Zodiac signs as kinds of kisses

Aries: upside-down kiss
Taurus: jawline kiss   
Gemini: air kiss
Cancer: neck kiss
Leo: earlobe kiss
Virgo: hand kiss
Libra: lingering lip kiss
Scorpio: french kiss
Saggitarius: angel kiss
Capricorn: vampire kiss
Aquarius: eskimo kiss
Pisces: cheek kiss

Yuuri squirmed under Victor’s kisses as they tickled his ear. With each sweet brush, Victor dotted the line of small diamond marks along Yuuri’s skin. The roughness of his morning voice melded with the compliments he whispered, of cute and lovely, and everything that had Yuuri’s cheeks flushing redder than the wine Victor had brought on board for them the previous night.

Yuuri bunched his hands against Victor’s chest, giggling silently at how Victor’s lips swept at the sensitive spots. He pushed lightly in protest, felt the joy expanding in his chest as Victor continued with mutters of beautiful and lovebird. A lifetime spent living on the solitude of jagged cliffsides, and now he awoke in the warmth of Victor’s embrace and the fondness of his kisses.

Teeth scrapped playfully over his earlobe, and Yuuri moaned, the exhale soft and hushed. He did not realize he had let it slip his lips until Victor’s laugh rolled across his skin. Bubbling with glee.

“Yuuri, you sprouted.” Victor teased another kiss just below Yuuri’s ear. His lips tickled tiny feathers, blooming from the tattoos he had been tracing.

Cheeks burning hot, Yuuri clasped his hands over his ears, while Victor laughed all the more.

“Oh darling, don’t hide from me,” Victor said, delicate as he pulled Yuuri’s hands away, kissing his fingertips, the inside of his wrist, and up the tattoos twisting up Yuuri’s arms. “That’s the cutest thing in the world, my kisses got you so excited. You know that I adore you, feathers and all.”

Scowling, Yuuri let his feathers bristle, but Victor just beamed in response. Beamed and kissed at Yuuri’s ears again, until the siren’s giggles filled the room with the magic of their delight.

❤ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝒾𝑔𝓃𝓈 𝒜𝓈 𝒦𝒾𝓈𝓈𝑒𝓈 ❤

Aries: French Kiss - Although the tongue action requires mastery, it’s the perfect kiss to set the right steamy and passionate mood. 

Taurus: Eskimo Kiss - The lovey-dovey kiss, which can be seen as a warm beam of genuine affection among the frostiness.

Gemini: Biting Kiss - Playful and sometimes lustful kiss that shows your partner exactly how attracted you are to them.

Cancer: Butterfly Kiss - Taking things slowly to fully connect with your partner’s soul through an intimate and affectionate gesture.

Leo: Jaw Kiss - Sensual and intimate kiss that calms both of you down and make you extremely comfortable and relaxed with each other.

Virgo: Forehead Kiss - An expression of admiration, friendship and trust. Pure gesture of romance given typically at the very start of the romance.

Libra: Hand Kiss - Noble act of chivalry, expresses your passion and devotion for someone you love oh-so-dearly. 

Scorpio: Marking Kiss - Marking through loving lipstick-kisses or lustful hickies, you show your partner proof of your love even after the kiss has ended.

Sagittarius: Single Lip Kiss - Can vary from being a subtle and longing kiss to a deeply passionate and desirous one, to show how much you’re into them.

Capricorn: Lingering Kiss - The sheer amount of love you have for your partner simply can not be conveyed through a kiss of average length.

Aquarius: Kiss Of An Angel - A heartfelt kiss on your partner’s eyelids is a tender gesture between two people who are passionately in love.

Pisces: Earlobe Kiss - Targeting a erogenous and extremely vulnerable zone, all walls are torn down through this romantic and intimate kiss.


Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Warnings: Some language and explicit sexual content. But overall, just pure fluff. :) 

Word Count: 1,370

Summary: You’ve got some explicit rules for watching Marvel movies with Tom, specifically ones that he’s in. But he has other plans.

A/N: Fun fluff that popped into my head while watching the Avengers a few days ago. Enjoy ;) (Not my gif!)

Originally posted by hiddelstonwife

“What are the rules?” You ask, shoving a handful of popcorn in your mouth as you plopped on the couch.

“Darling, I hardly think this is necessary.” Tom argued, dimming the lights from across the room. 

 “Ah, ah. Rules, Hiddleston.”

 Tom sighed. “No quoting the movie during the movie. No explaining how a scene was made during the movie. No watching of Y/N’s face during my favorite scenes to gauge a reaction.” 

 “Aaandddd…?” You sung out, reaching for another handful of popcorn. 

 “No talking during the movie.” Tom grumbled, finally getting comfortable next to you on the couch. You grinned. 

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Marks--Billy Hargrove

Written by @rune-of-a-writer

Request: Honestly god bless you for writing for billy… it’s so hard to find stuff for him. would you be interested in writing a billy piece where he and the reader are sort of fwb and both assured the other that feelings wouldn’t develop but the reader catches feelings hard… ending can be angsty (billy doesn’t feel that way about reader/just wants sex) or fluffy (mutual admission of love lolol) I’ll let you decide THANK YOU you’re amazing ❤️❤️

Warnings: Smut, cursing

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x female!reader

Summary: You and Billy both promised each other that during your arrangement you wouldn’t grow feelings for one another. But now that you’ve broken your side of that deal, it’s getting harder by the day.

Word Count: 3,190

Listen To: Meet Me in the Hallway by Harry Styles

You had given Billy a call after waving goodbye to your parents. They were leaving for the weekend to head down to the casino for their anniversary. The second their car pulled out of the driveway you were dialing his number and telling him to come over. It was late, almost 7 o’clock— part of you wished he’d stay the night, but you knew he wouldn’t.

After calling him you rushed to the bathroom to get ready. It’d take him ten minutes to get to your house which was enough time for you. You brushed your teeth and put fresh lipstick on, fixing your pajama shorts and tank top. Once you had finished getting ready, you sat yourself down on the couch and waited for Billy to show up. You didn’t have to wait long because almost two minutes later your doorbell was ringing. Biting your lip to withhold your smirk, you got up and answered the door.

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In My Feelings

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Request: Billy smut based on In My Feelings by Lana Del Rey

Pairing: Billy x Reader

Word Count: 3,227

Warnings: Smut, language, smoking?, choking 

Authors Note: I dunno if this really fits the lyrics for this song but i just got this vibe and idk my mind ran with it. Hope you guys like it, let me know! I also haven’t edited this cause I wanted to get it out so Im sorry if there are any mistakes! 💕

Disclaimer: I do not condone Billys behaviour/views on the show and do in no way intend to romanticise his racism & abuse.

Listen To: In My Feelings by Lana Del Rey

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diannajasanders-love  asked:

Hey lovlie, I just love ur reactions and everything about ur blog. I mean that 😂. I was wondering, can I request a bts reaction when s/o flirts with them and they get turned on? Thanks in advance ✨


The wind is barely blowing but its path through the leaves of the huge trees causes a constant background noise, so pleasant that you shudder with happiness. You look up with a smile, watching the filtered sunlight through the branches and leaves, and sigh with ease. Namjoon’s cold hand comes to rest on your neck, gently stroking your hair. You feel his tender look on you and turn your head to smile to him, pressing yourself a little more against his chest. You have been sitting on this bench for many minutes without uttering a word, simply enjoying Mother Nature’s natural symphony.

You remember that you still have a lollipop in your bag and plunge your hand in it to grab it, smiling stupidly when you see it’s lemon flavor, your favorite. You look at Namjoon and ask him if he wants to share, a question to which he agrees without even thinking, his eyes closing when a stronger breeze strokes your faces. You undo the paper and gives a quick kitten lick before putting it in your mouth. You smile and grow a small satisfied moan, your head resting on Namjoon’s shoulder as he passes his arm around you, laying a kiss on your temple.

You feel his eyes on you, especially on your lips, and restrains yourself from smiling. You don’t look at him and continue to suck the lollipop with a totally innocent look, shivering slightly under the caress of Namjoon’s fingers on your shoulder. After a while, you straighten up and handle him the lollipop. He opens his mouth and smiles when the tangy taste invades his tongue. You smile as you see him being so cute and soft and pure and just… Adorable. He lets out a cute giggle as he turns the lollipop on his tongue with his fingers, pressing you a little more against him.

Then follows a dangerous seduction game between you two. Namjoon slips the lollipop into your mouth, purposely passing it on your lower lip. You slide your tongue on the candy while your eyes are still on Namjoon’s, and very quickly the tension between your two bodies becomes palpable. You slide the lollipop outside and inside your mouth, press your lips around it and gives very small kitten licks that tightens your man’s jaw.

“Such a tease…”, growls Namjoon as he takes the lollipop from your mouth, holding back a curse when he sees you’re purposely salivating around the sour candy. He slips the lollipop into his mouth, turning his tongue in small circles, knowing that your eyes are on his luscious lips. His eyes goes down on your lips, his tongue continuing his explicit dance and forcing you to cross your legs, a groan of frustration escaping your lips.

“It was a bad idea”, Namjoon sighs, his pupils dilating a little more as his eyes return to yours. You nod, your body burning with desire and the vision of his tongue around the candy never leaving your mind. You put your hands on his cheeks to kiss him, moaning as your tongue tastes the lemon on Namjoon’s tongue. He slips a hand into your hair, feverishly answering to your kiss, bringing you even closer to him, as if it were still possible. Your tongues dance together until there’s no longer a single tangy flavor in your mouths. Namjoon breaks the kiss, can’t help but laying a few more quick and hungry kisses on your red lips before he whispers :

“Car ?

- Car.”


Taehyung takes out his old camera from his pretty box and looks at you with sparkly eyes before giving it to you. You sit on the bed and caress the camera with your fingertips before giving it back to him, saying how beautiful it is.

Without saying a word but with a completely adorable smile, he puts the wrist strap on his wrist and raises the camera in front of his eyes, the lens aimed at you. You blush, hiding your face and giggling but Tae doesn’t lower his camera, taking a first shot of you. You laugh cutely and begin to pose, feeling so beautiful when he looks at you like that. You pull your oversized t-shirt between your thighs and begin to feel more comfortable, letting Tae capture your natural beauty. He moves all around you before settling on the bed to be closer. You lie down slowly, your hair all around your head and shoulders, your fingers sliding on your thighs. Taehyung captures every detail, every spot where the light brings out the softness of your skin, the glare of your eyes, the sweetness of your half-smile. Tae settles on the edge of the bed and watches you get closer. He gently opens his mouth, his cheekbones taking a slight pinkish color, struggling to stay focused.

You roll on your back and notice how your breasts are almost out. You blush, pressing your hand between your thighs and arching your back, and turn your head towards Tae’s camera. He takes a shot but doesn’t look inside the viewfinder. He looks at you intensely and drops the camera on the bed, not even looking at how he lands. You open wide your eyes in surprise and hold a small moan when Tae slips on your body to get above you as fast as a cat.

He lays a burning kiss on your neck and rests his forehead above the lump of your boobs, his lips grazing your skin. You have only been together for a short time, and never, oh never has he been so close to your body. He wants to wait before he can have your body and soul completely, but it doesn’t looks like it’s what he wants right now… And it’s clearly not what you want either. You still refrain your need to be touched and sigh, stroking his hair by pressing him lightly against you when your arms close around him.

“Fuck Y/N… You’re making things really hard…”, Taehyung sighs, his breath against your skin making you shudder. Well, I wish I could feel it, you’re thinking, but you chase your dirty thought away and press him a little harder against your chest. He notices it and has to close his eyes to hold his need to pass his hot tongue against your soft skin. You smile and let out a cute giggle, seeing how Tae fights against himself not to let his hands go all over your body. Maybe it’s time to make him understand that you have only one desire : to feel his big, perfect hands all over your body.


As you walk along the Han River, as the sun sets and gives a pink color to the sky, Jin stops at a street vendor for you to choose two cupcakes. You giggle like a little girl and choose two pink and glittery cupcakes, very lame, ridiculous and cliché. Jin frowns as he gives the money to the salesman, telling him not to pay attention to you, going out with such a handsome man makes her very cheesy. You burst into laughter and hit his arm, still giggling when he puts his arm around your shoulders, laughing like an idiot as he start walking again.

You put the cupcake in front of your boyfriend’s mouth so that he can take a bite, growing a small moan of satisfaction because it’s really good. You smile hard, looking at him as if he was the most beautiful creation in the universe (which is close to the truth) and literally give him the beak, biting your lip at the sight of him moaning with pleasure. Jin always turns you on when you watch him eat, and today is no exception.

When he finishes the cupcake, running his tongue over his luscious lips, you have a little bit of cream on your fingers. Your eyes still focused on his beautiful brown eyes, you slip your finger into your mouth and clean it with a precise and slow lick, so slow that Jin has time to imagine what’s happening inside your mouth. You take out your wet finger, giving a last (and completely useless) kitten lick, the look in your eyes changing into a call of lust.

Jin looks left and then right, as if to make sure no one is watching you. Once he’s sure that you’re alone, he smiles tenderly :

“You’re so cute…”

Jin pulls you closer to him, leaning towards you to put his mouth against your ear, the warm and hoarse tone of his voice making you close your eyes, head resting against his shoulder :

“I want to see what your tongue can do when your lips are around my cock.”

It’s like your legs can’t hold you no more for one second. This second where the thought of what he just told you flash in your mind and makes your mouth water. You hold back a soft moan, closing your eyes and hiding your face against him. You clench your fingers around Jin’s jacket to keep a semblance of balance and, with a weak voice, you ask to go home. Jin smirks, his arm completely around your shoulders so you can hide against his chest a few more seconds before he rushes home.


Hoseok is lying against you on the bed, his back against your chest and his head resting on your shoulder as he plays video games. One of your arms surrounds his shoulders while your other hand strokes his hair just the way he likes it. You’re so comfortable that you could fall asleep but it’s just impossible. The view you have on his body keeps you from thinking straight.

First of all, his hair and skin smells like heaven. If only it was just that… But he wears a white t-shirt that’s carelessly lifted up to show his hip bone, allowing you to guess the vein that furrows his lower abdomen. His honey skin is absolutely tempting. His gray sweatpants are way too low for your mental health and it’s worse when you try to look away : your eyes are automatically attracted to his venous forearms and hands. His long, thin fingers, the veins that run through his skin, the strength he puts in his movements when he gets a little too much hyped by his game… Hoseok turns you on without even knowing it. You feel a little dizzy and must close your eyes to regain control of yourself.

But you can’t.

You start to kiss the tip of his adorable ear, moving your lips down on his earlobe that you gently lick. Your hand in his hair goes down on his neck as you unwrap your arm around his shoulders to stroke his collarbone over his shirt. When you nibble his lobe, Hobi smiles, quickly closing his eyes under the softness and warmth of your tongue. You smile too, running down your mouth in his neck. You put a few kisses on his hot skin, sighing slightly as his scent hits you one more time. You taste his skin, well aware of how his body tenses as he feels your tongue rolling on his neck. Your hands strokes his neck, his chest, your other hand going down, down, down…

Until Hoseok catches your wrist and slides your hand under his sweatpants.

You moan against his ear when your fingers close around his impressive erection. You swallow hard, sliding your fingers along his member, can’t help but bite your lip thinking about its heat and its thickness inside you. Hobi doesn’t stop playing, but his breathing is more intense, his smirk never leaving his lips.

Let’s see if he can stay focused on his video game while you slip your hand under his boxers…


You have a drink all together in the living room before watching a movie. Yoongi is sitting on the couch in front of you, busy talking to Jimin. You know he hates when you’re glued to him with everyone else around you and you don’t mind. Well, it usually doesn’t bother you. But tonight, Yoongi is particularly hot and you have given up the idea of avoiding looking at him. It’s not your fault, he attracts you like a magnet, especially when he’s dressed all black from head to toe.

You begin to throw explicit looks but Yoongi seems to want to avoid your eyes. You almost have the impression of not being really here. He does it on purpose, this little twat, because he knows that you want him. You look for his eyes again and again, wanting him to lost it and want you back, at least snatch a smile as a naughty promise for later. After a moment, he finally deigns to look at you. You pass your tongue on your lips, making sure he understands what you want only with your eyes.

Yoongi takes out his phone from his pocket and types out a message. Seconds later, your phone vibrates in your pocket. You let a few seconds pass before you read it.

“Stop. I don’t know what you have in mind but don’t look at me like that.”

You sigh, looking up at Yoongi who gives you a threatening look, a look that’s enough to make you look down, blushing slightly. Realizing that maybe you’ve gone too far, that perhaps Yoongi didn’t want you tonight, and that you’d better behave in the presence of all his friends. Despite his threat, you still look up to look at him. This time, it’s a desperate look, a look that says “I need you”. But Yoongi nods slowly and turns his gaze. You sigh, not being able to stop yourself from staring at every detail of his magnificent sulky face.

The boys set themselves up to watch the movie and dim the lights. You take the opportunity to get up to join the bathroom where you can put a little water on your neck, Yoongi turning you on so much you need to refresh yourself. You feel his eyes on you as you leave the room and bite your lip to refrain you from looking at him. You cross the dark corridor and enter the bathroom. After putting some water on your neck and your cheeks, you look in the mirror and mentally urge yourself to stop fantasizing about your man for a second. Just a second, please.

You get out of the bathroom and get slammed against the wall by Yoongi who’s kissing you passionately, placing his leg between yours to give you the friction you crave since the beginning of the evening. You moan against his mouth, your hands passing in his hair while he sticks even more against you. He devours you as if he had not touched you for two days and seems to give zero fuck about the risk of being caught by one of the members. Once he’s done kissing you (for the moment), he beckons you the door of his bedroom with his head. You smile at him, stroking his cheek as he smiles back at you, whispering you to hurry.


When you enter the dance studio, Jimin still has not finished his practice. He’s never done when you join him here anyway. Jimin never stops working. You smile when you see his face lighting up when he sees you and sit against the mirror to watch him dance.

After a while, he let out a long exhausted sigh and walks towards you before sitting on the ground, his legs apart on both sides of yours. He leans on his hands behind his back and swings his head back, his breathing still heavy. “Ah, my legs hurt so much… I think I’m done for today” he sighs, slightly wincing when he wants to lift a leg but gives up under the pain.

You smile tenderly, kneeling between his legs. Leaning slightly, you start to massage his left calf, ignoring your boyfriend’s whine when he tells you not to touch him because he’s sweaty as fuck. You make sure to press your fingers where he’s used to having cramps, tearing him a groan of satisfaction. The problem is that Jimin turns you on when he moans, whatever the situation. Soon, inappropriate thoughts run through your head as you move up on Jimin’s leg, now massaging his gorgeous thigh.

You raise your eyes to Jimin who bites his lip when he sees how naughty this look is. He asks with a hoarse, adorable, playful voice :

“ What was that ?

- Nothing, just massaging my baby…

- Yeah ?

- Yeah. ”

You share an absolutely explicit look but Jimin is forced to close his eyes when you press on a particularly painful point and that relieves him instantly. He’s still moaning, and you know he’s fully aware of the effect it has on you. You bite your lip and, staring at his parted lips, you move your hands a little too far. Jimin opens his eyes and whispers “don’t” but his eyes tell you otherwise. With a naughty smile, you put your hand on his chest and push him gently so he lies on the ground. You lean over him and, your hand slipping on his crotch, you whisper “But you want to…”. His moan and the way his hand grabs yours to increase its pressure are enough for you to know you’re right.


It’s very late at night when Jungkook’s belly gurgles. You turn your head towards him as he hugs you from behind while he plays on his computer (he likes to have something to bite when he loses : in this case, it’s your neck and your cheek) and ask him if he’s hungry. Jungkook nods without looking at you and finishes his game before dragging you to the kitchen. It’s very late and the boys are all asleep, so you have be extremely quiet.

He takes some vanilla ice cream while you take a spoon. You sit on the floor and put the ice cream between your legs. You take a big spoonful and get it closer to your boyfriend’s mouth, a smile raising on his lips as he eats it. You smile as you see him so happy and take a spoon for yourself before giving him the beak again.

Every time you lean towards him to feed him, you purposely press your arms against each other to bring out your boobs that looks already tasty under the little crop top that you wear. And Jungkook doesn’t miss a single beat of that delicious sight. He looks at you licking the spoon and smirks, his tongue poking the inside of his cheek. He drives you crazy in his white t-shirt, he drives you crazy when he stares at you like that. But you asked for it.

When you think he has eaten enough (and decide that it’s time to push this little cute babyboy against the mattress), you get up and pick up the ice cream to put it back in the refrigerator. You lift yourself on tiptoe to reach it and, the second you place the ice cream inside, Jungkook slams the door. You hold a little scream, scared that it’s gonna wake up the others, but it’s another kind of scream you want to let out when Jungkook sticks his body against yours from behind.

His hands presses your hips, even going dangerously on the front of your thighs so that your butt is glued to his crotch. His mouth begins to devour your neck and you have to clench your fingers on the fridge not to fall under the excitement he causes you. You turn around eagerly, wanting to kiss him so bad, but he barely gives you time to whisper “Jeongguk” before lifting you on his shoulder, heading for his king size bed to make love to his princess.

Sydney came by Six16 to change up her entire jewelry outfit and add a few new piercings along the way. Cait and I helped her pick out some cute gold rings for her existing piercings, and I added a new set of third earlobe piercings and a lower conch piercing with a fancy purple crown from @anatometal.  Thank you!

Piercings by Tobias at Six16 in Pittsburgh


warnings: nsfw, cunnilingus, threesome M/F/M, double penetration, anal, slight oral (male receiving), unprotected sex oops

summary: a blindfolded guessing game with your boyfriend and his best-friend after you come home tipsy 

word count: 3,198 :) so enjoy

A/N: tagging @forevanssake bc she’s a smut buddy. 

The streetlights glinted above you as your steps ambled over the pavement. For the whole day Harrison got you to spend time with your former university chums —as he had his own agenda with Tom and the other Holland siblings. And by spending the time meant that your whole circle had arranged upon visiting the nearest pub in town and spend the night drowning themselves under alcohol.

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“Serendipity” (BTS’ Jimin) [M]

Summary: Park Jimin never led you to believe that you and he were meant to be and you thought you could live with that. You loved him, but he doesn’t love you and yet he stays, that wasn’t so bad, right? A year into the “relationship” and you began questioning your purpose. Were you really just a plaything to him or was he the same broken man who asked you to stay all those nights ago? If meeting Jimin was fate, then is staying with him a choice?

Pairing: Jimin x Reader; minor Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fuckboy!Jimin, Fan!Reader, Canon!BTS, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Smut, think late 20s to early 30s Jimin, slightly Sugar Daddy!Jimin (though not directly referenced)

Words: 15,248 (not yet proofread)

Warning(s): slightly non-con sex (eventually consensual with aftercare, but just putting it here just to be safe; not all sex scenes are non-con, just 1 of ?), multiple graphic, vulgar and intense sex scenes (since it’s almost Christmas, hoe hoe hoe fam), profanity

a/n: Story changed a lot while I was writing it so other tags have been removed. I started this almost 2 months ago and have only finished it now. This is a sequel of sorts to 75. Shadows. I reference a particular scene a number of times, but this works as a stand-alone too. I reference a particular scene from Goblin a lot too. NOT YET PROOFREAD so please forgive any grammar mistakes and/or story inconsistencies.

It had become a routine of some sort, a twisted, somewhat pitiful routine to you. To say that Jimin barreling on your door at 3am was a surprise would mean that you actually did not expect him to come at all.

But you did.

You received a call from Jungkook just a few hours ago and Jimin apparently had a little feud with the guards while they were out in the club. Namjoon stopped him before anything could happen, but that only made him incredibly pissed because Jimin would’ve preferred to give them a piece of his mind. Only he didn’t or rather, he couldn’t because of the BTS name that he carries like a brand against his forehead. You knew way before he was banging on your door, drawling out your name in a drunken stupor, that you would be the one to receive all of his frustrations.

You could never get used it, to everything really. A year ago, when Jimin had plucked you serendipitously from a nameless club, you were between jobs, living in a shabby studio type apartment with just enough room for a secondhand bed. You took the chance then, a mere shot at one night of paradise, but you never expected him to ask you to stay and to order breakfast and eat with you quietly on his table.

He never said anything when it came to you. A month in, you knew he hated labels, but he seem to know quite well how to play you in his palm and set your limits. At first, it worked because your happiness was at the superficial level. He got you an apartment in the same building as his, bought you things you needed and wanted without you asking and though meeting you hadn’t stripped him off his flirtatious default, he only ever smiled and winked at the women who flung themselves at him, but they never make it past his doorway.

And honestly, that was enough for you. Jimin hated labels, so you strived to live up to that. You were undoubtedly special, but love will always be a different conversation.

You loved him, of course; loved him the moment you set your eyes on him as a fan. You loved him even when you found out his true nature, loved him despite his broken self. You were just hairs width away from worshipping him, but lately, things have changed. The rose-colored lenses that you wore for the past year had begun showing cracks.

“Y/N…” His drawled out voice would sound endearing to anyone else, but to you, it was pure intoxication and desire. “…where are you, sweetheart?”

You gripped a half-empty glass of water as you waited for him to find you in the kitchen.

He rounded the corner and smiled easily when he met your eyes. He smiles more when he’s drunk, almost as if his old self takes over for brief moments. “There you are, pet.” He sauntered over, gripping the counter before he found you staring him down.

“I had an awful day, baby. Will you make me feel better?” He asked when he stalked closer, placing his hands on your hips. His thumb traced circles over the sliver of skin that peeked above the waistband of your dolphin shorts.

Placing a hand on his chest, you held your ground and told him the obvious, trying to sound as threatening as you can muster. “You’re drunk, Jimin.”

“Oh, come on. It’s not as if we haven’t had done this drunk before. What happened to the fun girl who had sex with me in the club restroom months ago?” He whispered on your neck where he just placed a kiss. He moved up to your ear, nibbling at your earlobe, leaving a trail of wet kisses along your prominent vein.

“Jimin, please…” You tried to cup his face and meet his eyes, only to see that airy glaze over them. How much did he exactly drink?

“Please what, baby?” He smirked and you knew that he was merely patronizing you; that in the end, he’s going to get what he wants.

“Let’s not do–” he took the opportunity to crash his to your own parted lips. You yelped when he pushed his expert tongue in, pushing you further back until you felt the cold countertop on your lower back. You kissed back reluctantly, knowing that he won’t pull away until you do. “You can’t keep doing this. I’m not your toy.”

“Of course not, baby girl. If I were toying with you,” his low register sent chills down your spine as he looked down at you, trapping you as he placed his palms on either sides of the counter. Your hands were clasped together in the middle of your chest as you stared right back at him. “…I would have discarded you long ago, but you’re my favorite ‘coz you’re so easily mine.”

Though you were used to his rough manners—your ideals of Park Jimin died on the night he brought you home from the club and blatantly asked you for a one-night stand, his words still sent a solid pang to your heart. The reason why you stuck around this long were slivers of the old Jimin that you saw from time to time, the Jimin you fell for from the get go.

You didn’t answer his statement or rather, you couldn’t. You could only stare at him, looking for signs of remorse or even humor, but there were none. His eyes were just blown out and blinded by lust. You couldn’t read him, you thought you could by now, but no. Sometimes, you think you’d see him look at you in such a way that gives you hope, but it disappears as easily as it comes. It’s this lack of understanding that broke your heart because you can only interpret his words as is—you matter because you’re useful.

You squeezed your eyes closed, whatever argument was trying to form in your brain, you let it go once more. He was a drug that you can’t quit. No matter how hard you try, no matter how toxic he was to you, no matter how broken you get, you just can’t break away from him.

He kissed you again, a little gentler this time as he pushed you up the kitchen counter. When he realized that you were no longer resisting his advances, he pulled your hips against his with reignited passion, the rough material of his jeans grazing your slit through your thin shorts.

His lips moved south, nibbling on your neck and you were sure he was leaving marks on patches of your skin that a simple shirt couldn’t cover. Years before, you would never have imagined that he was the type to mark things as his, but as his lips gradually get rougher, you could sense the frustration on himself; on the scene he caused earlier, maybe even on your initial reluctance.

And you become certain that you were just that, a stress-relief, a distraction.

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