Making The Grade - St. Paddy’s Day

A/N: This is canon, and occurs shortly after MtG ends.  Enjoy!

Niall had been insistent that Poppy come out for St. Patrick’s Day with him, despite her lamenting that he should go out and enjoy time with his friends. He whined and nibbled at her earlobe, pulling her off his desk and onto his lap in his tiny office. “C’mon puppy, ya gotta come out. All my friends wanna meet you.”  Poppy groaned at the nip of his teeth against her skin and at the ridiculous pet name he’d started using more frequently.

“I didn’t think it was possible to make my name any more obnoxious, but you’ve done it Horan.”

Niall giggled softly into her skin and trailed his fingers across the perpetually tattered cuffs of her cozy sweatshirt. “You love it.  Please come out with us. All my mates are flying in - even my idiot cousins that I haven’t seen since last Christmas.”

At the mention of Christmas, Poppy’s resolve crumbled. Three months earlier, Niall had cancelled his plans to fly home to Ireland for Christmas when he found out Poppy was spending it alone, holed up in her apartment. She had argued with him that he hadn’t been home in a year, but his insistence that no one should be alone on Christmas  was steadfast.  It had ended up being one of the best holidays she’d ever had.  Poppy sighed and twisted her slender fingers with his thick ones. “Ok. I’ll come. I’ll meet you guys out though, I’ve got to finish some articles. How will I be able to find you?”

Niall grinned mischievously and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “You won’t be able to miss us. Trust me.”

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“The number of internal disciplinary charges you have laid against your men,” and here the Patrician picked up a much thicker document, “seems somewhat excessive. I see no fewer than one hundred and seventy three offenses of eyeballing, earlobing and nostrilling, for example.”
“Nostrilling, Acting Captain?”
“Oh. And I see, ah yes, one charge of ‘making his arm fall off in an insubordinate way’ laid against Constable Shoe. Commander Vimes has always given me glowing reports about this officer.”
“‘E’s a nasty piece of work, sah! You can’t trust the dead ones!”
“Nor, it would seem, most of the live ones.”

– on discipline | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

Fogged Mind, Heart Full


I’m practicing different atmospheres, as you saw (probably not but whatever) I did a practice Kissing scene with this dumb space boys.

nOW i’M GOING to uh…..hot? steamy? atmosphere? …..uh

They are horny boys with hormones in space, let them live. Let ME live, I’m practicing, it’s crap. 

Ps. I’m soooooo sorry if it is cringy tho. *Shrugs* Practice. 


Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“L-Lance.” Keith pants as the brunet drops a trail of kisses all over his neck, pressing his lips harder just below his earlobe making Keith to shiver unexpectedly, “L-Lance –!”

“Sh.” Lance shushes gently against his skin and Keith can feel the grin he’s wearing.

“Stop teasing, you ass.” Keith grunts, pushing his hips forward and groaning in frustration when Lance’s hands on his hips pushes him away, “Come on!”

Lance chuckles and Keith suck in a breath when Lance’s hands move slowly down until they are cupping his ass.

“You’re so bossy.” Lance mumbles, his voice hoarse and husky against Keith’s skin, “I love it.”

Keith whines as he wraps his arms around Lance’s arms and brings him close, trying to get as much skin contact as he can through the clothes, “P-Please.”

“Ah.” Lance breaths out, biting on Keith’s collar bone and smirking when he feels the gasp his boyfriend makes in his lips, “There we go.”

In a quick move, Lance picks him up and Keith’s legs automatically wraps themselves around the brunet’s waist as Lance press his back against the wall.

“Let’s see how much stamina you’re made of, babe.” Lance whispers against Keith’s lips and Keith doesn’t lose a second before he smashes his lips against Lance’s.

Citrine Activation

So I picked up a pair of citrine earrings yesterday and Wolfboy gave them a good cleansing (yes, and sterilizing, we do mundane cleaning too!) and then I decided to activate them today. A little meditation while wearing them. They lit up in my mind and shot little golden laser lines first to my solar plexus chakra, followed by going up to my third eye, creating this diamond shape over my body - earlobes, belly, forehead. It spun on itself for a few minutes, then the earrings threw out a couple more lasers out to my hands. My hands prismed the light out, right hand connecting down to my root, sacral and heart chakra, the left focused upwards to connect in the crown, throat and the heart again, closing the circuit. I could feel an insane amount of energy cycling through me and it was like …. I could feel shit burning off of me and the energy field just got brighter and brighter before eventually gradually retreating back into the earrings themselves.

I think I’m going to like this new piece of jewelry.

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Zodiac signs as kinds of kisses

Aries: upside-down kiss
Taurus: jawline kiss   
Gemini: air kiss
Cancer: neck kiss
Leo: earlobe kiss
Virgo: hand kiss
Libra: lingering lip kiss
Scorpio: french kiss
Saggitarius: angel kiss
Capricorn: vampire kiss
Aquarius: eskimo kiss
Pisces: cheek kiss

There was an outbreak at my uni of people stretching their ears enough to put the horns of an animal, like a buffalo, in their earlobes. This became such a #trend that the campus convenience stores sold horns. One day, they ran out of horns, but for some reason they also sold dildos. Some dude decided to buy dildos for his ears instead. This became the new trend. At some point, there were people fighting, and they were hitting each other with their dildos.

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My birthday is March 19th and I would love a surprise drabble!!! I love Everlark in a funny situation, miscommunication, or interesting meet-cute. Can be any rating but I'm a sucker for a really steamy first kiss. Thank you! xoxo

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Wishing you the happiest of days! To help you celebrate, the lovely @mega-aulover has crafted this darling bit of Everlark just for you!


Rated: G

A/N: (….Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day. Love Mega-Aulover…special thanks to @booksrockmyface for taking time to beta, thank you!)

The I-CON banner hung brightly over the entrance of the college building.

“Tell me again what you’ve dragged me to?” Katniss looked up at the blue banner with stars and some alien painted on it.

She wondered how Delly talked into going to this thing called I-CON.

Delly giggled, “Oh Katniss, I-CON or rather the Island Convention, is a smaller version of Comic-Con, on Long Island. Though it’s really a gathering of fan girls and boys, who are self-described geeks and nerds, like me.”

Katniss was none of these things but Delly was. Delly with her sweet disposition was heavily into Anime. A number of the authors she obsessed over were going to be present. Katniss didn’t get it. But Delly swooned over something called Tokyo Ghoul. “What’s this book about?”

“Take a look,” Delly handed her the book.

Katniss cracked open the book and flipped through the pages, a semi-scowl on her face. “You mean this is about zombies?”

“YES!” Delly squealed.

“You need to take it down a notch, Dells.” Katniss gave Delly the book back.

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BTS Seeing You In A Bikini For The First Time


(OKay but someone grab the holy water. I’m sorry if these don’t seem accurate buT I REALLY ENJOY THE THOUGHT OF BTS BEING LOW KEY FREAKS OKOK SORRYNOTSORRY)



As he’s said before Jin loves girls in bikini’s. He would be very low-key excited about seeing you in the skimpy swimwear, but would attempt to hide it with cute smiles. But when the other guys weren’t paying attention he’d make sure to wrap his arms around your waist, nibble on your earlobe and whisper in your ear about how good you look.

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tiny kiri needs dental work badly

i’m trying to raise funds to get my cat Kiri to the vet for dental work, to prevent him from having the same kidney complications that made us have to put Jasper to sleep

so if anyone is feeling generous, that would be amazing

here is a photo of Kiri:

he is 15 and still very spry, the vet says he’s like a 6-year-old except for his teeth. we want to get his teeth fixed so he can continue to be remarkably young and healthy for his age.

some facts about kiri:

  • he follows me into the bathroom to scream at me while i pee
  • he once yowled outside my door for a full five minutes before i opened it, then dropped a red-and-white striped sock and bolted
  • he once stole a steak from a pan on top of a gas stove and got away
  • he loves bread but isn’t allowed to have it
  • he used to nurse on my earlobes until i had to stop him because it was keeping me from sleeping at night due to the purring in my ear
  • he looks like a baby seal if you pull his ears down

i’m trying to raise in the ballpark of $350 for his dental visit; the vet said they wouldn’t know how much it would come to until they figured out whether there would need to be extractions, and which teeth might need extraction. the vet also said that not doing the dental work would probably result in a steep health decline fairly soon because of his age, because dental germs get into the bloodstream and cause kidney issues (among others). please help if you can!

there’s a donate button on my blog, or else my paypal email is j2.r.myr@gmail.com