early 20th c

I found a bunch of piano pieces by early 20th C composers that were written “for children” (which is perfect because I am a 20 year old child) but they were all like “What is a child? What do children like?” so all the pieces have names like “Pillow Dance” or “A Funny Event” or “Play Song” or my personal favourite, “20 Clowns”


Various origins, Crucifixions, various dates.

From top: Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, Iowa, US, c. 1970s; Unknown, devotional wall plaque, c. 1930s; Cross from the monastery at Mt. Athos, Greece, c. 1850; Unknown, c. early 20th c.; western Europe, meerschaum crucifix in a Roccoco frame, c. 19th c.; Manila, Philippines, Crucifix in Virina, c. late 19th c.; Unknown, Crucifixion with angels, c. 19th c.; Germany, c. 18th c.; Mexico, nicho, c. mid-20th c.; Southern Germany, shrine, c. 1830.