I mean, it’s gonna be reaaaaal tricky to capture him since he is a very VERY rare cryptid with multiple arms and a big creepy bowtie that only appears at about 11:34 PM when science is afoot in a certain location… but when we get him by my fool proof trap, Carlos will finally get to research on the majestic creature and we can finally have that Pizza Party he always promised us!!


To be honest, I’m getting by.

Aside from getting calls and messages from him once in a while, I do hang with the best loaf people in the world!

And every night before I sleep, I sing my papa’s favorite song in the whole world to the moon, hoping my voice would reach out to him somehow, no matter how terrible my voice is!

I know that routines and wishes won’t always work, but in a way it does make me feel sane and optimistic about his return!

BONUS: Carlos’ (hypothetical) favorite song.

External image


Long Answer: One time, I actually did wear a labcoat in a make-believe thing with Janis involving human bonding. Something called a “matrimony” between me and Ceciloaf. Cecil then grabbed us mid-play and never asked us why. He looked embarrassed.

The closest thing happy loving loaves get involving bonding IS loafmateship (which involves paperwork and waiting for the baker to softly boop us on the head with a rolling pin!)

I think I also wore a labcoat in the loafmating ceremony… underneath an awkwardly Snuggied breadsock.

Short Answer: Yes. I actually wore a labcoat to a loafmate ceremony with Ceciloaf! He also wore a labcoat too!


External image

Meanwhile, the two loaves are still confused on what a wedding is.

The entire loaf family! <3

Kevinloaf, (obviously)

Ceciloaf, (http://ask-ceciloaf.tumblr.com)

Carloaf, (http://askcarloaf.tumblr.com)

Earloaf, (http://ask-earloaf.tumblr.com)

And Eileenloaf! (http://askeileenloaf.tumblr.com)

(( These are probably all the loaf blogs there will be, so please don’t make any others, it would make mun uncomfortable if people did. (especially without asking first.) ))


NIGHT LOAF DUMP: Loaf Design Editions (Part 3 of something)

Some loaf doodles and designs and stuff that I wanna show but can’t or stuff that I showed somewhere else but just now I am showing it because I am busy with work and Saturday is a good time.

  1. Tamikaloaf the Bartender. I was gonna made a bonus comic for Kevinloaf’s Sticky Bun plot involving Kevinloaf and all the others in a little teeny bar drinking juice and telling about Kevinloaf’s situation with Devan. Tamikaloaf is tending the bar and Cecil is somewhere in the corner with a little chair complaining that the drink Tamikaloaf gave Cecil was not alcoholic. 
  2. Clementine as a loaf. I like The Walking Dead Game. Who doesn’t love Clementine? Favorite written child ever.
  3. Loafchelle! Her power involves bending reality, though the reality is only involving in what she wears. What a trendsetter! The shirt she’s wearing is from a band that arachnescurse (friend and fan of Loaves and writer of Cyber Vale) had the ONLY CD from until the band broke up.
  4. Bunis sketches made in Illustrator. Graphic arts test.
  5. ask-earloaf and his adowable chef outfit! Headcanoning the loaf in a southern accent!
  6. Emo Carloaf. It was a joke, I swear.

To the First Question: Yeah! Cecil and Carlos live together, so me, Ceciloaf and Earloaf do see him a lot and hang out with him. Though Cecil does work a lot too, so we get to only talk and hang out with him in the evenings or before he goes to work. He does find time to spend for us when he can!

To the Second Question: Well, Loaf Adventuring and Science takes up a lot of my time, but sometimes I do enjoy make-believe, singing and dancing!… I think once Cecil and I reenacted his version of an Alternate Jaws Ending… 

I thought that was fun!