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hi, i’m zayn and according to @majortommo i abandoned 1d to sing about “sex and sad stuff”. when i’m not doing that though you can find me watching awful early 2000’s tv or napping w my pup.

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medicisjewish  asked:

also, any thoughts on the designs in the movie "scary godmother"? [you dont have to respond to this if you're extremely bogged down with asks, as i assume you are]

Scary Godmother’s animation has not stood the test of time, as much as it pains my nostalgia. Early 2000′s made for tv cgi probably wasnt the best medium for this adaption, since it was actually a book series first. Some art styles just dont translate to the third dimension well.

Harry the wolf’s design weirds me out, especially with those goddamn man-lips

i can’t stop thinking about mid-twenties mickey. and he’s never really been big into pop culture because he never really had time or a use for it, whereas lip and ian used to sneak into movies all the time, and he’d read YA books when they didn’t have cable, and he keeps making all these references that mickey just doesn’t get. so at like 24/25, when they’ve got their own little apartment and they’re happy and they’re safe, mickey quietly picks up the harry potter books from the library and then twilight and then the hunger games. and then he gets a subscription to netflix and after work he’ll lie on the couch with his head in ian’s lap watching all these old 90’s and early 2000’s tv shows while ian plays with his hair. and mickey gets these really adamant opinions about all of this stuff (“SLYTHERINS ARE NOT EVIL!! LET ME TELL YOU WHY!!!”) and ian falls in love with him all over again and it’s JUST REALLY NICE BECAUSE MICKEY FINALLY GETS TO HAVE A CHILDHOOD even if he does it a little late.