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A Rallying Cry To The Strange Magic Fandom!

So, for a while I have had a Love Hate relationship with Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s all based around Strange Magic being rated 16% on there. 

I mean…16%. I know that you know that I believe such a score is very undeserved. Unsurprising, though, given the underhanded and unfair way this movie’s marketing and release was handled, and the critics having their weird little hate-on for George Lucas. 

But that was the score from the critics. And while we can’t change their minds, this is where my love for Rotten Tomatoes comes in. Because they take into account that audiences reactions to movies can differ wildly from the critics. 

Hocus Pocus has a score of 30% from critics and yet a 70% from audiences. 

Labyrinth has a score of 66% from critics (a respectable score that didn’t stop it from being a box office bomb like Strange Magic), but has a solid 86% from audiences. 

Heck, even the recent Maleficent scored a 49% with critics and has a solid 71% with audiences! 

Strange Magic has 16% with critics, yes, but as of now its audience score is 50%. There’s 55 reviews, with an average rating of 3.8/10. 


Flood Rotten Tomatoes with reviews and give Strange Magic the love it truly deserves, and see if we can raise that 50%! 

Tell why you love this movie so much, what really made your heart sing: the fresh take on a Beauty and Beast romance, the music, the strong female lead, the voice acting, the animation and character design, the fact that we finally got a movie with fairies that didn’t involve saving the forest…anything! 

Be honest! If you found the movie cheesy and cliched and enjoyable, write that down too! 

I know that reviews and critics opinions are essentially meaningless. In the end, scores and ratings have never stopped anyone from making a movie beloved. I also know that Strange Magic is still a very young movie and doesn’t have the nostalgia factor that Labyrinth and Hocus Pocus have. 

But given the unfair treatment it got from Disney screwing it over and critics determined to dislike it, I think it wouldn’t hurt to throw some extra love Strange Magic’s way. And I truly believe we can make a difference here.


i know no one cares about gravedale high any more but i have AUs for this too

it’s a wildly dramatic storyline where schneider gets pressured into selling out the students to government scientists to cure their monster traits “for their own good”, and they’ve got to adjust to being normal humans. reggie is freezing cold all the time without his werewolf coat and vinnie can’t keep solid food down or salvage a regular sleep pattern