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Hello you seem very nice and fun and id love it if we could be friends but im too shy do you know any other blogs with owners as friendly as u are? I enjoy seeing friendly people Thanks have a great day

Oh dear, you don’t have to be shy. x3 I’d be happy to chat with you!

Here are some blogs that might appeal to you:

@lovemyciel, @irllax, @dragonsploosh, @bettkitten, @pinkdualswords, @awatchdogsfantasy, @koushide, @bokunociel, @akailycoris, @cayms, @bocchan-phantomichaelis, @ann-black-heart96, @fuckinamorundertaker, @sassycielphantombrat, @exa-equo, @aliakuro666, @funtom-brat-posts, @sphinxpv, @lord-peas-phantomhiney, @wattsyslaments, @sebastian-raven-butler, @bunnypinatas, @mizukiakiyama17, @umiisa, @inosrkr, @kyoharu-n-sebastianslove, @pallidmors, @bipolar-bootyshorts, @vitalinakato, @black–kuro, @xlovelessangelx, @blackbootyler, @officialtinyqueen, @sebastian-saens, @sitavampire-blog, @cielphantimhive, @fidelis-obscurum, @moonshyael, @idioticdemon, @abybweisse, @warm-milk-with-honey, @drearyciel, @sebastianshoe, @your-taxidermy, @valmona, @officialcircus-beast, @kuro-freakin-shitsuji, @blackmoonfantasy, @eirinthings, @akumadeenglish, @cancieled, @favstian, @undertaker-blog, @jukkou, @thebutlerpub, @sebichan, @sirronamme, @trxnce, @yahiro-asura, @mikadesu, @kitten-and-crow, @chromehoplite, @lord1ciel, @theladylacrimosa, @thedemonssidekick, @cielphantomhive-sebastianmichael, @thisisravenroth, @teasippingbrat, @honey-earl, @not-so-smol-cat, @askhisbutlerblogging, @that-butler-blogging, @ronaald-knox, @her-majestys-watchdog, @botchan1, @yes-my-ciel, @aloistrancy-trash, @eternalharcourt, @vermillion666centipede, @cielindisguise, @notfuckingciel, @funtxmhive, @hitsugikuro, @its-earl-phantom, @ohhellnoooo, @ladyofmanyworlds, @one-hell-of-a-sebby-michaelis, @the-previousearl-reborn, @mexnamichaelis, @blackbutlerfangirl-things, @onlyourciel, @demonsburp, @cielmixaelis, @aqua-demonica, @just-sebaciel @meal-for-a-demon, @black-butler-yasss, @livspiderlotus, @reiiciel, @spillingashes, @askthekuroshitsujiguys, @fucksaysemily, @finnyisanactualrayofsunshine, @caeli-phantomhive, @bitterblackrabbit, @spawn-of-hades, @oofchildren, @so-xu, @t-stray, @chyandour, @gin-devil, @kuroshitsuji-facebook-parody, @grape-vine, @phantomsht, @grell-extraordinaire, @stardust-cielois, @mental-discomfort, @sold-my-soul-for-revenge, @silvertonguedraven, @devilishgaze, @kyo-unnie, @jandra-knox, @beautifulraven, @ciel-phantomhive-bocchan, @sebastian1ships1it, @sebaciel-texts, @thxtknight, @sapphirecrimson, @t-officialshr, @peekaboo-desu, @pup-ciel, @earlgreynsweets, @xx-lose-myself-tonight-xx, @nighttimeteaparty@mors-meridiem, @thatbutlerblack, @casualgardeneralpaca, @miyakokurono, @lordcielphantomhive.

You can most likely tell that I got a bit carried away. xD

Y’all can tell I need a life… And an excuse to take a break from my uni work.

Anyway, I assume… hope(?) that all the people on this list are nice. I don’t know all of them, but they came from my follower list, so I think they most definitely are nice.

Tag game

I was tagged by @particularfangirl !! Thanks muchly !

Tag people you want to get to know better !


Ehhhh, not sure how to start it but let’s rock and roll right into it ^_^

I’m quite short, around 5ft or 150CM, I have shoulder length, very very curly hair. I’m mixed race but I picked up most of the genes on my African side ^_^ light skin complexion and incredibly dark brown eyes, they’re often mistaken for full on black. I have long square shaped nails and they’re always painted. Thought right now they are not <_<


I don’t remember my personality type so I’ll just go into some useless details!!

I’m nice, which probably sounds cheesy but I’m just a nice person. :) I’m very respectful, just like anyone should be but it’s also my southern American culture that makes it this way! :) I’m shy but enjoy speaking with others once we become friends, I get attached quickly but often times try *not* to be over bearing and pest like! <_< it’s a constant worry in the back of my mind, so that often holds me back from engaging, but if I’ve got the right person I’ll be talking up a storm! I’m not very talkative in real life and often keep to myself unless I’m needed. I’m a decently positive person or at least try to be, but of course my depression can make it hard to be always positive. I enjoy helping people and making them smile:)


English speaking strictly apart with some minor Arabic! :)


Horseback riding

Graphic design

Film watching


Writing :)


I was a farm hand for 2 years and ran an entire farm

Did minor class assistance with 1st graders

My Life:

Pretty boring *sigh*

The studying, visiting my horses, seeing my grandparents and then writing :) writing gives my life so much more pazaz and light!

Random Stuff:

I’m right handed

I once got chased by a wild turkey when I was like, 8 and my life flashed before my eyes. The story is hilarious.

I’ve fed a horse yogurt from a plastic cup

I can’t say “monopoly” on the first try

I tag: @chromehoplite @chriscfashion @just-sebaciel @fandomgal-17 @bettkitten @velvetbum @elven-tea @v1r0 @levixerenislife @gin-devil @givemetheyuri @trashy-bocchan @pup-ciel @mochizuki-boi @demon-and-his-lord @robots-wow @lovemyciel @earlgreynsweets @princesandromeda

Only if you want to!!! :)

Not all SebaCiel shippers are the same.

Not all antis are the same.

We are all human beings and we are all different! Just because we share the same interest doesn’t make us all bad! Just because you met 1 shipper or anti that was being terrible towards you, doesn’t make us all bad! 

That counts for both shippers and antis.

I just really felt the need to post this, because there’s so many stereotypes out there. Not all SebaCiel shippers are bad people, not all SebaCiel shippers sexualize the relationship between Sebastian and Ciel (or certain scenes in the anime/manga). Not all antis tell others to die because they ship something, not all antis are hateful towards shippers! 

I honestly don’t understand why we can’t just see each other as people in this fandom, as actual human beings instead of shipper or anti … Is it really that hard? 

About season 2: Claude Faustus

I feel like a lot of people missed some major points in season 2, one of them being that Claude Faustus was actually really smart.

Keep in mind: Claude is a demon, he is not fair, he is not meant to be ‘good’. From the very start his intention was to take Sebastian’s food because it was simply one of the most delicious souls he’d come across. It was literally driving both him and Sebastian crazy. 

Now here’s why I think Claude was actually pretty smart: He could’ve just taken the soul. Just snatch it away. But instead he made a plan to make things easy for himself. He knew when he made a contract with Alois of Ciel’s existence: He told Alois that Sebastian had killed Luka so that Alois would take revenge on Sebastian.
What I think Claude hoped for however was that Alois wished for Sebastian’s death. He would only have to kill Sebastian and the way to his meal would be free. What he did not expect was that Alois did not wish for Sebastian’s death, he didn’t want him to rot away peacefully. No. He wanted to make him suffer, thus wishing for Claude to take Ciel away from Sebastian. That was after Claude had told him that Sebastian was unusually attached to the soul; again giving himself a reason to take Ciel away and again making a pretty smart move. 

Another thing that I think Claude did not expect however was that he’d need the body in order to consume the soul. (Seeing as he just snatched the soul away to begin with) so he waited for Sebastian to come around with the body: Again I think that was a pretty smart move. He knew Sebastian would eventually come for him. 

When in the end Sebastian proved to be much stronger then I think Claude assumed, his last plan was to slightly mess up the soul in order to still obtain it: By mixing Alois and Ciel their souls together. Which again, was a pretty smart move considering he’d sorta be in a contract with Ciel at that point, having the soul of his current contractee at the time mixed up with Ciel’s.
For this reason I also think his original intention was not to kill Alois. Alois was simply a pawn to him, part of the plan. However when that plan failed he had to find another way and that is why he eventually ended up killing the poor boy.

A lot of people hate Claude and dislike season 2, but if you look further into the plot it actually gets pretty interesting. 

To all antis who send hate, tell people they are disgusting, tell people they should kill themselves, etc. 

I just wanted to post this. Both because it makes me sad to see these sort of things and I hope that I might make some of you realise what you are doing. I might not reach everyone, but at least I hope to reach a few of you.

I’m a SebaCiel shipper. No, I don’t ship them sexually. No, I don’t sexualize certain scenes in the anime/manga. Now, I am dealing with autism, depression and I have a light trauma that I am currently dealing with. I do have suicidal thoughts. And you might wonder what this has to do with the whole SebaCiel/anti discussion. I’ll tell you. As someone with depression, I enjoy very little things. Tumblr, Black Butler and SebaCiel are kinda my obsessions, the very few things I still enjoy and can get a smile to appear on my face. Now … All the hate kinda ruins this joy for me. The light trauma I mentioned earlier is already related to something I enjoyed doing: Cosplay and going to conventions … And because of this I already began enjoying things less. I am working on that. But … Just imagine going in the SebaCiel tag … Or even in the Black Butler tag and seeing things like “You are disgusting if you ship this! You are a pedophile! All SebaCiel shippers should kill themselves!” while you already have these suicidal thoughts. And I get it … I get the point you are trying to get across … Hell, I am even friends with someone who is an anti but … Is this really the way you should do it? It’s so easy to write something online and post it … It’s so easy to sit behind your screen and forget that there are real people behind every account. 

And I don’t even know if posting this will get through to people … Make them realise what they are doing … Often times it seems like people only realise these things when someone is really gone. When it’s already too late … But again … I do hope I at least reach some of people with this … Before it’s too late. Not for me … But also for other people who might be in the same situation.


Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive
That Butler, Very Skilled.

540 x 960 Wallpapers

Artwork belongs to Yana Toboso
Edit by me

Thank you for 50 followers! ^__^ 

Also I couldn’t figure out what the actual name of the second manga chapter was, seeing as the site I read it on said: That Butler, Omnipotent, the translation says That Butler, He’s full of purpose and both Wikipedia and Wikia said That Butler, Very Skilled. So I’m sorry if I ended up using the wrong name!


So I went to a con again for the first time since Animecon! I was super nervous (due to personal reasons) but despite that I ended up having an amazing day!  

I met @letsrevitup (although I just found out later, because I suck at recognising faces xD) together with another amazing Jacksepticeye and a Markiplier! I took a picture with Hela 2 times and with another amazing Loki and Thor! Went to Wonderland ~ Met Twisty the clown during a freakshow (yes, they had an actual freakshow!) AND I even got to meet people cosplaying The Adventure Zone!!  (Which is amazing because I thought it wasn’t really a thing in the Netherlands) I even got a cupcake from Taako :3 (Taako is cosplayed by @shinjiboi and Magnus by @haewke ♥)

And of course I couldn’t resist taking a picture with Black Butler cosplayers, who were also so adorable! (I miss cosplaying Claude, aaah) 

I also ended up buying 2 Thor Ragnarok figures (I ended up looking for the Loki one almost all day because they were sold out at almost all stands but one stand still had 1 left!!) and commissioning a Claude button ♥ I don’t have the artist’s name sadly, but she is soooo talented! 

All in all I had an amazing day and I hope I can soon go to some more conventions again ♥ If anyone recognises themselves feel free to send me a message so I can tag you!