Episode 10 - From Carol’s POV

”Denim Dreams”

Finally the bull had run the cow into a corner. She delicately lifted her tail and the grunting bull rose on his haunches. His big body shook as he thrust. But like the first go-round, this mating was short.

Bran’s hands traveled the length of her arms and followed the length of her torso down, to circle her hips. He angled his head and nuzzled the other side of her neck. “You ever been taken like that, Harper? Hard and fast and dirty?” Those thick fingers squeezed her hipbones. “When all you care about is feeling your male’s raw thrusting power?”

Harper whispered, “No.”

“I could show you. Drop your jeans and be inside you in thirty seconds.” He latched on to her earlobe with his teeth and tugged playfully. “But I wouldn’t go fast. I’d go slow. Achingly slow. I’d stay deep. I’d stay on you. In you. Prove to you I don’t think you’re a heifer.”

Her hands tightened on the corral. Her head spun with the feel of him, the scent of him, the hard strength of his body holding her up, turning her on even as he turned her inside out.

He trailed moist kisses to her nape. “Let me show you. All you have to do is open the gate.”

“Gate? What gate?”

A buzzing in her pocket brought Harper out of the dream with a gasp as she opened her eyes. Ceiling tiles wavered above her, not the endless blue sky of the pastoral scene.

Holy crap. She was at Bran’s house, having a wet dream about him.

How embarrassing.

How sexy and totally…hot.

But still, she couldn’t face him, knowing he would grill her about how she was feeling…and horny wasn’t an answer she was prepared to share. Her worst fear? That Bran would see the look on her face and figure out what she’d been dreaming about. Them. Getting ready to have sex against the corral fence like animals.

Okay, okay… I really wanted to know what Carol was reading and it did make me laugh inside to think she was reading something really dirty right when Dayl showed up, but all joking aside now…

Carol is reading a romance novel. She’s fantasizing about romance and then Daryl conveniently shows up at her door. She was reading a book titled, “Denim Dreams.” Literally, this is like her dreams of romance becoming a reality in this one scene. This is a huge foreshadowing of what’s to come, because her dreams of romance will become a reality. That’s the major point of this scene.

Yes, I wanted to know what Carol was reading… “Denim Dreams” is not a real book to my knowledge. The book cover is actually “Cowboy Comes Back” by Jeannie Watt and the story that Carol is reading is actually from the romance novel, “Saddled and Spurred,” by Lorelei James.

Zodiac signs as kinds of kisses

Aries: upside-down kiss
Taurus: jawline kiss   
Gemini: air kiss
Cancer: neck kiss
Leo: earlobe kiss
Virgo: hand kiss
Libra: lingering lip kiss
Scorpio: french kiss
Saggitarius: angel kiss
Capricorn: vampire kiss
Aquarius: eskimo kiss
Pisces: cheek kiss

Black (M)

Jaebum + daddy kink + spanking + bondage + overstimulation (combined requests)

drabble;  877 words

Requested by multiple Anons and @nazdanerd from my drabble game.

Happy Valentine’s Day @kpopandfitness!

“Ahh, fuck, Daddy!”

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BTS Reacts - Drunkenly Trying To Hook Up With Them

request via dms: “a BTS react to you being drunk at a party and maybe try to hook up with him?”

Park Jimin: Would be trying it hardest to not sweep you off your feet and carry you into his bedroom. All night, you’ve been running your hand up and down his thigh, giving him promiscuous looks that give him glimpses into a promise of an unforgettable night - at a party, no less. He wants this so badly, but he doesn’t want to move things too quickly, especially since you’re friends. The last straw is when you whisper into his ear, playfully nibbling on his earlobe when no one is watching - he is just about to explode. He wets his lips and faces you, with a heavy sigh. 

“Please stop. I don’t think I can hold myself down much longer if you keep doing this.”

Kim Taehyung: Taehyung would be returning the favour of playing with your hair and running his fingers across your skin every so often, knowing well that you wanted to spend the night with him. He tells himself he won’t let it get any farther than that, but the more distance your hands cover on his body, the more difficult it gets for him to hold back. Tae values your friendship too much to risk it on a single drunken night, but does he ever want to pounce on the opportunity to sleep with you. When you bite down on your lip coyly, he turns to look up at the ceiling, chuckling to himself.

“I can’t - god, if you’re listening, please get me through this party without me giving in and doing unspeakable things.”

Min Yoongi: Pretty much wants to bone you, but this man has too much of a conscience to do it when you’re drunk, when he’s not. The situation would be different if he’s inebriated too, but Yoongi can hold his liquor well - it doesn’t stop him from thinking about the things he would do to you, and it doesn’t help that you’re begging for it, which majorly turns him on. You tug on his jacket, pulling him away from the crowd and into a hallway, pushing yourself up against his body. He smiles at your effort to hook up with him; he might just start drinking more at the next party.

“You’d better slow it down, or you’re going to regret ever coming on to me. I’m not as nice a person in bed.”

Jeon Jungkook: Being young, Jeon Jungkook can also act as brashly as you, even when he’s not under the influence. He wants to reciprocate the act of you flirting with him, but whenever he gets close enough to try anything with you, you keep him at bay. You’re playing a game that he can’t seem to win at, and Kook, more than anything, hates it when he can’t win. He feels the sexual frustration rising in the pit of his stomach. In the midst of the clamor happening around you at the party, he glares at you; the corner of his lips twitches in response to your smugness.

“Don’t tempt me. Keep it up, and you’ll see what happens when you toy with me - don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Jung Hoseok: He’s usually good at not letting his urges overcome him when he’s faced with an attractive person. However, you’re completely drunk off your ass; he sort of is too. It’s a million times harder to resist your advances. As much as he wants to treat you the way you wanted him to that night, he knows it’s wrong to act on his desires, especially in this state. Hobi tries to get away from you as you’re driving him completely nuts, so he moves to the dance floor to cool off from your little ploy - which he instantly regrets when you follow suit, swaying up against his body.

“Aish… you’re making me go crazy, you little devil. I’m not going to forget this.”

Kim Seokjin: Jin may be the nicest man on earth, but he’s still a man. He has his desires too, and you’re not exactly of any help when you propose to sleep together in the middle of a party. The lump in his throat moves subtly, wondering if it’s such an outrageous idea. He’s always looked at you with yearning eyes, so when you offer yourself on a silver platter, he has to take a second to re-evaluate the sudden thirst he feels. Jin wants this, but he has to be sure that you’re not looking for anything more than a fling - if it’s going to ruin his chances of having a proper future with you, he’ll abstain.

“You should take that back, or I won’t be able to stop myself. Let’s get you to bed. We’ll talk about it tomorrow morning.”

Kim Namjoon: Namjoon, in truth, can be shy, often stammering and looking away when he’s complimented, let alone hit on by someone. That isn’t the case when alcohol’s involved. His hidden confidence shines through when he’s tipsy; he’s a lot more daring with his charms. When you get handsy with him under the table at a party, implying that you wanted to hook up with him, he winks at you enticingly. He knows he’s going to regret saying this (he does, and when he wakes up, he buries himself in his sheets, embarrassed that he even said it), but does so anyway:

“Baby, you know I’d want nothing more than this - but I want you to see you brave enough to come on to me when you’re sober - we’ll take it from there.”

I hope you all have had a good Valentine’s Day, by yourself or otherwise! I love each and everyone of you, remember that! If you’re ever lonely or in need of someone to talk to or listen to you, don’t be afraid to drop me a message or an ask.

In the meantime, here’s BTS struggling to keep it in their pants - because you deserve it. Enjoy this react! <3

anonymous asked:

hey buck my arm really hurts maybe you dont do fluff but anything you say would make it fee better. please? thank you.

well, i can testify that removing the arm wont help with that problem. 

and neither will ice.

but if theres anything i know about pain–and i know a lot about pain, because i myself am a huge pain, primarily in the ass of overbearing superheroes who think stars are a solid addition to any stripey outfit–its that it sucks a lot. and theres not a lot to do but endure it and try to distract yourself in the meantime. 

personally, when i’m trying to focus on something other than pain, i use a strong physical stimuli elsewhere in my body, like pressing an icecube inside my wrist or pinching my earlobe (not hard enough to do damage, just enough to distract) and also i try to find something else to focus my brain on. sometimes it’s a book or a movie. sometimes i get in really petty text arguments with clint. he’s good for that. 

but mostly? i wait it out and remember that its gonna pass. even though it sucks a lot in the meantime, it’ll pass. 

buddy, if i could give you a hug without wanting to stab somebody, i would. instead, im gonna advise that you treat yourself to a cupcake or some hot chocolate, since that is the food equivalent of a hug. 


[more drabbles here] Admin A~

It’s curious how a person can make us feel at home, how someone’s arms feel like home and that’s exactly what Chanyeol makes you feel every time he wraps his arms around you. Being next to him, feeling his chest move up and down as his ragged breathing lulls you and his heart beating reminds you of the sweet melody you used to hear before going to bed.

Those little moments with Chan are the ones you wouldn’t change for anything, the most precious memories.”Are you asleep?” He would whisper in your ear, nipping your earlobe a little as he hears you mumble something in your sleep. A smile would cross his face, gently pulling you closer to him, embracing you not only with his arms but his love. He’s warm and so is the cozy bed you to lay on, making your skin forget the cold outside of that room, outside of that home. Chanyeol might be the happy virus, might be out all day, busy with his schedule or meeting some friends, he might take you with him and make you feel loved every second of the day, but those little moments are the ones you enjoy the most, the ones you long for from the moment you open your eyes.
There’s nothing like the intimacy you two share.
There’s nothing like having your Chanyeol cuddle you and whispering “I love you”.

Jimin feels you getting out of bed, the heat of your body moving away from him. Before you have the time to get up, he whines “hmm wait…” and pulls you back to him, snuggling his face into your neck where he covers your skin with slow kisses