore.

Tom rests his forehead against yours and takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to wake you up this morning. I’ll make it up to you.” He whispers as he puts you down. He starts to shoot again.

Harrison takes a good look at you. “Get a little frisky last night?” He asks seeing the hickies Tom left on your neck.

“Oi, that’s my girl, bugger of will you, mate?” Tom says, his British accents strong as ever.

“Just pointing out the obvious.” Harrison says raising his hands in mock surrender.

You loved morning where you woke up to Tom’s early morning basketball.

Practice makes Perfect - 01

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

  • Genre: Filth
  • Rating: Mature
  • Written by Filthyfilter
  • Warning: Jimin is your stepbrother..language…lap dancing.

You waltzed into your stepbrothers room where he was laying on his bed reading a novel. “Hey, what the hell is a lap dance?” You asked.

He was focused on the book he was reading so he asked, “A what?”

"A lap dance. Jungkook asked me last night to give him a lap dance but I don’t know what he was talking about so I said no way. What is it?” You said at Jimin, your stepbrother.

Jimin’s mind started running, first off he was going to have to body slam Jungkook for asking his eighteen year old sister to do something like that, second, his sister was still naïve enough not to know, third, why was she asking him?

"Why are you asking me? Maybe I don’t know either.” Jimin said to you.

“Well if you don’t then I’ll go ask somebody else, maybe dad.” You taunted.

Jimin smiled an evil grin, “I don’t think that’s a question for dad.” He said.

“Then you do know, tell me.” You pressed.

Jimin never had a girl do a lap dance for him but he’d seen videos on the net and some at parties so he knew that there were different versions, mostly because of what the woman was or was not wearing when she did it. “I don’t think that’s something you should be doing at your age. Maybe when you are old enough to drink you’ll be old enough to do something like that.” Jimin stated.

“Then it’s dirty, nasty?” You asked him.

“I don’t know about dirty and nasty but it is sexual, kind of like foreplay to real screwing.” Jimin explained.

You fidgeted a little while standing in his room. “Did a girl ever do one for you?” You asked cautiously.

“No, but I saw some at some parties I’ve been too, they can get pretty hot.” He stated while looking at you.

“Okay.” You said as you walked over to sit on the end of Jimin’s bed, “Tell me. What’s so special? What do the boy and girl do?” You asked, you were curious to know.

“First of all the boy doesn’t do anything except get hot. The girl does the work, the dance which is supposed to turn the guy on. She does a booty shake, some hip swinging and twisting; throwing her ass in his face then sits on his lap and does the same thing while sitting on his legs. He gets turned on then they go somewhere and fuck.”Jimin explained to carefully.

“Do they always have sex after?” You asked again.

“No, I’ve seen girls do that for several guys then ignore them completely later. Some girls like to show their junk, it’s another type of cock teasing.” He said as You looked at Jimin for a few moments; It was as if he could see thoughts swirling around in your head.

“Thanks, I don’t think I could do something like that.” You replied as you got off the bed and left.

Jimin picked his book up again but couldn’t concentrate on it, You had reset his brain to sex mode and he was thinking about some lap dances he had seen.

After the conversation the two of you ignored each other for a couple of weeks. Jimin was a little curious what you were doing with Jungkook but he didn’t bring it up.

He was in your class at school so he was pretty much a non-person in Jimin’s group of friends. Besides, as long as you didn’t get knocked up, Jimin didn’t really care too much about what you were doing when the lights were out.

Jimin came home from basketball practice early one night, the both of your parents were still working. When Jimin went past your room he heard music booming through the partially open door.

Jimin pushed it wider to tell you to put something on that he wanted to hear but his words jammed tight in his throat.

You had your back to him so you didn’t see him standing in the door as you jimmied and shimmied your ass, keeping a booty rocking, hip rolling beat with the music. You were wearing only a bra and panties as you practiced your dance. Your butt was swinging circles in the air, your legs pumping it up and down at the same time.

Jimin’s never seen a girl’s ass move in so many different directions at once. It was fascinating, and a little sexy.

No – it was a lot sexy.

Jimin pushed the door wider, and leaned on the jamb and watched you. You put on more show then slowly stepped around. You looked up and saw Jimin standing in your room and froze in place for two heartbeats then began to shriek.

The terror in your eyes faded quickly, turning to rage when you recognized him. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?” You yelled.

Jimin was grinning like an idiot, “Watching you dance, what do you think?”

You grabbed your bathrobe off the floor and threw it over your shoulders. You slammed the off button on your music box and took up your verbal assault on him again “You bastard, you scared the shit out of me. What do you think you were doing?”

“Hey the goddamn door was open bitch, don’t get all fucked up at me, I heard the music and stopped to see what you were doing. What are you doing, practicing a lap dance like you asked me about?”Jimin said to you.

You were calming down. The two of you weren’t strangers to each other in your underwear so that didn’t embarrass you but you started to turn red “I found some dance videos on the web so I was trying to do what they were doing.”

“Lap dance videos?” He asked.

You burned redder “Yeah, it’s kind of fun making my butt swing around like that, it’s a good workout too.”

"Well from the short show I just got, it looked to me like you learned some pretty sensational moves. You were rocking girl.” He said complimenting you.

You brightened. Whatever negative emotions you had were slowly evaporating. "You think so? I haven’t done anything like that for Jungkook yet so I don’t know.” You replied.

“Tell you what Sis; let me sit in that chair and you put the music back on. Dance for me and I’ll be your critic.” He stated flatly.

You hesitated, looking at him strangely, “You want me to do that with you watching me?”

“Well ya, that’s what it’s all about. The girls show their stuff for the men; the men get hot.” Jimin stated again with a smirk. The same classic smirk that gets girls hot.

“You mean that if I do this you’re gonna get hot or are you gonna get hot for me?” You asked with the same smirk.

“What fucking difference does it make?” He said as he was sounding a bit frustrated.

“Well don’t think you get to stick your dick in me just because I dance for you, OK?” You clarified with him.

“Okay, that wasn’t my plan anyway, put the music on, let’s see what you got.” He instructed.

You threw your robe onto the bed and walked over to the boom box. You fiddled with the disk until you got the tune you wanted then stepped back in front of him. The desk chair he was sitting in had arms so you leaned over and put your hands on the chair and your face was just inches from his. He looked down your front at your boobs which were swinging prettily inside your thin bra.

The music started thumping a heavy beat and you began to whip your hips back and forth, swiveling at the waist. Your head was rigid, not moving, your eyes locked on Jimin’s face while your body began to pulse and gyrate even more.

He tore his eyes away from your bouncing body and looked into yours. You smiled at him before flicking the end of your tongue over your lips then formed an ‘O’ with your mouth, blowing a gentle puff of breath at him.

This caused Jimin to tense up as his cock started to swell. You pushed up from the chair and turned away from him and started giving him a show of your ass as it whipped from side to side, bouncing your butt cheeks while you stepped in place to the drum beat.

As you danced you flailed the air with your hair, tossing your head so that your long (insert hair color here) locks flew in circles about your head. You reached behind yourself and put your hands on your back then slid them down and over your ass as you bent at the waist giving him an awesome view of your butt and legs.

You moved your feet wider apart which opened the junction of your legs, He could see the outline of your body crack under the thin tight material of lacy blue panties. You put the palms of your hands on the inside of your thighs and twitched your butt even more causing Jimin to stare at your pussy which you was boldly highlighting for him.

You shook your body at him for a couple of minutes, twisting, turning, stretching, and caressing your body before finally giving up.

You turned the music off then turned to Jimin, breathing heavily, you glowed from the heat of the exertion. “What do you think, was it okay?” You asked, hoping you did everything correctly. The last thing you wanted to do was make a full of yourself in front of Jungkook, your boyfriend.

Jimin’s cock was grossly inflated, his own temperature was up around boiling, “You looked good, Sis, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a girl with that many moves before.” He confessed.

You smiled prettily, happily, “Did I turn you on, did it work for you?” You asked.

What the hell, you wanted to know so he stood up, the bulge of his erection announcing to your eyes just what you had done to him. You studied the distended form of his cock then looked him in the eyes, “Awesome! That looks like a pussy pleaser from here, I did that?” You said pleased.

It was time to change the subject. Jimin would be lying if he said he didn’t want anymore. “Are you going to practice some more?” He asked you.

“Not today, I’m wore out but come back tomorrow?” You asked. I mean, practice makes perfect right?

Fucking right he could come back. What he had seen was a treat for his eyes and erotic as hell, it didn’t matter that it was his sister waving her ass at him. Yeah, he’d be back so he asked you, “When?”

“I think we will be alone after dinner, mom and dad are going bowling with their friends.” You stated as you watched him.

“Okay, it’s a date, you want me to bring a couple of friends for a variety of opinions on your style and moves?” He asked which only meant his few friends Jung Hoseok and Min Yoongi.

Your widened. “What?”

He walked past you as his hardened length was beginning to ache, “I was kidding, it will only be me.” He could feel your eyes on his back when he left.

If he told you he wasn’t anticipating your private lap dance he would go to Hell for lying. He gave up a night with his friends to see you flipping your butt in his face.

Character Study - Murasakibara Atsushi - KNB

So in honor of Mura’s birthday, I decided to do his character study a little early! I… had a lot of information and notes to sort through on this one, but it was so worth it because??? Mura is precious???
Okay, so it isn’t officially Mura’s birthday yet - it’s only about seven in the evening as I post this but it’s!!! Tomorrow!!! and I am excited!!!!
Song playing while writing: Kings And Queens - Thirty Seconds To Mars

One thing that Murasakibara Atsushi never thought would change from his childhood was his love for basketball - it was easy and he had fun playing.
Of course, once his first huge growth spurt hit, it was a bit harder to enjoy the sport, too-long limbs interrupting his ability at the sport and making him clumsy until he adjusted to it.
But something he hadn’t quite accounted for was the fact that the sudden gained height had managed to successfully scare the kids he tended to play basketball with during his free time.
Which, admittedly, he could’ve dealt with no problem, but the clumsy movements that had accompanied it for the longest proved to him pretty immediately that it would be too dangerous for himself and others for him to continue playing when the others were so small.
So.. he stopped. Until junior high, at least.
And with that, he immediately sought to join the school’s team - may as well find some enjoyment while he was in school, and while the sport had lost it’s old luster it was still rather enjoyable because he was good at it.

Honestly, one of his favorite things about the Teiko basketball team was that he didn’t have to make a lot of decisions that he didn’t feel quite ready to make - in first year, Nijimura kept them functioning on a low enough level that they didn’t hurt themselves or others unnecessarily and gave them a base to grow from, and once Akashi took over as captain the next year, Murasakibara flourished under his decisions.
It was easy to follow orders because that meant if something did happen and someone got hurt, he wouldn’t bear the guilt of it alone.
But with him still growing taller, he started holding back more and more - why on earth was everyone else so freaking tiny? It only served to make him nervous about playing against - and with - others, because hell he didn’t want to hurt anyone.
And so, he backed off offense slowly, not even open enough with his choice to do so to let the others know that’s what he was doing.
The less effort he put in, the more comforted he felt. If he didn’t try, he couldn’t hurt anyone. That was good.
That was safe.
It just sapped all the fun out of the game, leaving a bitter feeling where he had once felt nothing but love for the game.
But what he hadn’t accounted for was that this drain of fun would affect his playing style more - would turn him much more sadistic than he was naturally and would eventually serve to cut into one of his friends.
He didn’t miss the pain in Kuroko’s eyes after the Meiko game, but he also refused to acknowledge it.

By the time high school rolled around, he’d long since resigned himself to never being able to play to his full potential.
And he wouldn’t have to if he didn’t make the choices himself, he knew. Akashi had never asked that of him, and he doubted anyone less of a leader than him would dare try.
So it was with minor regret that he went to Yosen and joined their team, resigning himself to another year of games that he was growing to hate.
If he couldn’t play all-out, then he’d do the least he could under orders from the other players on his team.
There was no fun that way, but it was safe.

Sunday Six

Rather than the story dying out after a day or two, as Sherlock hoped, the interview he and John had given to the local paper got picked up by the national news. At practice on Monday night, Lestrade told them that the article was ESPN’s most-read college sports story of the day.

“Why?” Sherlock asked. “It’s not like we’re the first college players to come out, and we’re not even Division I.”

“Yeah, but I think you’re the first teammates to come out who are actually dating each other, so that gives it a new spin.”

“There you go, Sherlock,” John said. “You didn’t want to be famous for being gay, and you’re not. You’re famous for dating me.”

–from chapter 29 of Full Court Press

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GoM's shenanigans with their s/o in a tree house <3

hope you like it!

- big ass tree house for the both of you very elegant and roomy
- cuddles
- hes definitelybig spoon cause he would want you to feel 100% protected
- lots of heart to heart talks tbh
- doing lots of recreational stuff - painting, etc - then hanging artwork on the walls
- plays with your hair before you fall asleep
- will set up lots of surprises for you [for your birthday, anniversary, BUT also if you have a prank war - he will definitely win everytime
- he’d gaze into your eyes whenever you both are relaxing
- he loves how your nose crinkled when he poked your ticklish parts and how youd giggle everytime he kissed the tip of your nose

- secret stashes of Mai-chan magazines that he ALWAYS hides at the same place and you dont even know why
- both of your new fav place to nap
- each night his arms and legs will wrap around you in some shape or form
- hed go to sleep after a long game and flop on top of you and he’ll just start to aggressively nuzzle his head to the crook of your neck
- youll take advantage of his fear of ghosts and do a lot of scaring especially on nights coming up to halloween
- “daiki lets try using a oujia board.”
- “but nothing will happen anyway!”

- will decorate the place with you to both your likings happily
- lots of joking around and prank wars definitely
- he fell asleep too early after a basketball game and you shaved one of his legs
- and eyebrow
- even when you know he has a photoshoot the next day
- you end up drawing in his eyebrow and him squirming because it felt ticklish
- hell bring you hot cocoa in winter cause he makes the best chocolate eVEr
- “Ryota can I paint your nails?”
- “…..Whyyyy?”
- “Please.”
- “Nooo, why don’t I paint your nails ____-cchi???”
- he surprises you by how he precisely he can paint your nails
- you end up doing his when hes asleep
- he gets all pouty but its adorable

- “____ where’s my-”
- finds you wearing his basketball jersey and choKEs on his drink
- he literally doesn’t know what to do with himself
- or you
- because you look 20x better in it than he does and the blush on his cheeks isnt going away
- will be down for netflix n chill sometimes if in the right mood
- likes cloud gazing and you pointing out random cloud figures
- him not understanding your thought process but still finds you exhilirating
- hes definitely gonna be more mature one in the relationship
- “Shintaro let’s try jumping down from the tree house.”
- “No.”
- “Come ooooonnnnn!”
- *ignores you*

- HAS to be filled up with snacks and snacks and more snacks
- leaves little piles of candy wrappers on every corner
- you attempting to make him breakfast in bed but tripped and ended up covering the both of you in sunny side ups and semi burnt toast and milk
- “Atsushi there’s enough food for you over there!”
- But ____-chin your food will go to waste.“
- ”..Fine.“
- accidentally getting drunk one time by “mistaking” wine for grape juice
- “Atsushi, wine IS grape juice.”

- bringing home stray dogs and saying that hes just “doing his duty as a good citizen”
- to the point where your treehouse is just filled with little pups
- that kuroko somehow has the time to take care of despite his schedule
- enjoying each others companies sometimes in silence
- is very thoughtful so when youre sad or upset he’ll get you chocolates and your fav comfort foods
- you lying around and humming
- kuroko complimenting you, both of you blushing very noticably

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ummmm, perhaps kyouhaba + text messages?

His first message, and it’s a curt, Come to practice.

Kyoutani does nothing more than scowl at it, shoving his phone into his pockets, the fit a little tight together with his fist. His slouch speaks volumes for his enthusiasm, or lack thereof, but still, he’s up this early morning and he even arrives before practice begins. Yahaba follows him with his eyes, his stare hard, but can hardly spew a lecture.

Next morning, another arrives. Come to practice. It almost crawls under his skin, bringing him back to that time in first year with those senpai that had caused him to run from the team. Orders aren’t his thing, unless he’s the one giving them.

But Watari seems relieved when he steps into the gym, and even Yahaba nods approvingly when he thinks Kyoutani isn’t looking, so he shrugs it off just this once. And maybe the next morning, and the next one after that also.

You’re coming to practice, aren’t you? surprises him. He stares at his phone for a full minute, wondering if it’s really Captain written as the contact name.

“You’ve been on time lately,” Yahaba says, and his arm splays in an awkward swing, like he’d planned to clap his shoulder but changed his mind. “I, uh, appreciate it.”

Kyoutani shrugs, slipping out of his outdoor shoes, and lets none of the surprise show on his face. “Volleyball’s fun these days,” he replies flippantly, and bumps his way past.

The flattery on Yahaba’s face churns his stomach. Watari’s knowing smiles send him chills. Volleyball’s fun because he’s the senpai now, he tells himself. That’s it.

That’s it, he tells himself, as Yahaba throws an arm around his shoulder in a moment of elation, beaming over his perfect strike, mussing up his hair.

Tomorrow, practice starts an hour early because the basketball team wants to borrow the gym. Don’t forget, okay? leaves him stumped. It’s soft. Too soft. He wonders where the curt, detached Come to practice has gone.

For the first time, though he hesitates with his thumb pressed over the keypad, he replies. I won’t.

It takes late-night tossing and turning before he finally plucks his phone from the dresser for a second time, almost blinded by the bright light, and roughly types, Want me to pick you up, so you won’t forget?

It’s a laughable notion. Yahaba is captain. Yahaba is punctual. Yahaba is responsible. He’s not the one who needs reminding, the one who needs to be checked up on, the one who needs to be picked up. And it’s so late he doesn’t expect a timely response anyway.

But then his phone buzzes in his hand, and he reads, Yeah, ok.

For the first time, morning practice can’t come fast enough.

You're “Moving” Part 3 (Jungkook x Reader)

Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst

Word Count: 1,480

A/N: As was suspected, this turned out to be the last part of this short series *virtual tear*. I had a lot of fun writing this, especially because this is the first time I’ve actively written in a long time, also because this was my first series on this account. I’m pretty sure I said this already, but I love you guys sooo much and I’m so thankful for the support I’ve been getting lately. Oh yeah…requests are always open! Happy reading :)

Summary: A rumor goes around school, saying you’re transferring schools. Jungkook, a former classmate whom you’ve always had fights with since the moment you’ve met him, hears about it. He starts freaking out and decides to talk to you before it’s “too late”. As he starts talking, you realize that he actually believes you’re moving, so you decide to go with it and sees where he’s going with the conversation.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

The next day came and you were getting ready for school, something telling you to dress nicer than usual. You weren’t sure why, but you were feeling a tad bit nervous. Then it dawned on you…Jungkook. It still bothered you as to why you were making a big deal out of his reaction or why you were feeling so frustrated, but at the same time you did feel quite pleased with the fact he was feeling worried and tried to chase after you. You know what? Whatever. That was yesterday. Whatever he does today is what really matters, you thought with confidence. You finished up your makeup, put on some perfume, got your bag and coat, then left for school (which wasn’t at all, too far from your house).

As you were walking, you thought about what Tae said about liking Jungkook. Suddenly, all of that nervousness came rushing back again. Do I have a crush on Jungkook? The question flooded your mind, making you stop walking and forget whatever you were thinking about before. I mean, he is cute…but then again, he’s mean. Nah, I hate him. I totally hate him. You nodded to yourself, smiled, and kept walking. But then a picture of him popped up in your mind again.

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The Appetizer: Smoked Salmon And Dill Cream Cheese Crostini

1) Place the baguette slices on a baking pan and drizzle lightly with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

2) Bake at 400 degrees until lightly toasted, about 10 minutes.

3) Mince the dill and garlic clove. Combine in a bowl with the whipped cream cheese.

4) Slice the – oh, wait. There’s a knock at the door. Stop what you’re doing and look through the peephole. Ugh. Goddamn it. It’s mom. She’s, like, 20 minutes early. You’re still in basketball shorts and a ratty T-shirt. You’ve barely started cooking. She never even calls as a heads up. That’s so … her. Whatever. Open the door. Hug her. It’s her day, after all.

3 Recipes For The Perfect Last Minute Mother’s Day Brunch

Find what you’re passionate about in this life. Everybody’s given a certain skillset, a certain talent, a certain passion. To hold on to that and work as hard as you can to being the best that you can at what you feel like your place in this world is and what your role is. I learned at an early age that basketball is something I’d love to do every single day. But like every single person, they’re a great journalist, they’re a great commentator, there are great doctors, everybody’s great at something, just to find that and to work as hard as you can. I don’t think it’s as simple as that, but it’s something that you can hold on to. Find what you’re passionate about in this life and just work at it.