Here’s to being ugly
in love and here’s to the
years we did it so well.

You always pressed my hand
down when I would try to raise
a glass so now my wrists always
gravitate toward the ground.

Here’s to bitter: in the summer
when our stomachs would stick
together when we kissed and you
would lick the sweat from behind
my ears — I hate you for phantom
swipes of tongues that don’t

For the way my fingers reach
and pull at my earlobes when
I’m turned on as if you’ll suddenly
appear to touch me like we’re
nineteen again.

Here’s to your animal smile, all
teeth and not enough lips.

Here’s to my palms against
your chest.

We were so messy, but you
were the real storm with your hands
pulling your shirt from your shoulders
the minute you walked in the door.

Dropped the keys on the bathroom
counter and left your shoes by
the door.

I think I’d rather be
beautiful alone.

—  jm, raise your glass

Meet the Blogger

Tagged by minho-doe thank you beautiful <3 <3 

Name: Irene

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Self photo:


Food: mmmmh idk

Book: Durarara the light novel ,it counts right

Movie: Grease,Pixar Movies,Mulan,Kinky boots

Band: SHINee

Place: Mexico

School subject: idk maybe English

Sport: Basketball,i blame slam dunk for this

Male actor: Steve Carell

Female actor: Amy Pholer


Siblings: a little sister,mmmmmh well more like a half sister

Dream job: a movie director

Fears: Rats ,yeah i can’t i can’t

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Earlobes

Languages: English and Spanish ,also learning German


Reason behind my URL: I’m speaking the true

Why you joined: They are so many shawols in here,and i wanted to know more people who can like shinee,

# of blogs:one,but i’m planning on doing an anime blog

i’m tagging chu-mins,kangraejae,cutiepieminho,mizubelle,taemister,on-ho,woobintae,myfriendisafangirl,queengo,bigdaddyjinki,leestaemin,erotikey,ciels-cup-of-tea,and everyone who wants to do this