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I'm not sure if you've done this but a BDSM/bondage headcannon?

Here we go!!!

-Negan is a classy man, he uses soft velvet to tie you to the bed-frame
-He would trace a finger lightly down your bare back before slapping your ass harshly
-“Now, Darlin’, the safe word -as always- is Lucille”
- “I’ve got it, get on with it!”
- “don’t rush Daddy. Now, if I get a little over zealous just say it and I’ll stop.”
- “yes yes of course”
-his hands reached up and cupped each buttock which made you shiver and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up
- “oh you like that” Negan whispered in your ear as he nibbled at your earlobe
- “yes daddy”
- “that’s a good girl.”
-He quickly brought down a hard slap on your ass which made your skin ripple and a moan escape your lips
- “dann! I’ve hardly done anything and you’re already wet for me!”
- He carried on teasing you for a while until he finally slipped his fingers into you and he felt your slick folds under his fingers
- It made him groan as he felt what an affect he had on you
- he could feel himself almost release right there and then
- oh and the whimpers and moans you made as he swirled his fingers in your wet womanhood
- he knew he had to get his pants off there and then or he would come in his jeans
- and he didn’t fancy cleaning the stain
- as he removed his fingers from your slick folds he licked them, so that he could taste you
- “you’re so damn sweet, princess”

This was the first piece of outright smut I’ve written on this blog so if I could have any feedback that would be nice XD c: I hope you enjoyed!!!

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9 with whoever you'd like <3

9. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

This made me think cute thoughts! Thank you!!! I’m sorry it’s short, but I was getting sleepy writing it. XD 

For @dadrunkwriting

Pairing: Halise Lavellan x Cullen Rutherford

Rating: Teen 

Halise groaned sleepily, the feeling of Cullen’s rough fingers creeping up her hip stirring her from her slumber. They’d only just returned from the Frostback Basin and he’d proposed only a couple of nights before. But he’d been insatiable since then—though, to be fair, so had she.

But with only the slightest crack of her eyelids, she could tell it was still dark out. She reached down, lifting Cullen’s hand away from her and dropping it back against his body with a languid chuckle. She was already drifting off again when she felt the same fingers brush her hair behind her pointed ear. His lips delicately caressed her earlobe, sending a wicked shiver down her spine.

It was all she could do not to answer the lustful call of his touch. Halise shrugged her shoulder with a grumble, skimming across his jaw and her ear. Cullen pulled back, but let his hand linger on her waist. She rolled over to face him, looking into the amber eyes that somehow managed to be lustful and adorable all at once. “We haven’t slept in days,” she muttered, dropping her head against his chest. “And if you keep doing that, I’m going to have to banish you from this bed so the circles under my eyes don’t get as dark as the ones under yours.”

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” he retorted with a snort into her hair.

She smiled against his bare chest. “I can and I will. Banishment. So sayeth the Inquisitor.”

The sensation of his jaw flexing with a grin forced a laugh to puff out of her. “Very well then, Inquisitor,” he murmured, kissing the top of her head. “We’ll sleep tonight.” Halise shifted against him, shutting her eyes while she fell asleep again. Just before she drifted back into the Fade, he added, “But I make no guarantees about the morning.”


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